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    irtiMa, ln ..iwWt-XUVtt. WWAE
Xlbe 5)ath IRebraehan
Vol. XII. No. 125
Price, 5 Cents
rtlim.lilUWl t mi'i ik.ih limn i i it.,
Lack of Individual Pictures and
Slump In Advertising Makes
Book More Expensive
Than Last Year.
MhIwim K Minis tin- Cot nluiskf i near
enough to couipleLiuiL Lo pmillil tlje
fixmg ol tin dates on which sub
se i be i s must oidei in advance Ad
vain siibst i lptiom will be taken
'I'm s(j,i .mil ( din sd.i
:in l IM
pnl l'i
Subscribes will hae t licit ( hoic e
hetwetn two kinds ol hooks A hook
hound in substantial cloth will he put
on sale toi $2, and an advance pav
ment of ."id cents will he collected
with the order A much super ior hook,
so fai as uinding is c oncei neel will
he a volume bound in the ei finest
. ...I 1, .ill... Tllo 1.,,. I Iwii I.AIll. Mill
I ' w 1 I il I ill" .1 uiv i """ .....
(DM tJ r.o. and a pavinent of $1 will
be collectid with the ordei Subsc i lb
ers must order on the das fixed b-
solute lv no more books will be pub
hshed than is iiccessai to fill the
advance enelers
'I he management regiets veiv much
its rnabilit. to furnish an all leather
volume toi $.! ts income has been
unusuallv small ()nl 2 '. ." seniors
as against .;'. semens last eai have
handed in then pictures foi publica
tion in the annual The junior. b are
even more scarce lor in contrast i40
unror pictures received last year, this
xear's book will contain only U."4 Due
to a seeming lack of interest by giud ,
uate students the postgraduate sec
tion, hitherto a prolific source ot Corn
huskei revenue, has been dropped al
together A net loss of 16ti individutl
pictures, worth $1 50 each puts the
annual neailv $jro behind then finan
cial standing of a veai ago
rinanc iallv , the book has been even
more hand ic aimed bv the negligent
taidintsv en organizations in handing
in then gioup inclines In spite ol
the fact that oi ganiations have been
lepeatedlv notified, peibonall and
through the "Hag," that they must
order their space in advance, almost
half of the organizations have omitted
to do so. As these organizations have
ordeied their Cornhusker pictures at
Townsend's, it is taken for granted
that they expect to he represented and
that they expect to have two pages
assigned them
Advert ibing has taken a downward
plunge this car The two hundred
dollars worth of advertising that
Omaha should mid has been sacri
flced to the to:nado And in Lincoln
despite the .strenuous and untiring ef
torts ol Mc-sr.s Kavan, Racely, Breen
and Coffee, tho number and size of
ads is ver much less than last year
The amount to be made through ad
vertisements is necessarily large; for
out of the $3,GtU lequired to print the
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However Team Will Not Leave Until
Tommorrow Morning for Two
Days' Play Lineup Not
Baseball pia(tice was confined to .i
ga.nm viL1jl till; Jinjcol' A" Stais jes
leida.v afternoon Heckott was slatted
on tin inound foi the aistt ami
did excellent work Tin All Stat team
was an extia pood one being composed
1 U e Mink
c leaguers and men Horn the
eague The Husk, is found
Thiee I 1
'"" ' I
Un Siais loi a gieat main hits and!
realh gave them some ci Rood
pi act ice
t w as announced v estei dav that the,
team would leave this morning for
Kansas where the were to meet St .
Mark's this afternoon but owing t()
I.. 1.1 I ..... ... M, .. Ol I
lillit Ultlfl Ult" IIHIIIII1I.IIII 1"- I III- Ol '
m.u liianageinent cancelled the game
esterday by telegiaph Coach Stiehin
u(s veiv anxious about taking his
proteges to St Marv but will have
, be continted with the two games
with the K Aggk'S tomoiiow and
Satuidav It is planned to take eleven
piavcis on the trip besides the two
Freshman Baseball,
ti1(. )i,st vear men have issued two
callb for players but as yet onl about
t,.n ()1 twelve men hae shown up for
practice '1 he few men that have ap
peared upon the scene have been ex
,,a KOO(i plaveis Monneke and llus
ton are contenders for the initial hag
and oac h h ive show n some class both
OI1 the field and with the stick The
other men have shown no inclination
to covei an special portion ol the
diamond It the tieshiiian get out as
tu. -hould then would he little did!
cult.v in picking out a verv good team
Interfrat Baseball. i
i i : i if i. f iiji oi L':i ii l . ii i ion s :i i i
planning on holding their celebrations
U1 honor ol winning the Interfrat
championship Hut when the games
n.aH do stait in a week oi so theie
uc u , w of the teams diop out
. 0f th,. jace The fiats aie to be
divided into two divisions ab heieto
tote and the winneis of each division
will play for tho championship
Will Be Excused From Drill.
Coach Stiehin had the pleasing news
to inipait that a certain number of
athletes named by him would be ex
cubed from military drill. These men
aie to be selected by the coach and
approved by the Commandant but if
tor any leason any perbon mlsBes
pi act ice he hab to report for military
drill the lollowing night.
The freshman team will be picked
Thursday (toda). All candidates
report on the field at 4 o'clock sharp.
