The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, December 17, 1912, Image 4

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    T III-: I) A 1 1, V N 10 IIRASKA N
The Forum
The ri'C't'iil vociferous agitation of
i lie Rice neap theory Iuih brought Into
(he limelight a fart that Iuih. for some
time, been realized by the upper class
men of the UnlverHlt) The fact Ih
i hut pood old Nebraska Hplrlt. handed
down from generation to generation,
has been laid nwny to rent until Homo
noble prince may lift the Heal and res
cue tho benuty rrom it h slumber
Deplorable an thin may himiiii, 11 Ih
true The howling hundredH that but
a few yearn ago infested the athletic
hold at every game and made the vi
cinity hldeoub with tholr barbarous
war whoopH, have changed Into a cer
tain few who creep into their places
and encourage the team by maintain
ing a Bilonce that would cuuse a
sphinx to blush with Bhame Tho once
gloriouB "ahlrt tall parade" Iuih become
a joke that Home pernicious villains
are suggesting be turned over to tho
lair members oT the school. The once
riotous Cornhusker banquet Iuih bo
come a place for tho loyal fow who,
ior some reason, are unable to llnd
girls to take to a show. ThoBe aro
slightly exaggerated statements, but
Doubtluns there are several reasons
for tho prt sent state of affairs Tho
main one Is, that our University Is a
house divided against itself It is
composed of many little bodies of
men and women who have forgotten
that there Is something greater than
the dominating of school activities by
the select few We are spending our
energy for the good of the few instead
of the many For this situation no
one is to blame, nor is any one body
of students to blame It is slmpl tho
outcome of existing conditions that
hao crept in unseen. It is the result
of dividing the student body into
cliques, and allowing each one to
work for Its own end. The Univer
sity of Nobraska has boon subordi
nated to the organizations wIjobo very
existence depend upon Uh welfare.
Hy organizations I do not mean tra
ternltlen alone, nor do 1 lay tho pres
ent conditions at their door It waB ;
but a Tew yearn ago when the "barba"
controlled every offlco in the school.
Ken now there are "barb" organiza
tions whose sell appointed duty it ia
to fight every fraternity man who
seeks prominence In our helplossnoBB
we all stand on common ground and
are all equally guilty (
On every side It is, "Pull for our
man " It matters not as to whether
thai man Is the best fitted for tho
place A support b 11 for the athletic
board so that (' may have a "pull."
C supports D for the publication board
so that A may become editor of tho
"R.ig " I) supports H ho that X may
be defeated for class president be
cause X belongs to an organization
thai Is opposing D's D might even be
Induced to support X If Y can bo
chairman of the class "hop " And bo
on University affairs have become i
tungled In a maze of rotten politics; I
how complicated 1b known only to a1
few The student body has forgotten
thi't It should be the University tlrst, ,
last and always, and oot the club, f ra-,
ternlty or clique to which each may
Of course there are other reasons'
for this lapse of spirit that must not
be mentioned here, but it seeniB to me,
that the one dwelt upon, with prob
abh too great a length 1b the one that
liar, caused the most trouble It would
be a pleasure to have the above state
ments proven unfounded. If they are
true, then it Is safu to say that Ne
braska spirit will remain In Its pros
cut condition till we can take tho
"peanuts" out of politics, and each
on" can become great enough to sac
rillce his own Interests and the Inter
ests of his friend for tho student body
as a whole If we cannot do this, let
some far wiser person come forward
wiih a remedy whereby we can strike
at the ery heart of the parasite that'
hat. grown up In our midBt, Bapped our,
strength and shattered the reputation
and traditions established and cher-'
ishc d b those who have gone before
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