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Qhe Batl IRebrasfcan
VOL. XII. NO. 24
Price S Ccntfr
Gopher Victory Comes After Interven
tion of Convenient External Cir
cumstances McAlmon Stars
for Minnesota.
A costly tnalty and an intercepted
forward pans proved the undoing of
Nebraska's football eleven Saturday in
its annual clash with the University of
Minnesota. The score was ill to n, but
this margin is not a fair barometer of
the merits of the two teams.
Hut to have seen the notable contest
gorfernlflhlp fhnt the ball was advanced
from Nebraskn territory to within tin
shadow of the Mirlnosotn goal posts
As to the signal for a forwaid pass, it
need merely be said that he was work
inn under orders from a Higher author
ity and was therefore not at liberty to
use better judgment
Good Rooting Done.
A feature of Saturdays contest
which can not be overlooked was the
excellence of the Minnesota rooting It
was demonstrative, yet really itnpres
she, and must have been no mean
inspiration to the (iopher team Kspe
eially is this true of one of their novel
ties Whenever a Minnesota man was
hurt or the Minnesota goal endan
gered, the great crowd would rise with
heads uncovered and remain standing
while the band played the strains of
the Minnesota "Alma Mater"
Nebraska s band far excelled the
work of the Minnesota organization.
on Northrup Field Saturday afternoon
would have impressed the most candid ."'"""" numbering half as many me.
and impartial observer that seldom. (U mmU' !1 K"otl ""Pn-sslon ami was
ever, have two more evenly matched onlisillv applauded b the local root
tennis, in both weight artd ability, been rH'
brought together in mutual contest It I "
must rtot be denied that Minnesota has
a wonderlul or at least a good team
Dr Williams" two weeks of practice
Minor Officers Will Be Elected Com
mittee Appointments Made Will
Be Announced.
The (list meeting of the Junior class
will be held this morning in Memorial
Hall at II :t() At this time minor
oflieers will be elected atrd routine
business transacted
President Clark Dickinson will an
nounce the following appointments
Junior Appointments.
I'loni Weed Dawson (chairman I , .1
I, Driscoll (master ot ceremonies),
Ralph W (JaHrett. Fli.abcH h Hyde,
Isabel M Coons, Raymond Smith, Wil
ham K Kavan, Ruth Hridonhuugh,
Julius C Harpham, llyrne C Marcel
lus, Helen M Jess, Fred R Trumbull
Hop Kirk Fowler (chairman), mas
ter of ceremonies to be announced
Different Plan from Pole Scrap of Lnt
Year Privilege Will Be Granted
Winning Class Held No
vember 16.
Two Inrroi cuts, two sophomores, and
two Ireslinieii a lew days ago hold n
solemn conclave ami between them
biouglit into being the olllelal program
for the llftb gioat Olympic ot tlio
under ( las-sinen, to lie held Novem
ber If,
As has boon the custom foi several
years, the side seoiing tin gioatost
i ...... i . . . . ... . ,.
l.-.i...- lie., .1 it.l,l,..- Mil.lro.1 Km ! '""'''' pomi s mil oi a possuue iuw
behind closed doois, locked and sealed, ' Will Be Placed in Arch Over Library U())(M.(S
lor, David Reavis, Hird Strykor, Don
Wood, Margaret Long. Joe Johnson,
ithur lln, VJasta Steiba, Harney
V ( : ill
thletics Leonard Purely ((hair
man). (Jeorge Uaeoh, Kd A Nal.igei,
Fieri Cunther, Koswell Haskell, Paul
was not spent in vain Out of that ag
gregation of so called green men ho
developed a most surprisingly, ellicient
machine For new material such men
as McAlmon and Krdall made a re
nun kable showing
Steps Soon No Presentation
The clock which was given b the
class of 1!U2 to the I'niveisitv
finally arrived It was given its first
The Minneapolis papers have al jhath of Nebraska air yesterday after
ready sought to class the former with noon in the lowly carpentei shop be
.Ik, Capion, and McGovern. men
.10 have helped give Minnesota her
enviable reputation in the football
world, arrd before the season Is over it
is not to he doubted that their olassifi
cation will bo found correct
Purdy Stars.
Hut in Nebraska, students have noth
ing to bo ashamed They have yet to
see the like of such wonderful work as
was done bv Leonard I'urdv He is the
hind University Hall. It will not be
long, however-, before it will stand high
above the heads ot co eds, fussers,
profs, janitors, and so forth, as a silent
witness to the fact that "time flioth "
A niche will have to be made In the
arch above the library steps before the
clock can be raised to its last resting
place No formal presentation of the
present will bo made, as the class has
scattered too much
The firm from which the clock was
one man that stood above them all, .ordered is responsible for the tact that
and for whom the Minnesota stands, ' the clock was not delivered in time to
wins the contest Tin- program runs.
as follows.
Cross counti y inn The fust three
places scoilng In, C, ami I points, re
spool l ely
Hoxing In the Hue.' weights, scor
ing . points each
WroMling In Ihi- thiei weights,
scoi nig . points e.K li
I Ten nun on t It side.
