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Ube Bails IFlebraehan
i VOL. XI. NO. 103.
Price 5 Cents
Ikr- A.
Beatrice, University Place, Omaha
and 8outh Omaha Will contest
in the Finals.
Yesterday afternoon saw the first
process of elimination in tho high
school basketball championship series.
South Omaha started the work by
putting Tocumseh out of tho running,
score 27 to 9. Tecumseh put up a
plucky fight, but was clearly out
classed. Townsond and Stewart
showed up well for Tocumseh, while
Collins and Menefee were the indi
vidual stars for South Omaha. Cen
tral City noxt won a hard contest
with Wahoo, taking tho game by a
scoro of 19 to 15. Hamilton of Wahoo
played a great game and with better
support would have shaded Central
City. Kerr and McDonald' of Central
City played tho beat' game for their
team. Beatrice, playing an easy
game and not exerting itself, defeated
Elgin 24 to 17. Sherry of Elgin is a
good man and scored most of the
points mado by his team. Rutherford,
Le Bas and Luse of Beatrice played
up to their usual form, Luse getting
all free throws on his chances.
A Groat Game. .
Omaha and Qenova played the great
game of tho afternoon, in which
Qonova nearly overcame the load
established, by Omaha in tho first
half by crawling up within two polntB.
Tho Omaha players naa tho disad-,
vantage of having to play on a small
fjoor, but their goal shooting in the
last half was poor and came nearly
being the cause of putting them out
qf tho WP- Janda and Schneider are
a great pair and put up tho gamo of
their lives, but Burkenroad of Omaha
played tho best gamo of tho day,
qcorlng twenty-six of the points "made
by tho Omaha team. Lincoln, with
a substitute team, ran away from
Humboldt, making a record score of
IjC to 8. Allen, Agor and Hugg for
Lincoln formed a wonderful scoring
machine, while Williamson of Hum
boldt was tho one worthy man In the
Humboldt lineup. University Place
was again handicappod by the small
floor, defeating Schuyler in a close
fame 13 to Allen and Ylfqyaln qf
University Place and McKenzlo and
Kadolook of Schuyler were the stara.
Tho evening contests gave tho largo
crowd twp goa jjames and ono easy
one. Squtb Omaha and Central City,
had a hard-fought game. Thfs con-
tost uhowed the superiority of two
fast, heady forwards of goal shooting
penchants' comtyned with excellent
ability to work togothor, oyor 9 team
that, hap good teamwork, but at the
same time depends top muoh on, long
shots for goals. South Omaha won
37 to 12. CoHns was at his best ad
did groat playlngHfor South Omaha.
McDonald of Central City also played,
a good gamo. The Beajrlco-Gotben-burgfame
furnished tho amusement
of tto fvqnlng. postrlce tooK the
leadlnfc f art, 44 to 7.
Lincoln's Error Fata .
test. -This was Univorslty Place's
first appoaranco on tho big floor and
Its teamwork, togother with the ex
cellent playing of H. Vifquain and
Alien, won tho game. Lincoln showed
poor judgment in not starting tho
game with its beBt team and then in
changing to tako out one of tho best
players in order to substitute an in
ferior man. This 1b not said to bo
little University Place, for it is a
great team and no doubt would have
won tho gamo, but nevertheless Lin
coln erred. The Bcoro was 27 to 18.
8outh Omaha. Seems Doomed.
South Omaha Is lqoked upon as the
team of the four loft which nas tho
least chance of reaching the finals.
However the drawing gooB, it will
meet a team which has better forma
tions and playB, and must depend on
the bpoed of its two crook forwards
to win. Omaha and either University
Place or Beatrice would havo a groat
battle to decide thilr game, no mat
ter now tho drawings go. The local
fans are basing their hopes on Uni
versity Place, while the past year's
Whether or not the Pershing Rlflo
company will be made a part of tho
Nebraska National Guard Is a ques
tion that 1b now under consideration
by tho state military department. It
is being considered favorably by that
department, according to Captain
Yatea, but the lack of adequate equip
ment may delay or even prevent the
If It is decided to mako tho RlfloB
a regular company of tho militia, all
uniforms and equipment .will havo to
be furnished the men by tho Btate de
partment. As tho Pershlngs drill
But Those Playing In Organized
Leagues Will Not Be Permitted
College Teams.
once a week now, which is all that
champions have some adherents and ny guard company is required to
a loyal bunch of rooterB from at home
and Omaha draws its usual stiff sup
port from tho University students
from that city.
The final games will be played today.
Charles Frederick Adams to Deliver
8orlc8 of Addresses.
Charles Frederick Adams, authority
on the single tax, diBciple of Henry
George and a lawyer of International
reputation, will speak in Lincoln, Sat
urday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
on social and political subjects. His
Lincoln appointments are:
Saturday, Commercial Club lunch
eon, ' Rational Tax Reform." Sunday,
3:30 rpm., Oliver, Y. M. C. A. men's
meeting, "How Shall Capital and La
bor Be Reconciled?" At 7:45 p. m.,
All Soula' church, "Some Economic
Aspects of American History." Mon
day, 10 a. m.. Wosleyan University,
chapel, "True Leadership in a True
Democracy." At 12:10 p. m., Monthly
luncheon, Lindell hotel, "Social Para
sites." At 8:16 p. m., Temple theatro,
"Henry Ceorgo and His Doctrines."
