The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, April 26, 1911, Image 3

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C. H. Froy, florist, 1133 O street.
Tho Interfraternlty nthletic board
recently met and adopted new eligibil
ity rules for the lnterfrat baseball
series. The now rules were not made
Chapln Bros., Florists, 127 So. 13th.
John K. Selleck will leave today for
Ann Arbor, Mich., to attend tho dls
trlct convention of Delta Upsllon fra
ternity, representing the Nebraska
Capital Hotel Barber Shop 11 & P.
Some of tho football men were In
dulging .in some spring practice last
evening on tho athletic field. This
will probably be kept up regularly
for a while.
R. O. Warde, barber, Woods, 120C O.
A number of university reprosentA
tlves were present at the annual mil
itary ball given last night by Col. and
Mrs. B. D. Hayward at the Nebraska
Military Academy.
Have your clothes pressed at Web
er's Suitorium, Eleventh and O. ti
Going through Butt's manual to
music by tho cadet band was tried
last night by company D. The work
was very much better than when done
without music.
Havo your fingers manicured after
dandelion day. Lincoln Barber Shop.
Tho sophomore hop committee met
yesterday morning to complete ar
rangements for the big second year
dance to be given Friday evening at
the Lincoln.
Try a lunch at tho Y. M. C. A. Spa,
.13th and P streets.
Sigma Alpha Epsilon defeated Phi
Hiltner Bros., Florists, 118 So. 12th
St. Phones Auto 1894, Bell 330. Palms
and choice flowers of all kinds.
A play is to bo given at Minnesota,
the cast of which Is to consist of
thirty girls and one man.
Tho Boston university co-eds latoly
gave a public minstrel show for the
benefit of the athletic association. ,
Ted Marrlnor cleaner, dyer, and
hatter, 235 No. 11th St. Auto 487C,
Bell 1609.
A chapter of Phi Beta Kappa is to
bo Installed In the Unlvorslty of Indi
ana In a short time.
Gcorgo Bros., 218 South Thirteenth
street, Printers. Calling Cards, In
vites and Programs,
Learn touch typewriting without
going to commercial school. Wo fur
nish university students with a com
plete course in touch typewriting and
rent you any make of typewriter, throe
months for $G.0O. Lincoln Typewriter
Exchange, 140G O 3treet. tf
Classified Column
Advertisements for this column
should bo left at the business office,
basement Administration building, be
tween 1 1a. m. and 12 m., or between
2 p. m. and ,5 p. m.
Want ads will positively not be In
serted unless paid In advance, at the
rate of 10 cents per insertion for
every fifteen words or fraction there
of for the first Insertion; three inser
tions 25 cents; five Insertions 40 cents.
For Sale A good kitchen 'range;
nearly new; cheap. Seo Nebraskan
manager. tf
For Sale Duo bfll on loading pho
tographer in Lincoln. Seo Nebraskan
manager. tf
Lost Conklin non-leakablo self
filler fountain pen" Return to Librari
an's desk. 120-3t
Kappa Psl -yesterday afternoon by a
score of 10 to 4. Under the new eli
gibility rules adopted by the inter
fraternity board Owen Frank pitched
his first game for the Slg Alphs.
Wallace McLean, formerly of the
medical school, has purchased tho
former Krug cafe and has now opened
tho Cafo Jacot, 1215 O street, where
he will bo at the service of his univer
sity friends. 125-3t
Found a black fountain pen on
campus. Owner may have same by
paying for this ad. 129-IU
For Kent Fifteen-room. modern
house. One block from campus. Soror
ity or fraternity .preferred. Auto
phone 2453. 129-3t
Two negro girls recently applied for
admission to the glrlB' dormitory at
Cornell. A petition was Immediately
filed by the resident girls asking that
they should not be admitted, and the
trustees are considering the case. The
negro girls urge that they are not n.
more convenient place to live.