Hring glove or mit.
if All Engine e i ing lasse
if ( usi it toda
if Piogiam
if X ;u a m Ha-ehall, Athletic if
if Ki.-ld ( l"'s s Ag Engis if
if m e s s s k : if I
if 10 .id a m ('oik eit "Old (lei if '
if m. in Hand " if
if 1 1 a m Special Com ocation if
if 1 ' p m St. ite l-'aim, (ham if
if pioi.ship hall name if
if 'lomoiiow Basketball A S M if
if K s A I K E
if l'i -I Sklnnei 'Static Elec if
if mrm - - --
"Djll" Ponlall lour '19
DW IVdnUdll, LdW 10,
Suffers Broken Nose
From Flying Chair
Randall, a senior Law, lir the State
1 T. I.. ,.Ii .. 1. . .1. ..1.1 . .1 I I... j i 1. ..!.. ....
uilivi'l.illj, lias wet men linn ine iuii '
toi him when cur tew tolls is either
1, . ,. , ., i t
n bed oi safe under the green shades
Altel his experi
ol the law libiaiv
enc e of 'I uesdav night he swears to
toievci icMiain away tiom the sus
pe(t(d caf(S ol Omaha, and leave the
cabai(t shows to their own sweet
At 1 o'clock in the morning while
Hill was "dining" in the lOlite some
one was iude enough to turn out the
lights With thoughts of the lecent
raid in the Chicago and Omaha les
taurants and the wholesale investiga
t ions following them, a near panic re
suited Some one threw a chair, hit
ting Randall on the nose, sadlv dam
aging that oigan Witness the ex
piession ol injured beauty
(il 11)10 Next par. i set in T point
I Ins In-1 nt? ,i sr U le urnnhit rcixnt lioni I lit
nunopolis wt elo not assume reiponsiininv t"i
in same
i 1-
Honorary Engineering Fraternity Se
lects Seven Men.
The following junioi and senioi en
gineets have been elected to Sigma
Lewis S Phares, Merle C Evans
Oscar W SJogien, Arthur L Hick
man. Stephen A Kiojicek. Member
ship is based on scholarship, prac
ticability and socialability, and is
limited to junior and senior engineers
Prof Clink K Mickey and Prof J
N Hrulginan have been elected hon
oiary members
At the business meeting of the new
menibtib of Phi Beta Kappa, held
Tuesday. Hoy Beach was elected to
reptesent this year's class to give a
toast at the annual Phi Beta Kappa
banquet Thi banquet will be held
I within about two weeks.
As Chairman of Nebraska Cotillion
Have Taken Over Debts, Class
May Take Steps to Reim
burse Them.
At Capital Beach on Mav lio, the
-Hiiiilur -ClUHhJillL (Janet It is ahljh)
do ho, even under the new rule that
no class shall give an events cost
lug monc until the.v have paid their
debts, because the chairmen of tho
late and lamented Nebraska Cotillion
have made ai rangenients HiitlKlactory
to the committee on Htudonl oiganiza
lions for the painent of the deficit
The senior clash Is not holding thin
veai its tiadltional masquerade In
stead, the (las- has combined its man
iliieiadi and its hop c oniinitteeH, both
I .. I..I ,. I... ...I., .. ...I .... I,. ,.( I .. .. ........
in jimm niiiiii-i nun uuiive i;i in u (mjui
(m,1 ()ll('
exua good one VVhat'H
III. I ...lll III It I .... .llll.lllllllO
l..l", II... Ill' I 1MIIIIIIMI 1 , (II I 1 IlltlllK
mote, sav
tills UiiiKc ai (lie eliacil will cost oniv
. ,r ,- . , ., ., ,,
$1 Jf, J. cents less III. .n the oidinary
, i,,ss (,UH ,, t go s in the hole
, "flease, ' ieciuest the ( oniinlttees
"do not ina'-k " This dance is not to
be a iiiasciueiade It is only a c oin
' biiiiit Ion of c oriimitlees, not a duplica
tion ol ph slognoinies
'lickets will go on sale light now
and the will continue to be sold until
one hundred and eight are gone This
)s the absolute limit, and all who want
i to dance must purchase early or quit
the habit
The date was fixed at the night
hefoie Ivy day in order that ou might
begin the only spting fever vacation
vou have a few hours aftei G o'clock
the night hefoie, and stint the festivi
fiit il tlui fUf!isfim liv !i tw:w1i nml
i twist at the Heach Date her now,
hliv the ti. ket While
and c mill' tin t u i al
the still last.
Illinois Dean of Men
Tells Freshmen "Keep
Away From T. N. E."
Editor the Daily Illini. I am regu
larly being abked those days to ad
vise freshmen btudents with reference
to the advisability of their joining T.
N. E. Theie is but one thing to say.
The organization exists contrary to
Universit regulations; it ha3 the dis
approval of the vabt majority of col
lege men, graduates and under gradu
ates, who are familiar with Its prin
ciples, its piactices and its ideals are
at bebt questionable; and it has di
rectly or indirectly injured every stu
dent, and eveiy organization at Illi
nois that has been allied with It. Stu
dents should stay out of it, and let
it entlrel alone Thomas Arklo
Clark, Dean of Men,