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Continued from Pngo I
worthy of our service nnd our pride.
Mr. Votava paid a groat trlbuto to tho
Our final duty Is tho one wo owe
our country. This duty Is welded with
the one we owe our stato. Thoro is
moro than enough work for each to do
and great Issues are before the coun
try. These must bo solved by those
now becoming citizens. Mr. Votava
closod' with a plea to tho class:
"Fellow students, our work will soon
begin; achievement will soon be ours.
Properly nnd truthfuJly I might have
foretold and plcturod the buccobb, tho
name and famo the members of our
class will attain. Instead 1 have
chosen to reaount in dull faBhlon the
work we aro expected to do, tho work)
wo are honor bound to do. I cIiobo
to BiHjuk of tho dutlcB wo owe Instead
of the rewards wo expect, because I
believo that it Is of more Interest, of
more Importance to our cIiibb, to pro
tect our alma mater, to aid and serve
our stnte, to live and die for our conn-
.try, than any paltry reward wo may I
"Fellow Btudents, Italy lies beforo
ub, nn Italy of dutioB and opportuni
ties, and theroforo of success and
honor. Lot us resolve to tako advan
tage of theso opportunities so thnt
when our three score nnd ten years
is run, Old Nebraska will look upon lis
with an approving and a 'loving smile;
let us resolve to bo hor worthy sons;
let ua roBolvo bo to Mvo that when tho
t us re
1UBC of
mnsc of history writes up tho clnBs of
1011, she puts It down as the-greatest
because It was a class that did its
Tho Gift.
Tho presentation of the clnss gift
was then made by tho chairman of tho
committee. It consisted of a masslvo
lamp post, which Is to be placed be
tween Library hall and the Admin
istration building on the. campus.
Chnncollor Avdry made tho Bpeech
of accoptanco on -behalf of tho unlvor
slty. Ho was glad to accept tho gift
as a memorial for tho class of 1011,
which he considered one of tho uni
versity's best.
Planting tho Ivy.
The ceremony of planting tho ivy
was then carried out. President Am
ber8on planted tho little slip which Is
to be cared for and tendod until It becomes-as
large as those of the cIussob
long gone. The Ivy this year was
. planted near Draco hall, the phyBlcs
The May polo dance thon took place.
The polo was wound and unwound and
wound again by tho Bonior- girls. Tho
bnnd furnished music for the dance.
There was thq usual rush for parts
of tho colors, they being highly prized
as souvenirs. Tho glrlB In the dance
were: Marlon Whltmore, Kathryn
Willis, Florenco Whlttler, Kate Field,
Brota Bills, Jettlo Taylor, Alice Blrge,
Sarah Harrington, Fenna Bealer,
Esther Burrltt, Lucy Green, Stella
Hardy, Thankful Spauldlng, Dorothy
Morohoad, Hattle Ogdon and Jesslo
This Aftornoon.
This aftornoon the exercises will
bo hold on Nebraska Field. Tho In
torclass track meet begins at 2:00
o'clock which will bo Immediately fol
lowed by tho Iron Sphlnx-Splks base
ball game. Then the Innocents will bo
announced. TEe evening exercises
will be held in tho Temple theater at
llt 3i 3l Alt 3k 3k. iic Afc ikm 3lt 3ifc 4lfr 3l 3j& 4fc
"V v T Tfi " C IF 1 V F T T l
' '
. . FOR .
" MAY 27,
Ccntinuod from Pngo 1
8ummary of Events.
220-yard daBh Wood, Omaha, first;
Zumwlnkel, York, second Smith, Au
burn, third; Rowley, Omaha, fourth.
Tlmo, 10 1-R seconds.
120-yard hurdles Mobc, K. M. A.,
flrat; Halllgan, North Platte, second;
Lnvldge, Omahn, third; Templeton, K.
M. A., fourth. Time 17 3-fi BecondK.
220-yard hurdles Wiley, York, first;
Itowley, Omahn, Bccond; Mose, K. M.
