The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, April 11, 1911, Image 3

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C. H. Frcy, florist, 1133 0 street.
Robert B. Vnnco Bnent SJnturdny and
Sunday nt his home in Crete.
Chapln Bros., Florists, 127 So. 13th.
Henry Melick, ex-'06, has Just re
turned to Lincoln from a tour abroad.
Capital Hotel Barber Shop 11 & P.
Vesper services will be continued"
regularly after the spring vacation.
R. O. Warde, barber, Woods, 1206 O.
Matilda Stegner, '13, left for Chi
cago last night.
Have your clothes pressed at Web
er's S'ultorlum, Elevonth and O. (I
Max Welmer visited in Lincoln last
Try a lunch at the Y. M. C. A. Spa,
13th and P streets.
Wade C. Wild of Minnesota is visit
ing at the Sigma Nu houae.
Hiltnor Bros., Florists, 118 So. 12th
St. Phones Auto 1894, Boll 330. Palms
and choice 'flowers of all kinds.
The Spikes will hold an informal
dancing party in WalBh hall Wednes
day evening, April 12.
Havo your fingers mnnicured after
dandelion day,, Lincoln Barber Shop.
Merte Wilson and William Burley,
alumni of Nebraska, visited nt the
Beta Thota PI house Thursday.
Green's Sanitary Barber Shop, 120
No. 11th.
Oscar Weaver, Alpha Theta Chi,
who was operated on for appendicitis,
is reported a getting along nicely. '
George Bros., 218 South Thirteenth
6treet, Printers. Calling Cards, In
vites and Programs.
William Collings and Cal Taylor
were in Lincoln to nttond the district
convention of Beta Theta PI.
Senior pins a . University Book
Store. ' 115-10t
In the interfratornlty series yester
day, Delta Tau Delta defeated Beta
Theta Pi after a closely contested
game by a score of 9 to 8.
Peanuts are in demand, according
to the Y. W. C. A. girls, who conduct
ed a sale on the campus Friday. They
were sold out entirely by noon and an
other sale will be held soon to satisfy
the popular taste.
New things for East
er in Hats, Shirts,
Vests arid Ties.
William Guldlnger was at Red Cloud
over Saturday, where ho acted In the
capacity of soloist at a union meet
ing held at that place.
H, W. Kendall, state secretary of
the Y. M. C. A. and acting secretary
of the association at tho university,
will spend a week inspecting tho asso
ciations at various colleges around tho
Mrs. WHlard Kimball gave a buffet
tea Saturday afternoon for Alpha Chi
Omega sorority. Mrs. Kimball was
assisted by the patronesses of tho
Bororlty, -Mrs. J. F. Stevens and Mrs.
Lillian Helms, and by the chaporone,
Mrs. A. G. Blllmoyer. Tho decorations
wore In green and white.
Antelope Last
.They're good ones
. Donft pass 'em up
Cub Last
Studonts wanting to wait table or
wash dishes for board, clerk after
noons and Saturdays, apply at Y. M.
C. A. employment bureau.
The March number of the Plant
World contnins an article by the late
Prof. F. Phillips. It is entitled, "Coni
fers Witho'ut NormuU Whorls," and is
a discussion of the known cases of
branchless trees.
Ted Marrlner cleaner, dyer, and
hatter, 235. No. 11th St. Auto 4876,
Bell-1609, : - '
W. H. Mnst of the TJnited States for
est service, who is giving a series of
lectures to the students of the forestry
department, addressed the Forestry
club last evening on the "Selection of
a Forest Nursery Site."
Miss Katherlne Kimball, student
with Prof. Robert W. Stevens, will
give a recital for graduation tonight
at the Temple theater. Orchestral
parts on the second piano will bo
taken by Professor Stevens.
Learn touch typewriting without
going to commercial school. Wo fur
nish University students with a com
plete course in touch typewriting and
rent you any make of typewriter, three
months for $6.00. Lincoln Typewriter
Exchange, 1406 O street. tf
The freshman class Ivy day commit
tee has been appointed by President
Earl Bronnon. Carl Nagl is chairman
of the committee nnd the members or
his committee are as follows: Hazel
Thompson, Hazel 'Mann, Luetic Reeder,
Helen Blish, Eva Lambert, Leon
Haines, C. Trimble, C. Reynolds; L. R.