Tuesday, 11:00 a. m., State -Univor-Blty,
convocation, "Truo Leadership in
a True Democracy."
drill, all that would bo required of
them would bo that they enlist for a
certain term of years and that they
go to tho annual camp of tho state
Officers and mon would recolvo tho
pay of tho militia while on duty;
that Is, whlleat camp or on special
police duty.
How soon the matter will be defi
nitely decided is not known. Rich
ard Outhrle, captain of tho company,
said that it had been under considera
tion for some timo. but as yot noth
ing has been decided. It is a question
for tho state department to decide,
for the Univorslty military depart
ment is heartily in favor of the plan.
Tryouts for Prospective Second 8er
geants Now In Progress.
The appointments of second ser
geants in the military department Vi
be made within the next few days,
according to Colonel Smith, who, with,
Captain Yates and. the jnajors, of t,htf
threo battalions, is judging the men
trying out for ibj places. A number
qf ipeu rcpialn io be tested yqt, apd,
ao the exct Vjato Js not known.
For tho last two weeks the men
who, made tho best grades In the teat
on tactics hare been given chances to
drU their follows in company move
ments. Frpm these men, the second
sergeants will be, chosen, and after
theyhavo been eliminated the other
men will be given, a chance to drill
for the remaining offices.
Tho, oftco of second sergeant loads
to that of .first sergeant and to captain,-
which makes It tho moat lm:
Civic League Opens Contest.
The Nebraska Progressive Civic
league, composed of Univorslty mon,
will give their first contest at the
First Christian church at 3:00 o'clock
Sunday afternoon. Tho speakers are:
W. C Schaper, Clayton S. Radcllffe,
N. A. Nagl, C. E. Miller, Joseph Gold
stein, Jerome Forbes and Cloyd L.
Stewart. The JudgOB of oratory are
to be Attorneys C. C. Flansburg,
George W. Bergo and H. O. Prltchard.
Ex-Mayor Love will preside at tho
contest: There is a cash prize of $50
offered and the competition promises
to be keen. The liquor problem will
be the subject under discussion.
Burton 8.
Hill Elected Head of New
id to
Wyoming now has a club of her
own at tho University of Nebraska.
Thursday morning, for the first tlpe,
the Wyoming olub which was pre
nosed some time ago, was called
prder ty Burton S. Hill, 1
. Prp wjp-
. Ueforo' attending to the regular
huftineBB of forming a club, it was
fpund GCft81 or tne members iq
become acquainted, ' Accordingly,
oyeryonQ pr$Bent wbb called upon to
fdve his or her name and resldencq
In tho Sagebrush state. It was found
that thestate was well represented.
from every Quarter.
' It seexqtd to be the eopeensus of
opinion that the new club's aim should
be t bQQst for Nubraslfa. and also for
Wyoming, in, order thfy jjegple m,Iglt
Prospocts for a Nobraska Univor
slty baseball team brlghtenod Friday
when tho changes recomraondon-hy
tho eligibility commlttoo of tho Mis
souri Valley conference woro mado
public. If these changes are adoptod
at tho next mooting of tho Conforonco
enough matorial will bo rondorod
available In tho UnlvorBlty to mako
up a strong team.
Practice must begin Immediately if
any games are to bo scheduled bo
foro tho first of May. KansaB and
Missouri havo anticipated this roport
and have had squads at work' on
indoor practice for y the past six
May Play on Home Team.
Tho chief change suggested Is a
modification of tho ruloB to read:
"A student shall bo Ineligible to
represent his college In athletic con
tests who engages in such contests
as a representative of any athlotlc or
ganization not connected with his
colloge, except that he may participate
In occasional games as a member of
hljthpmo team."
Another Is to strike out all of tho
clause regarding summer baseball
which forces a student to refrain from
playing summor baseball except on
his homo teams when no gato feo Is
' fJy Reinstate Offenders.
Tho sentlmept of the conference
''That most of tho technical vlola-
Uona of the amateur rule in tho past,
for good reasons, may bo overlooked
ahd the offending parties reinstated,
"In order that this plan may bo put
into practice, i$ Is further agreed
that each conference athleto in order
that ho may become eligible for fur
ther Intercollegiate participation,
shall sign a statohiont of his athletic
experience, up to date, on a uniform
conference blank.
"That it is understood, that partici
pation on baseball 'teams under tho
1 ruling of the tfatfonal Commission, or
op so-canea ouuaw teams, or teams
of a similar professional character
shall preolqdo rejpsomeat tinder
this plan. ' ' ,
"Tha,t It is the sense of this con
ference that continuance of lnWco!
logjatfl athletics 1 ftoatfagent on a
cjgs'o adherence to the mkteur prin
ciple. "It Is suggested that a stadent com
mlttoo bo elected b'y tlie jttdeata'fo
Qpn&ur wlfb "ibe tacnlty' committee
on matters; eiribhity:"7
The, method of relnsta.tement de
cided upon was: " '" J '" '
Committees May Ce-eperate
"That )he slgwed stateaenU el a
given Institution may first be, ipb
pItie4 fo Iff student pgmmlftee, in
ordr to.' frff bo?f 0p9tunlty
0 co-operate with' the .conference com-
mltteo InrepnoYlng.froii tM list fiaaes
' '
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' " -CI
Tho' best gamo of the series so far
was the LlacolH-ualversity Piece. Hf
.' (GeaUBve PR BMri I)
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