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Vol. X. No. 124
Price 5 Cents.
Federal Incorporation of All Interstate
industries is uiscussea
Pro and Con.
r The sophomore dobatlng team won
the InteTclass championship yesterday
morning at 'convocation over the
senior toam. The sophomoreB'had pre
viousiy defeated the freshmen, and the
seniors the juniors. The question de
bated was, "Resolved, that corpora
tions dolpg an interstate business
should be incorporated and controlled
by the "federal government." The con
stitutionality of the question was
Tke sophomore team 'was composed
of H. B.' English of Lincoln; G. R.
Mann of Ord and C. 3. Radcliffe of Sid
ney, and had been coached, by Joseph
Swenson. The seniors were W. T.
Wolvington of Chadron, A.,M..-Hare of
Albion and J. E. Lawrence of Beatrice,
The judges, Prof. H. W. Caldwell,
Prof. F. .M. Fling and Dean W. G. Hnst
ingsC'rende'reda Unahlmous 'de'clBloh
for the affirmative as supported by the
, Affirmative Argument.
Mr. Englishas the first ' speaker on
the affirmative stated "the "question as
he saw it. He said that the present
'state laws were retardlvo forces. The
federal government was alone able .to
.. control the' gigantic corporations. The
railroads today control 50 per cent of
the productive industries of the coun
try. One-twelfth of the total wealth
of the TJnited States Ms controled by
twenty-four men of the U. S. Steel cor
poration. He quoted authorities to
show that federal control is right in
principal. He thought political union
Mr. Munnaaid that a Btate could not
secure tin, equitable interstate rate nor
i could states make an equitable classi
fication. He caused a great -deal of
amusement by some of his remarks.
Mr. Radcliffe arguqd that neither
states nor governments could cdhtrol
the corporations now. He' said state
legislation merely drovve business to
4 other states. Federal control was
right in principle, it1 ls anatlonal
V problem, It Is more expedient andj no
government was the .only , authority
' who could' deal effectively 'with our
,, present great capitalization. '
Negative Contentions.
( Mr. Wolvington for the negatlve'con
tended that uniform laws were' not
practical In different sections of tlie
country. He quoted decisions of
courts to show that the. states had
complete control over foreign and do
mestic corporations. He argued Ibat
if there was federal incorporation the
states woujd have; no control over the
corporations. Mr. Hare quoted sev-'
eral prominent men-who. opposed-federal
control. He thpught it better for
each state and congress to control cor
poratlons than to have congress, alone
do It. Mv Lawrence made the clos-,
Ing-nddress, quoting authorities -and
decisions to show that states could
control and. were controlling, r,
Tho rebuttal brought forth some
spirited- debating, Each aide did, ex
ceptionally well In this. Mr. English's
closing speech, howover, clinched tho
debate" f6r tho'sophombros.
Delta Sigma Rho.
?1L M. M. Fogg presided over the
debate. Secretary Stout, of tho local
Phi Beta Kappa chapter read the
nameB of those elected from this year's
senior class. B. M. Chorrington read
the names elected to Delta Sigma
Rho, tho honorary debating fraternity.
They wore as follows: Byrne Marcel
1us, A. M. Oberfelder, A. R. Raymond
and C. L. Rein.
Move on Foot to- Establish 8uch Or
ganization in Lincoln.
A university club for university and
College men Is a plan that Is being1
formulated by several prominent men
of this city. The Idea is to have an,
organization of college men and rent
club rooms whore the members can
congregate and spend their spare time.
There is no such organization In tho
city at present and the plan will witty
out doubt meet with henrty response
ns there are enough men eligible to
mnke It a success. Nearly every city
of any size In tho country has Its col
lege club nnd In the larger cities these
Institutions rank, with nnof tho prom
inent clubs. While no actual plans
have been carried out as yet, such a
club In, Lincoln yjill likely be n reality
.In tke near 'future. ,
Large Meeting of Catholic Ctudents
- 8aturday Evening.- .
