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Ebe DailP' IFlebtaskan
Vol. X. No. 69
Price 5 Cents.
Governor Aldrlch, President Allen of
Board of Regents and Chancel
lor Avery to Speak.
Wednesday will mark the formal
dedication '-of the state university's
now engineering building. An entire'
day will be given over to exercises
commemorating the permanent hous
ing of the department of mechanical
engineering in a $115,000 home. The
building was first occupied in the fall
of 11)01), but it was not completely
equipped for work In all departments
until within the past few months.
The dedication of the building, the
best adajited to its purposo of any
building on the city campus, will bo
marked by addresses, a recoptlon and
the conferring of honorary engineer
ing degrees. William F. M. Gobs,
dean of the college of engineering of
the University of Illinois, will deliver
the principal address.
TherProgYanf: ""
The program follows:
10 a. m. Special address to en
gineering students by visiting en
glneers. Room 20G.
12:30 j). m. Facultj club luncheon,
Llndell hotel.
2-5 p. m. Inspection of building by
the public.
8 p. m. Formal dedication. Room
Five minute talks by Governor Aid
rich, President Allen or the bonrd of
regonts and Chancellor Avery.
Address by Doan William F. .M.
Gobs of Illinois.
Conferring of honorary degrees.
Informal reception.
Inspection of building.
Planned by Dean Richards
The working planB of the new me
chanical engineering laboratories
were prepared during the winter of
1907 and 1908 by Dean Richards of the
college of engineering.
In the spring of 1908 the contracts
were let. and the building waB com
pleted in the fall of 1909.
In style- of, archltecturoi the build
ing may be classed as a modification
of the Roman Doric, which gives to
the e.ier'for nn ulr of massive stabil
ityin spite or the large windows
winch is in liarmony With the "uses fo
which the. building Ib put. The ex
terior Is finished with "Iron spot" or
''flash" pressed brick, trimmed; with
terra cotta which matches the brick.
The roof Is of red tile and the cor
nices are of copper, the whole giving
a pleasing color effect In shades of
brown. The- Interior construction of
the building Is of tlio most substantial
character, the floors being of rein
forced concrete throughout, carried by
liftvy steel beams which arc support
ed by steel columns. Since tho build
ing is primarily for laboratory pur
poses, the floors were- made heavy
enough to carry the largo weight of
moving machinery which comes upon
thein. All of the" halls have wainscot
ing of white enameled brick with a
io'ugh jilastered- -finish. .ahoyj-TJic
The cabman heaved a mournful
sigh, and started In to storm and
cry. No money Jingled In his
pants, ho eyed his bony team
askance, and gave his cab a sorry
stare a cab In. TfeedOf much re
pair, he spit his quid upon tho
walk, and straightway started In
to talk. Said he. "Alas how times
have changed, I well can think
when prices ranged from three to
six and even more, and overy hack
In town hold four. Thoso TJnl boys
dug up the cash that kept us hack
men full of hash. They'd soak
their clothes, and even smile to
take a cab and come In style. All
them wns days I'll ne'er forget, it
mnkes me weep already yet; I hnd
three Bquare meals every day and
each horse had a bale of hay. No
matter how the student cuBsed, he
couldn't break tho hackmen's trust,
It was no jso to hand us talk, .
they'd either juavo to pay orwalk.
Them days waB simply grapeB for
me, but times hns changed as you
can see. My services they don't
request, it scorns they like tho
street Sars best. The boys have
one and all agreed that cab's are
something they don't need. The
girls, no matter what they say,
they either come or stay away;
B-Gosh, as far as I can uoe, they've
tied the Indian sign on me."
R. M.
Three-Cornered Contests In Two Up
per Classes Prove Exciting 'and
Attract Attention.
plain brick walls painted In two
Bhades or gray enamel. A11 of tho
plastered walls have been finished In
pleasing shndes or calcimine.
CornhMskcr Varsity Basketball Team
Overwhelms Methodists, 42-26.
TlTF linTvePBlCy varsity basKotlmlT
team defeatod tho Wesleyan varsity
by a score of 12 to 2(', Saturday even
ing on the armory floor. This was the
Nebraska varsity's second game of the
season and the last of the gameB pre
liminary to the conference series.
Wesley nu was easily routed. Al
though fighting stubbornly throughout
the first half, the .Methodists gradual
ly weakened after the beginning of
the second hair and devoted their
tlmo to ball dribbling and defensive
play. The Nebraska line-up at tho
start was as announced, Owens and
Gibson sis forfards. Hlltnor at centor,
and Carrier and Frank guarding.
During the first ten minutos or tho
name, play was at a standoff, each
team alternately Bhootlug two goals.
Nebraska took this opportunity Imme
diately after the whistle first Bound
ed. .Meyers, the Wesleyan star for
ward, was then ruled out ojf the game
for fouling. The neighbor team In
stantly weakened and closed the first
half with a score or 15-21.
At the opening of the Btcond halt,
Captain Hutchinson wns substituted
for Owens. Wesleyan In turn lost one
or their main surport, the center, who
was removed for his personal remarks
to the referee From this juncture the
-gamo-dovolvciMnto-nr genoral'rouglr
house," three of the Nobrnska men,
Frank, Hilfner and Gibson, being re
moved for committing four personal
fouls. At the close of the second half
the score- stood 12-2G.
