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VOL. XII. NO. 18
Price 5 Cents
Nebraska's Chances Have Gone Up,
But Stiff Proposition Expected
Is Trial for Gopher
NebraBka will meet the Kansas Ag
gies this afternoon in what will prob
ably be one of the hardest games of
the season The team is confident of
victory, but expect to fight all of the
time The coaches did not have any
thing to say last night about the game,
except that it would be a fight from
start to finish. The team will go into
the game in fine physical condition
with the exception of Pearson, the
husky tackle, who will not be able to
play out at all.
Last evening's practice was held in
one corner of the field, for the High
School lads were monopolizing the re
maining portion, and they sure did
root up the sod, too. If the Bun comes
out this morning the field will be in
good shape this afternoon, otherwise
it will be Bllppery and heavy The
game laBt night was very destructive
to the field, for the grass was torn out
and holes made in the soft earth.
No Overconfidence.
The practice the last week has been
steady and hard. Nebraska's chances
have gone up as the result of the show
ing made last Saturday, but It has not
imbued the players with overconfi
dence A stiff proposition is expected
today, and if the Cornhuskers come
out with flying colors the practice next
week in preparation for Minnesota will
be entered with a vim. The Gophers
have been holding Becret practice the
last week in preparation for the con
flict with the Cornhuskers next Satur
day The following Is the. lineup which
was given yesterday and will start the
game this afternoon.
Schafer RE Mastin
Loomis R T Harmon
Cusic R.G Robs
Felps (Capt.) C Allan
Wheeler L.G Swanson
Burkholdef L.T Meyer
Holman L.E Howard
Sims Q.B Potter
Schuster R.H... .Frank (Capt )
Sldorfsky L.H Purdy
Prather F.B Halligan
Employment Bureau Busy.
The employment bureau of the Uni
versity Y. M. C A is kept more than
buBy filling the applications of Btudents
who want work for Saturdays and leis
ure hours. Over 200 have applied so
far, and quite a large per cent of these
have been provided with suitable em
ployment. '
Rain' Rain! Rain! Jupiter Pluvius
(or is It Neptune), has Indeed allowed
his wrath to descend upon the city and
on our beloved campus In particular.
The very atmosphere is surcharged
with the drizzling moisture which al
lows ws no haven from Its sogglnesB.
Deep puddles of the muddy aqua lie
upon all Bides so that the emerald hued
frogs croak from their dismal depths,
and other heliotrope or cerulean-tinted
reptiles of complex zoological nameB
emerge from their subterranean cav
erns In the soaked earth, disputing our
passage through their domains like
veritable mythological monsterB of an
tiquity. The torrents continue to descend (aB
this is written), and the sun is ob
scured by low, overhanging cloudB, ne
cessitating the donning of "slickers"
or "slIponB" and high artlcs or gum
boots. The co-eds even appear on the
campiiB in subdued colors, and, forget
ting their prevlouB promises to stroll
with ardent "fusserB," run shrieking
into the library to seek solace In study
Ono fair damsel had the audacity to
venture upon the campus with a liver
colored bathing cap, with astonishing
fringe on the edge, perched upon her
Bhapely head She is extremely fore
sighted, however, aB we are all dally
dreading the moment when we Bhall be
forced to don bathing buUb for protec
tion against the flood
Let the sun shine again in the old
familiar way lost we forget the appear
ance of hiB smiling old countenance,
and lest our grand old Institution go
silently floating out Into Salt creek'
C. N B
Elected In Close Contest with KeitH
Two Honest Men Found to Col
lect Ballots.
When the laws are crooked they are
crooked, when they are honest they
are honest, as evidenced by the recent
junior law election. Two aspirants for
the presidential plum, Vernon Bascome
and Fred Keith, announced their inten
tion to run. Byrn Marcellus described
the manly qualities and excellent
standing of his candidate and placed
him in nomination after which fol
lowed a prolonged demonstration.
When the tumult had subsided W. C.
