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TOe H)ail Utebtraekan
Vol. X. No. 133
Price 5 Cents.
first; Bristol, Ames, second. Distance,
20 Teet 1 1 J!-." Inches.
'Malf-inlle relay Won by Nebraska.
Time, 1:8r :!.".
Mile relay Won by Nebraska.
Time. :i:37 !!-...
Christmas Gets Ahead of May in 100
Yard Dash and Anderson Proves
Great Half-Mller.
, Nebraska defeated Ames Saturday
in the tlrst dual track meet of the
conference series In which Nebraska
has participated by the score of 70 to
250. Ail hough the victory was sweep
ing. Ii is significant to note this is the
first time In the annals of the two in
stitutions that Nebraska has con
quered Ames on the hitter's field. Con
sidering the fact that the track was
in miserable condition as a result of
the rain the previous night, the rec
ords are high markB, and If duplicated
in the Kansas meet will mean no easy
time for the JayhawkerB next Satur
day. Elmlnating the high and low
hurdles, the track events wore eas
plums for Nebraska pickers, while the
represent at Ives in the field events In
created the already large number of
points by winning all but the high
jump ' In this Ames won both first
atid eeeonl place j. In- nil yoJiifljjlj".
won the first and becoiid honors in
live events, including In this estimate
the half mile and mile relays.
The relay events were the most In
teresting of the entire meet In one re
spect. According to the runnerB, they
did not anticipate entering the ball
mile relay and selected their winning
team only at the eleventh hour, com
posed of May, Black, Powers and
Christmas. With this team, already
exhausted from another race, the Ne
braskans cleared the tape far in the
lead of the Aggie quartet. Christmas
sprung a surprise In the 100-yard dash
by imaging Arthur May, who recently
tied the world's record In the Indoor
no-yard dash. Llnstrum exhibited his
usual form in the vault, winning first,
with Itussell second, at the height of
M feet S Inches. Anderson cleared the
field of runners in the half mile, mak
ing the except tonally good time ot
2:01. Captain Reed manifested great
speed in the 220 and HO, winning
both evonts by good leads.
The summary of events is as fol
lows: 100-yard dash Christmas, Nebras
ka, first; May, Nebraska, second. Time,
10 2-5 seconds.
Pole vault Linstrum, Nebraska,
first ; Russell, Nebraska, second.
Height 9 feet 8 inches.
'Mile run Anderson. Nebraska, first;
Cockerel, Ames, second. Time, 4:4C.
120-yard hurdles Russell, Nebras
ka, first; Walker, Ames, second. Time,
17 2-r seconds.
Discus throw Collins, Nebraska,
first; ' Vincent, Ames, second. Dis
tance, 110 feet 8 Inches.
440-yard dash Reed. Nebraska,
first; Anderson. Nebraska, second.
Time, 30 4-5 seconds. t
Running high jump Corey and
Crawford, Ames, tied at 5 feet.
Half-mile daBh-Anderson. Nebras
ka, first; Becker, Nebraska, second.
Time, 2J01.
Shot put Collins, Nebraska, first;
Vincent, Ames, second. Distance, 38
foot fl inches.
220-yarH aasir Reed. Nebraska,
first; Christmas, Nebraska, .second.
Time, 22 2-5 seconds.
Broad jump Munson, Nebraska,
Arrangements are complete for the
Pan-Hellenic banquet which will be
held at the Lincoln hotel tonight.
The banquet will be In honor of the
board of regents, and most of them
aie In the fit to attend. Hon. W. A.
Selleck will preside as toast faster.
The following is the nigrum of
University and City. Mayor Don .1,.
Progress, Chancellor Aery.
Ancient Greece, George A. Adams.
I Topes, Edward A. Maggi.
Intorfraternlty Relations. Verne
Factors in College Life. C. S. Allen.
Receive 2 to 1 Decision Over Univer
sity of Omaha.
The Bophomore debating team, com
posed." or G. It. Mann. II. B. English
and O. S. RadclilTe, won From The Uni
versity of Omaha team Jy a two, to
one decision. The debate was held
at the United Brethren church in Om
aha last Friday evening. The question
debated was, "Rot-olvod. thai corpora
tions doing an interstate business
should be incorporated and controlled
by the federal government." the con
stitutionality of the question being
waived. The Judges were Attorneys
.Mac Donald and Lomltt and Superin
tendent S eedy of the Poupoii schools
F. E.
Wilcox and A. H. Hiltner Take
the Smallpox.
Two students were disrowred to
have smallpox yesterday, and they
we're taken to the isolatim hospital
Tllcy lire1 IT-ICt Wilcox n-nd; A. H.
Hiltner. Neither of the two are very
tick. Several rooms where the stu
dents had been lately were thorough
ly fumigated yesterday. I'lilversily
hull and the chemistry building wore
almost uninhabitable late in the afternoon.
Two Track Men Seek Places on the
Athletic Board.
15. S. Munson and W. L. Bates have
filed their applications for election to
the nthletic board. The former is a
member of the varsity track squad and
holder of the university record In the
li oad jump. He Is also a prominent
wrestler. Bates Is a Junior, being
president of his class last Foineeter
He has been prominent In track work,
having been a member of the cross
country team last fall and of tho
track team this spring.
