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be 2)aih IRebraekan
Vol. XII. No. 130
Price, 5 Cents
Proximity to Railroads a Great Induce
ment for Purchase Buildings
To-Bc- usea'Tor spectar
v. wild iiiimn is cnrient upon the
(.iinpus todav The Univeisit instead
of being lemoned or extended is to be
sulci' Men representing the Cudahy
Packing Company have been upon the
campus loda.v conferring with the Jani
tonal Board of the University and as
a result of this conference with the
janitois it lias been delinitelv decided the I'niveisitv will be purchased
b this compaii foi $lti,000,000
The pioimit ol the vanous build
inV's to the lailto.ui of the Mis
-nun 1'aciln makes the plan of con
veiting the rnieisitv into a packing
plant a teasible one The buildings aie ,
ldealh located and aie neai enough to
i;cth"i to enable the animals to pass
! i om one building to another without'
becoming exhausted 01 losing flesh
The beaut it ul campus will offer excel
lent opportunities for the gentle cows
to blouse in the cool shade of lofty
elms and lilac brushes, similar to the
methods of those cultured bovines be-1
longing to the llershc.v's Milk Choco
late Company as pictured on a card of-
feied as a piemium with a box of
chocolates j
The pictuiescnie iron tence surround
mg the piesent institution ol learning
will also be extiemelv useful in pie i
venting the giaceful obese swine fiom '
i (Mining about upon the green pastuies (
, the v.cinit.v of O stieet It is true I
the icli.ictoi animals mm dislike this
entoiced mipi lsonuient but then so
jou.n upon this earth will be so bi ief
that U is thought that the will pietei
r spend their last hour in peace and
-.elusion fiom the outside world
The Administration building will be
used as a shipping and canning depa.t
ment of the plant. The reason for this
ih no doubt a sentimental one as this is
the building at the present time from
which some students are "shipped
and "canned" from the Unhersity. It
,b rumored that Professor Iceberg has
been engaged as chief shipper
Chemistry hall will make an excel
lent lard refinery.
University hall will 1 used as a
crematory to incinerate these animals
vhieh do not come under the pure food
law Doctor Maxey has been appointed
Cremator Termater on account of his
nwntv to nropound such burning ques
tions to his law classes, while Manager
O.r of the University Caretaria w... -Pure
Food Inspector, tt is sincerely
Papa Dales' Lectures j
Rudely Interrupted by
Clanging Alarm Clock I
Some well meaning and Ingenious
student set an example Morula alter i
noon which might be followed with
good i esults b otl.eis Finding e
tieni" dlflh ult in keeping awake in a
inteimittent ahum (lock to the class, I
and tinned it loose The inckel, made
up ot a nuinbei ot shoi i spasms, lasted
tweiitv two minutes and a halt The
student, who happens to be a Iiesh
man, says that while he needs the sleep
he thinks it ungentlemanly to get it
dining a lecture. The class in general
was grateful to him for his little plan
Faculty Elite to
Give' (Elaborate
Social Function
The next gleal scxietv event ol the I
season will be a gorgeous dinnei dance ,
given b the facultv This will he a
decided innovation In the wn of social
events at the Univeisity and is being'i then some time the aw fill happens A
looked forward to with gieat expect- prominent Greek dances w it li a pretty
ancy by both facuiltv and student !"' '"' ondorn who she may be,
Nothing definite has jet been nn.'" "' noU ,,a' ilH h' WfllkH do"
nouncod b the committee in charge "" """ ' -eei Her spending her
hut it is understood that this great j o... " font of a launch build
event will take place earl Ki May j lnK
, , , ,i, ,, i However, we must tell all the truth
After interviewing some ol the pro i "
, ,, ,, .,.,, , ,, ,.., There are fraternities and there are
moters of the idea we have learned
mi .. ,i i soioi lties So we find there sorority
that a sumptuous repast will be sei v ed ' "l"""
.i i ,i iw. gli who. it is explained go there
eailv in the evening and then the h" '
a unde, the leadeish.p of Eddie Foy. '''"' ,0 h"" w,l '" Ul 0" ""J
conductor ol international .eputa.ion d an one ever see a sorority gi.