A., third; Quick, Lincoln, fourth
Time, 28 1-5 seconds.
880-yard run Wright, Kearney high
school, first; McLnughlln, Sutton, sec
ond; Ludwlg, Omnha, third; McNett,
Ashland, fourth. Time, 2 minutes,
Mile run Wright, Kenrney high
school, first; Ilngg, Lincoln, second;
Gorfaw, Auburn, third; Ellsworth, Om
aha, fourth. Time, 4 minutes, 47 2-5
440-yard dash A. Collins, Lincoln,
first; Millard, Omnha, second; Cohn,
Omahn, third; Wright, University
Place, fourth. Time, 55 1-5 seconds.
Hammer throw. A Collins, Lincoln,
first; MnppB, York, second; Cnmer
on, Lincoln, third; Maresh, Crete,
fourth. Distance, 142 feot, 11 Inches.
Discus McClny, Franklin Academy,
first; P. Collins, Lincoln, second;
Scott, Kenrney high school, third;
Kimball, Nebraska high school, fourth.
Distance, 100 feet, 10 inches.
Polo vault Rector, Omaha, first;
Reavis, FallB City, second; Miller,
York, third; Dunlap, Hastings, and
Mumejio, Omaha, tied for fourth.
Height, 10 feet, G Inches.
220-yard dash Wood, Omaha, first,
Scott, Kearney high school, second,
.Millard, Omnha, and Zumwinkel York,
tied for third. Time, 23 1-5 seconds.
Shot put NIgro, K. M. A., first;
Dow, Omaha, second; A. Collins, Lin
coln, third; P. Collins, Lincoln,
fourth. Distance 39 feet, 9 Inches.
High jump Wiley, York, first; Rec
tor, Omaha, and Quackenbush, Au
burn,, .tied .for second McCny .Frank
lin Academy, Foster, York, amlHDuiv
lap, Hastings, tied for fourth. Height,
5 feot, Boven inches.
Broad jump. Wlloy, York, firBt;
Wood, Omahn, second; Mose, K. M.
A., third; Piatt, Franklin Academy,
fourth. Distance, 20 feet, inch.
Half-mile relny Omaha, first; K.
M. A., second; Auburn, third; Lin
coln, fourth. Time, 1 minute, 36 2-5
seconds. (New record). Omaha team
Rowley, Lavldge, Millard, Wood.
Points by Bchools Omaha, 44;
York, 24 5-G; Lincoln, 23; Kearney
Military Academy, 18; Kearney high
school, 15; Auburn, 8V6; Franklin
Academy, 6 1-3; Falls City, 3; Sut
ton, 3; North Platte, 3; Crete, 1; Ne
braBkn High, 1; University Place, 1;
Hastings, 5-G of 1 point.
Officials Referee and Btartef, Dr.
R. G. Clapp; judges ot finish, ProfAl.
K. Wolfo, A. C. Schmidt, F. D. Cornell,
E. O. Eager; timers, George Dayton,
B. C. Wlldman, C. A. Phllpott, E. W.
Brnnnon, C. E. Bullard; assistant ref
eree and head field Judge, Pror. Z. G.
Clovengor; field Judges, pole vault, A.
C. LIn,Btrum, R. A. Graham, J. L. Drls
coll; high and broad jumps, O. F.
Field, E. S. Munson; shot put, D. J.
Harmon, A. H. Hiltner; announcer,
Arthur May; scorer, Carl Shlvely;
clerk .of course, Owen Frank; assis
tant clerks of course, P. Boll, C. H.
ThomaB; Inspectors, G. E. Reed, E. D.
Trump, R. A. Russell, W. A. Mick.
Tho penitentiary woods were the
scene Wednesday evening of a picnic
held by tho university chorus. Tho
vocalists journeyed to Bald scene by
specially chartered car. , Lunches oro
taken along and after their destruc
tion games "were played. About sixty
members of the chorus were present.