Robinson and C. Shively.
Dr. Bessey has received the proof
of an address that he delivered boforo
the American Association for the Ad
vancement of Science at Its last meet
ing In Mlnneapqlls. The address was
upon botanical teaching, and .was a
- . ,.. i . l ii - - - . S.- -
dlBcusBlbn of the reasons why there
is such a dearth of teachers for bot
any work.
ThlB evening from 5 to 5:45, Rev.
1J. II. Harmon will give his second ad
dress on the Passion Play at the Y.
W. C. A. rooms. Rev. Harmon will
talk on the play and will go into detail
concerning tho settings and choroct-
terB In the play. Rev. Harmon recent
ly lectured on the land about Ober and his talk was yjoll at-
1 325 O STREET
tended and much appreciated by those
who heard him. The women of the
University aro cordially Invited to at
tend. It rather IooIcb liko T. N. E. would
becomo a factor In tho athletic board
elections again thiB spring. One thing
is evident, and that is that tho losing
of the name plate doos not put tho dog
out of existence. Tho Influence of
T. N. E. may still bo folt and the talk
about Bonding In tho chartor a year
ago doos not help matters. Tho only
courso open Ib to vole against T, N. E.
If the students will Btand together aifd
hght T. N. E. to tho finish, tho potency
of the organization will bo diminished
Tramp Last
Classified Column
Advertisements for this column
should be left at the business office,
basement Administration building, be
tween 1 1a. m. and 12 m., or between
2 p, m. and 5 p. m.
Wc-nt ads will positively not be In
serted unless paid In advance, at the
rate of 10 cents per Insertion for
every fifteen words or fraction there-
Tjf-fon-tnr first insertion;- three Inser
tions 25 cents; five Insertions 40 cents.
'For Sale A good kitchen range;
nearly now; cheap. See Nebraskan
manager. tf
Wanted Several first class sales
men to sell groceries and supplies to
farmers, ranchers and largo consum
ers. New money mnklng proposition.
F. L. McCluro & Co., Sioux City, la.
Wanted to Buy 'Old gold and silver
jewelry. C. F. Spain & Co., upstairs,
138 No. 12th St. tf
Lost Jeweled Sigma Alpha Epsllon
fraternity pin. Finder call Auto 1C54.
Reward. 122-3t
Lost Political Economy 40, port
folio noto book, without a name dn It.
Finder please return to Rag office.
A rb o u t-Y- our
Spring Duds
It's high time you fellows gavo
this clothes question a serious
thought your old winter suit is
beginning to look mighty care
worn. Will you have your suit handed
down from a pile of a dozon Just
like It suits made up months
ago or will you havo a suit
made tb conform to your Indi
vidual 'Ideas and tastes made
to fit you alone?
Wo are actually making real
tailored clothes for ten dollars
less than the kind Bold over the
counter called "Just as good as
a tailor-made."
Our shop Is filled with the new
est ideas In woolens grays and
browns predominate 15 min
utes here will post you on the .
noty things and there- is but
Your Spring
Suit Tailored AS
You Order It
Imitators Flatter Us
"Feathers Do Not Make
the Bird"
but they help him to make
a good impression.
Kensington clothes may not
make you but wear them
and you'll make a good im
pression. They're made from all-wool
fabrics, carefully selected.
They ero stylishly built with
a view to permanent shapli
noss. $20.00 to $40.00.
1109 O Street
Oliver Theatre
25c to $1.50
Murray Lane
Valleclta's Leopards
Bessie Bown Rlcker
Neff and Starr
Rogers and Hart ,
Lawrence and Edwards
Lawson and Namon
Mats. 15c and 25c
Evenings 15c, 25c, 35c and 50c
Beginning Mot. Evening April 10
Every Eve, 8:30 15c, 25c,35c, 50c
Mats., Wed. and 8at. 15c and 25c
Herpolsheimer's Gaft
"Dinner J J :30 to 1:30 AEA
Supper 5:30 tu 7:30 CDQ
Htt Waflis with MaiU Syrup I0t
rHoa TTr Before -Ordering- -Elsewhe-
Programs, Menus, Announce
ment, Stationery, Booklets
123-100 No 14th St. ''J
lO.O Street.
133 South 13th St.