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bc HJatlv IFtebraskan
5 - -. .
No. 131
Price 5 Cents.
.Power, Munson, Reed, Gibson, Black
and Lindstrum Are Expect ,
1 ed to Do Little.
The University of Nebraska track
team will leave this afternoon for
.Ames, la., where It will meet the Iowa
agricultural college track team on Sat
urday afternoon. As yet no arrange
ments have been definitely made to
give tho team one of the characteris
tic Nebraska "send-offs," although
there is some .probability that an ex
temporaneous one will bo framed up.
Chances Are Sllm.j
Tho chances for Nebraska at Ames
are. anything but "good. At no time of
tho yeaMias tho Varsity team- been In
such poor form to engage In a confer
ence meet. Although tho try-outs
. went off -as? a great demonstration of
-4aeJLJUl track ability, the result of
this meet has seriously handicapped"
the team lor the Saturday meet Many
of the men are almost unable to par
ticipate. Power, for the hurdles, has been suf
fering from a bad leg for some time,
Munson Is complaining with tho same
handicap, and Reed, Gibson and Black
are crippled up worse than at any
previous time of tho season. Lind
strum, since the try-outs, seems to
have lost his excellent form for the
jolo vaults and undoubtedly will not
make the showing which he has in
previous Indoor and outdoor events.
Ames Is Picked.
Ames Is reported to havp one of the
best track teams In tho conference.
In addition to this, Nebraska has never
defeated Ames in track mqots on the
Ames grounds. Last year Ames indls
putedly had one o tho best teams In
the Missouri valley and one which
made a correspondingly good record.
Nebarska will meet Kansas next on
tho Nebraska field. This is tho only
conference meet on tho series that
will bo held on the Cornhuskor
grounds. Tho "dope" on the Kansas
game Is, however, much more favor
able. . Kansas, In track events, has
onlv tasted Nhhrnnlrn. hnonn nncn In
f th history of' the two institutions, and
m an prouaoiuty, tno 'rival school In
athletic activities will repeat a little
history this year.
Wear a dandelion today.
Bring your own knives or "spuds."
The program will begin at 1:30
Examine the map on the .bulletin
board to find out where your class
will work.
Each class has been assigned a par
ticular section of the campus.
Before you begin your labors attend
the band concert In front of Univer
sity hall. Instructions will be given
out there.
Refreshments will be served to
workers only.
Faculty members are especially In
vited to work.
The Dandelion day program will be
given In front of University hall as
opn as tne cattle Is ended.
Do not" be on hand at 1:30
o'clock shdrp to witness, the condemna
tlbn proceedings, preparatory to the
Pay attention to the manager of
your section.
Pick out a. place where there are
dandelions; select the area you will
cover; then proceed to dig.- Don't try
to cover too much ground. Three feet
wide and twenty-five feet long Is all
the area you can do well. Better hunt
In couples. See who will do his stunt
first. Criticise one another's work.
Sit down, If you have a knife; stand
up, If you have a dandelion "spud."
Band 'Concert 1:15 j. m.
Condemnation Sentence Dean Bessey.
Tho Dandelions' Will G. N. Foster.
Slaughter of the Dandelions Stu
dents. Refreshments. ,
Glee Club.
Original 'Poem1 Dr: AvLvBlxby.-'---
University Quartet.
Address Chancellor S. Avery.
Band' Selections.
A complete program has been ar
ranged to 4egln this afternoon at 1:15
with tho band. At 1:30 tho sentence
on tho dandelions will bo pronounced
by Dr. Bessey, Immediately' after
which the will of tho dandelions will
bo read' by G N. Foster. The slaugh
ter will then begin and the cadet band
will keep up a continuous concert
while tho work, is going on. All will
then assemble in front of University
hall and several selections will bo
given by the Glee club. A dandelion
poem written especially for the occa
sion by A. L. Bixby will be read by Its
author. Chancellor Avery will give
an address of thanks to the students
and, the band will finish tho program.
Campus Divisions.
The campus has been divided Into
four parts, ono of which hns been as
signed to each class. Tho freshmen
have all west' of the -walk running
from tho Library gate to University
hall and thence west along tho walk
to the observatory. The sophomores
wli have all territory north of a line
starting at tho observatory gate and
running along tho walk to the gym
nasium, thence northeast along tho
walk to Nebraska hall gate. The
juriiors have air "territory east of the
walk starting at the southeast gate of
tho campus, thence along the walk to
tho.t gymnasium, andHhenco .northeast
along tho .walk to Nebraska hall The
seniors have all territory .bounded by
tho walk starting at library gato,
thence norlh to University Wall, thence
east to the gymnasium, Jhenco south
east along tho walk to tho southeast
gato of tho campus. A map with tho
subdivisions noted has been posted on
tho bulletin board in front of tho Ad
ministration building.
C6mmlttees Meet.