Interesting Meetings Are Now Being
The Nebraska academy of applied
sciences hold several meetings yester
day, Papers wore read on scientific
subjects relative to Nebraska. ThlB
morning a general field trip was taken
for all members. This nfternoon four
field trips will be taken as follows:
Tho twenty-flret annual meeting of
the Nobraska Academy of Sciences
will commence Friday morning at nlno
o'clock with a general session In the
Music hall at the temple. All the
leading scientists of tho state are ex
pected to be in attendance. At the
morning session, papers of general in
terest to the public will be presented.
Ono of the papers will be on "Tho
Gas-producing Shales in the Granerous
Formation near Fairbury, Nebraska,"
which are attracting much attention.
Friday afternoon will bo devoted to
biology nnd medicine, and earth sci
ences section meetings at tho Temple.
Friday evening, at 6:30, 'tho annual
banquet 'will be held In tho Temple
banquet hall. After the banquet, In
Science hall, Dr. G. E. Condra will de
liver the president's address, "Conser
vation Problems in Nebraska," illus
trated with lantern, followed by an
Illustrated lecture, "The Evolution of
tho Domestic Animals," by Prof. E. H.
Barbour. Saturday morning there
will bo a general field trip for all the
members, tho place not yet being de
termined, followed by a camp dinner
In the woods. In tho aftornoon thole
will be four field trips as follows.
Botany, Dean C. E. Besaey, leader;
bird study, Dean R. W. Woleott, lead
StandB for tho Latest and best in
1215 O Bt.
Rush Medical College
University of Chicago
College work' required for AdmUilon
Full work in the Summer Quarter
June 17-Sept. i, igii
Write (or full particulars to the Dean of Medical
Courses, the University of Chicago.
A fresh shipment of
Huyler's & Whittman's
fino candies
Meier Drug Co.
13th nntl O Streets.
12th and O Streets
P. L. HALL. President
F. B. JOHNSON. Vlce-prenldont
BBMAN C. FOX. Cashier
W, W. HACKNEY, JR., Asst. Cash.
ii:j3mJ.-J'im-iiiitf;Mm frTMsFn
:"-,) '-vi. -
en odrth 'sciences, Professor G. E.
OonHfa, loader, arid Txfhd HferProJcsy
sor J. H. Powers, leader. The "Phy
sical and Exact Sciences," and tho'
"Ethnology and Folk Lore" section
meetings will be held Saturday after
Marks Close of a Year's Satisfactory
Work for Members.
The Latin club hold Its annual ban
quet last night at the Lindell hotel.
About thirty members were present.
This marks the close of the year's
work which has been satisfactory to
tho members of tho club. Professor
Barber acted as toastmaster. The fol
lowing toasts were responded to: "po
tentials," Penlope Ring; "Cases," EJs
telle Hardy; "Moods," Mlsa Hunter;
"Voices," Agnes Matrau; "Persons,'
Ruth Munger; "Tenses' Professor"
Sanford; "Number," Cecilo Snapp;
Why," Horaco English.
r jr H T V tt jft ?jr ir fr n? t iff fr
Your reservations for 8enler ip
Y-i Play tickets will be re-
deemed at the Oliver theater,
Tuesday, May 23, from 1 to 3
o'clock. After that tme, those
seniors who have not made res-
ervations will, not be allowed
to purchase their seats. Gen-
eral seat sale starts Wednes-
day, May 24:
8enlor Play Committee.
T 7 n 1 f T T t 1 v v fv v 7v
The First Trust and
Savings Bank
SI opens an account
189 South Uth Street
C. A. fucker
S. S. Shean
Yovr Patronage Solicited
Try Our Maraschino
Cherry Chocolates
Also All Kinds of Dainty
Best of Service
Uth and 0
S. W. Corner
...Jit'- ,.-f'
; i