The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, April 26, 1912, Image 2

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H)ail Bcbrashan
IMilillHhcd ly tho Student Publica
tion Mould of tho University of No-bniHkii
MnmiKiiiK Kdltor I0ARLK II TAYLOIl
AhhocIiiH" Kdltor . K (' MVONNKUi
AHHocluto Kdltor... BURTON S. MILK
MamiKer ('. C. MUCHANAN
Ahh'I Miiiuikt I V MORRISON
Circulation Manager MOO MREKN
Payable In Advance.
Single Coplei, 6 Centi Each.
Telephone: Auto 1888.
Night Phonei Auto 1888; Editor, Auto
1035; Manager, Auto 1821.
lOiili-icd at the jioHtoflleo at Lincoln,
Ni'liiiiHk.i, an hci'imkI cI.ih-i mull mutti-r.
iiiuli i llm Act of CoiiKM'83 of Muicli 3.
FRIDAY. AI'RIIi "Jli. 1 il 2
Although tin- Ubiaiy Htcpn arc
m-arlj ttiiin out. both In wilting and
in tact take the liberty of print
ing this final crnion of their h1
mill ance It HjicaUH for itnelf .
II appeals liom certain pnnted
documents which have been offered to
the public lateh that to the Hiiscepti
ble. ple.iHUi e lo iiik romantic oiilh
thele luikrt in the l-lbiaiy Hteps a
peculiar lascination 1'ohhi11 it would
bo nioie accuiate to nn that the l.isci
nation unuulh links or loafs on the
KtepH. rather than in them At an
rate we aie told Home tliinRH concern
inn tho poHHlbilitieH of the place lor
'date making ' for seeing a diHplay of
tho latent inilliner, or for hearing the
latent bit of gossip about tho hand
Home Hpociinenn of manhood iccentlj
admitted to th( Sly DeltH, the M
(tuniH or tho Tiy AyaliiH They Ha
that Home of the more bashful jouiik
Htois aie thiown into consternation
whenever necosHit compels their
climbing those steps, and that some,
of the moi e hi aen HophiHticatos even
go bo far ub to strike up chanco ac
(liiaintancostiips theie without lntio
duct ion Mut it is my purpose to poi
tray the Library uteps as they ie.ill
aie, viewed by practical, common
House ees
"Keione knows of com so that
the steps aie too stoop The incline
is so abrupt that, should one chance
to make a false step in mounting to
the summit, goodness onlj knows
when he would stop falling If oei
they aie reconstructed, I eeitainh
hope a long, gradual, safe approach
will be piovided so that a poison of
only moderate stiongth will be able
to take two Hteps in lapid succession
without stopping for breath And
then, too, the Htepn aie worn slippery
which renders the danger of preclplta
tioti all the gieator How in the world
anjone can see beaut) in him h old,
scalloped out slabs of ugly, tawii)
giuy HandHtono Is more than I can mi
doi stand The ledges at the side of
the stops are split and seaired hor
libl). piobabl) by the gills tr)ing to
cai( thoii initials thereon The
lamps are tainishod and unsightly, the
bicycle nick Ih graduall) tumbling into
decay, the whole place has, to me, a
desolate, dilapidated look
"As for the coeds who inhabit the
steps, I only pity him who hasn't
leached tho Valley of I Hsenchuntinont
They are not all mercenary and prob I
ably not more than nine tenths are !
aln, but they are all hard hearted
Some aie prett), which is their own.
affair The onl) i canon they lurk out
in the open rather than within the
tastnesses of tilt' Library itself is be !
cause their piey might not stra. iniu
the Library, though he must always
go down a walk within sight of the
Library stops The) hunt in herds
and Hocks and gioups because that
gnes tho illusion of elusion or flight,
and awakens within the lord of crea
tion in the case the instinct of purnuit
This has eonsideiable advantage over
leal flight, because it enables them to
Htay in tho name place all the tune
Once tho date is made and the victim
caught, the J.otelei gives wa to an
other boi cot ess with her wiles and
"Tune was. I lemember when I did
not see this so deai ly, and when the
Libiai) steps seemed to me the oi ig
inal paniuet of I'aiadise Mut sunt
the bids have oine out, and 1 le.ilie
how utteil) lacking in disci iminatioii
some of the soroiities in this school
aie, I have determined that the public
shall know tlw ti nth " ( ' 1
Thoi nhuig's Orcliestia Auto It 2'7A)
Friday, April 26.
Maseball, I! ,!o Kearney vs. Ne i
Union Literary Society.
Motanical Seminar.
I'll I CSamma Delta foi inal party
Alpha Chi Omega dance. Templo
Kappa Sigma dnnco. Walsh hall.
Kiostiinan Hop Fraternity hall.
Saturday, April 27.
Agricultural Club
Students' Debating Club.
Medical Society C L'ld
I'hi Gamma Delta convention ban
Alpha Chi Omega annual banquet
Kappa Alpha Theta annual part)
Ames Nebraska track meet
Delta Gamma reception for Giand
Coundlut Sunl'oid Home.
Gertrude hall party
Achoth paity Music hall
Cnion Debating Society banquet
All Btudents should tIbR thes "Col
lego Inn Barber Shop At 127 North
12th S I. Chaplin, Prop.
$2.50 and $3.50
Regular $1 Memory Books 75c
This Week Only See Our South Window
The University Book Store
340 North 11th Street
Get Ready
for Camp!
Khaki Regulation
Drill Shirts
2 Flap Pockets
Best Make
Double Stitched
Elegant Fitters
Palace Clothing
1419 Company o st.
All Souf s Church
, A Free Religious Society
Corner H and 1 2th
Services 10:45
An organization which seeks to develop the reverent
truth-seeking attitude toward life, and the
j i r i t of service among jnen
A new series on the relation of sympathy to political
and industrial prohlems
April 2S: "The Co-operative Commonwealth"
Students' Liberal Religious Union Meeting
12 to 12:30, Every Sunday
The Popular College Hit
"Cupid at Vassar"
Temple Theater, Sat. April 27
New Music and '.Specialties
Presented by
Senior Glass of Temple High
Prices 35c and 25c
"Wteifw;3g.trr -$a,T