The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, April 10, 1913, Image 4

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Overflow Forces
Museum to Pile
Relics in Tunnels
'I In iiio In-ill tin1 museum has
hlli i i In- i uinpiis t iiniii'I w ith skele
tons til .mi icnl annuals s.iiiiiaii.
Dili- III I III l I I lllle sll.lkc like In utes
(il ,ni i-jiih c v;i ;i 1 peiiod has been
unearthed niuitly and lenioved to
tin' museum
Tin- student who M-iitn'cs into the
campus luiini Is may he startled by t In
suggest n heaps of bones that arc
Mnicil away in obscure cornels and
dai l holes The la It of museum space
to accommodate all that comes in
loices the dejiai tnieiit to use the tun
Dels lor the tune being
There ,ne animals of all types rep
icseiiteil The bones ol the niain
nioiith, a huge ancestor ot the elephant,
with fifteen -fool tusks is no more
strange than the eighteen tcot reptile
that was list week taken fiom the
tunnels and put together at the mil
seiiin I'ei haps the most remarkable
tact is that these animals were In
habitants ol a tropical Nebraska
Will Present "Varsity Coach" Fred
McConnell Coaching Cast.
The thud annual play ot the senior
(lass of the l'meisit high school
will be given next Sutuiday evening
in the Temple thcatie The play se
lee ted lor U eseutat ion, the "Varsity
Coach" is a college (oniedv in lour
acts The acting is not ditlicult and
the pans have been well chosen so
that the management leels assuied
that it will be the most successful ol
the class plays The leading parts are
taken b Miss (Jladvs Wilkinson and
Conrad Wilson ot last semesters grad
uating class F C McConnell, ot the
I'nnersity Di.imatic club, is coaching
the play Seat sare on sale at the Y
A I C desk In the Temple
C c Reynolds visited his mother at
Dayton, Ohio on bis way to Madison,
Hagensick's Orchestra, Auto D 2990.
II Sisler of (Jeneva is isiting
his daughtei Rebanis who is suffering
fiom an acute attack ol appendicitis
Loch's Orchestra, Phone L7620.
Place our oider with Townsend as
early as possible for duplicate por
traits. The Cornhusker price contin
ues until the close of the school year.
Adv. tf i
Mrs (Jeorge II Thomas, who has
been isitmg Eva Rosenbaum, re
turned to her home at Harvard this
The (lei man Dramatic club will
meet Thursdaly evening from 7 till 8
i in Faculty Hall A short play "Er
1st Nicht Eifersuechtig" will be given
and a business meeting will be held
Every one be prompt
P.i oui siihs( i iption now. tt
Mane D.tllv has letuined to Diinlap,
la , at tei a shot t mmI at Ihr ('111 Omega
Telephone Yule Bros at once.
Opal Coiyell litis letuined to Klgin.
Neb, altei a weeks visit at the Chi
Omega house
C. H. Frey, University florist, 1133
O Bt.
"Hanky Panky."
Thuisday night Lew Fields' all star
tonipany in "Hanky Panky," another
big musical show t list t is nothing more
than a great big vaudeville entertain
nient . This company travels entirely
b special train and are now in their
sevent v "iglith week with exactly the
saint toinpanv ot principals that have
been with the show during their long
i un This melodious nimble ol pilli
Mention is mtei preted by one of the
'inest casts of tunmakers eer assem
bled ami a chorus conspicuously
singled out tor Paris Lew Fields has
given "IIank Panky" by lar the most
stupendous pioduction he lias ever of
tered to the public Seldom, if ever,
aio three such riotously tunny com
ediaiis as Max Rogt is of the tuitions
Uogeis Hrotheis, who, it is said, lias
the greatest part of his tared, Hobby
Hoi th and Harry Cooper, recent co
star with Mile Trentini in "Naughty
Marietta" have been seen on the stage
at the same time, then there is Hugh
Camci on, always the pink ot sir
torial perfection anil Dapper Clay
Smith, Christine Nielsen statuesciu.
and nhapelv as eei while Hill
Montgeniei antl Florence Moore the
woild's gie.itest vaudeville team in
roduce in "Hanky Panky" their new
antl original conceptions of eccentric
comedy Their aie seventeen musical
numbeis and theie will be an aug
mented orchestia ol some eighteen
"I peisonalh giiar.intee that no
betti i oi larger attiattion has ever
been pieseuted in Lincoln or in any
other t Ity ill the I'niletl States
Drawn by
The Coinhuskei stalt aitist was unable to finish this thawing, con
sequentlv in ordei to have a good likeness ol this (anions campus hu
morist ;i pi le ot one 1!H. Annul will be given to the student w lit) draws
in .i mouth that will best tit thet ircuinstances The pri.e drawing will
be printed in the Cornhusker
Draw in ink and mail to Editor, 1911! Coinhusker
Of the University Y. M- C. A
Breakfast 7 to 8 . 40 Dinner 1 1 to 1: () Supper 5 : 41) to 7
Home Made Bread Six Loafs for 25c
The Xi Deltas held their monthly
meeting at the Achoth house Tuesday
-v enlng
In Red Hox, that tine I'nhersitv Seal
l!ox Papei The University Hook
Ted Marrlner Cleaner, Hatter and
Repairer. Auto B1799. 235 No. 11th.
Artistic dance programs and menus
for particular people Oeoige Hros..
I iinieis, 1 .; Ki N stiff t
.Now ii the tune to buy a pin lob oi
i mg :;iu nth st
Dr. Alldritt, Dentist, 202 Ganter Bldg,
Victor Moore at the Orpheum.
Starling with matinee yesteiday Vic
tor Moore anil Fiiiina Littlefleld in the j
t)riginal b.ue stage acts, "Change I
Your Act or Hack to the Woods;" I)e-I
inarest and Chahot in music and danc
ing, Wilsons Comedy Chens, intro
dueing beautiful small performing i
ponies, the revolving table, and the,
unridable mule, Obey , a delightful
comedy annual act that will be es-
pcciullv pleasing tt both young and,
I old, (! S Melvin. the versatile Scot, i
the I lesson Players, in the one act
coined "Hetween Trains," Chailesj
'.Hid Madeline Dunbar in animal tun '
ology , The Dm Inns in a traniolin'
noveltv. ' Teinble Night" 'Ibis'
pioinlses to be the best comedy bill of
ihf season Regulai Oipheiim prices
Matinee 1 .". and L'.V. "lulu I." l.". '.", :f)
and Tiiu I
Ms .
Give us your next order for Punch.
We know we can suit you both in quality and in price
For delightful comtort in cabs where
you want to ride with the pleasure ot
knowing you will not soil a costly
dress call "Ensign!"
Our cabs are all full size where
four passengers may ride in comfort
as coy ami clean on the inside as on
den Rides as smoothly as a Pullman
Her pleasant 1 enif inbrance of her
escort to the loiinal will be moie last
ing wheie you use an "Ensign Cub"
It means luxury combat aiid pleasure
They aie always the best
We'seive hot and cold
drinks. all winter long.
Lincoln Candy Kitchen
South West Coiner 14 and O Street