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Ibe 3Datl IRebraskan
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Vol. XII. No. 82
ParvHellenic Basketball Commences
Early Next Week With Promise
of Much Blood.
The annual aeries of prize fights
commonly known as basketball games
between the fraternities Is about to
start, beginning nex week with one
game in each division. The board
managing the games start to run
them through as quickly as possible.
The schedule of practice hours was
announced some time ago. Since that
time the "gym" has been the scene of
many a pugilistic encounter in prep
aration for the coming contests.
The two divisions will be made on
the same basis as last year; that Is,
Much more Interest has been taken
this year than formerly. As a result
the contests will be close and excit
ing. I-Jist season's victors were the
Sig Alphs. Their chances look pretty
bright for a "repeat" this year. In the
first division I). II. and A. T. O. will
probably battle in the championship
scrap but the second promises a bat
tle roal
The medical college, on learning
that the games are about to start,
have offered a new live hour covirse In
"First Aid to Injured." It is thought
by that department that much prac
tical experience in straightening bent
physiognomies and broken legB can be
secured. If anyone can Invent a de
vice that will supply copious draughts
of oxygen to playerB who have flirted
too much with "Queen Nicotine," he
will certainly become rich at the ex
pense of frat ball-tosserB.
Embroyo Debaters to Be Given a
Chance to Show Worth In Com
petition Tommorrow Morning.
The preliminary contests at which
the members of the interclass debat
ing teams are to be chosen will be
held Saturday morning, February 8, at
9:00 o'clock.
Candidates must give their name
and side desired to the chairman of
their respective class board, or leave
It in Professor Fogg's office! U. 206,
by Thursday noon. The board will
draw lots for order of speaking Thurs
day afternoon and announce the re
sults In Friday's Issue of the Nebras-
In these contests the contestants
will all speak seven minutes, except
the first affirmative, who shall have
five minutes and then three minutes
In rebuttal. The speaking will take
place in the following rooms, seniors.
U 212; juniors, U106; Sophomores U
302; freshman, U 102. Judges will be
members of the faculty.
In the rhetoric bulletin case, In
the south hall, Is posted a statement
-of the question, a list of articles on
the subject, and other pertinent Infor
mation. liJfc
Basketball Team Showing Improve
ment Since Minnesota Trip and
Is In Good Form for Clash
With Klein's Proteges.
Friday night the varsity basketball
team will play a return game with
Wisluyan. This promises to be a
very fast game aB tho Coyotes have
not quite recovered from their defeat
of three weeks ago. A letter from
Coach Klein of Wesleyan reveals tho
fact that tho Methodists are in better
form and physical condition than they
were on the 18th. Up to date they
have a perfectly clean slate excepting
for their defeat by Nebraska. They
have completely outclassed such
schools as Kearney Normal, Tarkio
and Peru Normal so the Cornhuskers
expect a stiff battle. It will be re
membered that in 11)09 Wesleyan beat
Nebraska two games, the Bcores be
ing 8 13 and 21-18, making a total score
of 02-32.
Since the Minnesota game the team
has improved wonderfully. The new
semester has brought Bevoral phe
nomenal players to light and compe
fion for positions is becoming keener
every day.
A large squad Is out overy day for
practice and the prospects for a cham
pionship team are Improving. Among
the men showing up the best are Stry
ker, Haskell, Underwood, Carrier,
Carrier, Hde and Hawkins. Hawkins
is the only new man on the team and
has made an exceptional showing so
far this season. 8trykor and Haskell
also have both been putting up a fast
game and can be counted upon to do
their share of the playing.
Following is a summary of the free
throws made during games this year:
Made Missed Pet
Haskell 15 16
Hyde 4 10
Hawkins 2 3
Stone for Base of Weather Station
Has Not Been Received Other
Material In Readiness.
Work on the weather kiosk has been
at a standstill for the last few weeks
becauee of the delay in the shipment
of the stone for the base. The stone
will be taken from a Vermont quarry,
but It is nof known by the depart
ment of physics whether it has been
shipped or not. All the fixtures and
instruments are here and when tho
stone arrives they will be installed im
mediately. When completed tho kiosk will be
a duplicate of the government weath
er observatory at the corner of Tenth
and O Btreets.
