The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, May 02, 1913, WOMEN'S EDITION, Image 18

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has arrived at last. To make your
party enjoyable let us put up your
lunch. We absolutely guarantee the
daintiest and best for the money of
any you can get.
Don't forget that we pay special
attention to after-the-theatre or mati
nee parties.
Private banquet-room for 20 or
The Folsom Cafe
1325 to 1331 N Street
7T 12th and O Streets
P. A. Hall President
r F. H. Johnson Vice-Pres.
fc W. W. Hackney, Jr. Asst Cash.
Faith and Helen Schwlnd Left Thurs
day for New Home In Texas.
Many Social Events For
A number of parties have been giv
en during the past week for Faith and
Helen Schwlnd who left yesterday for
Francitas, Texas, whore they will make
their future home. Helen is a Junior
In the Arts and Science College and
Faith is a Sophomore in the Agricul
ture College.
Monday night Ella Morrison enter
tained the Tri Delta sorority at dinner
in their honor. Saturday morning
Esther Bennett gave a breakfast and
Saturday afternoon Marian Pott is en
tertained at a kensington. Helen
i-Butlo.r entertained a few of their most
intimate friends at a Sunday night
luncheon. The last event was a picnic
at the "I'enn" woods Tuesday afternoon.
1 want to stroll by a babbling brook
where the water's not 1120.
1 want to forget the one thousand
things a collegian has to know,
I want to forget that a common frog is
a Rama Pipiens.
1 want to sit on a fallen log not the
king we have in Trig
I want it to be in the soft brown earth,
not in musty tones when I dig.
I want to happen to meet some one by
the brooks green willow border,
The sort of meeting that can't be seen
by Robert's Rules of Order!
University School of Music
Established 1894
Thorough instruction by modern methods in all
branches of Music, practical and theoretical.
Pipe Organ
All Wind Instruments
Public School Music
Special Summer Term Begins June 23rd
Apply for Information to
WILLARD KIMBALL, Director 1 1 th and R Streets
"What Does the Col
lege Woman Expect
of the College Man?"
"Honest litle girlie I am strong for
And when you go away I'm going
Oh, yes, Reginald, we know that
you think the world of her and all
that sort of rubbish, but really, boy,
really, "are you sincere?" For in
stance, you slip us the word that
you "queen" her out to all the games
and take her to church EVERY Sun
day night, but say, honestly now, if
it weren't for the Student's Pass and
that "Cordial Welcome" sign over the
church door "wouldn't you be running
with the "Gotta-Girl-Back-Home-as?"
'Nother thing; we know that you
and "jimmy pipe" are well nigh in
separable of course, but on that lit
tle afternoon stroll, are you gentle-
man enough to leave "jimmy" at home
or do you mumble the inevitably "May-I-Smoke?"
as you pull out the curved
can, leaving the lady in the position
where she must either accept your
terms or flatly deny you the privi
lege? Again: when you see her bending
over a book in the library do you
rush up and begin to buzz around like
the drone bee that you are, or do you
first find out whether or not she has
scruples against talking in the library,
or against wasting study time in idle
Or- say that you take her to the
opera. You really can't afford it and
you think she doesn't expect it of you,
but at the end of the first act you fish
out a big box of Lowney's and with
prodigal waste feed her and her neigh
bor's neighbor until incidentally yoiK
have feed everyone in your row of
seats, and then you wonder perhaps
if it wouldn't have been wiser to have
brought taffy Instead, and to have fed
it to 'em out of a barrel.
Which brings us down to the ques
tion in hand: "What does the col
lege woman expect of the college
man?" Does she expect him to be
"spender" or "saver," "swell" or "anti
swell," gentleman or "tough," selfish
or considerate "steady"' or friend,
boy or man? What attitude does she
expect him to take towards college au
thority, student morality, the Chris
tian Associations, literary activity, so
cial life, or sportsmanlike conduct in
athletics? Ex.
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Puer ex Jersey
lens ad school
Vidit in meadow.
Infestum mule.
Ille approaches.
Ou, inagnus sorrow
Puer it skyward
Funeral ad morrow.
Qui vidit a thing.
Non ei well known.
Est bene for him.
Relinqui it alone.
Quite True!
Dr. Dales (In Chem 5 quiz) : "MIsb
Hyde, what ia a test for gold?"
Elizabeth Hyde "The way it lasts."
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