Winning the llrst tournament in the
last four years or Nebraska history,
the varsity tenuis team defeated the
Cielghton quartet last Saturday by a
score of 7:1 (52. This was the first
game of tho honson and oilers some
grounds for determining the prospects
of Nebraska In In MiHsoml Valley
conference tournament to be held all
Kansas City on May l! and 20.
According to a pieious agreement,
tire train winning the g-uKitost-nuuu.
her ( f points should be awarded the
tournament, In case the matches were
tied Incidt ntally tills was the case,
and Nebraska won by a close call.
The local players won one double and
4 wo singles, tlicioby leaving (lie even
The Nebraska players, both In
singles and doubles, showed excellent
form. Weaverlng and Smith, for Ne
braska played the Catholics olT their
feet and won easily by a 0-1 ti-2 tune
Smytho and Shirley, considered the
best of j he Omaha aggregation, op
posed thoni.- Goodbody and Tate lost
to Adams and Bqshuell by the score
or i-7. (5-1, 11-0. This obviously was
the closest contested match of the
series. The results or the single
events were recorded as follows:
Weaverllng boat Shirley, 0-0. -2; Tate
boat Bushnell. li-II. !-(); Smylhe defeat
ed Smith, 00, (i-2. and Adams defeat
ed Goodbody by IM, 5-7 and !.
Many Have False Idea that Students
Are Prohibited.
Students entitled to vote at the
elections today are those who claim
Lincoln as their residence and haye
the other qualifications of the ordinary
voter. The proposed bill to prohibit
students voting did not pass the legis
hit tire. Many seem to have the Im
pression that it had. and a number did
not vote at the i rlhmrles for that rea
son. All those who have registered
may vote and those who did not may
do so by certificate, if ..they can furnish
a valid reason for not having reg
istered. The mere fact that one
student at tho university does
have any effect upon the matter.
is a
Students' Publication Board Decides
All Elections Be Held at
Same Time.
A now ruling in regard to the elec
tion or student members to the stu
dent's publication board was adopted
at a meeting of that body Monday
evening. It provides that student
momhers be elected by the three
classes on the Bame day and at the
same hour, to ho designated by the
secretary o? the board. The secretary
ehu.ll also notify the president of each
clasp at least elgfit days before the
election, and a notice thereof shall be
published In the Nebraskan live days
boforo and on the day of the election.
It waB also voted to give the editor of
the Forestry Annual one hour credit.
All students taking drill who are
employed In the elections will be ex
cused as soojljis government inspec
tion 1b over.
The Matinee Musical last night pre
sented Weber's opera. "Der File
schut.,' at tho Temple. The boIos
were excellent. The University chorus,
numbering 100,-nlEO sang;, -There wns
a line orchestra. Mrs. Carrie II. Ray
mond acted aB director.
Ivy Day Oration by J. T. Votava, Glee
Club Quartet, Dramatic Club
Among Attractions.
The last chance to secure tickets for
the big ly day program will be of
fered today, when students may pro
cure the necessary pasteboards Horn
committee memliers at various points
on thy campus. Tables will be placed
in tho Miliary and on the campus,
where but the small hiiiii of twenty -the
cents will admit you to the entire
afternoon and eenlng program and
albo to the luncheon at the state farm
tomorrow afternoon.
A program of excellent entertain
ment has been arranged for the big
university holiday, and with no clauses '
to Interfere tho entire student body
Is planning to spend a day of recrea
tion and Jollification. Fraternities
and sororities and other university or
ganizations aie planning to attend In
a body. Picnic parties have been
I binned and a feature of the day will
be the serving of luncheon to all
ticket holders absolutely free. No
nMd to. go bacJc tuLlm:olin as von
can gel a luncheon at I) o'clock and
stay and enjoy the evening program.
Innocents Announced.
Promptly at i o'clock the members
of l lie Innocents society, that honorary
organization or senior men, will ap
pear among the people who hnvo
assembled, and tap the men or tho
present Junior class on the shoulder
who have been elected to the society
and thus Inform them or their nom
ination. The big IntorclnsB athletic meet
will give the university men interest
ed in this lino of activity an oppor
tunity to win some beautirul medals
and for one of tho four classes to win
the beautiful cup, which is on exhibi
tion in the University Book Store.
The Dramatic club play is a "side
splitter." Laughs from one end to tho
other dominate, and "The Fair Eques
trienne" promises to be a comedy
wortli alone the price of admission to
tho whole program.
Glee Club Quartet,
The luncheon will bo the best ever
served at an event of this kind. This
alone opsts the committee almost the
nice of the tickets, tho surplus funds
to be used to defray minor expenses
such as medals, tickets and programs.
Tho morning program will be held
on the city campus and Is free to all.
The senior class Is in charge of .this
part of the big day's events, while tho
whole university body will participate
In the functions which havo been
planned for tho afternoon and evening.
Tho band and the glee club quartet
will give concerts In the evening
which will be worthy of tho attention
of every Btudent. For all these events
and more, the students are asked to
pay but twenty-five cents to defray tho
expenses of the day.
The big program Is as follows:
0:00 a'. m. pity campus-
Song Glee Club Quartet.
Class poem.'
Ivy day oration J. T. Votava'.
ClasB song-lee Club-Quartet;
Continued on Pago 4