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    Qhe Dailv IRebraskan
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VOL. XII. NO. 12
Nine Places to Be Filled on Squad in
Preliminaries Otto Sinke
Former Nebraska Track Captain Tells
of Trip with American Olympic
I i
Subscription Taken in Proportion to
Number of Men Interviewed No
Membership Fee Charged
This Year.
It gives me great pleasure to have an
opportunity to express my appreciation
of the good work that the Y. M. C. A.
is doing In this university. I enjoyed
especially the meeting that you had at
St. Paul's Church during the winter,
and believe a finer or more manly set
of young fellows could not be found
anywhere. It Is indeed worth a great
deal to the young man coming to the
University to have the privilege of
such associations as the Y. M. C. A.
affords, and the opportunities offered
are of the greatest Importance in the
formation of a student's character.
Chancellor S. A Avery.
The second day of the finance cam
paign of the University Y. M C. A.
closed last evening at the meeting In
the red room. Team leaders reported
good amounts raised on the second
lap of the campaign, although but one
fifth of the University men have been
Interviewed and the time 1b one-half
The meeting last night was the laBt
official gathering of the workers, al
though the canvas will be carried for
ward till the close of the week.
Personal Interviews Necessary.
ThiB afternoon the teams will go
over the list of freshmen again and
reapportion all not yet assigned for
Interviews. This plan tobuUb from a
convlcltion born of experience that the
deciding factor for succeBB Is Inter
viewing all the men. This feeling is
justified by the experiences of all
their daily totals being exactly In pro
portion to the number seen.
No Membership Fee.
This campaign differs from preced
ing ones in that It has no connection
with membership; the membership so
licitation will be given special atten
tion in the near future. However, It
should be noted that no membership
fee will be charged. Any man In school
may Join the Y. M. C. A. this year
without paying the traditional fee.
la Annual Reception Given to Associa
tion All University Women, Espe
cially Freshmen, Invited.
The opening reception of the Young.
Women's Christian Association will beN
held at the governor's mansion on
Saturday evening, October the 5th.
Invitations have been Issued to all the
freshmen girls; all University women,
however, are Invited.
The second preliminary debate for
the purpose of selecting the remaining
nine or ten members of the Inter
collegiate Debate Seminary .(Rhet. 22)
will be held Saturday morning The
hour and place of meeting will 1 an
nounced some time today.
Six men were selected for this sem
inary, ordinarily known as the squad,
last June, but of these Otto Sinko of
Duncan. S. I), has withdrawn on ac
count of other work His place will
have to be filled at the preliminary
held tomorrow.
The subject for debate is, "Resolved,
That all corporations engaged In inter
state commerce should be required to
take out federal charters, It bolng un
derstood that such a requirement would
bo constitutional, and that federal
HcenBe shall not be available as an
In order to draw for the order of
speaking, all contestants are asked to
meet today at 1 o'clock In U. 206
C. L. Rein, Anan Raymond and Je
rome Forbes Elected to Manage.
University progressives met Wednes
day night at the county court house
and organized a University of Nebras
ka Progressive League. This club will
be one of a large number of student
clubs which the new party Is organiz
ing in all the largo colleges and univer
sities of the country, the national or
ganization being known as the Nation
al Federation of College Progressive
About thirty-five University Btudents
were present. The following were
elected as officers: C. L. Rein, presi
dent; Anan Raymond, vice-president;
Jerome It. ForbeB, secretary-treasurer
Committees were appointed to prepare
resolutions and clrculato the member
ship roll.
Governor Aldrich will meet with the
new club a week from Saturday, Octo
ber 12, in the University Temple
fc All candidates who desire
fc their names Inserted on the Vkr
fc ballots for the class presi-
fc dency election which will be -fc
JC held on Tuesday, October B, -fa
Jc must make application In writ- -
fa Ing and file In the Registrar's -fc
office before 5 p. m., Friday, ;
October 4. if
fc Registrar. -fc
J. D. Schoonmaker, from the Univer
sity of Minnesota, is visiting at the
Sigma Nu house.
Club Tickets Not Limited.
JV correction is made today in the
Students' Sultorlum ad appearing in
yesterday's issue. There is no time
limit on the club tickets of this firm,
whereas it was stated in error that a
time limit of one month exlBted.