At a well attended meeting of tho
Catholic Students'club Saturday even
ing the following enjoyable program
Wbb rendered:
Splnnlng'Song Liszt
Miss Mabel Sullivan. ;
May Morning j,...4)enza
Slumber Boat 3 Glorlnil
Miss Mnbol Melctfer. F
La Clnquintnlne ,Gabr61;Mprio
Traumarel. . . ..iC.'vvSchumnnn.
- 'Mr.H.,J. Nelson. ' ,'
Medley Overture '....Schiller
MIsb Mabel Sullivan, Mr, Thfjjo 'f '
Miller, Mr. Vincent Douglas.
Suggestions Are Made for Those De
siring to Participate.
For the benefit of those who desire
to try-out for the Dramatic club the
following list of suggestive plays and
scenes Is offered: Scenes from School
for Scandal, Tho Little Minister, The
RivalB, She Stoops to Conquer, Th$
Lady oj Lyons, The Hunchback, Tne
Servant in the House, Lend Me Five
Shillings, London 'Assurance, The
Silent SyBtem, Shakespeare's plays,.
Arizona, Richelieu.
Books from which scenes might be
arranged are as follows; The Bishop's
Carriage, Prisoner of Zendnand'Tho
Crisis. SconeB from plays by Clyde
Fitch, Henry Arthus Jones, Plnero;
farceB, Howell's The blouse Trap", and
Bang's A Proposal Under Dlfilcifltles.
These suggestions are made from
available material an cL, admit of'almost
any combinations: two girls; two men;
one girl, one man; and groups of' four
or more. There will be flvo minute's
allowed "for each person, and costumes
and "make-up" will be .permitted, al
though not required.
Candidates are urged to see Miss
JJowelJ at once for particulars.
J2hlRho Slgmn frntnrnltv will glyo
an informal dancing party tonight at
the chapter house In honor of Hugh
J. Bollnger, a member of the fraterp
Ity who was yesterday olpcted to mem
bership in Phi Beta Kappa.
Iron Sphinx Makes Pledge List Pub
IIcaTurXab"eIs NewTVIembers.
No more Egyptian mummies at Ne
braska! For tho first timo since its
organization Iron Sphinx, tho sopho
more boys' society, has openly pledged
Its- memberB nnd put black and gold
ribbons on tho lapols of tho convorts
to the cniise of Egypt. Twenty-three
unsuspecting freshmen wore pounced
upon and pledged that thoy would
never meddle with politics but would
always endeavor to have a good time.
Two men wore chosen from each of
the regular fraternities and ono oach
from Kappa"' Tau Epsilon and Dolta
Chj which are not mombers of tho In
terfrnternity council. Tho following
men will represent tho land of the
great stone face next year at Nebras
ka: Alpha Tau Omega John Cutrlght
and ChaB. L. Jackson; BetnTheta PI
H. F. Klnnoy and U R, Robinson;
Delta Upsllon, Arthur Davis and Rob
well Haskell; Slgmn Alpha Epsilon,
B. W. Eroley and Dnvld Meeker; Kap
pa Sigma, Harold Kraus and R. D.
Flory; Sigma Nu, Ixren ReynoldB and
B. Ames; Phi Delta Thetn, K. C. Leo
and B. D. Reavls; Phi Gamma Delta
H. M. BiiBhqgll and W. E. Long; Delta
Tau Delta Carl Nagl and Glen Whit
comb; Sigma Chi H. Cummins; Phi
'Kappa Psi J. L. DrlBColl; Kappa Tau
-Epsilon Sr-Gr -Ghamberlnint
ClU J. B. Bertrand and F. C
Fourteen Sophomore Girls Chosen to
Junior Organization.
