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    TLhc IDailv flebraekan
VOL. XII. NO. 20
IVllC 5 Ollt
Seniors Start Year's Rush of Events
Soon To Continue for Nine
Months Hop and Prom
Under Way.
t (In- meeting of tin1 senior class
to lie held this morning in Memorial
Hall at 11 ;!() o'clock President Mulli
mm will announce the following ap
pointments to olllcial honors
Hop .1 H Forties, chairman
.1 G. Hartwell.
Florence Sell wake
Willa Spire
Agnes Russell
.Master of ceremonies to he an
nounced later.
W W Wenstrand, chairman
I, K Owen
G A Melville.
K .1 Tavlor.
II Itosenhaum.
Otto Walteis
Leslie de
John Law lor
Senior I'laj
Fied McConnell, chainnan
Florence llostetter.
Katherine Yates.
Ned Allison
Otto Sinke
lnterclass Athletics
Art May, chairman.
Halph Smith.
Merle Howard.
Halph Sweeley, chairman
Sam Carrier, master of ceremonies
H H Hastings
(' L Hein
Helen Drake
Helen Savvver
Itieta Hills
Thad. Saunders
Kthel Sloan
10 Frank
Cap and (low ns
Helen Dinsmoi e, chairman.
KM i th Williams
Kd Hew alt
Hett.v Drake, chairman
.1. T Swan
Florence Farnuni.
Frank Kong, chairman.
Kitty Mockett
'erna Coryell.
Gcraldine Gray.
Charles II Peery.
C. K Paine
Coniinencement Orator
George Hrothers, chairman.
H M. Frost
Murine Hetzler.
Ruth McDonald.
Finance and Auditing
A F Arnold, chairman.
Herman Wiebe.
Kouise Curtis.
George Wilson, chairman. ' -
Music and Lyrics in Preparation En
couraged by Last Year's
The Kosinet Klub held their Mist
meeting of the year last Tuesday even
lug Plans were discussed for the an
nual comic opera which is being writ
ten by a student of the Cniversitj
It Is said that the pla of 1!M:S w ill
een eclipse that gien in 1!HL which
was a decided success I mm every
standpoint The idea of the club is to
pioduce a comic opera written and
composed by students ol the Cnivei
Hit y of Nebraska
The annual banquet of the club will
be given during November
Freshman Interfraternity Society In
troduces Many Victims to
A coup of neophvtes Irom each ha
t fin it m the school were last night
introduced into the painlul and shad
ow.v mvsteries of the Spikes, the m
tei I'raternit freshman 01 ganiat ion
ssembling at the Delta Tan house,
the bunch ol helpless and blmdlolded
youngsters were led, lock step, to the
porches of two sorontv houses, vvheie
in a (uiet and gentlemanlike maniiei
tliev paid their respects to the gnls
alter the fashion of a gang of i eal Ne
braska rooters
Thereafter the bunch resumed then
course to "()" street, where at the mod
est requests of the older men they pro
ceeded to shock the fastidious citi
.ens with noise At Brownell Hall
the initiates had the fmal ritual and
the final barrel stave so forcibly im
tressed that they will not soon forget
either After a short feed the organ
i.ation adjourned to another meeting
place for a short and very impoilanl
business meeting
Also Elect Six New Men to Junior
The Vikings Societv, the junioi in
ter fraternit v organi.ation, met at the
Sigma Phi Kpsilon house and held the
annual election, of otlUeis Frank
Long, Phi Gamma Delta, was chosen
president and C J Hachoritch, Sigma
Alpha Kpsilon, was made secretarv
and treasurer
After the election the following men
were elected to the society: Fuller
and Suinniings, Sigma Chi; Smith and
Ray, Kappa Sigma; Lee. Phi Delta
Theta, Art Wherry. Mcta Theta IM
Katherine Knepper.
Louise Wyrnan.
Harry Coffee.
C Sorenson, chainnan.
Clayton Radcllffe.
Manager of Football
Jim Rodman
Manager of Basketball
Max Tovvle.
Officers' Club Elects Officers and Gives
Out Dance Honors Appoint
ments Announced.
t the meeting of the Officers Club
t the meeting of the Officers Club ' MrrT r-ntHr, ,.. .
is. evening plans for the , hall MEET RESERVES AGAIN TODAY
Adrian Feared to Be Bunch of Grim
Scrappers Three All-Michigan
and Olympic Athlete Men
in Lineup.
weie discussed and officers elected
The date bus not yet been fixed
The following olllcers were chosen
('"l ' .1 Lord, piesldent, Lieut
('l " K Pane, v Ice president , Fd
Hewahlt, secietaiv, lleasuier. Louis
Graemlicli , Charles It Peel v . mastei
"' '"""', -'all, ." .1 H.cen. The ins. , ,,,.,. , he week
""" committee UMs M,(1 N(., ,,!.,, ,,,.,. ,., ()I) N(.
Mmou.H-ement of the following pi b.aska Held No one was allowed on
motions to fill vacancies wen- giv en ' t he field, -i , ,-x, ,llu; 1 1. , eshmen.
