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XLbc SDailv IFlebrashan
Vol. X. No. 78
Price 5 Cents.
M x
A -
Plans fop Charter Day Meet Are Com
plete Will Be an Open Event
First Tryout Saturday
Things In athletic circles have In
deed been stirring of late. With the
departure of the . varsity basketball
team for a conference jaunt including
Ames, Kansas and Missouri; the an
nouncement that the annunl Charter
day Indoor nicety will be an "open"
event to all university students; and
the pent up Interest and expectancy
associated with the recommendation
of the committee appointed by the ath
letic board to investigate the quali
ties of the numerous applicants to the
position of all-year-round university
coach, which recommendation will
probably be made today, those ath
letically Inclined are prone to specu
late on the outcome of such a medley.
Basketball Conquest.
The varsity basketball team has un
dertaken one of the most severe con
quests of the year, consisting of a
series of three double-header engage
ments. Last night and tonight they
will be entertained by the Ames Ag
gies. Speculators on these game.B of
course give Nebraska the best of the
odds. Ames ought never to have been
allowed to "split-oven" with the Corn
huskers In their invasion of Nebraska,
and should not have done so had not
Hlltner been put out In the second
game. Now that Nebraska hnB taken
the Initiative, however, the chances for
a double annexation at Ames are fair
ly good. The "dope" on the Missouri
game Is not so favorable to the Mn
coin live, but nevertheless, It seems
highly probable tha.t the result can
not be worse than an oven break.
Charter Day Meet.
Definite plans have been made for
the annual Charter day meet. It will
be an 'o'pen" event; open In everj
sense of the word. All students In
any way affiliated with the unlverslt
are eligible for the try-out, this to In
clude state farm students and specials
The amateur standing will be the only
requisite to athletic aspirants.
' A try-out for this event will be held
next Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
All who anticipate entering for the
contest on the must first appear
at the try-out and pass through the
sifting propess. Since there are so
many entries for the "open" evont,
those ofllclatlng have deemed It advis
able to cut out all but the six host in
all events except the sprint, the lat
ter to be limited to eight. No chnnge
of shift will be made after Saturday In
the entries.
Ail-Year-Round Coach.
'So ihuch has been said and pub
lished recently concerning the selec
tion of the university all-year-round
athletic coach, so little of which has
been official, that it Is Interesting to
note the actual conditions as they now
appear. At the Instance of theunlver-
-ffIty-TTthjfH't-'""wV n-f-nmmUtPQ was
appointed somo time ago to Investi
gate the, applicants to the position ' in
question and t to recommend to the
board one or more of these gontlemon.
"Whero's vour tag?" "Do you take
the-ItagT ,4You ought-to-slgn. a card
You signed one, you say? Tlion
show your tag. What, you dldnftt get
one? Well, you better just sign up
now and be done with It, for you'll
get stung again soon." And the col
lege man signed up.
During the Dally Nebraskan bum
schlption campaign the Silver Serpents
tempted the students while the Black
.Mnsk robbed them in an extraordinary
manner, known only to the experi
enced maid of the mask. The Silver
Serpents solicited in tlie armory dur
ing registration week and during the
same days the Black Masks played the
hold-up game in the registrar's of
fice. Although several scores of new sub
scriptions were added to the list, many
others were simply renewals of the
old subscribers. The business man
ager had a dream last week. He
dreamed thut every man and woman
In the university came down to the
ofllce nnd subscribed, but when he
looked over the list yesterday, a great
rrerrlnMoii eamt to him. -.several
prominent students' names were not
The Dally Nebrnskan's campaign,
for subserli.tions was some Binall sue
corb. A number of upper clasBinen,
who had never before taken tln,pti
per. were added fo the list or the elect.
Not all of the old tlmerB .have yet
come around, but the campaign for
subscriptions is not over, and there 1b
still, time.
Several came Into the olllco yeBtcr
day with heavy hearts and asked If
they could do their duty by signing
up "They didn't get me." wild one or
the young ladles, "but I want to take
the paper again this flemoster." It did
not take long to make out a receipt
for the dollar. Another university girl,
was happy.
The campaign is not yet over. The
business manager Is still receiving
subscriptions. Evory member of the
staff has a receipt book In IiIh pocket,
and all are on the lookout. The larger
the list grows, the better the paper
will be thlB semester. Every loyal
university student Is being urged to
and take the
Is urging all
students to subscribe. Ho recently
said. "I strongly urge every student to
subscribe for the Nebraskan. It Ib our
best medium for fCTfciritrg the BtudenH
body with university and class an
get in the band wagon 11
"Hag." Chancellor Avery
In all. the committee Investigated be
tween thirty nnd forty applicants. Af
ter no little consideration, the number
of desirable men was sifted down to
five. As a consequence of a meeting
hold Inst Saturday, however, a defi
nite report, has been unanimously
adopted by the committee members,
which will be presonted to the ath
letic board at the official meeting to
nlgh.t The contents of this report nre
unknown to all save the board mem
bers, and remarks relative to this ' ec
ommendntion thus far can not bo sub
stantiated, in all probability the rec
ommendation of the committee will be
ratified bv the board, in which case
those Interested will be able to con
jecture Bomowhat accurately concern
ing the probable all- ear-round coach.
