The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, May 21, 1912, Image 2

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E)ail Bebrashan
riibllHhpil by the Student Publica
tion Hoard of the University of No
MainmhiK Killtor F (' Mc( ONNELI
Associate Keillor ..HTUTON S HILL
Associate F.dltor . Kl'TIl M I'NCKR
Manager (' C. BUCHANAN
AKH-t Manager' J. V. MORRISON
Circulation Manager Ll-XJ HR1C10N
Payable In Advance.
Single Copies, 6 Cent! Each.
Telephone: Auto 1888,
Night Phones Auto 1888; Editor Auto
103b; Manager, uiu
Untried at Hio poHtoMlce at Lincoln.
Nrl.i.iHk.i. uh Bfionil cIiirh m.ill nmtlcr.
uiiili-r tl Act of Congioaa of M.ucli J
1ST'.) -
Tl FSDY. MAY 21 11112
The Chancellor, after an extended
consultation with captain ates, 1h
sued the tollowing Htatement with le
gaid to hiH action upon the petition
presented to hun h the unlet olllcem
-My attitude in icgaid to the con
duct ol ceil.iln c.idetH at ( tete and
the dincipllne meted out l tin- torn
inandanl ( aptaln ateH. Is as lollows
"I'Mist, ( aptam Yates is in eiitue
charge ol the cadets in all stiicll
military malteis I can do no more
than to use m good otllces in asking
him or borne tutuie t ommandant to
give a rehearing to the offending ca
dels to take Into considei at Ion new
evidence, or for other causes Fur
ther, I cannot reconimend to the go
einor the granting of a state commlB
slon to u cadet olllcer without the
cointnamlant's approval, any more
than I can recommend a senior for a
state teacher's certificate without the
approval of the head of the depart
ment In which the prospective teach
er's major work has been taken 1
have already gone as far as 1 feel jus
tilled in the present instance 1J hull
eating to a few of the otllceis of the
battalion that they have mv peimis
slon to leqtieHt in a lespectful way
that the commandant grant a new
heal ing
' On the other hand, the matter of
retaining in the l'nlvemlty cadets
charged with misconduct resth i utile
1 in my hands An request from
the commandant lot suspension or e
pulsion has precisely the same effei I
as a request Irom any other olhcial ot
the institution it is, then-tore, en
tin-ly possible for a student to gradu
ate fiorrr the I niveihitv with a clean
record ho t it r as the scholastic side
ot his woik is concerned without his
being continued in the battalion or
recommended to the goverrioi ot the
state b the commandant lor a com
mission in the national guard on
graduation Irom the I'niveraitv "
Dean Stout Inspecting. ,
Dean O V 1' Stout lelt yesterday
tor a two weeks trip to the Kast He
will Inspect the equipment ot the en
glneerlng depar tnrents of Harvard
University, Union College at Schnec
tady. New Yoik and other large
schoolB HIb classes will be taken by
l'rofessor Rulderwold ot the struc
tural engineering department and Pro
feasor Rridgnran Dean Stout expects
to return May 20th
(Continued from pago 1)
for the whole regiment, therefore,
be it
"Resolved, That we, the under
signed ofllcers of the regiment, re
quest another investigation of the
whole matter, to be held Monday "
Captain Yates, when interviewed
yesterday made no Htatement h to
the affair The three odlcerH give
their viewH of the situation as lol
( aptaln Van Dusen Hays
We have attempted to take our re
moval in a dignified way and our only
desire Is not that we he reinstati d
buU'that we be vindicated In the eyes
ol all the HtudentH of the Univeisity
and the people of the state The
whole thing is a result of making a
mountain out of a mole hill '
Wood s Htatement
"I here can be no object in review
ing the whole chain of events which
culminated in the near riot, for by this
time all who are Interested in learn
ing of the matter have had ample op
portunlty to acquaint themselves with
the facts The poHitlotr ol the ollnei.s
of K company is this m a nut shell
We admit ourselves guilty of technical
offense in not attempting to lestiain
the men ol our company from using
abusive language toward the com
mandant but we llimly believe that
all the men, both olllcers and pi nates
aie equally guiltv ol the same offense
and that there is justification for the
attitude taken by the entue regimint
at that time Oiu conviction was
based upon the free and con
fession of all the men in K
I pon the sanie questions asked ot us
by the com t martial anv other imn
pany in the two battalions (ould have
been convicted
"We do not hope for r emstateiiu in
hut we do ask vindication in the eve-,
of the student body and all others who
are at all Interested in the affair, and
are confident that a fair and impartial
trial would not only result irr tn-eing
us from the charge placed against us
but would reveal facts which would
show that the blame for the entire
occurrence does not rest upon any one
of the cadet ofllcers
"Nothing gives us more satisfaction
than the knowledge that our brother
ofllcerH have sufllclent confidence in
our integrity and eflicierrcy as cadet
olhcers to testify to then outraged
feelings by unanimouslv petitioning
tor a reconsideration of the whole
matter, and that oui own coinpanv
bv its own unswerving lovaltv fur
nishes the best possible relutation ol
the charge upon which we wen- (on
v icteil '
Al Kenuedv second lieutenant g-vi
his v lew s at, lol low s
'The men wen- all angiy when we
started because thev had had to woik
hard all week They were pulled out
of a sound sleep and most ot the in
were not awake enough to know what
was going on We Ian into a bath
wire fence and got the companies all
mixed up. so that it was impossible
to maintain company formation
When Captain Yates stopped us I was
in the extieine n-ai and must have
been at least luu yards behind the
trout of the eompun M, I and K
companies wen- all mixed up, it was
too daik lo tell who was doing the
veiling oi who threw the clods which
hit the commandant It was mv ob
'eivation that no oflietis In the n-gl
ment kept order that night My only
i egret is that I cannot help compain
K in the compet "
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