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Vol X. No. 12
Price 5 Cents.
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Jorry, but a llttlo thing llko that did
not worry Warner. Tho result was
. that Wnrnor was ordered from tho
NEBRA8KA WIN8 FROM 80UTH flcld- ul to tUG tlmo of h,B beu,B so
DAKOTA 12 TO 9 ignomlnlouBly chased off tho grounds
..." ho had played, a wonderful gamo at
quarter, displaying n generalship seen
HAVE A GOOD LIKE In few quarter bucks with even longer
Minnesota Gamo Comes Next, With
Nebraska Standing a Better
Show Than Ever.
Nebraska, 12; South Dakota, 9.
Omaha High, 50; Harlan High, 0,
Navy, 0; Rutgers, 0.
Yale, 12; Holy Cross, 0.
Harvard, 21; Williams, 0.
Princeton, 12; New York, 0.
Brown, 0; Colgate, 0.
Wabash, 3; Purdue, 0.
West Polne, 24; Tufts, 0.
Kentucky, 11; North Carolina, 0.
Missouri, 0; Rolla, 0.
Ohio, 23; Cincinnati, 0.
Marquette, 32; Monmouth, 0.
Michigan, 3; Case, 3.
Syracuse, 6; Rochester, 0.
Pennsylvania, 38; West Virginia, 0.
Indians, 6; Chicago, 0.
Shurtllff,12; Washington, 6.
Minnesota, 49; Ames, 0.
Northwestern, 10; Iowa, 0.
Cornell, 0; Oberlin, 0.
Amherst, 3; Wesleyan, 0.
Bowdoln, 23; New Hampshire, 0.
Dartmouth, 18; Colby, 0.
Kansas, 9; St. Mary's, 5.
West Dcs Dolnes High, 12; Lin
coin High, 12.
Notre Dame, 48; Olivet, 0.
Wisconsin, 6; Lawrence, 0.
Back and 'forth, from ouo end of
tho field to tho other, fighting every
Inch of tho way, Nebraska and South
Dakota Saturday played on of the
prettiest games of football over aeon
on Lincoln grounds. Nebraska won,
12 to 9, with a little advantngo In
weight and a considerably stronger
The Coyotes proved beyond the
shadow of a doubt "that tholr scoro
against Minnesota was not a moro
acqldont What tlcy lackod on the
lino they moro than made up for In
tho back field, and it was on long end
runs that South Dakota's biggest gains
wero mado. Tho Cornhuskers earned
everything they got and considerably
they failed to goL
experience than his. Owen Prank
was Blurted from nan to quarter,
Rathbono wont to half and Seidell,
tho now candidate for full, was given
a try-out. Seidell, whllo he was not
put to a very sovero test, having fow
chances to show what ho could do,
played a steady, consistent game. Sei
dell was later rellevd by Gibson,
whoso punt mado him famous.
Owen rFank was at his best, both
In running the ends and breaking up
end runs for South Dakota. Prank
has a terrible tackle and if ho has a
reasonable chance at his man, It Is a
ton to one that tho man will drop
llko a tall weed hit with a scythe.
Minnesota Comes Next.
From now until Saturday night Ne
braska rooters will think nlong but
one Hue several hundred souls with
but a slnglo thought which thought
"Tls tho outcomo of the Minnesota game.
That Nebraska has a good chance of
winning everyone will concede. Whllo
the respective showings made with
South Dakota will tend to give Minne
sota more or loss advantage, still tho
Cornhuskers feel that things look
brighter than they have been for a
long tlmo.
A comparison shows that Nebraska
has a line which is just as strong as
Minnesota's that is, If tho games
which havo been played so far may
be takon aB a fair sample of what Ne
braska may expect Minnesota does
seem to havo the advantage In the
back Hold, but with onds like Cha'uner
and Lofgren and halves llko the two
Franks to smash Intorforence, this ad
vantage Is not of so great Importanco.
It has not yet been decided defi
nitely who will bo taken along, asido
from tho regular members of tho team.
It Is probtfblo that among tho number
will be Seidell, who has been showing
up well at full, and Russell, an end.
Strenuous Work This Week.
Today and tomorrow and perhaps
Thursday tho varsity will be put
through some strenuous work. Tho
freshmon squad havo turned out somo
fast niqn, and ir tho varsity goes
against tho pick of tho squad for
scrimmage work It will at least bo as
good an exhibition as tho ono ten days
On October 29, when Doano plays
Nebraska at Lincoln, the Lincoln high
school team will play the Omaha high
but such comploto mystery shroud 3
tho actions of tho laws that the
names of tho men and prospects for
tho meeting tomorrow would not bo
given out by any classmen. When np
proached they simply said that "things
will bo doing In tho morning." The
freshman laws will moot at 11 o'clock
In U309, It Is reported, to olect officers.
Freshman Laws Will Meet at 11
Sbphomore Class Elects
at 11:30 a. m.
a. m.
Tho freBhman la'.y. class will meet
UiIr morning at 11 o'clock to olect of
ficers. Tills announcement, which was
mado only yesterday, has aroused a
groat deul of lntorest among poli
ticians of tho sophomore claHs, who
are looking for a dark horse to bo
brought into tho second year election
today. Tho froBhmon of the law col-
logo are classed as sophomores In
class elections. It is on account of
this fact that politicians aro expecting
the laws to nominate a black horso
for tho second year election today.
