The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, May 02, 1913, WOMEN'S EDITION, Image 14

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a certain oxtont In tho Hchool gar
(Ioiih. They grow quite well but there
nro ho many pests, insects, HlorniH, etc
that not ninny or them reach matur
ity. We live In a very omfortable seven-room
house While it is not as sub
Htnntlal a structure ns Hie houses in
Ainciicji it Is quite suitable for this
climate The rooms are large an .1
airy most of the outside wall space
being converted Into windows which
are opened and closed by means or
sliding board panels The walls are
or one thickness of hoard and are
painted white on the Inside The roof
Is of nl pa The floors are of dark col
ored wood and are polished with pe
troleum. Instead of rugs or carpets
we use mats made of a grass which
grows here All of the houses are set
up on posts the (lrst tioor being ten
feet or more above the ground
Ker'rt!UR ran br obtn-Uid- vexy.
eheaply I am becoming more and
more of the opinion however, that
they are well paid for the amount and
quality of service rendered. They
are naturally indolent and are incap
able in many ways. The best cooks
are paid from 20 to 2.r pesos (10 to
12 1-2 dollars) a month with board
and house boys (muchachoes) from
five to eight pesos with board.
My woik is in the Provincial High
H.-hool. which is coated here, Taclo
ban being the capital or the province
or Leyte A high school here means
the intermediate grades five, six and
.seen, with as many years or highl
school as the province can afford
I teach housekeeping and cooking
in grades five, six and seven, having
in all one hundred and eighty girls,
grouped in eight sections They
range in ages from ten to twenty four
years The oldest of them are when
compared with American girls, men
tally like children. However, they are
very eager to learn American ways
and the work with them is extremely
ing a domestic science class their
Wnnwledee of cookiiiK consists in
knowing how to cook rice and fish
and not even these in an appetizing
way. Their knowledge of housekeep
ing is nothing at all
We have a one-room building apart
from the rest of the high school. You
would naturally think that this line
of work would be disagreeable here
on account of the heat, but this is not
the case Our building is made of
nipa, has many windows and is by
far, the coolest place on the campus
The cooking is done on native stoves,
which are nothing more or less than
opeii fires built on beds of earth
These fires do not give off as much
heat into the rooms as an American
stove, does. For baking, we use clay
ovens, similar to the dutch oven. A
fire is built on top as well aB under
neath this oven when food is to be
browned. At first, the stove problem
worried me but I ceased to worry on
seeing what good results could be got
ten out of these seemingly crude
The high school building and the
girls' dormitory are made of concrete
and are better than many high
school buildings in the United States
The enrollment this year Is more than
fiOO. The teaching force consist, of
twelve American and six Filipino
teachers. The courses offered are
agricultural, teachers and trade
school for boys and housekeeping and
te'achers for girls. There Is a choms
of sixty voices, the instructor being
a graduato of the Philippine Normal
Hchool at Manila.
Mr Wolvington Is supervisor of the
Tacloban district. This d'atiict con
sists of five towns and several
rio or country schools. He has firty
Filipino teachers working under him
The government furnishes him a mo
torcycle which enables him to go to
liis most distant town and return in
the same day The roads over which
he travels are as smooth as paved
city streets
As to conveniences, we have at least
one mail boat a week, often two or
three of them There are grocery
stores where we can buy in tins al
most anything in the grocery lino ex
cept yeast cakes There Is an ice
plant here and ice can be bought for
2 centavoes (one cent) a pound.
There are In all forty Americans
here, most or the men being engaged
in either army or other government
You will know from all I have writ
ten that I am very favorably im
pressed with the Philippine Islands
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Much Interest Has Been Shown By
Girls In Swimming Courses.
Y. M. C. A. Pool Used
This Season.
Manner of cleaning the lingerie
dressses brings back that original
snap and newishness which is so
All work called for
and delivered free
Express paid one way
Garment 1322 N St.
"-Cleanser PhumrrM29
For two seasons In past years, wom
en's classes in swimming were held at
the Lincoln Sanitarium plunge. These
classes were open to Physical Educa
tional Normals only. This year, how
ever, the sanitarium was not available
for their use. Therefore, a number
of Lincoln women, who were very
much interested In swimming, among
whom were Mrs. Lambertson, Miss
Louise Pound, and Miss Ina E. Git
tings, interviewed tho city Y. M. C. A.
board in regard to obtaining tho use
of the Y. M. C. A. plunge for the
girls Their efforts were successful
and as a result tho girls have, en
joyed ihe plunge every Thursday from
10 a. in to 2 p. in. all winter and
About ninety girls availed them
selves of this opportunity to learn to
swim and have found it a great pleas
ure They look forward to It from
week to week with joyful anticipa
tion Hy no means Is pleasure the
only benefit derived from this sport.
All authorities agree that as a form
of good exercise and a mean of at
taining health and grace, swimming
is unequalled.
The regular season as first planned
closed last week, but in view of tho
fact that so many of the girls desired
a longer time, the season has been
extended through May with special
May tickets, at the regular single ad
mission price.
As matters were finally arranged,
the plan for tho season's swimming
lias proven very economical. We aro
anxiously looking forward to the time
when the University gymnasium will
have a plunge as every up-to-date and
well c quippedd gymnasium should
have. E. S.
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We are in Business
University Jeweler and Optician
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Ji Ik