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be SDails Iftebrashan
VoL X. No. 43
Price 10 Cents,
All-Missouri Valley Eleven
Tho solcction of an All-Missouri
Valloy cloven for tho season of 1909
Is rendered difficult by but ono thing,
that of determining juBt what mem
bers of tho Nebraska team to omit.
This statement is one which evory
scribo In tho Valloy, however preju
diced against tho Cornhuskers, must
accedo to. Nobraska has conclusively
won tho championship, but this is not
in itself sufflclont 'to justify the plac
ing of oight mombors of the eleven on
tho first squad. Tho justification lies
in tho fact that, man for man, tin
Cornhuskers far outplayed their op
ponents in their two Missouri Valley
It is of courso difficult to weigh the
roBpectivo merits of players who have
not been seen In action during the
season. Two of tho players selected
in tho above list hail from Iowa, and
wero pitted against tho Cornhuskers
in 1909. Missouri is a team that the
writer has never seen in a game, and
tho (picking of men from that team
must bo based on newspaper reports.
Chauner at End.
Tho selection of Chauner and Hy
land attends is easily the best that
could bcNmado. Chauner has devel
oped into oho of tho best wing men
ever seen on X. Nebraska team. In
either of tho Ames guards and as re
ports from the Ames-Iowa game did
not credit tho Hawkeyo star lineman,
O'Brien, with outshining his opponent,
Davidson seems to havo tho call.
Thacher of Missouri is credited with
being one of tho bulwarks of the
Tigers, but, not having seen tho player
In action, tho writer cannot give him
precedence over mon 'whose ability
has been shown.
Tho selection of Collins at conter
will be unanimous wherever an All
Missouri Valloy team Is selected.
"Sid" has all centers In tho valloy
bested by a margin that admits of no
comparison, and Nebraska critics are
prono to believo that ho is not only
ono of tho beBt centerB in tho west,
but one of tho real stars in this posi
tion in tho game. An assistant of
Walter Camp, who saw tho game with
K. U., is said to have mado tho state
ment that Collins had but few peers
in his position In the United States.
Warner earned his right to tho po
sition of quarter and field general by
his smooth, consistent work of the
season, and particularly his effective
pers in commenting on tho gamo be
tween Missouri and Bender's cloven
in St. Louis said that when tho namo
of "Tad" Hacknoy was montloned, all
that could bo said of tho Missouri of
fenso and defense had been summed
up. Ho is accredited with playing a
brilliant and desperate game. Hack
noy Is tho tiger quarter. Ho Is placed
at half, in order that his brilliant in
dividual qualities may bo gained for
the team. His faulty generalship and
lack of ability to direct a powerful at
tack has cost Missouri two dofeats
this season in the hands of St. Louis
and Ames, so he cannot displace War
ner nt quarter.
Minor of Nebraska has played a
stellar game In his position and is as
competent n back as any in tho valloy.
He Is speedy, and had abundnnco of
the other qualities that go to make up
the great pjayor. His work was not
so spectacular as Warner's or Frank's
but this was largely duo to the fact
that Minor's ability In forming Inter
ference was made much use of to cur
tain the runner. Amnions of Kansas
has been the best ground gainer on
tho Kansas game, his tackling and
work In getting down under punts wjib
superb. In handling thovforward pass
ho has few equals, being ablo to take
tho slippery pigskin at almost any po
sition while going at full speedXTJils
ability he has had little opportunity
to exhibit, Bavo In tho Ames gamo, as
Nebraska has not UBed the flip to any
great extent. Hyland Is selected as
the other end because of his proven
ability and experience, combined with
his skill in drop kicking. It will be
remembered that Iowa tied Nebraska
last year with two place kicks from
tho field. A place kick dofeatcd Ames
in the gamo between tho Hawkeyes
and the Aggies. Nebraska had no
man of real ability in this lino this
year, a weakness which has cost many
points. For thlB alone, Hyland should
bo on any All-Missouri Valley team.
Add that he Is a wonderfully fleet end
an accurate tackier, and exporloncei?
in carrying tho- ball, and his qualifica
tions are sufficiently set forth.
The selection of Temple and Shon
ka. of Nebraska as tackles needs no
explanation. Tho two men havo been
bulwarks of tho team all year, have
smashed opposing attack beforo It
gained headway, and havo been adopt
in opening great holes for tho backs
to" plow" through, besides being them
selves demons in lugging tho ball.
Shonka's work at Kansas and Tem
ple's long run with tho ball in the
Ames game will bo remembered as
features of those contests by all who
wero fortunate to be spectators.
Harmon Is New.
Harmon is a new man in tho gamo,
but in the short time ho has played,
has shown wonderful ability as a
guard. Ho outplayed his men in both
tho Kansas and Ames victories, and
added materially in the defeat of Den
ver by tho quickness ho displayed In
recovering fumbles and in dragging
the opposition passes over the line.
Davidson of Kansas proved to be an
aggressive man on the defense, and a
powerful carrier of the ball when
-ealIed-upoirb3rHeil He-far-outplayed
ground gaining against Kansas. Jerry
has speed, nerve, head and football
brains. The combination in its Nth
power la unusual and the player who
1b gifted therewith Is worth watching.
