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    Xlbe H)a(h IRebraskan
VOL. XL NO. 155.
Price 5 Cents
Commencement Address In Auditorium
Instead of at St. Paul's Church
as Was Last Year.
Outstanding Debts of Hop Committees
Have Been Handed to Professor
Chatburn by the Lincoln.
Several Other States Will Be Repre
sented and a Qood Time for All
Delegates Present Is Assured.
The program for commencement
week waa yesterday given out from
tho Registrar's office
The first event of the week will be
the baccalaureate address to the class
of 1912. Rt. Rev J. Henry Tlhen,
Bishop of Lincoln, will be the speaker
The address will be given at Memorial
Hall on Sunday, June 9, at 8.00 p m
Admission Is without ticket
On Tuesday, June 11, will occur the
annual meeting of the Board of Re
gents. Much Important business will
bo transacted at this time
Wednesday, June 12, has been set
aside as alumni day. Prom flam
until 2 p. m. there will be various
class breakfasts and luncheons. At 4
p. m a business mooting of all Ne
braska alumni will bo held at the
State Farm. Dr. Iouise Pound will
deliver an addross, which will be open
to the public. From 5 to 7:30 p. m.,
the alumni banquet will be hold, also
at tho Farm. Immediately after
wards the alumni will return to the
Temple for their annual cotillion.
Thursday, June 13, will be com
moncomont day. Promptly at 10
o'clock the commencement procession
will start from the Library, headed
by Commandant Yates.
The order of the procession is as
follows: University band; Regents,
Chancellor ana guests of the Univer
sity; administrative officers and
members of the faculty; alumni and
former students; candidates for de
grees; Btudents and friends.
At 10:15, in tho Auditorium, in
stead of at St. Paul's church as last
year, the commencement address will
bo given by Charlos Edward Merriam,
Ph.D., professor of political science.
University of Chicago, on "Citizen
ship." Owing to the size of the graduating
class, reserved seat tickets this year
will be given to them and to the fac
ulty only Alumni and out of town
guests will have to take their chance
when the doqrs are thrown open to
tho public at 10:15.
The festivities of the week will
close with a reception given by Chan
cellor and Mrs. Avery to tho Regents,
faculty and alumni. The reception
will be hold in the Art Hall of tho
Library from 8 to 9:30 p. in.
Recently the Lincoln hotel handed
in a largo number of accounts to Pro
fessor Chatburn, chairman of tho com
mittee on Btudont finances, showing
that Btudents In charge of tho Uni
versity hops and parties have been
negligent in paying the bill for the
dance hall or "ordinary," or both In
the aggregate the committee doea not
see fit to give out the definite amount
of these accounts, as perhaps it is not
thoroughly known even to them, but,
to say the least, it is no small sum.
From a number of Interviews with
some of the chairmen of these hopB,
the committee have come to tho con
clusion that these deficits have not
come about through intended embez
zlement on tho part of the dance com
mittees, but rather on account of care
lessness in keeping straight the ac
counts of the dance and receiving a
receipt for all the money paid out.
One Btudenl swears that ho had in
his possession about twenty ticketB to
a certain hop to sell, and out of these
twenty tickets he sold three; he
brings his wltneBseB to Bwear to this
fact, yet ho cannot account for the
other seventeen tickets that he did
not sell
' It is such cases as this," says Pro
feshor Tuckerman of tho student
finance committee, "that are making
the matter a mean thing to handle
As for the young man's honesty in
this affair. I don't think that can be
questioned; yet, he Bhould have been
Much interest is being arouacd
among the membera of the Young
Woman's Christian Association In tho
summer conference to be hold at Cas
cade, Colo., from June 21 to July 1
Cascade is eleven miles wobI of Colo
rado Springs, In one of the moBt beau
tif ill parts of the state The dele
gates from Nebraska are planning to
go In a special car with the delegates
from the University of South Dakota.
South Dakota sends sixteen girls.
Other status represented are Colorado,
Utah, Wyoming, Kansas and New
Ab UBiial, classes and lectures will
be held In the mornings, leaving the
afternoons free for recreation, Includ
Ing trips to the Garden of the Cods,
the Cliff Dwellers, Cave of the WindB
and other points of interest One
afternoon Is set apart for "College
Day," when the delegates from the
different schools give "stunts," hold
intercollegiate basketball games and
tell of their college customs
The delegates have the exclusive
use of the Hotel Ramona at Cascade,
which is converted into a real dormi
tory for the college glrlB Summer
cottages near the hotel are used alBo
Contrary to the popular idea, a Hum
mer conference does not mean all les
Hons and lectures Tho girls at Cas
among the mountains kodaking,
boating, taking side trips to various
points, and meeting girla from other
Buck Reports a Balance of $95.03
Yale Holland 8ubmlts Statement
of 1911 Pan-Hel.
At a regular meeting of tho Intor
fratornlty Council, held last evening,
tho treasurer gave out the following
report of the council's finances. It is
complete and shows all recelpta and
expenditures for 1911 and 1912, which
give a balance of $95.03. Tho report
is tho result of long and porslstont
efforts on the part of the council and
is gratifying not only because of tho
balance Bhown, but because It culmi
nates a tedious task.
