The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, April 13, 1913, Image 8

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(Cotil iinM'd fnun I'agi- 1 )
ll.'INl' ill (Ull)llsi'( tilllf ' lllillK'' .Hid
IlilVi' meat )lillls lol the I lit III . Willi
I I'.'lHMIClllll )I(II'-(H (ll SI'I'IMC, thrill
I til fi II il l'i nbnhlv I In- inosl note
WllltllV I'Xp'M IMH'lll we li:i lllllb'l
1 : i U 1 1 is in i oniii'i I Inii Willi tin- nn'tli
mis (it ti'iii Iiiiik simp m U Tn .1 In i i;i'
extent w i' liac aliaiidoiii'il lln- nn'lh
mis wliii li picai! in most (il tin' Aim ii
i.iii t - 1 1 1 1 1 ( ; 1 1 si IkuiIs ami aie making
tin- simps laboi aim K's loi tin' leu h
nig ol imliisi i lal ma ii i "i tin hi y lai
lln- i- pi'i niH'iit lias shown sin Ii 1 1 1 oiii
Isi- o sin ( ess t I I'tI ci nun Ii
I'licoin ,ii;i'(l and 1 1 1 that lln shop
woik will hi'iiiiur ol mm Ii m ' ltd mi
poitaiKN- to the engnieei iiif siinli'iii
I lian it has ev ei hci'ii in lln- past II
nia intdi'St on to know a I.iim'
pail ol tin' sin i i'v, ol this i'pd inidit
is illlc to Ml Ml IK i' W Itclli'illi t, i
luaska "Hi. who dining tin' past -: 1 1
has In en atlcil to oiii siall as diiftloi
ol I In- shop la hoi at .ii irs
Tin owlli lln- ngineelThg" PYpnrlmnnt
station a i onsiild ahli- amount ol ie
si-anli win U is ii'iiilcii'il possible
Sim iu, 1'iniin'i linn Willi tin' ili'
nidil a nuinlid ol notcwoith (onlii
luitiiliis to the si iciii c ol engnieei nig
hai' been niaili' In . nidiilid s ol Ihe
ili'pailmdil stall, and .i nuinlid ol in
l I'fi'si ni cpoi inidits an- undd way
Tin c)d iinciit station attoids an op
poituiutN lor woiK to tin- uvular nu'iu
bds ol the leaching stall, although the
nicati-i i.ut of tin1 wink done is i ,u
i mil on In leseaiih assistants and Id
low s in thr di'p.u t tn i'ii t
The college ol eligllleel llg Ili'H' is
DID' ol the l.llgest 111 til'' (OIIIltIN We
have alioiit iwrhi- hiindii'd students
diiolled this, ot whom appioM
lliateh one loll) til .11 e III tile (( p. It t
111 I'll I ol lliei haillcal engillecl lllg 1
though tile Urge nuilllld ol stilditlls
makes the woik of the depai t tneiit in
spuing. et it is a iiTicI to me that it
lemlels ditlK lilt the (lose pei.sonal as
sociation hetween inst i ii( lot and 'tu
dent which I loiind so delight I ill at N'e
In aska
Tlliougll the ill lion ol tile leglsl.ituit
two M'iirsiinii a line mill le was pio
ided tor the suppoi t ol the I'niv i
sltv The budget piesellted to the leg
lslatuie asks that this lew lie appio
)iiated to the use ol the t'niveiiiv
lor the next bieiiniuni The est miati d
in otne limn w hi h is in i oiind nuin
heis loin and one luill niiUion doll.ii'-
lule this is a ti ememloiis sum ot
llionev, the l'lllesit has been giovv
inn so i.tpulls that it ishuiillv .ith-ipi.iti
to tiike i .11 e ot the l eal and I. im K d
needs ol the institution 'I he im onu
lioin this MiiiKc will undoubtedU in
ciease matei i.ilh , lor 1 am told that
the methods ol assessing piopeitv in
the Mate are somewhat ci udc, anil it
the laws arc dialled the total its
hcshcd aluation will undoubtedlv be
hugely increased, and with it, ol
course, will conic a large increase ol
re enue to the Unn ersitv
There ate man things I would be
glad to write jon, but after all this let
tor is Intended priinanl to extend to
j on all my greetings and best wishes
I hope my Iricnds will isit me when
they are In this section ot the countiv,
lor I shall always be glad to welcome
anyone from Nebraska
With best regards to you all, I am
Very cordiallj joins,
1'rolessor of Mechanical Kngineei nig
Engineering Society, for Many
Years a Power in the Stu
dent Activities of the College
In l In In ginum of I In hool e.u
I 'HIM III III' ill Mil d lllg d Uilellt ol j
the I I i v I il ol Ni bi.isk.i i onsiili i
nig I hat in nun i In i e is st i enm Ii i
io:iieiid the lib a ol oi-Miuing an ,
I In im ei in.; SoiH'! im lulling as ii
IIH'lllbels the student' ot the lllleel
' ii.;iiii -1 ill lb-pa l I nidil '1 h -' aii
i In v ni iK I i i ml o i tin In d t i e oi
the i i ol d book ol llli- I ill) I II eel Dig So
dil 'lln mii id wis (ii -a mi d at a
mas . no . i mi; on Nov L'T, I'iimi lliuie
',i in did t In gi eat loot ball ' dal w a
I he III I pi ( siddit
'Mie mii ii t lii'i a 1 1 1 1 a I i ill i e v i i v ,h
' IV e in I in v i i -il v all, in s K.m h lliei I
lllg was Well altemb'll, the piogl.illls
bdng given bv studiiit liienibi'ls ,
W I'll as V I s I MIL. i nm eel s In ( )( lobe I
1 'ml , t he soi ii I v limb i the b adei ship
ol I'ioI Mnisc, went in a bodv to I li
Miiiiu oia loolball dime anil visited I
I Ik H),M i pla ni s ol M nun a poll' I
'Ihe I Ingitiei i nig initial si.iiinl I
III! Ilu' till' -i liool V e.ll , 11111 IIJ Dan i
Cutb In n was ihe lii s fill tot III I'l'H
the ii. urn ot the iiiiblication was
I llilMged to the Mine l'i lilt "
In 1 1 1 1 duiuig the iidmuust lilt ion ol
ha live, a aiideville show was given
in Meinoiial Mall This pioved to be a
big sin ( ess and will long be leineni
beled bv the i Ml gl II eel s who saw It
'I be Itlue l'i nit w as made a si mi an 111 I'M I II I'. I'e.ll se fill
tot.. ind !' I Wilt business maiiiigei at
this t nne
The pleselit ollliels ol I ll f SIKletv
Hi I , I ( Ii ainlK I) ii ( sub ni T C
I loll viii pi cdib lit .1 C Si hull
iiioiiliu siiidaiv S Swanson
Mi adit el 1 1 1 I Ralph ItH ll, (Oil es
mini lllg - ei 1 et .1 I V
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