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By Stuart'Qould
Cornhuflkor rootors, who wish to
mako tho trip to Minneapolis, will
havo to pay tho full faro to tho Minne
sota camp this year unless Bomobody
takoB action and gets a low rato for
tho Nohraska rootors who want to go
to soo their team moot tho Gophers.
No arrungomontB woro mado this
your for any special train as it was
not thought that thero would ho
onough Nebraska students who would
mako tho trip and tho full faro thoro
und roturn makos It almost prohibitive.
8tudcntB Want to Qo.
Talk of tho trip around tho campus
Indicates thut thoro aro a number of
tho supporters of tho scarlet and
croam who would havo gladly gone to
tho gamo hud thero boon any rato that
'would havo. made it poBslblo. Mana
ger Eagor had such troublo finding,
sufllclent number of peoplo to tako tho
train tho last tlmo ho chartered ono
that ho did not fcol ho would tako tho
risk this season.
Thoro will bo twonty-flvo In tho offi
cial party of Cornhuskors to go aftor
tho scalps of tho Gophors, and possl
bly a fow rootorB will go uIbo. Sovoral
of tho groups of students of tho school
havo boon quietly figuring how many
thoy could got to go In cubo any rato
could havo boon obtained, but It looks
as if tho rogular faro of $16.20 is tho
best that tho rootorB will get.
It. O. Wardo, harbor, Woods, 1206 O. tf
Proving ltsolf a wonderfully devel
oped offensive football machine the
Cornhuskors walloped tho Kansas
Aggies 59 to 0 on Nebraska Field, Sat
urday. Tho work of tho backflold devolopod
this Boason by Coach Stlohm was tho
wonder of tho Bpectators all through
the game, the porfect interferonco of
tho CornhuskerB combined with tho
spoed of individual players bringing
ono tally aftor another to tho credit
I of Nebraska.
Tho Kansas Aggies team camo up
hero with the expectation of losing
tho game, 25 or 30 to nothing, al
though two or threo of tho Aggies woro
optimistic onough to hope for a touch
down on tho CornhuBkors. The score
piled up on tho Manhattan oloven is
a neat little testimonial to tho work
Uono by Stlohm and tho team In tho
paBt week.
Rncclcy a Cornhusker Find.
Itacoloy, tho track man football
playor, proved himself more than
worthy of his name, making four
touchdowns, tho fust Cornhuskors In
tho backflold providing him perfect
interferonco for tho first thirty yards;
and from there on llaceley simply ran
away and loft tho Kansans gazing
after him.
Owon Prank starred In his usual
good gamo, racing clear across tho-
flold for a touchdown. Russell made
an 8:$-yard dash for another touch
down, and Indeed tho wholo backflold
showod ltsolf more than worthy of tho
tltlo of tho Valloy champs.
Nebraska's 8howing.
Fumbling was a littlo more frequent
than tho Cornhuskor supports wished,
to seo it, and In straight football thoy
did not hit tho lino for tho gains that
might rightly havo boon oxpoctod. Tho
Aggies played lowor than the Corn
huskers and not an Inch did thoy' re
linquish until it had been fairly
earned by Nebraska.
Nebraska's showing in tho gamo
has, howover, raised tho hopes of tho
school, and thoro is not a student who
doos not bollevo that his team can
whip Minnosota. Tho Cornhuskers
look llko a bottoi4 team, with a good
lino, a speedy backflold and sovoral
stars of largo magnitude to lead their
teammates against tho Gophers.
Anyway Tho Band 1b going!
Fre8h-8oph Gridiron Game.
Freshman and Sophomore athleteB
who havo their mlndB sot on tho
Olympics aro pulling for an lntorclass
football gamo as one part of tho day'B
Tho ono objection to the football
contest is that only olovon men can
play on ono sido and that it takos up
all tho' flold, whon other sportB in
which all tho class might join might
bo hold on tho- flold.
C. H. Froy, florist, 1133 O St.
Wo aro going to beat Minnosota.
Think,rthat all this week.
No excursion to Minnesota thiB year
but begfn saving your money for ICan-sas.
Tickots to tho Michigan and Mis
souri games aro on sale at Harloy'B.
Michigan gamo reserved seats aro
$2.00; box seats, $2.50. Missouri gamo
reserved seats are $1.50; box Boats,
How about that Freshman-Sopho-moro
football gamo. Can you boat
tho Fresh team you Sophs.
Wo understand that two bright
youths mado away with two season
tickots from tho Co-Op. Shows somo
body wants season tickets anyway.
Bet you wished you had ono laBt Saturday.
Oh! you team. Darn right wo'ro
proud of you.
Save up ono night this week to soo
tho team off for Minneapolis.
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