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Bntorod at tho postoluco at Lincoln,
Nebraska, as Becond-claBB mail matter,
under tho Act of CongroBB of March 3,
Several times during the past two
aomesters as well as at other times
In the history of the University, the
student body lias been aroused over
certain issues concerning their own
welfare. We have in mind as Imme
dlato example.-) the Single Tax move
ment of last spring, the recent Fresh
men cap campaign, and the present
agitation for University removal. All
of thete movements have been marked
by a display of interest on the part
of the students, but at no time have
they been known to get together in
an) sort of manner for the purpose
of giving concrete and definite ex
pression of their views. This condl
Hon Is attributable to the lack of or
ganization which exists among the
students. They are not used to act
ing together and hence are not dis
posed to lit any unamlty In opinion
get much beyond the passive stage
In proposing a Student Forum we
feel that a step will be taken toward
the creation of a student spirit which
perhaps will result. In the not far
distant future, in some sort of a stu
dent government. Letting the pres
ent plan operate as a nucleus, w e do
not doubt thai If it should meet with
success, a ery material and substan
tial foundation would be laid tor a
student union, a plan ot which has
been the dream of every student who
has been a member of tltis college
community. Our plan contemplates
the setting aside of one or more con
vocation periods each month for the
sole and exclusive use of the students
These meetings would be presided
over by the student body and the dls
cusslons or programs would bo ex
clusively of a student origin and na
ture. The student convocation would
be made a delillnite and regular inci
dent of the student's schedule, and
in time, we believe, he might be in
duced to look upon it as an enjoy
able period In liis university life.
Assuming that there would be no
objections from the authorities or
Irom the senate convocation commit
tee, the existence of a student assem
bly of this nature would afford the
students a real opportunity to get to
gelliei to discuss measures affecting
their interests. We feel that thoro
are enough things happening around
the campus to warrant in spending
one or two hours each month In an
elfort to determine their attitude and
sentiment on whatever would be be
fore them. We conceive further that
the prospect of a time specially set
aside for the benefit of the students
would lead them to interest them
selves in more student problems in
order that their meeting in convoca
tion would be of interest and profit
If a plan such as this or anything
similar to it had been in voguo when
the Single Tax and the Freshman cap
Issues were up for discussion, it can
easily be seen how natural it would
hae been for the students to get
together and thrash the thing out
As it was, in thene two Instances, spe
clal convocations had to be called, and
because of their novelty they were
poorly attended. The removal issue,
which is now before us, is certainly
stimulating .a great deal of interest
on tho campus', and if it were to be
made the order of the day at next
Tuesday's convocation (assuming that
this was the scheduled date for the
Forum) it is not difficult to see that
a lively and interesting time would be
What these meetings would result
in, we cannot of course prophesy. We
believe, however, that they would re
sult in a great deal of good. The
first one or two might result in either
a not or a tea party, but in either
case the experiment would be worth
tring. If in time they should meet
with success, should be well attended,
and productive of real Btudent en
thusiasm, we think that student opin
ion expressed therein could be direct
ed into student action. And as soon
as you liae tho students thinking and
talking for themselves and then act
ing and legislating for themselves,
ou have pretty nearly readied the
stage wheie they govern themselves.
The plan of the Student Forum is
not a ditlicult thing to put into opera
tion Witli the consent of the Chan
cellor and Professor Grumann, togeth
er with a little advertising, tho ma
chinery could be set in motion, and
we are confident that the results
would justify a continuance. The
proposition we feel has its possibili
ties, possibilities which perhaps,
(Continued on Pago Four)
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