Louis R Anderson, the first and only
Nebraska man to serve on the Ameri
can Olympic team, was a visitor on
the campus yesterday.
Anderson was greeted by a host of
friends, all of whom wore interested
in hearing him tell of his various ex
periences across the water.
While In college Louis wn a promi
nent member of hiB class. He waB
elected to Innocents In his Junior year,
and 1b a member of the Phi Delta
Thota fraternity.
Former Temple High Student Getting
Out "Common Rumor."
The Common Rumor, a paper which
"rumors" the newB of the secondary
schoolB of tho city, Ib being published
by Ted Metcalfe, an ex-Temple high
student. It Ib an Independent paper,
owing allegiance to no particular
school, and in it the football dope and
society items of Lincoln high, Temple
high, and tho N. M A. are Impartially
distributed It Ib published semi
monthly and tho second Issue will ap
pear Monday.
Wilson Men Notice.
All Wilson men of the University
are urged to meet at the Lincoln Hotel
at 5 o'clock Saturday evening to escort
Mr. Wilson in liis parade and recep
tion. The democratic nominee Ib per
haps the moat prominent college work
er of the country, and deserves a mon
ster turnout by college men. After his
regular speech Mr. Wilson will address
the University students and faculty at
tho Templo at 9 p. m.
With Twenty Men on Cinder Path
Prospects Look Up Five to Be
Chosen for Team.
Captain BoggB of the cross-country
team is a little more optimistic over
Nebraska's prospects In cross-country
than ho was at the beginning of the
week. He is still the only member of
last year's team who is out, and as a
result five new men will have to be
choBen. This situation has brought out
a number of promising candidates, but
there Ib yet a good chance for new
Twenty men are on the cinder path
dally In an effort to get into condition.
Somo of the men who have been out
since tho first of the week are running
two miles regularly, but the majority
are content with a half mile or mile
jog Boggs, Cutright, Anderson and
Kubik are Bhowlng the best form at
present, but at this early Btage it is
Impoeslblo to forecast the makeup of
the team.
Temple Alumni Meet.
The first meeting of the Temple
Alumni Association will be held to
night In the Temple building. All
members will please take notice.
EDW. PETTIS, President.
Dennis Appoints Campaign Committee
Unrest in Freshman Class To
day Last Day of Filing for
Presidential Race.
Phil Southwlck, aspiring to preBJ
dentlal honors, pricked the sophomore
political bubble yesterday and an
nounced himself a candidate for the
office. He Is the fifth candidate In tho
field, under the new regulations, and
Is the only representative of his class
to enter thuB far. Whether It Ib a lack
of Interest or too-absorbing Interest In
other things, viz, study, which causes
the light registration In this phaso of
college activities, Is not known, bnt
the fact remains that considering the
records of former years there Is a
slump In the University political
Southwlck, who would assume tho
reins of government for the sopho
mores, Is a Lincoln man and la well
known among hiB claBsmates He was
chairman of the hop committee for hla
class last year, and In other ways has
gained a wldo acquaintance among:
them. He Is a member of the Phi
Kappa P8i fraternity So far as can
be learned there Is no one working in
opposition to him.
No Further Candidates.
Mulligan still remains the only se
nior candidate In the Junior class
there Ib no change In the contest,
Trumble and DlckenBon being the only
men in the field. The Juniors have
shown more Interest In the election
than any other clasB, and as a result
this class is the only one represented
by two men.
Dennis, the only freshman candidate,
is handling his campaign in a thorough
manner and has appointed the follow
ing campaign committee M E Thur
ber, Lincoln, chairman; II. E. Perkins,
Lincoln, treasurer; B. L Taylor, Lin
coln, secretary; McMullen, University
Place; Herold, Plattsmouth; Miliken,
Fremont; KeyB, York; Ackerman, Lin
coln; Underland, Omaha; Elliott
Whether he will have opposition Is
not yet known. Filing closes Friday
evening, and until that time the field.
Is open to all. The feeling is bolng
expressed openly by freshmen, how
ever, that the office should not bo
given without competition. Lincoln Is
represented and backed by Omaha
men to some extent, so the problem
Ib to find a man from another place" on
whom tho different elements may
Little Interest 8hown.
The situation all over the campus x
quiet and unlike other years. In past
elections a man was often "sprung"
at the last moment, but with the pub
licity campaign which is being used
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