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TEbe 2alv IFtebtrashan
,,, 4,
Vol. X. No. 120
5 Cwtf.
winnTrs arjKstill IN DOlM
BitteivRght Belna Waned for-Manan-
ing Editor and Grave Seniors
Lend a Hand.
chief of the Chndron high school pa
per, a member of clasB basketball
iejun ami president of theclasB of 1913
second semester of freshman year.
Professor Mays Tells of Plan by
Which Much Is Accomplished.
Some of IiIb experiences as a tench-
At 11:30 this morning jn Memorial,
hall the class of 1913 will settle Its
last political struggle of the year. The
Cornhusker candidates and their
friends have been busy canvassing
votes during the week and the out
come Is doubtful. In some cases the
activity has been so strong that even
upper classmen have been lending
their support to some of the candi
dates, and It was no uncommon thing
yesterday to see a grave -senior en
gaged In Intense argument with a
sophomore voter.
Mucti! Electlon6er'ing
The campaign for business manager
has been less strenuous than for the
managing editor. Nevertheless both
men have been far from Inactive nnd
-last-night- neither. was-.willing-to.-glv.
outf any statement as to what the re
sult would be, except to assert that It
would be no walk-away for anybody.
Campaigning has nover been of such
a strenuous 'nature as that of the pnet
few days. The politicians seemed' to
pair off and go by twos to catch the
sophomore who did not care to be
bothered with questions regarding his
vote. Because of this formidable or
ganization the doors and halls of the
buildings were frequently blocked by.
thoBp who found a slight opportunity
to eSctol the virtues' of their favorite
Ralph C. Sweeley and Dean D. Mc
Brlen are candidates for the position
of managing editor.
R. C. Sweeley.
Ralph C Sweeley, Alpha Theta Chi,
Omaha high school, '07, Is an
academic. Athletic editor of the Ne-
braskun one semester, member of the
students publication board und of the
Cornhusker and Nebrnskan auditing
committees of the same organization,
chairman of class Corrihuslter commit
tee appointed by the class president.
In high schol he was class editor of
"The Register."
D. D. McBrlen.
Dean II. McBrien, Kappa Tau Epsl
lon, Platform club, Lincoln high school
'09, is an academic. In Lincoln high,
school he was assistant editor of the
"Advocate." Freshman year in the
universltj member of lnterclass de
bating board, class secretary, class
historian for 1910 Cornhusker Sopho
more year member of class Cornbus
kor committee, class historian for 1911
Cornhusker and sophomore class rep
resentative onthe Cornhusker staff,
by appointment of the editor-in-chief.
The candidates for business man
ager are Joe M. Fitzgerald and Harry
J. M. Ftzgerald.
Joe M. Fitzgerald, Phi Delta Theta,
Kearney high Bchool, '10, is .a first
vear law.c Inhls3uriior year at KeaP
noy-' high school he was business man
ager of the Kearney lilgirsT5tf50l-aTin
nual book and m bis Senior year wos
editor of the same book". .
H. B. Coffee. '
a Harry B. Coffee, Alpha Tau Omega,
Platform club, Chadron high, school, is
er and how ho endeavored to InBplro
his pupils was the subBtnnce of a large
part of Prof. V. G. Mays' talk at the
mid-week meeting at the Y. M. C. A.
last evening. Professor Mays told
how he always tried to get hiB pupils
to realize that their efforts wore for
their own good, and by following this
plan, he found that they could ac
complish mitoh more. His address was
interesting and heard by a largo au
dience. .Many who Intend to take up
teaching found his remarks decidedly
"helpful. Professor Mays Is principal
of the Lincoln high school. The sub-,
ject of his talk was "Advantages of
the Teachers' Profession."
Song Recital in Memorial Hall at 11
O'clock This Morning.
Mrs. Lillian Helms will give u re
cital at convocation In .Memorial hall
this morning. Shu Iuih n rich soprano
voice nnd has appeared before tmlvt
slty audiences on numerous occasions.
MIbb Ivoulsc Zumwlnkel Ih the '
Tompanistr-ou the piano. J'8ongs nf
Spring" is the title of the program.
which follows:
The World Is Full of April
A Little Maiden IjOVoh a Hoy....
Twos April. Novln
When I Awoke Wright
Swestcrleln ((Ionium Folk Song)
The Nightingale (Russian Folk
Song) Alnhlcff
A Countryman's Love Song......
A Song of Sunshine Thomas
bflMlitt n TmCfWr
Bj f AeSf
Tlie sojrffle"y(SBtGrday-nfrernoon-nB-
discussing appropriations, but did not
get so fnr as to put In an item for
university maintenance. This can be
done when the bill Is further consid
ered. The house by a clogo vote yesterday
killed a motion to reconsider their ac
tion on the Carnegie teachers' , fund.
A spirited contest was engaged in,.
but the motion lost by a majority of
live or six. '
Senator Tibbets' resolution against
the university extension department
passed the scuato yesterday afternoon
by a vote of 18 to 14. Senator Tib
bets has long had a grudge ugainst
this department, and his resolution
demanded that no funds be spent for
its support.
Tibbets said the department was not
producing results, and it only afford
ed an opportunity for political speak
ers to spread political doctrines.
Other senators argued differently, but
the resolution prevailed.
As the date for Introducing bills
had passed, Tibbets Introduced his mo
tion as a joint resolution, and it will
have no final effect, only In so far as
It records the sentiment of tho legislators.
"Mr. Bob" Is Full of Fun and Should
Appeal to Lovers of Cats.