'counts li points
I I log i ie 'I he old i nut n !i e 1 1 esh
linen and live sophomore, ea h strlv
,.nnfwto 'J ie. i he othei, ((tun's In points
SOCIETY I l'a1, M" "'" ,''-1' ""' ''it'll'- "y"l
III is planned that the struggle will bo
,over a pie e ot canvas Two men from
Engineers of City Unite With College , ,,..,, ,,. ,,,,, ,,,,. SjlimiSi all(l al a
Oh mpics I l.uold M lller (( hail
man). Tryon Shepherd, Joseph Foi
inanek. O T IVterson. Heibeit Muni
II C Collins
of Engineering in Forming Impor
tant Organization.
A mooting of engineers representing
the College of Kngineering, city engi
neor's office, railway commission, trac
tion company, gas company. Hurling
ton railroad, state engineer and sev
oral commercial engineers of Lincoln
for the organization ol an engineers'
society whose purpose is to discuss
(intent engineering topics and ah ,
gives signal they are joined by their
respective sides, and the side that first
succeeds In pulling the other hack into
their out territory stand winners;
counts LT) points
Heretolore the winning class ban
held the privilege of wearing their
class caps and colors It has also been
a custom for the wiilners to parade
down the principal streets, thus adver
tising their victory to the world It
"(I been definltelv decided what
right in the heat ot the contest, stood be given over by the class at the time r,:'1 '-"'lM'iiMH " ,llf' '" ' I"'1'' special ptivilego v.iV. bo gi,;n.V-fJ the
it the engineering building ol the I in
veisity on Friday evening
11 cit J N Miidgmau was chosen
temporary chairman and C 11 (lerbei
face of Minnesota's first touchdown I "' '" n,1'- ' ' see
he took the principal interest in plant Co,d wat"e'- "-eaves Semi-Flnals Un- rotary (! A Montgomery and A W
inir the ball within striking dlstnnco of' played Should Be Finished Soon. 'Andrews were appointed on the exeeu
aghast giving applause toi his brilliant of -rad nation last yeai.
performances on. the field He showed ,
his fighting spirit and injected the ' FROST BOTHERS TENNIS SHARKS
same irrto the team, and when in the !
hol'leis ol the laurels on the lfith 01
next November, but the Innocent
promise that it is something big.
the Gopher goal
Captain Frank proved a good second
to Purely, and together with Mulligan
did good work in making Nebraska's
The line was weak, disappointingly
so, but not without cause, as Harmon's
and i'earson's injuries attested. The
Though the tennis tournament was
supposed to have boon finished last
week, the cold weather has caught the
racquet sharks with all of the semi
finals to bo played Williams defeated
Deemer, (-(), fi-1, and will play off his
semi-final match with Sussrnan, who
also placed in the semi finals These
live committee to act with the chair Will Be Last Class Hop Before Chrlst-
report got out that "they got through" two wl pIay aH HOOn llH lhl. weuther
Alien occasionally i is true, but m.rmltH. Tne b,.lter )layor of theH(J
only when the Minnesota quarter piit;two wl ,)lay elther Schm,,lt (r Flll(1.
three men on the job. ,uy who a8 y,t Mav(l n(), p,aye(, lher
In Its account of tlie game the State 'match.
Journal gives credit to Max Towie for
Nebraska's failure to score when the
ball had been placed on Minnesota's
three yard line. The fact of the mat
ter is that the Journal had no repre
sentative at the game and took Its re
port from a Minneapolis writer. An
apparent injustice 1h done to Mox when
it is considered that it was under hlB
It is desirable that these final games,
be played as soon as possible.
Hereafter the editor, managing edi
tor and news editor of the Daily Palo
Alto of Lelaud Stanford University
will receive medals for participation in
Htudent activities.
man In the completion of this organiza
tion Nearly thirty engineers were pres-
jent and the organization promises to
bo of considerable importance. The
next meeting will be held on Novem-
Iber lfi
o o
O There will be a meeting of all O
O commissioned officers in the cadet O
O regiment at 5:45 tonight in the O
O officers' room at the east end of O
O the Armory. All officers are ex- O
O pected to attend. O
O C. J. LORD, Colonel. O
mas Holidays.
December 14 has boon definitely act
as the date ot the annual freshman
'hop, which will be the last University
social event before the Christmas holi
days. The dance is to be held at tlio
Lincoln Motel Tickets to the number
! of 100 will be placed on sale about the
first of December ThiB is absolutely
a limited dance, and only 100 tickets
will be printed.
Raise Money for Suffrage.
To raise funds for the woman suf
frage cause the young women of tlio
University of Wisconsin are selling u
"Votes for Women" button this month.
Clog dancing is a part of the physi
cal training course for men at the Unlr
veraity of Michigan.
Ukiil'yl-i ayX4'itLJlUl fara&.;Wiai&
S&-JLMt&&$JWuAkA h . --.
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