Warner is as elusive a man with tho
ball as was over tho famed Tommy
JohnBon, and tho old grad may oven
havo his sensibilities shocked at tho
Indian contest by hearing Warner
compared with Bender and not dispar
agingly; His generalship In calling
plays has been one of the most nota
ble features of his work. Ho has had
an exceptional number of formations
to handle this season, and has never
become rusty In his repertoire.
Hackney as a Half.
Owen Frank is another Nebraskan
who will receive unanimous selection
for his position. His twisting, slip
pery runs and plunges through tho
line have provon him an ideal ground
gainer under the new ruleB which re
quire a back to make his gains with
out aid. Frank was probably tho in
dividual star of the Cornhuskers in
1910, although" closely pressed for
honors. Hackney of Missouri is se
lected for the other halfback position
because of his wonderful work for the
-Tlgers-thlB-season, The St- -LoulspaJ
thatNteam and is only omitted from
tho line-up because his real position
Is at end, where he does not outclass
the Hawkeyo Hyland.
Rathbone will round out tho above
backflold. Fast enough to keep pace
with tho speedy Hackney, Frank and
Warner, a great line plunger under
the new rules because of tho football
Intuition 'which enables "Bones" to
avoid a plleup, to slip and fall
through every crevlco in tho lino for
gains, and because of the difficulty of
downing him oven with a clean tackle,
the Nebraska fullback has earned his
position. Doubly earned It, in fact.
Rathbone is much under fullback
weight, and has to use every lblt of
that chunky, well muscled body of his
count to make up for his handicap.
That he moro than does this must be
the verdict of all unbiased judges who
have seen Nebraska and the other val
ley teams in action.
Temple to Be Captain.
Temple is selected as captain of this
team for two reasons: first, because
ho has successfully led the Cornhusk
ers to tho championship of tho valley;
second, because he has the qualities
desirable 'in tho leader. Quiet and
not-solf-assertlver-without the least
Bhadow of ogotlBin, ho Is liked and re
spected by every follow plnyor for
reasons aBido from his football ability.
Ho Is tho typo of leador for whom
men givo all thoy havo and then frioro,
tho kind who own loyalty nnd unself
ish devotion to a cause, or a school
breeds a similar fooling among IiIb
Tho test of a team is In tho playing
thoroof. This all-star aggregation
will novor bo marshalled to combat, .
but on papor, at least, It has all tho
dcBlrablo qualities that go to mako a
great toam. Tho lino is Bolld nnd In
vulnerable, ablo to withstand tho bat
torlng rnm attacks of tho hoavlost
backs without assistance Tho ondB
aro fast, ablo to stop nil would-be plays
around them, or to covor tho rocolvor
of punts. Tho backflold 1b Bwift, ver
satile nnd full of flght. Tho cloven
comprises export kickers of ovory va
riety, and can both throw nnd handle
tho forward pass. Bight of tho mon
havo provon that tho fact that thoy
aro individual stars does not linmnor
a coach In subordinating thorn to team
The Team's Coach.
If a coach woro to bo soloctcd for
thlB all-star toam, certainly William
C Cole, "King", of Nebraska, has
uarnW the "honor. Ho haB turned out
two championship olovenB In four
years, has taken Bocond place onco
and wnB beaten out of a tlo for the
championship in 1909 by a fluko touch
down. Ho has mado this record undor
as great handicaps as a coach coulff,
bo expected to labor against.
Dissension on former teams wns an
old story. This was an olomont which
has hampered Nobraska athletics for
many years and was only evicted In
1910. Matorjal Iibb not been at Its
beBt In each of tho past throo years,
and ho has labored undor tho greatest
wolght of nil In thnt tho entire duties
of the coach havo been placod on him
alone. Ho has had ono assistant
whose time has boon fully occupied
In coaching tho freshmen or scrub
eleven. Tho ontlro work, not only or
devising formations, but of teaching
promising players tho elomonts o'r
football, has dovolved on Colo alone.
That ho has succeeded as well as ho
has is the only wonder.
It will bo rembmborod that at tho
close of tho season of 1909, Colo's pop
ularity as a coach was almost nil
among the downtown sportsmen,
while disloyal mombors of the univer
sity body questioned tho advisability '
of retaining, him for another year. It
requires moral courage of the highest"
type to faco such adverse conditions
and every commondatlon Is due the'
man who has faced all critics and won
from them his meed of praise, oven
though it bo grudgingly bestowed.
Deserves Recognition. ,
Not only as a "COttCh"orfo"Dtb"airdoeH
the "King" of Nobraska gridiron war
riors deserve recognition; ho deserves
it as a coach of men. No body of men
over represented a great state univer
sity such as Nobraska, bettor ablo to
hold up the reputation of tho school
as a place whefo clean, manly ethics
prevail, than tho men who leave H.
after serving three years undf the
regime of Cole. Ho is clenn to the
core. Not n molly-coddle, but a big,
red-blooded fighting man, earnest In
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