On the night of tho Phi Delt for
mal, tho Dolts Beized the undisputed
opportunity and instituted u search
ror the hell. According to a mutual
understanding between tho two fra
tcrnltles, the bell must bo kept some
where on the premises. Tho Delts,
Imwever. were unable to locate It; but,
neediest to say, they perpetrated an
-Investigation whlclr Vould wnmrnr
the' praise and commendation or Sher
lock Holmes and hl aggregation or
trained sleuths.
Series of Y. W. C. A. Lectures Begins
This Evening.
Tho first of the serlos of lectures
entitled "Christian Fundamentals."
which will bo conducted under tho di
rection oi the university Y. W. C. A.,
will he delivered this evening at 7
o'clock In the Temple. The entire
series of nddresscs will be given by
Rev. A. .1. Northrup, D. I)., a lecturer
or much prominence. The theme ror
discussion this evening is "The Spirit
and Ixstter in Out Interpretation of
the Scriptures."
Other clnssoB which will be held to
day ars as follows: The first of a
series of five lectures by Rev. D. It.
Leland on "Five New Testament Por
traits," at 7 p. in.; and a continua
tion of Miss Fannie Drnko's classes
at 5 . m. All classes will be held in
tho Y. W. C. A. rooms and will be
open to both men and women. .
Y. M. C. A. "FEED."
Phi Delts Again Succeed n Foiling
Delta Taus,
Pursuant to a custom of the two
fraternities, Phi Delta Theta and Delta
Tau Delta, the "annual bell search"
was executed last Friday evening, tho,
Delts assuming the Initiative. But
again tho Delts were defeated In their
purpose dud returned to their abode
without tho eonBollng "ding dong" so
-Intensely-desired Tbe-loslng bunclUt
have cherished as one of their ideals
tho attempt to wrest tho prize from
claBs rooms and offices and halls are
rilWornd and finished In golden oak.
The laboratories are left with the I the parties having "possession's nine or Charles A. Bennett
Two freshman presldoullal aspir
ants have appeared to sharo the
bruises of a race for tho place. Ken
neth Wherry of Pawnee City, who' has
been for several days considered as a
possibility, Is now known to bo a can
didate. Russell Ivoekwood of Omaha
Is tho other man who wants the job.
He was announced yestorday by some
of his friends.
Kennoth Wherry is a member of
Deta Theta PI fraternity, lie is a
brother of Arthur Whorry, who was
the first president of the class of 191.1.
He Is a .popular fellow and is expect
ed to mako a gopd race. Several or
his closo friends were actively at work
Sunday, visiting among the classmen
to lino up votes.
Ruescll Ix)ckwood Is not a fratern
ity man. He achleCecLsomo notoriety
at tho time of the frcBhman-sopho-moro
Olympics, when ho received a
painful injury about the head.
The Upper Classes.
The raco in the sonlor class goes
merrily on, with three candidates all
working hard to annex tho Job. The
threo-cornored contest In the Junior
class also attracts the attention of
tho student body. The rncos In the
two upper classes are fjccomlng excit
ing. Ambcrson, Holland and Hath
away aro tho three men who seek the
senior leadership. Pearso, DoylcB and
Rogers aro the three office seekers of
tho third year class.
A One-Man Race.
Although some, who claim to know,
say that Clifford Phillips Is to have
rtomo opposition In tho sophomore
class, It Is hardly thought probable
that any new candidates will appear
later than today. It -Is generally un
derstood that Phillips has a strong
following or TrFends In the second
year class. One of tho strange things
about it is that the sophomore class
had only one candidate at the elec
tion in the fall. A class seldom has
two successive elections without a
good race livening up the second. A
one-man campaign is not a stimulant
This is Baldt07
Membership Committee Meets Tonight
in Association Rooms.
A big "feed" will bo given by the
members of the university Y. '.M. C. A,
membership', committee this -evening
at (5 o'clock in tho association rooms. itlmo Interest is lacking in sophomoro
for class enthusiasm.
be the reason that some prominent
membors of tho sophomoro class are
actively looking the field over for a
Becond candidate. But, at the present
Tho purposo of this assembly will bo
to investigate the membership enroll
men of the university association and
make same plans toward the inaugura
tion of another membership campaign.
All the commltteo membors are urged
to be present.
Applications for the position of
editor, managing editor associate
editor, business manager and assistant
business manager of the Daily Nebras
ka n will be received by the Student
(Publication Board -until Wednesday
evening at 6 o'clock. All applications
are to be sent to A A. Reed, secretary,
First Year Students Will Gather in
Memorial Hall.
Tho flrBt year students have been
summoned by their president, William,
Gilmore, to uttend a class meeting in
Memorial hall tlls morning, at 11:30
o'clock. Important business is to
cpmc before ho. class, hut nothing
regarding its nature could be learned,
This-wlll bo tho-llrsUfre8hman,3neet-Ing
since the Christmas holidays, and
business, has .piled up. A report, from
tho hop committee is promised.