Both of tho Dandelion day commit
tees had meetings yestorday ana" ap
pointed sub-committees to attond to
all special features. These commit
tees were busy all afternoon laying
plans to make today ono of tho big
gest and most worthy holidays ever
at Nebraska.
Tho men's commltteo mot at 11:30
In room 106 of University hall. Doan
Bessey was present to commend tho
project. Every committeeman wns en
thusiastic. G. C. Kiddoo. V. C. Hnn.
call, Owen Frank and It. D. Hawloy"
were appointed to servo on- tho labor
committee. TIiIb commltteo will di
vide the workers Into squads and su
perintend tho labor in genoral. A re
freshment committee composed of C.
A. Bennett. R. G. Guthrie, E. T. Rob
inson and W. C. Weiss woro selected.
Owen Frank and Harry Huso compose
tho time and announcement committee.
-A. HDlnsmoro. W. R. fihnnllnn W T.
.McNabb amrw. R. PowoFwero chosen-
to have charge of tho stunts and the
Tho women's commltteo met at 5
o'clock and decided to got busy with
tho knives and "spuds." A sub-committee
was selected to co-operate with
tho labor commltteo from tho mon'B
organization. On tho women's labor
commltteo were placed Julia Nagl,
Celia Davis, Lorena Bixby and Evan
geline Long. A women's refreshment
Fourth Year Classmen to Be Given
Another Chance to Make 8eat
- ' Reservations.
With the collego boy and his host
collego'glrf filling ovory box and every
seat on tho lower floors of tho theater,
and with tho rah-rah chaps in full at
tendance up in tho ''university box,"
and no chocolnto colored cop hammer
ing tho backs of tho seats with his
war stick in a vain endeavor to stop
their collego songs and yellB, and with
tho entire thoatoi decorated 1a truo
collego faBhlon from pit to dome, euro
ly tho Ideal ntmosphoro will bo creat
ed to greet tho production of tho col
lege play, on Saturday, May 27, by tho
senior class.
Tho play, "Heartsease," waB particu
larly chosen for Its suitability to tho
occasion and rendition by a university
cast. It was In "Heartseaso" that.
Henry Miller, acknowledged to bo ono
of America's loading actor-producers,
mado his reputation and all critics
rank- lUaaumastorpieco of stagecraft.
rue caBt, consisting or tho best talent
in tho university, has been eolocted
and is holding daily rehoarsalB. Tho
loading parts will bo handled by
Byrno Marcellus and Julia Nagl, who,
have both mndo enviable reputations
In Dramatic club productions.
New Features.
ABldo from .putting on a play which
will reflect credit upon tho entire
senior class, tho play committee qro
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Continbpd on Pago 0
With a wild hurrah and a blood
curdling yell tho Dally Nobraskan staff
was scared out of its only evon
senses and veritably bolloved that its
doom had come. Whether robbery or
murder, the scared reporters know not
what was going to happen. Thoro was
no Joko about It it was a hold-up and
tno Nebraskan office proved a victim.
Thoro were thirteen and they repre
sented tho Black Masque pledges who
had escaped initiation. They hold a
picnic at tho asylunj and enjoyed a
Beven-courso dinner. But Just as tho
big feed was over the Black Masque
automobile rolled Into sight. Tho, In
tended victims secreted themselves In
tho womon!s ward of tho state Institu
tion'. After a vain search tho owners
of tho automobile returned to find it
loaded with pickle bottles and tho rom
nnnts df tho picnic lunch. But tho
bjrds had flown.
The trip to tho city which was not
by foot was nn eventful one and drug
stores were lavish In tnelr gifts of per
fume and mewing gum. At tho post
ofllco they were entertained by- a
"Dutch band," which tried in vain to
drown tho laughter of tho girls. Tho
next place was tho Nebraskan office,
In which three humble reporters and
tho business manager wero at their
nightly grind. Tho business manager
was alive to tho situation and averted
what might have proved a catastrophe.
He seized tho remaining two dollars in
tho till aqd dived undor his desk,
where ho was found this morning at
6:01 o'clock by the Janitor. It 1b right
to say the office was robbed, for
whothor through fright or kidnaping
tho three reporters have not been
seen since, although diligent search
has been made.
Tho library was not exempt and ono
might think that o,n earthquake had
struck It by tho way some craned and
rubbered while others hid under tho
tables ns tho mighty Black Masque
yoll shattered tho air.
In 'tho meantime a delicious bIx-'
course dinner was spoiling at tho res
idence of Miss Ensign. All efforts on
tho part of tho Black Masque to locate
the thirteen other junior girls proved
unavailing. Tho dinner was not a
good enough bait. Tho sovon-courso
dinner at tho asylum had been suf
ficient, combined with tho chewing
gum and perfume, to allay their hun
ger. However, at a late hour tho thir
teen bandits gavo themselves up for
i -
-, ' LA ,. 'J&'j tin jCv. .H