The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, October 23, 1912, Image 1

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    Xlbe SDatlv IRebraekan
1'NIVl-RSin ()! NhBRASKA, LINCOLN, UI-DMsDA, OC I 2 , l12
I'ncc S C'rnt
Association Work in China, South Afn
ca, India and Other Parts of the
Globe Is to Be Pictured
Sunday Afternoon
i' 0.v'
ll ve good lolk,
I ow 11 01 gow n
ClV e (MI '
So ,i pageant was i it i tlnougli ill.
towns ol old Cngland, in ihc
When 111' guilds took lllflll l) slollll
1911 Minor Officers Elected Two Co
eds Acquire Honors by Skilful
'11k- llllllol ( l.iss meeting held is
teielav inclining iii Ihc ( h.iii I was at
i'iid'd h tin- l.imili.n gioup of ( I. ism
poll) u i, ins and a lew lailhlul coeds
'lilt icpotlei tailed to iii(iiire ol the
atoiesaid ( o eds u bethel the cn
lllllllilllt sulliagittes lull (lie a III
which tln aptiiid the plnni shows
I In win at hast skillul politicians
I loll (Kid list sc MH s e s pi esldi nt
called the uncling tngelhei lot the
donhli pin pose he said ol nil i oduc in t,
the 1)1 w iesld(l ,111(1 o getting Ills
Maine in the Hag Mi Dickinson linn
look chaige ol the assiinhl, and tin
Engraved Announcements Sent to the
Appointees Active Woik on
Annual Publication Begins
Next Week
Not Satisfied with Literal Observance I
They Have Frequent Conferences
With Miss Conklin
l last the gll Is ha e dei ni d to hi
good Theie is no doiiht bill that Ihc
new lllleisoioi lt pledging lilies an
w oi king sph ml id I M iss ( 'onklin s,i s so ,ii thiic has been no infiingi
nielli ol lull s on the palt of ,in soioi
lt which is s,iing a gnat dial foi
th disc iplim and iiiodi I c ondiu t ol
I hi co eels
1 1 1 ii totoi ( i i i one 1 1 is base 1 i, I I diloi in ( hn I Swi i h h,i- made
i ls( , Up coids ol gelling as losi j P'lblli tin lollowim a ppoln 1 illi M I k to
is possibb to tin limit ot lushing with "" ' 1 1 1 t i.t I siall ol tin I'U, Coin
(lilt llllllllglllg till Mills but io , hll'-ki I
ail in this maiiMi i now' M(ic no' 'x '''' I ouisi luilis
ol bung coiiieiit with n-nllv adln i i-it-t- Mai Uobhin and llan
lllg to tin el btlel ol tin lllhs, thi I'lUlDs
gills hai In . n holding simi.i1 in. i I "til i ihul nig (laik Diikiiison
nigs ol the ijit. isoioi ll coillKll cili,,lllls Sill. ill Could
lie in oidi i that ill. mis kit an Mhhli.s Sam Caiini and Coidoii
i xae t inli i pi i tai ion ol I In in
It. i k
l tin se meetings Misstonklni has Mass.s Sam lui
piisid.d and the niles wi ii lliotouUi 1'i.it1 i um. s ili.m
following olhceis well i lie led Miss
with tlie ('ointi oi ( he stei pl.n s iLlialxth lldi, k i piesnliiit Miss
111 the same wonls liiighl he c i led the Mlldieel Scollle. sc( Haloid
,sso latiou pageant, which is to he Millei, tieasuni, and Don Wood set
gien Sunda afternoon. October JT, at ue.inl at aims
! hi o c loc k. in the leniple Iheatc tlei the election ol olhccls Ties:
'I hioimh this pagi ,,nt the V (' cl. mi Dickinson lead the list ol his
will piesint m a cleei, liileiesting appointees as gien m ve-steidavs pa ilv goncovei in sm h a inaiiiHi thai no ( ' gain ii ion Idwaid lliwaldt
w a some ot tin i i r d,i inc nli nt s in per 'I hen hi nig no I in t In i busine ss soi out v cm pee si hi v mise onsi i iii m 1 1 1 1 1 -. ( lo d Sl w ai t
