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TLhe SDail IRebraekan
., !
Vol. XII. No. 123
Price, 5 Cents
Illinois Much Better Provided for Fin
ancially by Its Legislature
Than Nebraska.
In response lo ;i rcuest foi ;i hitci
for publication, the follmving w re
cenllv received the editois from
Former Dc.ui Richards, now professor
o! iim'( lianlcjil engineering at the I'm
versit ol Illinois Professor lti(haid
was the fii-'-t dean ol the colelge ol
engineering at the I Iiiivcrsit of Ne
brasksi. and to liiin is due, in a large
measure, the present high standing of
our college He went from Nebraska
to Illinois in I'll 1
"In response to your kind letter of
March L'4th I wish to thank you for this
opportunil to greet my friends among
the students and laculty of the I'niver
sit. I wish it were possible for me
to be wnli ou during "Engineers
week" and to meet ni liiends in per
son t best a letter is a very poor
substitute tor a peisonal greeting of
the "folks at home "
Since leaving Lim oln I have kept in
as close touch as possible with the Uni
veisit, for, naturall. I shall always
be deeply interested in its successes
and pi ogress I lfcive been much con
cerned over the unlortunate contro
versy regarding removal, and I sin
cerely trust that before this letter is
published and legislature will have de
cided upon some definite, constructive
policy regarding the matter Al
though personally 1 favor the develop
ment ol the present site, I believe that
in the long run it matters little which
decision is reached so long as the (pies
Hon is finally decided and adequate
funds are provided to carry out the
pans agieed lo The Universit of Ne
braska is a great institution, but the
people ol the state must realize that
the building of modern universites is
an expensive process and the institu
tion cannot hope to retain its present
position without a large increase in its
income The story of .Mark Hopkins
and the log is a good one, but I always
feel like hitting a man who tells it
when attempting to prove that material
things are of snuill consequence in the
building of a great university. Of
course, strong men in the faculty are
of first importance, but these men must
have decent places in which to work
and iidequiite equipment for their
During this year I have felt quite es
tiiblished in my new position. We
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)K . o P S'l OPT
fr V( (I April Hi, K mi i in
if Monster H;ill and Smoker, Co
if P Armory, Seventeenth and ()
Thurs. April 17 All En
if gineeiing ekisses excused,
if K Xii si in . baseball, Athletic
ic Held (' !: 's vs Ag Engrs,
M P -s v s K E -s
if In ."in a m Concert on cam-
i pus, "Old C.erman Hand "
if 11 on a in Special Con
if v o( at ion
if 2 3u p in State Farm
, if t liainpiionhhiu ball. KiULUV
Fnda, 1 p in Armory
Mask el ball, A S M E vs
I E E , S p in. Brace Hall
Pi ol Skinner's lecture.
Sat , 1!.:10 i) in Baseball
thletic field, Engineers vs
Paw s
f :tu j) m Banquet, Plndell -jfc-hotel
The Vet( 1,111 ol tll( Ellgiucci ing
faculty De;in Stoi t gisidiuitcd hen
in IMPS, and lias been ;i member of
the faculty since IS'Jl. Prof Chat
burn, head of the Department of Ap
plied Mechanics, has been :i fjicult
member since 1894.
All candidates for the freshman base
ball team report on the field at 4
o'clock, Tuesday, today, and bring
glove. DA VI I. II. BOWMAN,
Doane Loses Fast Game
By One Run Forced
By Three-Sack Hit
In a piWheis battle which was not
l i idee until the last out in the ninth
ii'iiing Nebiasksi won the first base
1 al game of the season last Saturday
lioin the strong Doane aggregation
b ;i store of 4 to 3. Beckoff did the
iwnling for the Cornhuskers while
Kielsi.iger upheld the reputation of
the vi-itois Beckoff did good work
ii inking out eight men but Kretsingcr
-toied thirteen strikeouts. Each ill
low etl six hits.
Ml hough several errors were made
dining the game none of them figured
vi i much in the final score. Ne
lu.isk;i took the lead early in the game
ind succeeded in scoring the first
tun in the first inning and gain in the
I'nid the trick was repeated. In the
i 'hth Mil stored ;i two-bsuse hit
I -jink lollovving drove the ball to the
outhei garden tor three bases scoring
The following is the lineup for Ne
1'iaskii and vh;tt they did in the first
ga ne of the yesir:
ah r h sb ii e pet
3 110 4 1 .3.T.;
4 n 1 2 2 1 .250
110 0 0 .250
112 0 0 .333
110 10 .250
0 10 7 1 .250
0 0 0 0 0 .000
0 0 0 3 0 .000
0 0 0 3 0 .000
Flor, ss
Haskeil, b
Frame rf 4
Towle, If 3
May, c 4
Beckoff, p 4
Underwood, lb 4
Harte, c 4
Jamison, 2b 4
Two base hit, May. Three base hit,
Frank, Haskell. Hits Off Kretsinger
(5, off Beckoff 6. on balls, Kret
singer 4, Beckoff 0. Strikeouts, Kret
singer 13, Beckoff 8.
Inglneering Classes Excused Thursday
Play Baseball With Laws and
Finish Week With
Banquet Saturday.
"Oil Algle, what are those men wear
Ing E's for?"
"Those, Cert rude, are not signs of
proficiency In class work. Far be it
from such E stands for Hrasinus, the
Fccentrlcal Engineer "
For, be it known, this Is the week
commonly called "Engineers' Week"
when his Excellency, "Differential and
Integral Calculus," is told to get hence
and the campus Is dotted with groups
of grimy galoots gesticulating fiercely
and planning outniges upon society in
All who hiive occasion to be in the
vicinity of the Co F Armory at Seven
teenth and () streets tomorrow night
ire cautioned to don their ancestral tin
armor, and stuff their cars with cotton
if they expect to survive the night. For
It is here, we sire told, that the perpe
trators of these heinous offenses will
assemble for their council of war.
What other dimes will follow In the
wake of this pow wow Is hard to pre
dict. But it is safe to say that on Thurs
day will be the big noise. The shop
men have been preparing for this
holiday for a long time. In tho first
place, the faculty were to be pleas
antly surprised when they should conio
to their class rooms Thursday morn
and find not a single stude. But It
seems that a certain member of the
faculty wits warned by si dream of this
nefarious scheme, and immediately
spread the siliirni The Dean, being of
a diplomatic turn of mind, thereupon
announced that there would be no en
gineering classes Thursday. Now,
what do you know about that?
To reaj) the full benefits of this fes
tive day th" shop men will rise early
and convene at K:30 on the athletic
field Here the four clans will en
gage in two bitter conflicts. The
weapons will be the baseball and tho
willow stick. The C. E.'s will play tho
Ag. Engineers, and the E. E.'s tho
M. E.'s Here Is tho way they lino up:
C. E's Agu
4orrison lb. . . .Nelson (capt)
lawkins 2b Wllcov
Kierle, (capt) 3b Weeks
Owen ss Anderson
Votaw cf Sjogren
Bauman rf Cook
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"'Lohengrin" Benefit Tornado Sufferers Chorus and Soloists Temple
10:00 O'clock Classes Excused
i M
1 n