The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, November 10, 1911, Image 2

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Owned and published by the University of Nebraska through
Offices, Basement the Administration Building;.
Postofllco Station A, Campus, Lincoln, Nebraska.
JDay Auto 1888.
Night Auto 3146, Ed;vl03C. Pus, Mgr. 42QH
. Sam R. Buck, Editor
.A. H, DInsmoro, Mnnnglng Editor Ralph 8. Doud, City Editor
F. C. MoConncll Associate Editor Stuart Gould, Sporting Editor
Homer O. Hewitt , Hugh Agor
Wallaco B. Troup Kenneth M. Snyder
R. S. Euddcnborg J. Lovcjoy Linn
li. A. Dcchtnr Fred L. Hnbcock
Harry Burtls Robert II. Flnley
Frank Perkins, Staff Photnjrnpher
Marian Hwozoy Olive n. Mnnn
Ruth Mungcr. Allco Chambers
Merrll Roed
Lawrcnco Robinson
L. T. Skinner
C. L. Updegraif
C. F. Andrews
Wlnnlfrcd Elchar
Mildred Bovlns
Vincent C. Hsicsll, Business Manager ,
.0. C Buchanan, Asst. Bub. Mgr. J. V. Morrlton, Circulation Mgr.
Subscription 12.00 per year. Single copies 5c
Faculty notices and University bulletins published free.
Entered at the Postofftco, Lincoln, Ncbr., as second class matter under act of
Congress March 3, 1879.
Tho editor 1b not from Omaha, but
ho is highly in favor of tho Omaha
club If It pursues with any dogroo of
vigor at all tho laudablo object that
was in tho minds of its founders.
If wo aro roliably Informed, tho full
back on tho present Dartmouth col
logo team is a young man who has
lived all his life in Council Bluffs, but
who is spending his second year at
an eastern collogo for somo reason or
Tho captain of tho Navy team is a
boy from Brokon Bow, or a nearby
town, and a boy who might havo boon
equipped, most progressive university
within a radius of soveral hundred
miles. Let it bo our aim to lot her
light shine abroad; to make her name
a thing of meaning, and memborship
in her student body a thing to be
eagerly desired by every collcgo-bont
man and woman in that territory.
"Nebraska firat everything else
second." That should bo our motto.
Lot ub all got together and PUSH.
Tho only use wo hdvo for tho hammer
is to batter down such fences as havo
already boon erected on our preserves
by' poaching colleges.
Politics among tho freshmen at
Wisconsin havo reached such a high
stngo of modernism that tho various
Jersey in the new French Collar
Heavy High Collars, also 1415 0 BUDD
secured for Nebraska undor advan
tageous arrangements.
During tho prosont year a largo
number of tho best young mon and
women of the stato havo gono east to
comploto an education Blmply because
thoy aro, or think thoy aro, too fa
miliar with Nebraska, and consider it
an Inferior placo in somo particular
or ohor.
Tho unknown and speculative pos
sesses a great attraction to tho nor
mal young mind. Mystery has Its en
chantment. Wo westerners Imagine wo would
llko to spend a few years in tho east
at' a school whoso ago antedates that
of tho Louisiana Purchase, forgotting
that ago does not necessarily makb
Thoso whb havo gono before us
bring baok great tales. Thoy aro
forced too. No porson of prido "would
admit that he or sho had boon bq fool
ish as to make a mistake and keep
on making it, yet such aro often tho
There aro any number of tho touted
schools of tho east that can not show
half as efficient faculty or facilities
as tho Urilvorslty of Nebraska, yot
every vnnr hooh Ur ggta of our col
legians transferred to foreign Holds on
nothing but a pure brand of hot air,
and onco led aBtray, nothing can re
trieve them.
Let us, then, by all means have an
Qm&ha club, a Kansas CJty club, a
Denver club, a St. Joseph club, and
whatever other clubs we need to get'
Nebraska as firmly established in her
rightful territory as It Is fitting sfie
.should be.
Nebraska is tho largest, best
candidates for ofllco carry thoir voters
to tho pollB In automobiles.
A freshman In tho University of
Michigan narrowly escaped death as
tho result of Injuries from tho explo
sion of a bottle in which ho was gen
erating hydrogen gas. This should
servo as a warning to tho chemistry
students of Nebraska, who aro now
performing tho dangerous experiment
with hydrogon.
Columbia, with an enrollment of
8,000 studonts, loads all American uni
versltieB In numbers. ,
A trip to Honolulu 'has bcon ar
ranged by tho Mandolin club of tho
University of California. Throe per
formances will bo givon at tho Royal
Opera House. Thoyjvlll sail for tho
Island December 16,""nnd will return
Jnnuary 3.
Ho looked into her doop blue eyes,
HIb face was twlngo1. with pain.
His heart 'rose up Into his mouth,
And then sank down again.
How oft. In thoughtless, ovll hour?.
From duty did ho roam!
But surely sho would pity him,
So far away from home.
At length with courage resolutb,
Ho got right down to biz.
And hesitatingly ho asked,
"Say, did I flunk that quiz?"
Dally Illlni.
The Hydo Prlntory, 1331 P St., up
todato printing of all kinds.
5.00 pair
-. ..
We have just received a shipment of these
popular shoes direct from the manufacturer,
in tans and black. This is the shoe that is
attracting the attention of smart buyers this
season and because of its popularity has been
somewhat hard to get. At present we have a
good range of sizes, but they are not likely to
last long.
" Better drop in and take a look at them.
Main Floor
JtikORE Uni boys are wearing
our clothes this season
than ever. It 's because we de
liver the goods. It's because
they save by buying here.
Nobby Suits
and Overcoats
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1419 O Street
Try a lunch at tho Y. M. O. A.
Lunch Room. Cafeteria Plan,
Cily X M. C. A. 13th and P.
In our litis of Pamphlets.
ProKTsms, Menus. WedaW
Stationery and all kinds of
Commerofal nnd Btationsrf
. VaaTine' Printing Coipm
128 K. 14th St.
Bollnble, Prompt Auto3iT7