Tlio Silver Serpent has elected tho
sophomore girls who will compose
that organization next year. Tho lls(
contains fourteen names and wbb
made public estorday; This Is con
sidered ono of the greatest .Jionors
that can come to a girl JriTicr'sopho
more year. 4 following ale the elected:
Louise 'Cuftis, Delta Gamma; May
Paddock, Delta Delta, Delta; Agnes
Russell, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Flor
ence Schwake, Pi Delta Phi; Helen
Drake, Alpha Phi; Ethel Sloan, Alpha
Chi Omega; Katherino Kneppor, Delta
Zeta; Claire Hardin, Chi Omega;
Hazel Williams, Alpha Omicron PI;
Gernldino Gray, Kappa Alpha Theta;
non-sororlty momborB, Sylvia Smithy
Mary Holcomb, Mabel Daniels and
Gertrudo 'Berry.
Miss Katherlne Kimball Renders Ex
cellent Program on Piano.
Miss Katherino Kimball gave a very
creditable piano recital last night at
the Temple theater. Miss Kimball
has been a student under Prof. Robert
W. Stevens, who took the' orcrestral
parts on the second piano The pro
gram' was as follows: ,,T
Pastorale Scarlattl-Tauslg1
Humoreske, Op. 20. . ". Schumann
Intermezzo '
cVivacov ---
, Finale
Imprqvlsatlon'.i .,. . f U
Traeumerlo. . ., .ft.rMacdowell
Novellette. . .. .f . . ,7 ($' '
Melodie, E Major... V...Rachmanloff
Feldermaus- Waltz. .. .Strauss-Schuett
Concerto, A major. . ."V.J.: Liszt
r Adas0 ,
Allegro Aesal
Allegro declso
.(Orchestral parts' on second piano,
Mr. Stevens.)
Russell Leads so Far with a First and
8econd, While May Has Next
Highest 8core.
The first Nobraska handicap compel
for track men was hold yestorday
aftornoon on the athletic fl61d accord
ing to schedule, nlthough tho flrstj
second and third plnco winners can
not ns yet be annohnced because of
three unfinished ovents. Tho meet
was a .success from the standpoint of
n largo entry, but no records woreBot
In any events nor did tho men make
oven average good time.
Thoro are two or three reasons for
this latter failure, howover. In tho
first place, tho track waB In very poor
condition. Tho cinders have not yot
become compact enough to make se
cure footing possible, consequently
many of the short distance runners
slipped while running or failed to
make u fast start. In the secoad
plnce, Coach Field "has not trained his
men succeeded In clearing all the
hurdles, falling almost completely on
the high bars.
Unfinished Events.
The meet will bo concluded this af
ternoon. Tho unfinished ovents are
long distance runs, including 880-yard
and mide runs, discus, and relay. En
tries will bo nccepted for these ovents,
although late entries do not offer
much opportunity of landing -a place
in tho meet.' Thus far, Russell has tho
ICad In number of points, havJngV0no
first and. ono second, while ft.lay holds
second position with a first and Third.
All in all, tho meet.wasfar from sat
isfactory, the men showing vory'pobr
form. It Is "believed, howover, that
they' will soon berlnvrenl varsity form
capable to successfully compete in
conference meets. tC ,Jf
Results. , , j , jlt
Tho resultB of tho meet 'up to Wte
are as follows: .
220-yard hurdles first, Power; ."sec
ond, Russell; third, Black. Time,
28 2-5 seconds.
120-yard hurdles-rFlrst, Russell;
second, Black; third, Llnstrum. Time,
18 seconds. '
100-yard dash First, May; second,
Brannon; third, Robertson. Time,,
10 3-5 seconds. v:, '
220-yard dash First, Christmas;
second, Reed; third, May. Time, 24
seconds. " '
440-yard dash First, Becker; sec
ond, Rico; third, Negeloy., Time 58
seconds. "'
delinquency Committee Requests Ten
Students to Withdraw.
The delinquency committee held" a
lengthy session Saturday and passed'
on the cases of forty-five students who
appeared before them. Most of. the
cases were found more. or less excus
able, but ten of the studentswere re
quested to withdraw from the univer
sity.. If these- do not withdraw they
will be suspended.
Tbo members of the junior play cast
are making arrangements for a dance
to be held at the Temple, Friday
evening; April '21.' ,
T -r-