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Xlbe Dailfkbraskan
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VolX. No. 122
Price 5 Cents.
imbers 8pend Joyous
Evenlna'Whlch Lasts Well Into
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the Morning Hours.
Although reported to havo boon
dead for a year, twenty-six mombors
of Thota Nu EpBiJon, which includod
manyjfcalumni o tho unlvorsfty. mot
in tho basemont of tho Lincoln hotol
Thursday night and hold a joyous ban
quet, which lasted until tho early
hours of tho morning. Nothing fur
ther than that a rouBing good time
was had could bolearned of tho pro
ceedings. "While there has always boon con
siderable mystery surrounding tho
T. N. B., tho mystery has bocome more
profound during tho past yoar than
ever before. Though It is strictly a
socrot organization, things woro car
ried on in a more bold mannor here
tofore. . There haB always boon a
great deal of feeling against it and
tho agitation led to tho announcement
tast sprlngthaClho local chapter Tiad
boon sent in, and tho newB waB spread
that Thota Nu Epsilon was no more at
Never Dissolved.
Since that timo little has boon hoard
from It and many boliovod that tho
disbanding had actually taken placo.
But thero havo boon several things
that have only confirmed tho sus
picions of others who supposed tho
dissolution was only a blind and that
tho, organization oxistod as strong as
over. Rumors have boon current sev
eral times that rogular meotlngs woro
being-hold, but nothing could bo ob
tained to confirm tho roports.
Its Influence.
The influence of tho T, N. E. has
boon most folt in tho athlotlc elec
tions, and tho 'banquet Thursday
night Is taken as significant of some
future action on their part In tho elec
tion to bo hold tho second Monday in
May. Since alumni are no longer per
mitted to vote for tho student mem
bers tf tho board, but havo the prlvl-
ogo of olocting a member of their
own, tho influence of tho T. N.'E.'s has
not boon so pronounced. Nevertheless,
their candidates quietly appear as
usual with no indications of tho ma
chine which backs them. All the In-
fluenco possible is brought to bear in
order to elect these mon. But tho old
days of getting all the graduates, to
como to tho university and voto for
tho T. N. E. has boon dono away with
in a groat measure.
Attitude of University.
Tho attitude of tho university stu
dents at the present time sooms to bo
strongly antagonistic to tho secret or
'ganizatlon. It was stated by some
Vestordaythat an attempt would bo
;tnade to And out tho-men who are af-,
filiated with tho club and start an ac
tive campaign for their defeat. Qjie'
rif the leaders 61 tho movement stated
"that ho: had' in his possession almost
enough information a te present
itimo'to.ahqw "who wore andhofwore
rof ThAin. Nu EDsiloria.'L The iniec-
ll ,- , . - - W . i
(f- ,., .L. ? NOT HA&D TO MOVC ) " W
y IN CAMPU TAKH '-'v- " I
Ktl HWl u MAtU Micur Vl v" J nxAyvi'
Dean Hastings and Professors Fling
and Caldwell Will Judge the
Forensic Contest.
Women of Lincoln Out After- Coin to
Erect Public Institution.
Tho pcoplo of Lincoln are to havo a
public hospital if tho canvass of today
is a success, and from all appearances
it wjll bo even, more thaa'just a. auc
cosb. A public'hoapital has long been
needed in Lincoln. Public sdhtiment
has awakened to tho realization and
tho now institution will bo built with
in tho next year.
It Is not probablo that university
people, will bo cornered and all urged
to take a share in tho stock of tho
hoBpltal, but in the general canvass of
oday an attempt will bo mado to sell
a sharo to each house in Lincoln, fra
ternity houses Included. A number of
students and faculty mombors havo
already contributed to tho fund.
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JHnn..nfrihla element into the athlotlc
nTaetftn nromlses' to jnake it xnorcex-
oltiwf. JniereBtlng 'UW3 ty
usualem1 iAJ ' ' ' r
Tree Planting Time Has Come on Ne
braska Campus.
Workmen havo boon busy for tho
past month turning sod, planting grass
seed, sotting out shrubs and grading
ugly corners on tho campus. Small
patches of shrubbery are bolng put in
at a dozen or more places and an en
ergetic campaign Is on to make tho
city campus a more beautiful spot.
YeBterday some young trees and
shrubB woro planted at the west and
south of tho Administration building.