Wanted to Buy 'Old gold and silver
Jewelry. C. F. Spain & Co., upstairs,
138 No. 12th St. tf
Wanted Ten men for South Da
kota; $4 per day guaranteed. Ad
dress Box 1075, Station A. 128-51
Found A gold eye-glass chain.
Owner may havo same by calling ai
this ofllce and paying for this ad.
More than a hundred eastern col
lege boys have already inquired of
Charles Harris, director of tho Kansas
freo employment bureau, aB to tho
prospects for4 employment in the Kan
8ns wheat fields for the coming sum
mer. Tho majority of inquiries are
from colleges in Deloware, IPennsyl
vnnla, North and South Carolina.
The graduate deserves and will appreciate a gocd watch as a constant, dependable
companion, always bringing to mind the kind giver and the happy school days. But be
sure it comes trom
Est. 177
IIALLETT, Registered Optometrist 1 143 O St.
Green's Sanitary Barber Shop, 120
No. 11th.
Dr. H. L. Schantz and Dr. L. J.
Brlggs were visitors at tho botany de
partment last Saturday. Dr. Schantz
Is a Nebraska man, having taken his
doctor's degree In 1905. Both men are
experts in the department of agricul
ture at Washington.
Drk C.'W. Poynter of tho medical
college will address tho Y. M. C. A.
mid-week tonight at 6:45 o'clock. He
will discuss tho medical profession and
Bomo of tho temptations which come
' to a practitioner. His subject will be,
"The Temptations of a Modorn Physician.1'
Football is becoming a populur
game in Russia. Tho Russian youths
find n great deal of amusement in this
American Bport, and give it a front
place in their list of sports.
A number of professors in tho Eng
lish department at Pennsylvania have
adopted tho oral examination in favor
of the written. A largo number of
test questions aro written upon cards.
Tho student Is required to pick three
or more questions, "sight unseon."
Ho is told when ho finishes, whether
or not ho has passed. This scheme
is said to eliminate all possibility of
Two Strap Pumps
In All Leathers
They Do Fit
-Yates-Frendb or
1220 O Street
Most young men want to
wear clothes which will
win the approval of oth
ers as well as themselves.
The matter of clothes is a
mighty important factor in
the success or failure of
every man too important
to pass by without careful
Be critical in your decision
don't buy a suit because
its a necessity get clothes
which show you up which
make your personality stand
out like a sore thumb year
Scotch Tailored Clothes.
The price is the one cheap
feature about .them never
more nor less we would
like to help you to choose
your pattern.
Tailored to Your Pleasure
Imitators Flatter Us
flb .flHBHilHiBVBv
133 South 13th St.
The Prairie Schooner
as a medium of travel lias
been totally eclipsed by tho
Overland limited.
In the same way havo new
methods of clothos building
eclipsed the old.
Our ready-to-wear clothes
are built with greatost care
and thoroness.
In stvle and fit a trood tail
or might equal them but ho
couldn't begin to at our prices.
$15 to $40.
1109 O Street
Oliver Theatre
Return Engagement of
The Musical Sensation
With ItsHVondcrful Cast.
Special CtjApufe and Augmented
Mat., $1.50 to 50c Night $2.00 to 50c
LINCOLN ""rafflBrH$S' ""
aur,H advanced vaudville
Miss Sydney Scheilds & Co.
Redford & Winchester
Beldon, Chappie & Co.
Lotta Gladstone
Three Misses Weston
Vittorlo & Georgetto
Davis & Walker
Mats. 15c and 25c
Evenings 15c, '25c, 35c and 50c
Beginning Mon Evening, April 24
Every Eve at 8:30 15c, 25c, 35c, 50c
Mats., Wed. and Sat. 15c and 25c
Seo Us Before Ordering ELsowher
Programs, Menus, Announce
ments, Stationery, Booklets
123-180 No Htli. St
Herpolsheimer's Gait
Dinner J J:30 to J:30 OK
Supper 5:30 to 730 90
lltt Wifltt with Maplt Syrup M4