associations aioiiinl the world t he in. et nig w as adjoin ned istatiimut and I In nu minis hi e c (oil. . (noie ldinh
(hiniseunls ph su al tianiiiu' c lass, ji. i ii t ti ni.i 1 n in tin ii inliiiiu I " ainal ie s l(.ais(,isi
the diflii ulti. - ol Knlish rieiiehand .. pu AMPinKKHIP MlinniFn n'" 'Ul' "huh M'' '""l' """ Nlmm" l,lu"" I'mh.s
lliellcall mijs m Ituenos ns the "L. lMAIVlrlUriOnlr mUUULtU ,(,U, , , ,t ,,,,,,, H,,,,, hwis in p. u.eln. Ii Monli minis ami
girls sMMiiin i camps m India and a gnl on tin (.iniiiis with a 1 1 . shiu.i n HulIi I tn m nu lia m
sMiiiin. i lonleieine in Japan, will he Drake Defeats Kansas and Ames Wins I mi 1 at iln aim mm iimisiiiuIi- iii h I . ins skiiinu
pus. nt. d in this pageant Missouri Game By a Very ' mr ""' i an inliniion ol tin nib Nn ' """"' Maishall
1'cdlow ing still the lashion ol the old GodS r I Ins si . mis oltln mo i dilli. nil oi 1 n I .i i ni It.. I., n Ma. I ",i i k iii-m.m
l'liglish pageants tlnie will he a pio 'all a tin c o . ds . i I i nil like lomak. " ' "in-h mi win
logiie, an pilogue and a c hoi us , '"'' "I''i main nopi i.iris in .... . ( 1sh( . I ,,t ho el biask., and " ' iv. .1 s. -i. i.lav l .-. h ol the .,s
This ,s to celehiale the usil to t he I M lw,m ' Nall,'N " '"'" ,,U'N w,)" lmm
I'nieisit of Miss King, the dairghtei
of the piesielent of 1'ektng I'liiveisit,
.in of Miss Lee. a Chinese girl, who is
at present in college in this country
Miss King is to return to China in
November to take charge of the stu
dent association work there
dmission Sundaj afternoon will hi
Kansas h a lone touchdown Drake
completeh outplaced lie! lleaviei op
porrents and the gieatei poitnm ot tin
game was plaed in .Iahawkei lein
tor The Kansas ends were weak
and Diake made its onh tone below m
h shot t end inns The backlleld men
fieciuentl went through the light line
tiee hut h ticket Tickets ma he ood ",,,s an,i )lu '' n',(1 ""' ,,',U
obtained at the association office in "" ,),ak' s 10 il1 ! m"' ,M" los' " on
the Temple ot fioni association gir Is , ('()W "s
on the c ainpus The (loots will hi
thiown open to those not holding tick
els attel '. JO
become qillti enthusiastic (Joodni ss ""ll I III announcement, Jl
how .ilte i t tln an' s ,u a- uolk "' '" "' Hietns. Is.s .m.l gise
known hoeer. not even this awln' piomis. o
ml. has bee ii biokcn Wuh a put ol the luui ioii-Iv ,ii
pointed olhc e ol the Id k a s head
qiiaitu ,nlie woik in pi .'pa i .it ion
ol ill. blgri s .iiul best ( oi liliuskei
Will C Dili 111. IK i in l week
New York House Publishes Compila
tion of Instructive Briefs.
Vines defeated Missoini at ( oluinbl.l
b the onesided scene ot 'J'l to (I The
liisi hall was a haul bailie, but m tin
second the gges got tin II healings ml
and lompeil awa with L'7 points
new hook has nmiili been pub Fcur We,Knokn Musicians Furnish
lishi i b Hinds N'obli Kldiulgi a
new oi k piiblishing house which will
he ol lllle I e st to (I. bate is ll )s e
I ill . I c idle nil i I). bat e s
iins was penaliecl incite than In
Music fci Convocation.
iniisi. i piogiam will be- given at
convocation lliiii.lav l.dwaid I Walt,
""' I i in st ,ii i ison illi nu (jiin k and
'"'Mills a muni., i "I n spmm.n i.Hh.n, m hn m'.il ih.
