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    TLhe S)atl IRebraekan
APRIL 11th
Vol. XII. No. 119
Price, 5 Cents
SHOULD SUPPORT BANDuni Removal bill barber goes with buck
Is Second to None in the West Chal
lenges All Others to Contest
Before End of School
B l J Wagner
N-xt I'ndav night in the Temple is
(lie t'niveisitv Cadet Hand Concert
'I'll' ;u lne enienis o a eai s pi ac tic t
wi.l he presented to the Unl
er-it public and to hik li outsiders ;ih
liae sf linn li appieriated the musical
activities of (he University Populai
JiiKi's will iteail and we ate ieliabl.v
infoinied that these will be no less
than fiftj cents pei admit one
Laving aside the matter of price the
band makes its nppcnl to students as
a Cnivetsitv activity The band is the
chief mateiial out of which Univeisity
spirit is made on the giidiron, and it ac
companies the cadets to supply them
with mihtaiv inspiration whether they
go 'o camp in wateij Ashland, ai id He
atrice or cursed Ciete It contents it
self with none but the best musical tal
ent on the campus, and its piesence at
aiij Univeisitv tuiution, even at a lTni
ver-Mty debate, lias been a decided
drawing card tor the multitudes Our
band lias long enjoved tlie distinction
ot being second to none of the col
lege bands, in the west
You will not again hear so much of
the best music delivered ou at once
a.s ou will hear next Friday night at
the band concei t
The I'niveisitv and its band join in
the feeling that the conceit is to be
well attended The duty of support
to -o povveiful a promoter of Univer
sit enthusiasm as the band appears
at tins wilting to be obvious to all So
vital a ait ot the Univeisity is oui
band, especiallv in the fall of the jear,
that we can not a fiord to neglect it
when it asks for an audience in the
spring Sentiment on the campus is
evervwlieie predicting that the laigest
audience it evei leceived will be ten
dered the band at its conceit I''i iday
Swell the multitude of enthusiastic
heal eis He outsell one of the chief
supporters of our one big organ of Uni
versity spirit The price is so low that
no one can feel deterred. Every loyal
Nebraska!) feels the necessity for giv
ing the band his support. Remember
th date is Friday, April 12.
Field Geography.
Members of the class are requested
to read notice at entrance to U 7 and
report to instructor before 5 P. M
Wednesday, April 1).
The Intei national Secretary of the
Matador Club has piesented the local
chapter of the oiganiation with a small
statuette of the founder, Boliver Silves
tro This is on display at the headquar
ters of the club on the fourth floor of
the Museum.
House and Senate Unable to Meet on Is President of American Classical As
Common Ground to Deter- I sociation Which They Will At-
I '
mine Issue. ' tend All on the Program.
With onlv a feu clays of the piesenl
session lemaining, the legislatnie still
has a laige amount ot woik ahead ol
it Yesteidaj Has spent in the routine
woik usual neai the end of a session
and a nunibei of measuies ot a geneial
(h.uactei wcic disposed ot (iilv once
was theie anvthing like a spuitecl dm
(Mission and was when seveial
membeis ot the House, m tiving to e
plain llieii vole on a bill leg.iiding the
loaning ot inoncj , became so enthusi
astic as to lequnc the combined ser
vices ol the chanman's gavel and the
sci geant at ai ins
The University Removal bill is still
hanging in the House and Senate com
nnttees Because of the fact that the
louse committee is composed of stiong
anti removalists and that of the Sen
ate is composed of equally stiong pto
removalists Mattel s have been at a
standstill and none of the meetings
have as vet accomplished anvthingdef
In an interview with a "Rag" re
porter. Senator I'laeek said, "Although
theie will he a meeting of the commit
tee tonight it is almost c cm tain that
nothing will be done We (of the Sen
ate committee) will not change our
attitude and, unless the otheis change
theis, w e cannot meet on common
giound " He furthermore stated that
because of the deadlock, it was highly
probable that the College of Agricul
tuie would be developed exclusively at
the Farm and the policy of extension
of the other colleges on the city cam
pus would prevail The legislature ad
pourns next week and will adopt a
definite policy before that time
l'lofessoi H.ubei head ol the (o
man histoiv depaitment, leaves todaj
101 Indianapolis to attend the ninth an
nual meeting ol the Classical Assocla
tion ot the Middle Wc-Ht and South
Foi the same destination will leave
I also, 1'iolessoi Hik k of the ihetoiic
.depaitment and 1'iofessor Olivia
I Hound ol the Lincoln high school The
, tonnei will go b wav of St Louis and
) the tatter will accompany Profrssor
Haibei thioiigh Chicago
The Classical ssoc iat ion of the
Middle West and South was oigani.ed
I some eight jeais ago with Professor
Haibei as one of its chattel members
and attei having been an otllcei of the
oiganiation since its inception lie now
holds the head position as piesident
The meetings of the association will
be held Fridav and Satiiidav in Indian
apolis and lee tines will be deliveied bj
the delegates, including Piofessois
Pound and Hue k, and followed by gen
eial discussions upon the subjects
dealt w ltli each lectuie
"vindication of the Pi incudes of
(Iieek Lvnc Tiagedv in the Classical
Dianias of Sw inebui lie ' will be the
subject of 1'iofessor Hound's lecture,
and 1'iofessor Buck will talk upon
"The Classical Tiadition and the Study
, of English " Professor Bather will re
turn Monday
Misb Kidd Speaks of Work of Eco
nomics Development Increasing
Value of Agriculture
Dwelt Upon.