Following is the treasurer's report:
From Wilson, former troaB-
urer $ 36.73
From BoylcB, chairman Pan
Hel banquet 30.35
From Holland, chairman Pan
Hel. dance 46.85
. . i . .. . . nnllnima nrwl oWIao frnm TMnh t r Vuf
more careiul and retained tne oilier i -""-"'-" """ -" i-. .'-
seventeen tickets that he did not aell ' Mexico There is no restraint and no
Had thiB been done the dance commit- I formality Immediately after the
tee could have determined with H I clote of the conference the girls will
have opportunity to take excursions
to Cripple Creek and Pike's Peak
Girls interested in the trip to Cas
Total receipts $113.93
Printing bill, 1911 rules $
Stenography, .May, 1911
Notebook cover and paper. . .
Stenographic Bureau
October, 1911
November, 1911
February, 1912
May, 1912
May 21. 1912
Stamps, Interfraternlty Coun
cil, for year 1911-1912
greater degree of certainty jiiBt where
they were."
"In few caBes," further sayB Profes-
(Continuod on page 4)
cade may secure pamphletB telling
about it at the Y. W C A. office.
Seniors may secure tickets for the
senior play by presenting their assess
ment receipt at the Oliver Theatre on
or after Friday, May 31. A block of
the best seats will be held in reserve
for the seniors In every part of the
house, for either performance, but
will go on sale to the general public
at 6:00 p. m., Tuesday, Juno 4.
V. C. HA8CALL, Manager.
Many Surprises to Be Sprung at An
nual Fraternity Party and a
Good Time Assured.
The Pan Hel which is to be held at
the Auditorium this evening, is to be
gin at 8 o'clock sharp. There are to
Several Plays Are Being Written to
Be Submitted Next Fall and
Also Several Songs.
The KoBinet Klub held ltB laBt meet
ing of the year last evening for the
purpose of electing members to fill
be at least twenty dances, so that it the vacancies caused by graduation
is Important that the grand march The membership of the club is limited
shall begin on scheduled time. Iridic I to twelve and since only five members
Walt 1b to perform for the last time I graduate, a corresponding number
this year Nui sed
Rumor has it that several surprises
are to be sprung in the way of en
gagements and the like and Interest
from u purely curious standpoint is
at fever heat Ab usual, the .dunce
will be Btrictly Informal and will offer
an excellent opportunity for the initial
appearance of new summer dresses
and straw huts.
All who have 8lngle Tax petitions
are asked to leave them at the "Rag"
office at their earliest convenience.
Program Postponed.
Professor Grummann announces
that on account of the holiday Thurs
day, the musical program scheduled
for convocation Thursday will be post
poned until the following Tuesday.
Cornhusker Picnic at Woods.
Tho membera of tho Cornhusker
stuff will bo the guests of Miss Bran
son at her cottuge in Pen woods to
morrow. The affair will be in the
nature of a picnic to laBt from early
in the morning until evening Now
that the Btrain of putting tho final
touches to the book has been removed
the staff will lapse Into care-free In
dulgence and enjoy Itself to tho utmost.
were elected for the coming year
These were selected from tho upper
classes of the University as follows:
Roy Allen, Ned Allison, Merle How1
ard, Blaine Balluh und Guy Reed.
The Klub has already commenced
its preparations for next year and
has under consideration several play
written, or in the proceBB of construe
tion The members realize that they
will have to put forth every possible
effort to equal the standard set this
year und in consequence are taking
time by the forelock.
Total expenditures $ 18.90
Amount on hand $ 95.03
SAM BUCK, Treaa. 1911-1912.
May 28, 1912.
Statement of Yule Holland, chair
man of committee, Pan-Hellenic danco
of 1911:
Boylea Delta Tau Delta $ 24.00
Wilson Beta Theta PI 14.00
Halligan -Phi Delta Theta 26.00
Krause Kappa Sigma 10.00
Pomerlne Sigma Alpha KpBi-
lon 18.00
Coffee- Alpha Tau Omega.. . 18.00
Rubenduhl Alpha Theta Chi . 20.00
Huwley Sigma Nu 20.00
Welsh- Delta UpBllon m 22.00
Kenner Phi Kappa Psi 18.00
Buck Phi Gamma Delta 20.00
Holland Sigma Chi, and tick
ets sold at the door 50.00
Company M Smoker.
Company "M" will have the laat
smoker of the year at the Bushnell
Guild, 1536 P street, this evening.
Several old officers of the company
will be present to encourage the com
pany spirit.
Total receipts $260.00
Programs $ 23 . 50
Auditorium . 75.00
Sign 2.75
Music 58.00
Miller & Paine 8.65
Punch, Tommy Coleman 30.00
Incidentals 15.25
Total expenditures $213.15
Surplus $ 46.85
The senior assessment Is now due
anji will be collected by those author
ized to do so. Upon payment of this
assessment each senior will be given
an order entitling him to $2.00 worth
of tickets to the senior play, on Fri
day, June 7.