Tho tulips are showing up in spite of
tho cold weather and all seems to bo
In readinoss for a warm spell. Tho
landscape gardener is' determined that
tho city campus bo mado a real bffauty
Bpot of Nebraska. A number of trees
havo been set out near tho Engineer
ing building and at other places where
tho campus has seemed to bo barren:
Board Grants Credit for Work on Blue
Print and Agriculture.
Tho student publication board hold
a meeting Friday afternoon at 6
o'clock at which timo it was voted to
Lrecognlzo tho J31uaPr.Jnt.iind. givalhe
editor-in-chief credit for his work.
This position is now hold by 0. A.
Bennett. Tho organization of a staff
for the Agriculture, which is tho
monthly publication of tho agricul
tural students and was this year
turned over to them by Professor
DavidBon, was alBo recognized and
credit voted to tho mombors of tho
staff. At tho present time H. J. Gram
lich is the editor and O. Liobers asso
ciate, with W. O. Forbes as business
manager. The roport that tho board
was to appoint a' committee to revise
tho rules so as to provent under class
men from serving on tho staff of tho
Daily Nobraskan is unfounded. There
has been como little agitation for such
a measuro, but It has never been
called to tho attention of tho board.
Next Tuesday is Phi Bota Kappa,
day. Tho honors for thoso who havo
boon most dillgont in tho pursuanco
of thoir lossons will bo announced.
Tho reading of tho Phi Bota Kappa
oloctions will bo followod by tho list
of thoBo honored by tho law fraternity,'
Thota Kappa Nu. Tho othor oxoroisoa
of tho day will include tho dobato for
tho championship of tho univorslty
Tho senior dobating team will bo
pitted against tho sophomoro trio.
Great intorost is boing shown In this
championship contost, and both toamB
are working their material into flno
shape. Tho senior team is composed
of J. B. Lawronco, W. T. Wolvlngton
and A. M. Haro. H. B. English, 0. S.
Radcllffo and G. It. Mann will ropro-
Bont tho second yoar class.
Judges of Debate.
Prof. Miller M. Fogg Is to presldo
over the debate. Tho Judges havo
boon piokod by tho interclass debating
board and aro as follows: Doan W. G.
Hastings, Prof. F. M. Fling and Prof.
H. W. Caldwell. Tho dobato will
probably bo hold at 10 o'clock Tuos
day, all classes being excused at thdt
hour. No definite announcomont,
however, has boon mado.
Regarding tho chancos of tho two
teams in the championship dobato-no
forecasts aro boing mndo. Both
teams aro strong. All of tho men on
tho senior team havo been prominent
dobators both in tho university and in
thoir high school days'. They aro
strong upper classmen and by all odds
should put up a forceful . argument'
Tho sophomores, on tho othor hand,
are full of tho spirit of competition,
and though younger in tho university
aro going in to win. This dobato will
undoubtedly bring out a largo crowd.
Power's Proteges Soar to Victory and
Get Unanimous Verdict.
Seward high school put up a strong
argument last night in the dobato with
tho Nebraska high school, but thoir
work proved to bo all in vain when
tho judges handed down a decision of
unanimous approval for their op
ponents. The Temple team, composed .of
Winifred Whlttaker, Herbert Priest
and Charles Thompson, had for sev
eral weeks boon under tho coaching of
J. R. Power, a prominent member of
tho junior law class of the univorslty.
This contest was the second round in
tho district championship argument.
The Dramatic Club
s Presents
'Cnrisoplerf Junior
. i
Swedish Toasts and 8ongs Afford
Plenty of Entertainment
The Tegner society banqueted at tho
LIndell hotel Thursday evening and
spent a few pleasant hours recounting
tho oxperionces of tho past Mr, Os
car W. Sjogren riorved as toastmaster,
introducing each speaker by means of
an appropriate anecdote. Tho follow
ing toasts woro responded to: -r'.
"The T,pgnor as I Know It'-' Miss
Vorna Coleman. t . '
"Fundorlngar," Prof. J. E.( A. Alexis. .
"I gar, 1 dag, 1 raorgon," Miss TJHIe
C. Anderborry. . : .
"Politlkussar och andra bussar'-.T ".:.
C. J, Warner.
"Kokots betydelse" (with recipes),
Miss Amy Bern.
Remarks (wit and humor), Prof. C.
0. Engborg. ,
Retrospect Dr. Anderson.
The final numbers consisted in the
singing of ."Sjungom studentens
lyckliga dar" and giving the univer
sity yell, whereupon the members, of,
the Tegner bade each other god
woujd afford a delightful memory in
years to come. - - - j -
v- m tyS, tzf
, -. -