MIbb Alpha Warton, who Is coaching
the Temple high school senior class
play, is also coaching the Unions, who
will put on "Mr. Bob" nt the Temple
tomorrow nigh tr- HBBWarton-4-a--tTr-thIr uhUuihIij
IJiumiiiaiu iueuiuer ui mc unmimir
club, and has a part In the play that
will be presented Saturday night.
Dally rehearsals have been held for
some time. "Mr. Bob" Is full of fun,
und will appeal especially to old ninldB
who arc fond of catB.
fm nt kst lust mm
Mernlng Entertainment at the City
Campus Will Be Free Glee
Chid May ting.
Several new features IM he tnfcot
cd into the Ivy day jrogr.M Ibis yrr
Wednesday. .May X baa Item M-t aid
for the relehratkiu and -no elan wHi
he held during lli? entire day T
committee has Iwen tnakinx MFutixe
merits for the detail of lb prugraai
and has Ii work 4lHSHlrf-iy-
Thc morning Hotbrain wilt ft IwjW
on the rlty campus and wH4 be ?!
I to everyone without Tb- ftm
iiuiiiber will le the titular 4 ih
elass song, which will prutatl tmr
formed by the lee i-lak 'fben tfee
Ivy duy oration will be dltrwfed ajr
J. T Vutava, and the elaaa m HI
hen-cad by tho author who tut eK y
been nppolnted by the rwMtit f sb
seHlor I'laaa. Tliia HI hr MkWfd
by the prerentaiioti of ibe rku& $4H
ttLUI)-C8 iMU.a w
he snmethlnR worth while and Mfrli
Lecture on Passion Play Itself
Next Tuesday.
Rev. II. H. Harmon's talk on tho
Passion Play, which he gave Tuesdny
evening In the Y. W. C. A. rooms, at
the Temple, was oxtremely Interest
ing as well as Instructive. Ilov. IlHr
mon talked about the general sur
roundings and sotting of the piny, nnd
having been a spectator nt tho pro
duction lately In Oberammcrgau, he
was able to give a vivid description
of the country. He will lecture again
Tuesday, April 11, on tho play Itself.
W. H.Mast of the Government Service
Teaches Forestry Students. '
.;VVT, tl, ;Iast,of the. government for
estry service Is In Lincoln giving a
qourse of lectures for the forestry stu-
xlents. It has been a yearly practice
of the forestry. department to secure
experts from the government, service
to como here, fresh from the field, and
give lectures to the department; This
plan is said t6 have been, productive
of satisfactory results. Mr.- Mast has
been working most recently in the
government preserve near Gunnison,
He wb edUbr-ln
Addresses by Richard Phillips and
W. F. Mast Interesting.
The regular meetjng of tho Forest
club was held last evening, lllchard
Phillips, one, of the" party of students
who regently spent a month investi
gating lumber conditions in the lake
states, gqve an address on "lagging
In Wisconsin." W. P. Mast, who Is
connected with, the United States for
est service, also spoke on "Red Cedar
for Pencil Wood in Florida,"
will remain long to u-mlad- rMtaK
generations of the xrallttide of I4it
for her alma mater
In Farmer. Yrs.
List year the lights wfehrk wtm It
luinlne the entrance to ll llSrarjj
were donated. In 1909 lb rH &
stated of the fountain bHwrrn kf
Administration building and t
library; In 1MK, the statue of I-bv
theiiea In the Teiujde; i 1H7. &
sun dial; nnd In l!rtrfi, a tn M-al,
The gift will probably be firriwtitejfcjr
the chairman of 'the: sift rwmailtte
and accepted tm Iiehalf of tb ttalrer
slty by Chanrellor Avery,
Plantlnf the Ivy.
The planting of the Ivy betide ,ne
of tho new- buIMInga by i'rtti&tnt
Ambcrson and the sevtor vIasa will
thep follow- The last eieat of tie
morning will Ite the Maypole danre
by the Henlor girls, whirh is mf of"
tho most impressive happrnlngs of fb
day. The daisy ehaln which was in
troduced last year will be ued again
this sprlHg.
At 2 o'clock In the afterooo the
students will again asaewMe -at tk
stale farm. Ah athietie meet betweM
the four classes wlH be beW fkt imi
the winners H"eented kM the brg
trophy CHp which wm wmi by tb
freshmeR last year. TM hM b fid
lowed by the aanl baseWM mjm
botween the Iron flpbtn ad tie
An Important meeting of the mem
ber of the senior and junior lyy day
committees will be held Thursday
morning at 1t o'clock.
C. J. LORb,
--" '"" " Chairman.
Research Work by Prof. F. O. Barker
Is Highly Complimented.
In a recent number of tho "Archives
de Parlsitologle," published in Paris
and the leading periodical of the world
In'the field of parasitology, Professor
Blanchard, a helmlntohologlst of In- tne absence el CheneeHer Avery.
Promptly at 5 eVIeck the new leeo.
cents will be annewnecd frees n dn
form which will be erected beefcte
of the bHlldingi. Ne ee fcnewe wtbe
Is to be seleeted, awlthe neHve
cents, garbed In thetr red newM
large hoods, meve abewt thpangh 4e
throng and take ene by e
teen chosen Jnnlers ad tend
the platform. An adroes win
be made by an Innsaant
Professor Keeeier seehe leet year m
In a highly complimentary way to a
recent piece, of research from the
zoological laboratory of the University
of Nebraska, done by .Dr. FD, Barker
and soon to be published In the
Archives. ' '
Ing tho engagement.
At alWHt 8 e'eleek ktneh m be
served to .all these prsssnt a4 a
cert by the bend W be Hive
sTlAniLsmsBBBdl Ml VbnaUI 4
. 1
a first year law.