Awards Based on Recommendations of
Miss Alice Ensign, adviser or wo
men, has received the following letter
from the president's ofllce at Bryn
Mawr college:
"Bryn Mawr college offers annually
one resident fellowship of the value of
$70, twolve resident fellowships of
Uhe value of $."2i. a graduate scholar
ship In political theory of the value or
$250 and eighteen graduate scholar
ships or the value or $200. Tn award
ing these fellowships and scholarships
the recommendations of professors
with whom candidates liave studied
and any indications the candidates
have given of future success in acad
emic work are considered."
Any women desiring further Infor
mation cttn see Miss Ensign.
last night under the auspices of A. S.
M. E. and A. I. E. E. Over 1100 people
crowded Into the physics lecture room
to hear the discussion. Many town
folka attended the lecture.
Some very beautiful experiments
were performed to show tho greatness
of olectrfclty. The explanations were
made so simple that all could under
stand. One experiment was the light
ing of gas from a jot by means of Ice
and electricity. Tho beautiful colored
light experiments were loudly praised.
On Thureday night Dean Richards
will lecture on "Refrigerating Machin
es." This lecture, which will also be
given under tho auspices of the A S.
M. E. and A. I. E. E., will be hold In
the mechanical engineering building.
Prof, Skinner Lectures to a Crowded
House Most Spectacular
Prof. C, A. Skinner delivered a most
interesting lecturo on "Electricity"
Missouri Y. M. C. A. Secretary Visits
Nebraska to Look Over
Tho board of directors of the unlvor
slt.y Y. M. C. A. Is considering men for
fhe position of genoral secretary of
tho association left vacant by the re
cont resignation of Secretary J. L.
Dor KInderen. Several college men of
the 'middle west are under considera
tion at the present time.
Yesterday Mr, L. R. Klllam, assist
nnt secretary at Missouri university,
was In Lincoln looking over tho Ne
braska situation. Mr. Klllam is a na
tive of Missouri. He received his col
lege education nl Brown university,
Providence, Rhode Islnnd. Klllam has
been at Missouri university the past
vear working on his master's degreo
and In addition acting as assistant sec
retary of the college association.
After receiving ltls degreo from Brown
he spent some time In city association
work In Rhode Island before going to
Missouri. Klllam left last night for
-Kan sa r city. Tie expressed himself
as being much pleased with what he
had seen of tho university during his
short one day stay in Lincoln. ,
Holland, Amberson and Hathaway
Seek Leadership of 8enlors
Boyles, Pearse and Rogers
Ask Junior Honors."
The political Hplrlts which have
been lying dormant during examina
tion week have again revived, and aro
out on the campus looking aftor their
fences. The' situation' Ih practically
unchanged, except in the freshman
class. Miss Marie DouglasB of Platts
mouth, who several weeks ago an
nounced her candidacy for the class,
presidency, has wlthdrawln, leaving
the field to Earl Brandon and Russell
Ivockwood. Both candidates aro work
ing hard and both nre confident of re
ceiving the class valentine on Febru
ary 14.
In the senior class a three-cornered
battle Is still being waged between
Yale Holland, A. B. AmberBon nnd
Harry Hathaway, with the outcome
extremely doubtfuj. No dtu has
been net for the election, although It
will probably be Tuesday, Feb. 14.
Owing to the activity or the candl
dates the vote polled will be large.
Tho JunlorB making an active con
vnBB for heod of the cIubb are H. B.
Pearco, D. M. Rogers and Dale Boyles.
Tho sophomore election will likely
bo held Thursday of this weok. (!. F.
Phillips and R. K. Ammorman.are tho
two -aspirants for claBs honors. Phil
lips Is a native of Beatrice, while Am
merman hails from St. .Too In tho
"show, mo" Btate. Both aro populur
nnd tho race will bo close.
Isreal Zangwill's Great Play to Be Dis
cussed at Convocation Today.
Professor P. M. Buck or the rhet
oric department will discuss "Th
Melting Pot" this morning at convoca
tion, which will be held at 11 o'clock
in Memorial hall. "The Melting Pot"
Is tho play In which Walker White
side will nppcar Wednesday evening
nt the Oliver. It is a powerful drama
dealing with a great raco problem nnd
tho solution given by Isreal Zang
will, the author of tho play, Iiob
aroused a great deal of discussion. -Professor
Buck's talk will glvothoso
who expect to attend the play a bet
ter Insight Into tho motives of tho au
thor and the real meaning of tho '
Publication Board Meets T. M. Edge
combe of Geneva Elected
. Associate Editor.
At n meeting of thvo student ipubli- .
cation board held last Friday fator
noon. T. M. Edgecombe of Geneva was
olected associate editor of tho Dally
Nebraskan to serve during this pern
ester. Edgecombe -was an associate"
on tl:u staff last spring, Ho was elect
cd managing editor- fp.r tho first seni
'ester, but raiTeltnto-Tetunr-irr-the-falH
Ho has been "working on tho Bentrico
Express since last Juno.