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XLbe SDaih IRebraskan
G VOL. XI. NO. 114.
Price 5 Cents
Large Number of Candidates for Bat
tery, Infield and Outfield, so Fast
Team Seems Probable.
Allen T. Newman Is Appointed Lieu
tenant In the Constabulary
Thlrty-flvo men reported for the first
two days of baseball practice, and
with these as a starter It Is thought
that tho squad will Increase somo
until the varsity team Is finally picked.
Tho large numbor Is duo chiefly to
the fact that Nebraska has not had a
baseball team for two yearB This
gives all of the men an oqual chanco
for the team, as moBt of them are of
an unknown quantity. Nb attempt
has yet boon made to try any of the
men out for respective positions, but
the plan has been along the lines of a
general workout. Each man Is being
given a chance to work out just as
suits his fancy, and after abput an
hour or so the squad takes a run
around tho field and then hikes Into
tho gym.
Next week will see the work begun
In earnest, and the different men tried
out in their various positions. Tho
following men are now engaged In
Dozen Battery Candidates.
Catchors Buol, Green, Krause, Pear
son and Towle.
PitchorB Armstrong, Carr, Purdy,
Rodman, Schmidt, Wake and WItaon.
Infield Andrews, Buck, Dlers, Guil
foll, Hartwell, Haskell. Flory, Jones,
Lofgron, Noon, Underwood and Whiso
nand. Outfield Ballah, Drake, E. Frank.
Hale, Harte, Hayes, Hyde, Lehr. Oliver,
Parker and Smith.
For tho backstop position Buol,
Towle and Pearson seem to have tho
edge. All three men havo had con
siderable experience and Bhould bo
able to handle tho receiving end of
tho team. Buol and Pearson are both
known In University baseball. For
tho phchlng BtafT the team haB tvo
known men, Carr and Rodman, both
of whom are pltchors of varsity cali
bre. JuBt what tho others will pro
duce is hard to forecast. Underwood
at first and Lofgren and Haskell for
third aro tho only lnflelders whoso
records aro known, as all three have
played University baseball. The rest
of tho men aro as yet unknown and a
few surprises may develop before the
end of tho coming week. In tho out
field Ballah, E. Frank, Hyde and Oliver
aro tho most promising, yet one or
two fast gardonerB may bo developed
out of tho remaining candidates
In all It loks like a good squad, and
as Coach Stelhm is now busy getting
games for tho team, It will not be
long before the University fan will
have a chanco to wltnesB his favorite
Allen T. Newman, '12, leaves school
today to take an appointment which
ho has received from Washington,
D. C.
The appointment makes him a lieu
tenant In the constabulary In tho Phil
ippine IslandB. He will leavo San
Francisco about May 1.
This 1b an honor enjoyed by very
few men not yet out of college, and
comes to Nowman as a rosult of a
faithful work and great bucccbb In
the civil service examination. New
man 1b a member of the Alpha Tau
Omega fraternity and has been promi
nent In tho military department of tho
lumorlst and Athlete Will Not Quit
Cornhusker Team This
Three Men Left In Race for Senior
Class Honor.
Tho tryoutB for Ivy Day orator will
be held in U 106 at 3 p. m. Friday
Boforo this year the orator haB been
elected by the Benlor clasB In the samo
manner as any class ofllcer would be
elecled; this year, however, the as
pirant for the honor miiBt show what
he can do before tho position Is award
ed him.
ThoBe who will bo contestants in
the tryoutB are D. M. Rogers, S. Cot
ner, and C. L. Clark, who has recently
entered the race.
Waltor I. ("Beany") McGowan, hu
morist and athlete, wllb remain at tho
University and will participate In track
athletics this spring. "Beany" had
announced his Intention of going to
Kansas City to train for tho Olympics
with tho Kansas City Athletic Club.
He had intended to leavo this wook.
His friends, however, succeeded in
persuading him to remain In school
and glvo his efforts to tho Corn
huskorB. Ho will continue his training for
tho Olympics nevertheless, and will
compote for a place on tho American
team along with Guy Reed, who also
at one time contemplated going to
Kansas City this spring.
No Campus Rushing By Sororities will
Be Permitted.
Preliminary Steps Are Taken Toward
Election of Basketball and Foot
ball Captains.
University Musicians' Annual
Will Be Held on Friday
Junior Class to Meet.
A mooting of tho Junior class will
be hold Thursday at 11 o'clock in tho
Armory. Important business will
come up for consideration. The editor-in-chief
of tho Cornhusker will bo
chosen at this meeting ana" amend
ments to the constitution proposed.
The band will give Us annual dance
at Fraternity Hall Friday evening.
