The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, December 12, 1912, Image 4

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FOU SALE Regulation omcor'B sabre,
with sling, l)clt niul sash. Apply at
Hat? office. 12-10-Gt
Debate Tomorrow Night Will Repre
sent Seven Months' Inces
sant Labor.
IjvbI veai the total score of the sea
son In debate wan, Nebraska 2, Op
ponents I Ah regards decisions tho
venr wiih on the whole not a huccchb-
ful one, but it provided a Rood basis, THE party who took a Mooro's foun
LOST Alpha Omecron IM pin on cam
puH Monday, finder please call Al
pha O house. 12 10-3t
LOST Davis CalucuhiH In Physics
lecture room Thursday Reward for
return to NebraHkan office. 12-10-3t
on which to continue the work thlB
year. An early start wiih made laBt
spring by selecting the first hIx mem
bora of the debate Hominary, the re
maining members being selected in
the fall
After a month's work in throshlng
nut and hashing up the question an
other content waB hold November 9,
nt which six team momberB wore
chosen. Another month of continual
grind followed, during wlilcti commit- solution
too roportw wero haHhed and rohaHhed
until a fund of Bolld factH wore cstab
1 lulled
tain pen, inltialH K. Ii. on gold band,
from book in Library cloak room re
turn to NebmBkan office to avoid
trouble. 3t
eBBary to leavo thnt movement to
some future and probably leBH efficient
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call on the freshmen to
acquleHce. You can't force a man to
wear a green cap. Constituted author
ity at this University has long since
I set itself Holldlv iilmiIiih! tho iiho nf
a stone was loft unturned. HUCii force Those people who advo
woultl be considered a good- ( cute the freshman cap will, I dare say,
library was worked over and , hjlVP t" Jb of putting them on Then
. Ihnv will lHupnrftr Hint r lt nnnKln tr
arrangement of i . , ,....,.
reuueeu io ..on.. .w.w.b.w... "', knock a freshman down and put a cap ,
strong arguments In connection with a,on jiH 1(U(j 1h not m0rely an a priori
strong breastwork oT authorities. ( objection, but a very serious Imperii-i
Illinois' team who oppose Nebraska nient to the progress of miliatnt Ne-
. I braskanlsin '
he.o Friday night will arrive tomor- W Not Create Spirit.
iovt forenoon, accompanied by Prof. TH. (.,i,m f freshman humiliation!
V A Ketchani. The members of II- and the absurdity enforced submission i
linoiH' team In the order In which thoy would. I conceive, be excusable if the,
1 . will I.' ll.ltlmi 1 U;. I W(ftrinK f ,,U C,in l)' tlH IUW man
xmi! speak are Will K lt.itlon. 1 Ha ' W()l)1(, ln(.reaR) (1(votlon to ,'
faiter, and Lyman M. Fort. The or- nul Hpirt of our school Four years i
ler of rebuttal Is Carter, Hritton and in this University have deepened and
refined the appreciation which fresh
Nebraska s team which debates Wis
i onsln arrived theie early this loie
noon Theie they will speak in op
position to Samuel S. Barber, Mdmiiiiil
Jt. Shea and Howard M. Jones.
Prof H. V. Caldwell and Plot. 10. 11.
men-cap advocates and myself feel for
the sentiments engeneied by real Ne
braska spirit Still, the work of the
University has kept me so busy that I
hae had no time to define its spirit
And 1 might as well add that the same
cause has given me but little USE for
a definition of University spirit Now,
Conaiit have accepted an invitation to however, that some advocates of more
act as judges at the Iowa Wisconsin HI)iri llIlV( undertaken to degrade the
debate. They will leave tomorrow
freshmen in its name, I need a deflni
tion. And from the lins of a supporter
forenoon for Iowa City, at which place 0f freshmen caps I copy a meaning of
the debate is to be held - I K. F
Lawrence-Graves Wedding Held Yes
terday Evening.
Whterday evening ot curred the wed
ding of Mr .1. K Lawrence to
spirit substantially as follows Ne
braska spirit is the willingness of the
individual student to sacrifice his in
terest, Joy, and satisfaction for the
interest, Joy, and satisfaction of the
w hole University
From this ague definition of spirit
one thing at least Is clear, the posses
sion of Nebraska spirit Is a matter
Miss f degree And I submit that the aer
iirn tV.mlitti ii ii ..ill li.ii.i lniu I'.... I unli'll
Helen Craves at the Mrst Presbyterian,.,. h( Js ,,,,,,,, ,)y u Kr(1. (.ap ,., ,f
. Iiurcti Hutu tirlile and
groom vereiu js treated as a diligent and valuable
Mr Lawrence fellow student Hy his very newness
the freshman is already sufficiently
isolated To cultivate the real Nebras
ka spirit in the freshman we need not
segregate him by a green cap We
need only to make him feel that he is
heartily welcome and that he is at
once incorporated
This much, then, is incontestably
plain- to humiliate the freshman is to
give "him what he doesn't, deserve To
humiliate the freshman is to deny him
the advantages of democratic spirit
and a genuine coinmunitv interest To
a united class spirit. President War- humiliate the freshman is to indulge a
nor says, "I will do all that lies In my fruitless attempt at violating tho Unl
power to convince tho freshmen that ' verslty rule against force Finally, to
. ,, . , , , humiliate the freshman is to weaken
skull caps are an honor and in no rut,u.r t,m1 stn.nKHIl ,hl. ,. tthlHl
senso a measure of discipline" The in,,, him to the spirit of the institu
Olympic committee and the athletic tion
Since the green cap can never in
crease the freshman's devotion to the
Nebraska students
graduating with the class ol 11)10, and
Miss Graves being a member of the
lass of 1911 Carl Lord attended the
uple as groomsman and Lucille
Keeder was bridesmaid
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mg green caps as a method of securing
bourd of tho class also approve of the
plan and will cooperate with the In
nocents in establishing the custom.
In short, the best class sentiment
heartily endorses the proposed plan
and looks on It with particular favor
school, I submit that the cap in itself
is but a badge of undeserved dishonor
and degradation Thinking stuih nts
timorous of their position do well to
absent themselves from this m.iss
meeting lest in the glow ot the mo
as an Invaluable factor in promoting nient they be influenced bv well me. in
class spirit. Will '10 enroll itself In ing but ambitious students w ho gloi it v
Nebraska history with tho inaugura- themselves in establishing a college
tradition at the sacrifice oi student
tion of a new custom or wll It be noc - rjirhtH
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