The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, May 02, 1913, WOMEN'S EDITION, Image 16

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The Daily Nebraskan
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Entered at the poBtofllco at Lincoln, Nebraska, as second claBS matter
under act of Congress March 3, 1879.
FRIDAY, MAY 2, 1913
The Htaff extends especial thanks to
Mr. Hurhanan, Mr. Snyder and Mr.
Driseoll. Without them the publish
ing of a Woman's Edition would have
been impossible.
The persistent aim of the staff of
the women's edition has been to pre
sent to the University public truly and
fairly, the interests of the women of
the University of Nebraska. They
have hoped and tried to produce a pa
per which will cover these varied In
terests. They have attempted to pre
sent a paper that will be as nearly a
normal college paper as it is possible
to make it with a once a year appear
ance. An issue of this kind, purpose
ly covering the activities of the wo
men for the year, cannot be a fair ex
ample of a college paper. A staff com
posed entirely of novices with no jour
nalistic experience cannot hope to pre
sent a typical newspaper. If they have
succeeded in Retting Into definite
for u few of tho interests and
problems of our women, if they have
awakened a serious thought for
more altrusistic spirit, if they have
succeeded in bringing to the atten
tion of women their calling oppor
tunities, their efforts to make this
a woman's paper will bo rewarded.
May they bo granted tolerance for
their failures and for their successes
the fair credit due to serious purpose
and ( arnest intent.
Among the organizations in Nebras
ka there is in each class a small group
of girls formed into a society desig
nated by one of the following names:
Mystic Fish, XI Delta, Silver Serpent
and Black Masque. These organiza
tions are self-perpetuating. The mem
bers are chosen by their Immediate
These societies were organized for
the purpose of promoting class spirit
and general activities. It is a good
thing In some instances for leadership
to be centralized, and with the Idea
that a few girls In close organization
could better propel college interests,
could act more quickly and more effec
tively than larger organizations, these
societies were formed. It was the
aim to select representative girls who
showed ability to take hold and push
whatever legitimate project came
within their reach.
Some of these organizations, how
ever, have not lived up to tho high
and worthy purpose for which they
were created.
They have fallen Into the rut of ex
isting only in and for themselves", wIITi
a party or two a year and no sacri
fice whatever for the college com
munity. As soon as an organization
does that, it is dead as far as useful
ness is concerned. One reason for this
falling off is the fact that the electing
members have not held up, above
everything else, above personal preju
dice and preference, above society affil
iations and tho like, the prospective
qualifications as a leader. A girl may
bo pleasant and agreeable and much
loved and yet not possess those quali
ties which make her a successful cap
tain. Good, faithful soldiers are al
ways a necessity, but in these particu
lar organizations captains are needed.
It Is hard not to show partiality in
the selection of girls. It is hard for
a girl to withstand tho desires and ex
pectations of her Immediate friends.
Hut the strongest girl will have the
good of the greatest number so strong
ly at heart, she will view life from such
a broad horizon, that she will bo will
ing to make whatever sacrifice is re
quired to see the best qualified girl as
her successor.
Our organizations should not savor
of the spoils system. Can we not put
"party prejudice" aside? Now that the
time is at hand for the choosing of
girls for next year it is well to think
of these things. Is the girl you have
in mind equipped for the service Bhe
is to perform? We have enough of
more society in college. What wo need
is conscientious, self-sacrificing push
ers. Is your girl a pusher who will
look unselfishly toward tho advance
ment of college interests? Is she will
ing to make sacrifices, or will a sunny
day find her doing bench work instead
of attending rallys, supporting athle
tics or other all university affairs?
Does she even have at heart the inter
ests of her own sex? Will sho strive to
obtain for women more adequate ac
commodations, rest rooms, lunch
rooms and other calling needs?
If she is not one of those who is will
ing to give of her time and of her self
to better general conditions and to
participate in and advance college in
terests, then she is not tho girl you
want. She will prove to be so much
dead timber, which in tinje, will ring
the death knell of your organization.
Remember always, that usefulness and
leadership are the two primary requi
sites for tho members of these organ
zations. Such organizations are an Im
portant feature of our college life, and
can do an inestimable amount of good
if they are composed of altruBtic material.
A Dry Editorial
FRIDAY, MAY 2. 1913
Salus Populi Suprema Est Lex
A larger percentage of students go from the
grade schools to the high school and to the
university from the "dry'' towns of Nebraska
thanr from the "Hvet" towns. -
Increase the enrollment at the university by
increasing the number of "dry" towns.
Remember alcohol kills the living and pre
serves the dead, and that high balls mean
low scores.
Vote Against the Saloon
and Its Sister-in-Law
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