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    XLbc Bail IFlebtasKan
Vol.X. No. 80
Price 5 Cents.
T.hreeMcn In Upper, Two In Lower,
Seek Honors Candidates All
Prominent Sophomores
Are Dignified.
Today the grnnd finale of tlic fierc
est political battle ever fought at the
university will be presented In Memo
rial hall by n picked cast from the
chits of 11)11. The curtain will riBe
at 11:150. Never, in the history of the
university, has a fiercer fight been
waged In a senior cUibb. The electioneering-
of last year was far from
quiet, but the calls of the office seek
ers (luring- the past few weeks have
rivaled all ttaoBO of former years.
Muddy at Times.
The three candidates for the presi
dency of the Benior class have beon
working hard. Their frlendB also
have been carrying on a buttonhole
campaign of a strenuous nature.
Harry Hathaway. A. H. Amberson
and Yale Holland, the three aspirants
for-leadership, have been shaking
hands nt a lively rate for the past few
days. The campaign ' has not been
without a large amount of mud-sling-lng.
Slimy black mud has been
hurled back nnd forth from one cam
paign committee to another. It has
been strictly1 a personal campaign.
The Three Possibilities.
A. B. Amberson, who hallB from
Superior, has- been prominent in class
and school athletics. He has been a
member of victorious track and cross
country teams. He is a member of
the Innocents.
Harry Hathaway, who was the next
candidate to enter the field, Is a mem
ber of Delta Upallon fraternity, is one
of the founders of the Plutform. club,
and has been prominent In class af
fairs. He was master of ceremonies
for the junior formal last year.
Yale Holland of Lincoln was placed
in the race by the- senior laws. He It
just finishing six years or life in the
university, and is a member of the
Dramatic club nml-of Sigma- Chi fra
ternity. He' is widely known in uni
versity circles.
And with this election the curtain
will fall on the last of a glorious
political history. It will be the Inst
scene of the fiercest drama ever pre
sented by the elnss of 1011.
Sophs Elect Today.
C. F. Phillips and It. K. Ammerman
will bo sized up at today's meeting
of the second" year class. Ono of them
will bo selected by the elnsB. The
cnmpalgn in the- sophomore class has
been a quiet, dignified affair, as com
pared to that of the seniors,
Phillips is a Beatrice man. He has
been one of the foremost workers .in
Ills claEB. He was chairman of the
Olympic committee, is at' present
chnlrimih of the committee oir ar
rangements for the freshnmn-sopho-more
indoor athletic contest, and a
member of the Dolta Chi fraternity
nnd of the Platform elub.
Ammorrann is a graduate of tho St.
Jqseph, Mv, high school. He is a
member of Phi Gamma Delta' frntern-
T4tyI7-and-of'.Ph'l-tDelfa Plil, the hniy.
oraray lny fraternity.
' -Meet In Temple.
' President Soars has announced that
The results of the athletic board
meeting Tuesday evening are still a
Bource or much student gossip. That
the reconnuondation of the eojumlttec
was in many ways a surprise to the
student body is apparent from tho
character of most of the comments.
Since the recommendation of six men
for the all-year-round coach has been
made, nnd since the conch will in all
'.probability be selected from this sub
mitted list, it Is interesting to take a
short reBumc or the records or each
or these men and see at least some
or the qualities or the prospective
S. S. Metzger.
Graduated f.rom tho University of
Pennsylvania in 1004. Played on the
Pennsylvania football team in lflOl.
11)02 nnd 11)0.1. serving as captain or
the team In 100.'. In 11)07 Mr. Metz
ger coached the University of Penn
sylvania freshman team, developing
nn intercollegiate championship
eleven In this clnss. In 1008 ho wiih
field coach of hte Pennsylvania varslt
team, which won the eastern Intercol
legiate championship. Re-elected to
-UU& noslUuU Ton-thc PeaHpp ,of li)Qj),
but resigned to enter business. Was
a sprinter and hurdler on tho Univer
sity or Pennsylvania track team.
John Marks.
Graduate or Dartmouth college.
Played halfbark and fullback on the
Minneapolis high school football team
for four years, captaining the tonni
In his senior ear. Was a track athlete
competing In the hurdles. BprlntB and
broad Jump, captain of the team in
his junior and senior years. He played
fullback for three years on the Dart
mouth varsity. At Dartmouth he took
part in the sprints, broad. Jump, shot
put and discus. Last year was foot
ball coach at St. Viator college.
C. C. Chllds.
Graduates from Yale university this
coming .lune. Before going to Yale
was a student at Kenyon college.
Ohio, where be wns a member of the
football, track and basketball teams.
In glee and mandolin cluba, and vari
ous other organization. Been a stu
dent at Yale university for three
enrs. Member of the Yalo football
team for two years, being a utility
guard the past season. On the track
tfiimi. JiuLJina-Hpeelulizou partlcular4y
hr tho weight evonts. Member of the
Yale wrestling team and candldato for
the nrslty crew. '
E. O. Stlehm.
Graduate University of Wisconsin
f!M)8. Plajed on the Atkinson high
school championship football team in
l!)0:i and H0J. Wisconsin freshman
team 11)0.".. Wisconsin varsity 100(i-07-08
in the position or center. Mem
ber of the University or Wisconsin
basketball team Tor rour years.' usual
ly plajlhg tho losltlon or center. Com
peted on the Wisconsin track team
only ono year, and that In the weight
events. He Iuib had considerable ex
perience in baseball. In college year
or 1008-00 was director or athletics at
Atkinson high school. Atkinson, WIb.