,H" ul" '"' loned lo un to the State
Mi" (' K ,il"", '" ' "' li''iii-M Farm loi H,ei, n ,,,, Coach
am colonel, to fill vacan.v caused b.vSllel,,,, .-v ii.-n is going ((J take ,,
lesignal.on ol F J Kollar dial h ol an.v spies ge,.i,,g .,I1V ,K.
Maj A W Devvev ol second bat , nals or 1 1 1, k pla v s w aie intended
lalion, promoted to major of fust bat lor use against .he Tlgcs The var
,!llm" I'N contented Usell wilh llllirilllg slg-
'1'l" ' w Graemlicli ol Conipanv nals and a goo.l di III in new plavs
I heroines major ol second battalion , . wa- Mill absent Imm p rat
Joseph V Johnson, to captain ol ... with bis bad ankle potter wan
"uii)!ttiy 1 'iiImi missing Mom the ranks, being
' 'I Dan. ion appointed captain ollaiil up with a ".hailcv hotse' and u
Conipanv C, lo take place of G fiactiiie ol one ,,f the bones irr the
Gossaid. unable to i -l in n to I'nivei ankle M.isjn should, , ,s mill ,p,tr
S,N ,1,s x,,;"' soie, also Pearsons ankle
The ( him h made u 1 1 a shin m the
WILSON ADDRESSES TAFT MEN """ ""' """' "li;l" l"11 " WJ,K "y
ten. alive, for last night all of the men
were back in their old places The
Interesting Talk by Prominent Un, ,o,ua,,M-a d lots o. I oo, I,., II , , he
versity Man is Given at Smoker M innesola game, and a. e ruoi e aggrcs
Tuesday Evening. SIN' "nd speeds, although not as fast
The (Tain Club held a ' ,,""M '"" ''" "lih """' " ,,,r
lousing smoker a. (he Lincoln Hotel " '.,'
i,iLl ... , , 'he Adilall College (earn f ill fhe
last I uesdav evening About loitv' , ,.
men were ,,.esent ' I '" ",ml"1"" '""I "'"P- ' g'tve the
Hon II Wilson made the kev ""k' "" '" "' "' "- and
note s,...H, ol , vening. , w Inch mm, ' "" "'" "' "" ,,,,,,,, h" ",l
i.i .i , I1"' able to do it They have loM but
he look up the formation of the two I "
-a... and traced then, down tl7' "a'"" '" "" ,l,Kf '"" "'
- PM-sen. tune, showing that . "'"' N"'- ' ...this game
, , ;tliey used a subsl lute backfleld the
sil Piinc.ples aie running thioiigh! ... , ''
,i , , other being usee up n a game Hie
these same paitles todav as tliev did1 . . , ., ' K
. week before I hey at presen t hold t lie
.it tl.e time ol the hist general ee( ' . .
...... i,.,,,) .,,,,. ,.,.,, ,. , , .......,. WM.-.UI, , .,, me seconoarv CO
,1.0.1 Meld, and thai the countiv s limp , f ,,,,,, ...
I . , , " , O''-s of Ihe Middle West
,,,v s due lo republican administia -, , ,
t()1 ' '" lineup contains three aMMIclil
I I'Tllllllill 'i.l..f... ..I i. ...
This me,..,,,,, w, p.ohablv be ,ol ; ' ' ' ' K
1. I, .11 I'lt-t '..III ..lit..... ... ..... 1 J .. ..
-. ...... Hhhn-MH' in i ,ie ,1 in
.lowed b otheis in the near Inline, iii
and seldom fails to make a hole for the
I .. ....... .. ..
' which r ii ( i n it it 1 1 i ....... .. . i i.
,,,,,,,,,,,'' "-"'backticld ,o follow through Marshall.
l'" ' J P.ominen, po ,, lllllrilsl.k ,, MarhluI
litical speakers of the republican pailv , , , ' larii.r
I ' l'ii'-k. aie tl.e stellar perf'ormerH in the
; or.K, bac-Wfleld Uvrd. who plaH fullback.
I SENIOR HOP COMES FIRST. was a member of the Olympic team
I and captured second place in the dte-
Frolic of Seniors Comes November 8 C,1K "irow They leave for Lincoln
' at Lincoln Hotel. . ""H uft,'r "' 'xpect to arrive
" here tomorrow morning at 10:30.
The first general society even, of The weekly varsity freshman game
'be season will be the senior hop. not Juill he plaved this afternoon at the
the sophomore hop. as was announced athletic field The scrimmage will not
I be senior hop will be held November take place until nearly 5 o'clock but
K at the Lincoln Hotel, and Hagen 'you ran come our and amiiHO youraolf
sick's orchestra will furnish the music 'by watching tl.e team run Hlgnalu and
lickets will be placed on sale Octo pick up a few rudiments of the game
The next meeting of the Missouri, .
Valley Conference will be held at Iowa CLASS FOOTBALL STARTS.
State College at Ames, the second Sat j ' JL
nrday after Thanksgiving. December1 Sophomore football candidate
14 At this meeting the plans for next will meet at 11 o'clock tlila mora-
year's athletics will be discussed b ig in "the Armory.
the MisHouri Valley officials and ..
coaches. Ia.iii . i i , . .. .