HDULionco nuLco
Girls Decide at LaBt That Fair Com
petition is Impossible and Give
up Bad Job for This
What happened at the meeting of
the lnler-sorority council last Monday
evening? That is what the majority
of the student body is wondering. Of
course the council has given out what
it sa s happened but rumor hath It
that far more Interesting would bo
the actual lacts. All the so cherished
rules formulated by the committee
last spring and given out aa the su
perlative in smoothly working regula
tions are abandoned and the council
has virtually admitted that It 1b pow
erless to deal with Infringements of
its own members.
Certain accusations have been made
several times this past semester that
tho rules in regard to rushing and in
particular in regard to tacity pledging
have been grossly violated by almost
every sorority in school. No definite
evidence has ever been produced or
at least given out convicting anybody
of this crime of spiking, but Tuesday
morning the campus was rife with
the wail that some one had "mon
keyed" with (Ire and was being doc
tored for the ensuing Injury.
Of course no ofllcia! sanction was
given tills rumor nor was it denied,
but the fact remains that three new
rules were substituted in short notice
for those so carefully worked out last
May. The new rules absolutely pro
hibit nny entertaining whatsoever of
freshmen at a sorority house and also
of any rushing partlles on the part of
these societies. This means in sub
stance that no girl will be rushed un
til uhe has made her twelve hours
credit, that is noxt September.
No changes in the pledging rules
have been announced but freshmen
girls having made their hours last
semester will bo pledged as soon aB
tho reports are in, about February 15.
Subscriptions for Komensky 8tatue
Are Dally Coming In Bohemian
Sculptor 8voboda Already
at Work.
The sum of the subscriptions for the
erection of the Komonsk.y statue on
the campus is already near the one
thousand dollar mark and 1b growing
rapidly. Subscriptions are coming In
every day from practically all parts ot
the west in spite of the fact that Bo
hemians and Bohemian organizations
throughout the country have contrib
uted over twenty-flve thousand dollars
for the care of the sufferers among the
Balkans allies. Word has been re
ceived that tho Sculptor Svoboda has
already commenced the work in Bo
hemia and Miss Hrlck estimates that
the statue will be on the campus in
about a year.
J.: J
Price 5 Cents
Because Regular Date Falls on Satur
day February 14 Is Chosen
Next Year It Falls on 8unday
and Is Held Monday.
Next Friday, February 14 will bo
commemorated the founding of tho
university forty-four years ago, com
monly known aB Charter day. The
regular date for the observance of this
day 1b Fobruary 15 but according to
the rulo holding In such casoB the
day Is moved forward to tho 14th to
make It fall on a regular day of tho
The Sigma XI address alwayB given
on this occasion haB boon abandoned
for this year. Prof. C. J. Keyser of
Washington university at St. Louis
was selected for this occasion but ap
pendicitis prevents him from filling
Hie date and no substitute has as yet
been found. After such Investigation
the committee in charge have decided
(hat the best thing possible was to
drop this part of the program altogeth
er and put more stress upon the other
events of the day.
Friday morning the Hoard of Re
gents will meet and make up the list
of those who will receive degrees in
(he evening In the Temple. In the af
(ernoon, the annual indoor track meet
fakes place. A concert will be given
by the cadet band In conjunction with
this event and the Pershing Rifles may
present a drill.
Next year Charter day falls on Sun
day and this custom which places tho
exercises on Friday this year will
push them forward to Monday, Febr
uary 16.
Regular Monthly Meeting of Dramatic
Club Comes This Evening in
the Temple.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Dramatic Club will bo held this even
ing in the club rooms in the Temple.
The principal business which will be
disposed of will be the semi-annual
election of officers. The program will
be in charge of Reavla Gist.
Will Entertain 8tate Board and Promi
nent Pharmacists at Lincoln.
The State Board of Pharmacy will
hold its quarterly examination In the
Temple February 12-14. An the night
of the 12th the Pharmaecutlcal Soci
ety of tho University will give a din
ner in honor of tho members of the
State Board at. the Lincoln hotel.
Many prominent members of the pro
fession will be present.
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