The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, May 17, 1912, Image 4

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    V' ,f!.Vr
Ijitln, that nightmare of tho high ,
achol Htuclont, 1h gradually lonlng Hh
prominence In tho curriculum of sec
ondary hcIiooIb of NobraHka, and no '
longer will a high hcIiooI froHhman bo '
forcod to delve Into tho inyBtoriouH
Hpooch of the anrlentu. He will not
ho forcod to, but ho will bo askod to,
and In many bcIiooIh It will amount
to tho mime thing.
Latin, which u fow years ago wuh j
considered CHHontlal to a cultured man i
or woman, Ih not regarded bo now, and
tho high Hchool courso for the coming
year to be Bent out from tho lnBpec
tor'B olllce of tho university will pro
vldo that six houiB credit in foreign
languagoH will bo required to enter
the University and ijitln will not be
MathomatlcH does not hold Its for
mor high place in tho requirements to
enter tho univorBlty, and beginning
noxt fall four credits In this study will
be Bufllclont, where formerly five
were required In placo of tho ho
meflter of tho mathematics, laboratory
bcIoiicob are substituted. It Is strong
ly recommondod that tho student
havo two yoars of tho clasBicB, but
noxt year, for tho first tlmo, Gorman
or any other foroign language may be
A table of entrance requirements to
be effective September 1, 1912, shows
that thirty entranco credltB will be
nocoBsary for full UnivorBlty registra
tion In place of the twonty-elght of
laBt year The lattor number will al
low tho Hludeiit conditional admission.
Of the required subJoctB. four polnta
of English, two points of European
history, six of foreign language four
of mathematics and two of laboratory
science are llBted The other twelve
credits to secure UnivorBlty registra
tion aro any Biibjocts "taught in an
approved mannor in un accredited
secondary school." This latter Is
somewhat of a concession, and in for
mer years only certain BtudleB would
be allowed for ontranco.
evenlngB, Auto
went to Camp
Engraved dance programs done In
Lincoln. Ockor Engraving company
Brownell block.
Do You Really Want to Make Money
During Your Vacation.
We have the beBt money making
opportunity for inexperienced men
we know of Our instructions com
bined with energy and ambition on
your part are Bufllclont to make it
highly prolltable. Ab number of
openingB 1b limited, write today to
Employment Dopt . I'. V. Collier &
Son, publishers of good books, 41;
Wost 13th street, Now York.
C. H. Frey, florist, 1133 O St. tf
Thornburg's Orchestra. Auto B-2556.
Boyd Printing Co, 125 No 12th St
Typewriting, call
"Count" Robinson
Avery today.
Tod Marrlner. Cleaner and Hatter,
235 No 11th.
Tho Delta Chl's will give a danco
on Saturday night.
Have Graves print It for you. 233
Vorth Eleventh St.
Arthur If. Iotton, a Delta Chi. went
to Albion yesterday.
George, BroB., export printers, en
gravers and embossers, 13th and N.
Sigma Alpha Epsilon will give a
Pole day dance at the Temple to
night. John Mullen and John Tolerson are
visitors at tho Delta Chi house for a
few dayB.
Bornlce Wherry and Ruth Hennin
gor will be visitors at the Alpha Phi
house until Sunday.
May 1st Is tho date when all sub
scriptions to tho Rag should bo paid.
Aro you still delinquent?
George Toil) and Claud Mitchell
went to Creto today In Claud's auto.
They will be gone for a day or two.
Subscribers to tho Rag havo had
threo month b Blnce Tag Day to pay
their subscriptions. Please pay up at
The Delta Gammas and the Phi
Gams gave a picnic in the Pen woods
yesterday There were about ton
Kappa Kappa Gamma will give
their annual banquet Saturday night
They oxpoct a large number of their
alumni back.
It Is now time for low shoes. Go
to Rogers & PerkliiB, they havo all
the late, up-to-date styles and can tit
and ploaso you.
Ivy Day May 22, 1912. Inter-class
field and track meet. Medals awarded
to the winners. Freshmen are especi
ally urged to compete.
Tho law exams have been set ahead
two days They will begin on May
31, while tho former plan was that
they were to begin on May 29.
Camp Avery 1b receiving many vis
itors from the University thiB week.
A largo number of the students will
go down today and attend the dance
there tonight.
Prom all reports the cadets are
enjoying Camp Avery very much
They aay tho eatfi are ery good and
tho discipline not so strict but what
they can't have a good time
Heffley's Tailors
Suits $20 Up nth d n Nifty Styles
Stands for the latest and best
in Sheet Music 1215 0 St.
Dlonu Ui30 to h30 1Cr
Sttppet ii30 t 7i30 XtfL
Also Cafeterlan Styl
j I B II
Better Shoes
This House of "Better Shoes," would bo
pleased to show you the new "summer styles"
just received, that have been so carefully pre
pared for ub.
These shoes are made in the "better
way" in correct models, and from new leathers
and by the Best Shoemakers in all the land.
Feel sure of your shoes.'
The College Shoe Store
C. V. Roberts 144 North 12
Men's Shoes Exclusively
All BtudentB should Tlalt tho "Col
lege Inn Barber Shop at 127 North
12th. S L. Chaplin. Prop.
Capital Tailoring & Clothes Co.
Suit cleaned and preitcd by the
month $1.50. HighClass Tailoring
AutoL SjaH 1I-C O St.
Original, Electric, Shoe
Repair Factory
Always reliable and up to
the minute
142 North 12th Street
Young Men's Suits
We have sold a lot of mighty classy clothes to young
men this season. You can tell them from the other
kind. They are beautiful woolens, new and exclusive
patterns, and every suit has been perfectly fitted by
our expert tailors. $15.00, $20.00 $25.00 and up.
Special for Saturday will be some broken lines in 1.25, 1.50,
and $2.00 shirts at 95c. 3.00, 3.50 and $4.00 hats at $1.95
See Our Window Display
1325 O Street