Convocation vesterday inoinlng was
turned ovei to the yellow ribboned
ags who siKceeded in filling the hall
with a largei ciowd than has been seen
in Meinonal hall since the football ral
lies of last tall Dean Burnett Intro
duced the speakeis Miss Dora Kidd
ol the home economics depart ment
spoke ot the woik accomplished at the
laim, of their limited quarters, and of
the impoitance of economic tiaining
in the home The Ag Club quartet to
sang seveial selections and weie en
c or ed lepealedh
Majoi Skinnei spoke on the work of
the Agriculture Club He said that
manv people tailed to distinguish be
tween the kc hool and the college of ag
ue ult in Professor Chase spoke next
and said that the students had a great
deal to do in spi ending the knowledgo
thev had gained at school among the
people ot the pait of the state from
w hie h he c aine
Dean Burnett (lose the convocation
with a biief address, in which he
touched upon the woik of the college,
among the people or I lie state and also
the increasing value of agiiculture as n
general educational course.
Anthropological and Geological Collec
tions to Be Taken From Me
chanics Building to
Thittv five boxes of mateiial, which
have been stoied foi two or three
eais in Mechanic its building aie
being opened one bv one, and the ma
tenal placed in c'Mpiica'e drawers in
the Museum These boxes contajn
some of the best mateiial in the an
thropological collections of Dr. M. H
Everett, and in the geological collec
tions of Hon. Charles II. Morrill.
These collections have been boxed for
six or eight years Only portions of
them can be placed on exhibition due
to the overcrowded condition of the
cases. : , 4
Missouri lias been woiking hard in
preparation for the Minnesota meet.
Nicholson, the crack hurdler, has al
most recoveied from his lecent illness
and will bo able to go against the
Gopheis Kirksey has arranged his
scholastic conditions that have been
botheiing him The return of these
two men means that Missouri will
again have an extra good track team
Competition for Places in Track Team '
Will Occur Saturday.
The (list open meet of the year will I
be held on the athletic field Satin day '
After being forced to get along on dope '
since the close of the basketball season J
the fans will now have an opportunity
to see some action All the events of
a tegular meet will be held and the
winners will constitute the 'varsity
team i
The team this jear is composed
inostlj of new men This insures an
exciting stiuggle for positions on the
team Coach Reed is still won led be
cause so few men have come out foi
the hurdles and the weights Theie is
piactically no one who is at all as
sured of a place in a meet The meet
will be held on Nebraska Field at 2
o'clock. The admission will be 25
Books By Johannes Hedwig, 1801-1840
Recently Received.
The Botany department has recently
received a very valuable collection
of the complete works of Johannes
Hedwig, which were published in the
years 1801 1840. They are in Latin
and contain many fine hand painted
drawings of Mosses. Even at the
present time they are the standard
works on the subjects The books are
very lare copies
Over Two Thousand Disposed of and
Five Hundred More Expected
to Go.
The senioi invitation committee an
nounce that the sale of the graduation
invitations has been large and to date
about two thousand have been sold.
This indicated that theie is much more
mteiest taken in the puiehase of in
vitations this eai than in 1!U2 as
theie has alieady been a greater num
ber sold These are several who have
not et put in their order but the re
sults of the selling thus far has shown
that theie will be a great many more
purchased before the sale closes, and
the committee hopes to dispose of at
least 500 in addition.
In order to accommodate those who
neglected to buy upon the assigned
days of last week thre will be another
date upon which orders will be taken.
Next Thursday has been set aside for
this purpose and this is postlvely tho
last day that orders will be taken as
they will all be sent in Thursday night.
There are two kind- of program as
heretofore One has a cover of dark
brown leather an I bells for 25 cents
and the other has a cover of white
cardboard and these sell at two for a
qua iter.