The commltteo wishes to thoroughly
ImproBB upon tho mlnda of the dancing
public that this is to be a limited af
fair; the ticket sale will cease after
sixty of them havo been dispoBed of
Inasmuch as thlB is to bo Good Fri
day, and since several largo dances
are scheduled for tho same evening,
the matter of limiting will be Home
what simplified. To those who have
never attended a limited dance tho
commltteo especially addresses its re
marks and promises to produce tho
phenomenon. ,
Jones' orchestra of six pieceB Is to
furnish tho music, tho programs will
be something out of the ordinary, and
tho punch will bo much the same as
prevails at other dances. Tickets
can be secured from Paul Johnson,
chairman; Georgo Racely, master of
ceremonies; R. D. Reavls, or C. G.
Progress is reported by tho Inter
sorority council on planB for second
Bemostor pledging next year. Rush
ing will probably not begin until tho
fourth week of school.
No campus ruBhlng will be permitted
except for two large fund. una given
by each sorority, freshmen will only
be Invited to dinner at tho sorority
Pledging will take place tho mlddlo
of February. No freshman will be
pledged who has not passed In all of
her work.
Supreme Court Decides Case Involving
Proposed $100,000 Medical
Guy Reed, last yoar's track captain,
was appointed assistant managor of
nthlotlcs at a meeting of tho athletic
board yestorday evening. His Balary
wao established at $000 a yoar. Both
Stiehm and Rood will assumo tholr
new positions after tho expiration of
tho tenure of tho prosont athletic man
agement on graduation day.
It was decided at this meeting to
allow tho basketball mon tholr cholco
of sweaters, thus settling tho argu
ment which had arisen over tho moth
od of choosing tho sweaters.
To Notify All Players.
No election for tho football or
basketball captaincy will bo hold until
all the men eligible to voto for theao
officers can bo notified and aro ablo
to be present if they desire. The task
of notifying all absent players was
entrusted Into ttyo hands of a commlt
te&whlch will begin Its work imme
diately. The basketball election will
be more or less a formality since Sam
Carrier has already been choson by a
straw ballot Ernest Frank, it is
expected, will be soloctod to succeed
Jerry Warner as football leador.
Class Spirit Low,
Other schools havo their class unity
troubles, too. At Syracuse twonty
freshmen out of a class of over a
thousand attended a recent class mooting.
About Thirty Aspirants to Obtain HIs
tronlc Honors.
Tho supreme court has declared
legal the act of tho logislaturo appro
priating $100,000 for a laboratory
building on the campus of tho medical
college of tho University of Nebraska
In Omaha.
A decision written by Judge Lotton
upholds tho law In every particular.
The decision affirms the Judgment of
tho district court of Lancaster county,
which was that tho law was valid.
Dr. Samuel J. Stewart of Hastings ap
pealed from tho lower court to the
supreme court. Ho alleged that tho
act was unconstitutional because it
amends prior statutes without repeal
ing them or referring to thorn. It was
alleged that tho act is class legislation
because it will result in tho construc
tion of a medical college building to
the exclusion of certain schools of
medicine. It was also alleged that
tho act In effect amends an old statute
which orovides that all University
I buildings shall bo within four miles
of tho state capltol building.
On this latter point the supreme
court says the logislaturo can enlarge
or relax any building limitations it
may havo established.
Law Committees Named to
Charge of Affair.
About thirty aspirants tried out for
tho Dramatic Club last evening in the
Temple theatre.
The list of the successful ones will
be announced in tho course of a day
or two.
Don't Be Lazy!
"Miss Blonde," said tho shy student
at the other end of the sofa to the
fair co-ed, "if I wore to throw you a
kiBB, what would you say?"
"I'd say you were tho laziest man I
ever met." Ex ,
The barbecue committee from threo
classes of tho Law College met yester
day and appointed the following com
mittees to arrange for the program: '
Program, Dean Hastings, Dr. Maxoy,
Prof. Conant; sports, A. C. Schmidt,
O. A. Frank, W. L. Bates, G. E. Reed;
publicity, R. D. Hawley, C. C. Buchan
an, C. J. Lord, S. P. Dobbs; commis
sary, Prof. Conant, Prof. Ledwith, V.
C. Hascall, B. P. Blade, G H. Wil
liams; stunts, J.' A. Lawlor, E. 8.
SchJolTelboin; grounds and transpor
tation, Prof. Bobbins ; treasurer, V. C.
Tho dato for tho barbecue was set
for May 8. Tho price of tho tickets
will bo 60 cents, this being tho ap
proximate cost for each individual.
Barbecue day Is the day set aside for
the Laws exclusively. There is to
be no restraint upon their personal
liberty, no one's feollngB will be re
spected, and no fair co-eds will bo
present. All loyal Laws are urged to
keep tholr blood-curdling yells sup
pressed till May 8, when all Joy will
bo unrestrained.
Tho committee, passed a resolution
to the effect that the barbecue, since
it is now to be an' annual affair, shall
be held on the second Wednesday la