Schaper followed with a short but well
delivered nominating speech for his
candidate. This demonstration lasted
as long as the first, andvtho politicians
began to look around for a "dark
horse," but as none came galloping
along the nominations were closed by
motion of the candidates themselves
The motion was then made and car
ried that there Bhould be two really
honest men elected to take up the bal
lots, and G. S Brown and Guy Kiddoo
were unanimously elected to these po
sitions. Forty nine votes were cast,
Bascome receiving twenty-seven, and
therefore he will shape the policy of
that turbulent body for the coming
Thirteen Girls Chosen to Membership
in Organization of Latin Students.
At the first regular meeting of tho
Latin Club the following were elected
to membership: Nora Nelson, Hazel
Shue, Ruth Lindley, Lorena Blxby,
Edith Parrish, Katherlne Cannell, Mar
jorle Lichtenwallner, Winifred Out
house, Ruth Hanford, Mina Maudlin,
May Letham, Irma Blanden, Annabel
Good, and Miss Gordon.
Contractor Now Pushing Work of In
terior Finishing Will Cost All
of Appropriation.
Tho new law building, which is to
be completed by December 1, accord
ing to contract is now being pushed
rapidly through the extreme efforts of
the contractors Plastering on the first
floor is well under headway and from
now on the program will be finishing
Eighty five thousand dollars has been
appropriated and It 1b assumed that
this building will eat up the entire
amount The first and Becond floors
are to be equipped with instructors'
offices, class rooms, and a moot court
room. Tho third floor will be entirely
devoted to the library Skylights are
to bo used Instead of tho ordinary
But Few Changes in Teaching Force
Activities in Athletics and Band
Starting With a Vim Among
Farm 8tudents.
Komensky Club Meets.
There will be a meeting of the Ko
mensky Club this evening at 1439 R
street, the clubhouse of the girl mem
bers, taking the form of a Boclal In
honor of Miss Eva Ptack, U of N , 512
This is tho Becond meeting of the year,
tho first having been held laBt Friday
at the home of Mr. and Mtb. Janouch,
at which a literary program was
mapped out for tho ensuing year, and
tho following officers wore Installed:
President, Joseph B. Kuska; vice presi
dent, Joseph Formanek; secretary, Mil
dred Cerny; treasurer, Thomas Stlbal
Sophomore Meeting.
There will be a sophomore class
meeting Tuesday at 11:30 in the Tem
ple. Tho minor officers will be elected
at thlB meeting and candidates should
give their names to the Registrar to
mako sure thoy are eligible to hold
Registration at the University Farm
starts Monday morning and the ma
chinery of the agricultural school Is
now ready Tor Its six months of routino
work Under the direction of Princi
pal Bradford the sork of assembling
the Instructors, providing school sup
plies and answering inquiries from
over the state has boon going on for
several weeks, so that now everything
is in running order
Registration will continue through
Tuesday and possibly Wednesday, and
classes will begin Wednesday or
ThurHdaj, according to the heaviness
of the registration New and old stu
dents have been arriving for the lost
few days, and the prospects for a
large registration are good
Credit for Hunter.
Correspondence from new Btudents
Indicates that the hope for an Increased
enrollment Is Justifiable The crops
throughout the state have been good.
and the only reason for many staying
away could be the home dlsense which
swept the state However, the pros
pects Indicate no decreased registra
tion with this as the cause Principal
Bradford gives the credit for the largo
Interest taken In the school this fall to
the efficient advertising of ex-Superln-tendent
There are a few changes in tho
teaching force this year. Mr. E. W.
Smith, former principal of schools at
Grafton, is the new Instructor la
physics The new department of man
ual training will be in charge of Mr.
R W Eaton, who comes to the Farm
from Geneva, where he was superin
tendent of schools.
Student Work Begins.
AsBoclation work at the Farm com
mences next week, and -the usual prep
arations are being made to take cam
of new students. Arnold, who is presi
dent of the local department. Is also
secretary of the State Farm branch,
and will be in active command at that
Other student activities are already
looming up, football being the one of
most vital Interest at present. A coach
will bo secured during tho week. Oa
account of the shortness of the Farm
term, basketball Is the feature of tho
year and work on It will start soon. A
School of Agriculture cadet band Is
to be organized with the opening of
school, under the direction of Mr. Cr
nell, leader of the University band.
Kansas Aggies Today, 3 p. m., Nebraska Field
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