The ones who find themselves among 'l'"" w' h" " lwt ,1,1IU ,I,K
the select few will be treated to one of
the gieatest social events in the hls
toiv ot the Univeisitv, the Dallv Ne
biaskan loiinal included
One ot the things that will (lis
tinguish this fiom all the rest is that I
onlv those who are the proud posses
sois of dress suits will be included on
the invitation list This is to do away
with the clothing store nuisance and to
piotect personal property -
The members of the committee do
not want their names made public as
yet but they give out the valuable in
formation that the grand march will be
lead b Miss Knsone and Prof Iceberg,
who will immediately before the big
dance begins give an exhibition of
fancy dancing such as is never seen
on the Orpheum stage, but frequently
viewed at some of the formalB given
this seabon by the fraternities and so
ioi lties This feature was kept a secret
until the interview by a Daily Nebras
kan reporter, and only then on the con
dition that it would not be made pub
lie except in the awful issue. The in
Restrictions of
Organization Committee
Hold Not With This Dance
The commute on 01 gani.ations has
'aid Unit Imn.i fide dances can not be
given b the . ii ions classes becauHe
the hae gte.jt debts hanging over
them but no amount of effort will
.rsj dance i esoi t on N street be
I ween Eleventh and Twelfth streets
When some pooi innocent freshman
! has time lingeiing on his hands, he
lis told to visit this place and "trip
I the light fantastic" Immediately lie
I dissents because he is not acquainted
i That, explains the upperelassman, is
not necessary, so the fresh goeB to
the dance What would the unenlight
I ened public think if the knew that
I Dub Guidinger went there once? Once
1 toi him was enough, he could not be so
unconventional as to ask a fair9 k itch
en maid, whom he had never met, to
this unconventional
ism has not tenors Indeed, some of
our schools most distinguished stu
dents find It the greatest pleasure to
" "'" h f '
Maine wiiii some preny iiihh who mm
sold him candv at Dalivinple's oi who
has waited on him at the "Palis" Hut
Class and Solo Dances to Be Put on
at Temple April 23 Historical
Society Lends Costumes.
Tickets for hv Classical Dancing
Exhibit to be given at the Temple,
May .1, will be on sale Thursday,
April 23. at the Temple. Admission
During the ear each girl in dancing
class is required to compose an origi
nal dance. The best of these will be
presented in addition to the regular
classical dances Costumes suitable
to the Impersonation of the different
characters have been procured, those
lent by the State Historical Society
being among the most unique.
The D. CI V meets with Miss Freda
Stuff, 434 South Twenty-eighth Satur
day evening, April 26. The German
drama, Miss Heppner. Music by Evan
geline Long.
Victim Member of Family Prominent
in Restaurants of Lincoln and
Wll-Known by-StudnU
of University.
Dr. Tolcott, a prominent member
of the University medical faculty was
ai rested yesterday for murder in the
first degree and Is being held today
pending l'uither investigation. The
! affair happened at the University
Cafeteria and according to the .reports
ot bvstandets was of an awful nature
Sobs from the victim were distinctly
heard over the entire campus and
many complaints were made to the
bureau of health and peace
A confession was secured late last
'cveni'ig by a Nebraska repoiter after
giving the culprit the third degree
This document, however, will not be
made public until the day before tho
trial, as the case of the prosecution
be weakened by the disclosal
M Heed and Walter Goodman,
two witnesses of the event stated last
I night that the affair although sad
was undeniably true Marrager Orr
of the cafetarla was In tears at tho
thought of the loss of patronage his
place will sufler from the publicity
attached to the terrible affair
The victim was Amphaeaden Den
geiangells otherwise cockroach in
raison pie
The Nebraska Ait Association has
purchased Edgar Payne's "The Hills
of El Toro" for Its permanent collec
tion 'Hit piiture has arrived and
lias been hung in the Art gallery. Mr
Pavne Is a Chicago aitist of great
promise The picture which has been
pur chased was a general favorite in
the exhibition held during the holi
days. In writing up the names of loyal
juniors who have undertaken to wipe
out the (lass debt we unintentionally
omitted to mention the nime of Har
vey W. Hess, president of tho Junior
class, who has led the movement for
individual assumption of the largo de
ficit. -fc The Girls' Club holds a mass -fc
- meeting in the elocution rooms
fa this morning at 11 o'clock for tho '
- purpose of naming the candl-
dateB for next year's board -fa
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