"1,s Mni-' "' "" lv""", 'I'-"'-''! t, t win, I, will ,,.ix Hi. pM.gram con
ink il ii t i it o lliit i'.iiiip ttw iv.1 I lit! .ii 1 1 1 innili t n i ml l i ii l n ii I . . .
Is First Big Event of University Social " ' sisisot i, mi.-issc s iiikI Overture
Season. noicung aim .mis...... .....- ....- mi- ,,,- .,,, .,,.- ...s. ,,,,,, ... mi.m ,,,1,, M.iaiite. CoMsone-tta and Motto
soul i.ins w ei e nenalic d about "n ,n cs oukIiIv logic al manm-i n, i ,.
I 1, wl, ,1.,, .--. . I,,... . Iw li. . . .... . . ii,. iu (i.i.i ii. ui .; in . ii in
III. ViIIHIIHl I1UI, MX WIS! ,'1111(11
I'liiversitj social event this semester,
will be held Pndav. Novemhei 2'2, at
the Lincoln Hotel Tickets will he
placed on sale the ath of Novernhei
'lite ggie line was v ei v stiong and ' he book lsedltid b pi online lit all
the Tigeis had to i el upon ope n plavs thonties and has been i ec oinineiiili cl
The woiked a shot I foiwaid ).iss to a b debating instmctois in scveial ol
good advantage, and Shepherd out the prominent colleges of the (ountiv
punted the Ames man on the aveiage1
Miss daline imps, e Nehtaska, 'Dli,
is spending a few davs in the hotanv
depattnient ftM giaduation Miss
Ames was In the government botanical
set v ice at Washington Later she ie
ceived her doctor's degiee at Cornell
" -
Ml debiring copies of the extta if
football edition issue Saturday if
if may obtain them from Rudge & if
it Cuened's men's furnishings de if
if partment today if
Miss onus I'oole, ex Nehianka. '04,
is visiting lii't patents in the city l'or
the jiast she has been at Rocky- ( ol stii.UIni' the weii'.ir lwft .11k.
o .r van s tnes made most of then ..,,.,
, , LiiiiLitiL.i.i cases lot the gov et irinent pathological
gains most I) on forward passes and , x XKKXTr'RX"R'r"rw
end inns Hinge foi the Aggies used n i ic
luiinmg punt which allowed his ends I SEMIFINALS TODAY.
,o get down under them Captain - U'"'1 '"lh '"'" vHx.-d that I'.of.
Hui hi was the star of the game and1 The annual tail tennis tonriia M ' ebei , I! ot N, 'Sit, for hoihl-
his fiOjard tun just before the whistle
blew was a feat in e of the game
Assembly at Farm. - plajed at I o c loc k on the I'm if
The Hist convocation in the School veisitj couits
ot Agticulturci was held Tuesdav in Hussnian vs Williams
if meiit ends tomoirow when the 'ais of Cornell, has been ejected to ii
if finals, will be plaved between if
if those winning in toda s plav
if The following games will be ' se 's second assistant in botany while
at Ne-braska
professoi ship in the University of Cali
fornia I'rotessoi Weber was Dr Hch-
Assenibb Hall There was it huge at
Lincoln if
tendance and everybod enjoyed the (Jaidlnet. Omalia
meeting Announcements were made, vs .Mever, lliance
and IMincipal Uiadford talked on "The
First Impressions of a New Student of
the State Farm "
Kindle , Omaha
Dr Haven Metcalf, '(Ci, who is at tho
head of for -st patltolog at WashinK
ton. 1) C , has written that he has difll
cultj In geting enougli asaistantB who
are well enough trained in plant path
ology and iecoinmends that Nebraa
kans take advantage of the fact.