100!t-l() director or athletics. Itlpon
college, Rlpon, WIb.
Edward L. Greene.
Prepared for college at Phillips
Exeter academy. Graduated from
University or Pennsylvania in 11)07.
Played right half on the University
or "PeimsylvnnUi teamUo-T. 11)05, 11)0(1
and 1007. serving as captain In 1000.
In track athletics he took part In the
broad Jump, hurdles and quarter mile
relay team, all this work under the
coaching of Mike Murphy. Had con
siderable experience as basketball
player, but never represented Univer
sity or Pennsylvania In this sport.
Played somi-prorcsBional baseball.
Coach in rootball at the North Caro
lina agricultural and meehnnicnl col
lege ror past two years. Turned out
tho Southern, Atlantic championship
team In 1010.
Z. G. Clevenger.
University or Indiana, played on
the rootball and baseball teams. Uni
versity or Indiana, 1000, 1001 and
lOOli. Graduate manager or athletics
University or .Indiana two years.
Gradunte or course in athletics Chau
tauqua school 6r physical, education.
Director or phjslcal training and nth
let Icb, Nebraska Wesleyan university
rour j ears.
the meeting will bo held at 1 1 : :t0
o'clock this morning In the Temple
theater. The Interclass contest com
mittee will report. After the Omaha
debate challenge hns been considered
the election will proceed, and the
fates will decide who is to wield tho
gavel during the Bemestor.
Omaha Engineer Talks to Engineer
ing 6ociety About Pavements.
Geo. W, Craig, city engineer of, Om
aha addressed the Engineering soci
ety last night on "Modern Street
He spoke of the history and de
velopment of pavements up to the
present day, and dealt in partlculai
with those used now, giving the meth
ods of conducting standard tests, man
ufacture, lnylng, maintenance and
life of thorn.
Dean Richards will -address the A.
T v.. re nnd A. S. M. E. In a Joint
meeting tonight on "Modern. Itefrig
orating Machinery" in roo?n M, E. 200.
This meeting is open to tho public
Lecture by Professor Hrbkova Will
Be Interesting.
A treat is in store for those who
are Interested in life .in foreign coun
tries, if they attend Professor Sarka
Hrbkovn's lecture at convocation thib
morning. Miss HrbkDViris head or
the department or Slavonic languages
and lor subject will ho "Bohemian
Lire." The lecture will bo Illustrated
by a set of Btereoptlcon slides, which
are said to ho very beautiful and life
like. ' -
(Special to the Nebraskan)
Columbia, Mo., Feb. 8. The
$ Nebraska basketball team went
M. down to defeat before Missouri $
tonight. The final score was '
39 to1 SB7"
8ophomorea Pick Relay Tteam Yea-
terday Try-outa for Charter
Day Contest to Be Held
Detailed preparations are now be
ing made Tor the anntuil Charter day
indoor atlilotlc meet. As previously
announced, this event Is to be strict
ly "open" to all students of tho unl
vetsltj which feature Is being Intro
duced for Hie flrflt time In the roe- .
ords of tlie school. BecniiBo or such
a qualification, the meet promises to
be one of the most succoBBful over
pulled off. especially so slnco it is
void or the former factional feeling
which pervaded the events.
To facilitate the work of the man
agement, individual students have
been appointed to encourage entries
and coach the participants, ono stu
dent being assigned to each event of
the meet. The appointments nro as
follows: A. May, sprints; R. M. Urn-
ham. pole vault and running hTgn
Jump; S. M. Collins, shot put; L. C.
Hummel, fence vault; G. Hansen,
high kick; G. H. Barnes, rope climb.
Tho relay race will be the only on
counter between the separato
classes. Each cIiibs nniHt select a rep
resentative team.
Try-outa Saturday.
All try-outs for the Charter day
meet will bo hold next Saturday after
noon 'at :i o'clock; All entries must
bo made by this time. The try-outs
will be held in order that tho numer- '
ous nppllcantB for athletic gl6rles may
bo sifted down to tho "select fow."
Consequently, all who contemplate en
gaging In the Charter day meet should
be present In the Armory Saturday.
Six contestants will bo permitted for
each event except tho sprint, witli
twelve legitimate entries.
Freshman-Sophomore Meet.
Tho fresliman-Bophomore indoor
athletic meet will be nulled off Satur
day night In the university armory.
Those who have been most prominent
In installing tills now feature in the
athletlcB of the school are becoming
discouraged on account of tho Inter
est manifested by the students of 'tho
respective classes. It is hoped, how
ever, that enough entries wfil bo
ihado by Saturday to Insure tho suc
cess of the moot. Since this Is a
new plnn or- testing the athletic abil
ity or tho two lower calsses,. and slnco
certain "frlondly" rlvnlry invariably is
entertained by tho members or both
clnsses, tho inauguration of tho Indoor
event was anticipated to bo tho solu
tion for tho settlement of these potty
differences. At the try-out for tho"
sophomore relay team held yesterday
noon very few were present, tho team
being selected (is follows; Jnrrot Ol
iver, G. Lzlcar, M. C. Ilargravo and
C, II. Worloy. The freshman relay
tcain has not beon selected.
Tliq English 'club f will meet with
MissesPound nnd cPhee-Snturdo-y-r-night
at the homo ot tho former, 10112
L street.