Tho law meeting coming at 11 o'clock
and the sophomore election scheduled
at 11:30 a. m., make It very easy for
the laws to put a cundldato In tho
field at tho last minute, and it Is gen
erally reported they expect to do so.
Tho sophomore meeting will not be
without excitement.
Hot Campaigning for Sears.
When tho friends of Carroll Sears,
tho announced candidate, learned late
yesterday about tho plan of the laws,
they sent scouts out Into tho field to
lino up votes for their candidate. A
friend of Scars said last night that his
candidate could not be elected unless
his friends camo to the meeting en-
masse to cast their votos. The cam
paign has not been an exciting one,
llttlo real vote soliciting having to be
dono, nnd tho classmen will havo to
come out to voto without personal in
vitation from politicians. Tho activ
ity of tho laws, however, has changed
a quiet campaign Into a rustling polla-
lcal squabble. Interest in the sopho
more eolctlon Is at a high point this
morning. Friends of tho 'announced
candidate are working to save him
from defeat at tho hands of thoblack
horse. Scars Is a graduate of Omaha
high Bchool, a member of Phi Kappa
Professor Swezey to Lecture on 8cl
entitle 8ubject.
Convocation hour UiIb morning
will bo devoted to nn Illustrated Htero
optlcon lecturo by Prof. G. D. Swozoy
of tho astronomy dopartment. Ho
will speak on tho subject "Tho Erup
tion of Krnkotoa." This lecture is
ono of a scientific nature and of con
siderable Importance to scientists.
Alpha Theta Chi, Beta Theta Pi .and
8lgma Nu Do Not An
nounce Pledges.
Y. M. C. A. Girls to Meet October 17
for First Work.
Tho first of tho series of Bible
study classos to be hold this year
will be hold Monday, October 17.
Thoy will bo continued during tho
year at regular Intervals. The load
ers for .the noon meetings will be as
Monday Miss Blanch Eads.
Wednesday Miss Schultz.
Thursday 'Miss Hazel Vlbbard.
Friday Miss Florenco Davis.
A now feature In tho noon meetings
this year Is that tho mcotlngs on Tues
day and Thursday will bo held at
11:30 a. m. at tho closo of chapel
hour. Tho other meetings of tho
week will be held at 11: CO.
Nebraska's lino was llko tho pro
verbial stone wall; not onco during h , , Th d ubl header will
tho entire game did tho Coyotes suc:. o6 put on fv tho prIco of ono admla.
ceed Jn .breaking,- through for a sub- 8l0IIt'thc, hgh Bchool gamo to bo
stantial gain. South 'Dakota's lino played botoro tho Nebraska-Doano
was weaker and Nobraaka mado good Tho LJnColn high school prora-
gainBjm lino, plunges. .... i808'to havo another team this year
.CoyoteslSaTn on End Runs Uko tho ono last year. In the gamo;
South Dakota mado .big gains Saturday against tho West Des'
around the onds. Tho back field was -Moines high school terfra tho Lincoln
In tho gamo from -tho' word go,carry-j lads played a clovergdme, Bcor'lrig
Ing the ball for long runs, with -almost twelve points In" tho last quarter of
Psl fraternity and was last season a
member of tho football team of tho
class of 1913. He Is a forestry stu
dent and has boon active In class politics.
perfect interference. Channor and
Lofgren played a good gamo, notwith
standing tho several long ondfuhB;
made by South Dakota, and tlmo? and
again broko up Interference that'
savod big gains aud porhnps touch
downs. CoftlnB" and Shonka, co,nter and
.tackle, were tho stars of tho line.
Tlmo after tlmo Collins broko
through tho" lino and blocked plays
play and tlolng the scoro.
Varsity-Freshman Game.
It Is likely that .tho varsity-fresh
mail game will be played on Novem
ber 19, tho only open date of tho
season. Considerable Interest has
been shown In. tho proposed contest
arid If It Is played It will undoubtedly
attract attention and draw a crowd.
Tho girls' section of tho grandstand
has mado quite a hit At the South.
for a loss of ground for his-opponents. Daliotft mo ,t M crowded almoBt
milt OttiK rtn1fnH .1IH .:.. 1.1 M 4. ..- 1 " .
ug ?" "" i'" uumuw.uiit0l,tg capacity.
mm. ana no suumuu 10 ioar notes ai
will. Shonka toro through tho line in.
tacaamo way, oroaKiug.up imenor
Ice and dropping tho man in his
tracks -almost tho moment luKrocolved
'-"'' ... hall ?
Warner Ordered Out. .
Jorry Warner got In bad with the
referee by telling Smith, tho husky
South Dakota full back, "whoro to
head '!." .Smith would make' two" of
"Another thing which might, bo men
tioned on tho South Dakota game Js
that the rooting was of tho boat. The
center of tho bleachora was ono mass
of 'megaphones, and what was le'ft un
done In tho Peru game In tho way of
noise was moro Chan mado up for in
the game last aSturday.
Fred Crltesi '09,'- Sigma, Nu,
entered achppl. . , ";
Kruse Will Not Run.
Frank Kruso of Lincoln yesterday
announced that he would not permit
his name to bo used in tho race for
honors In tho freshman class. Ho has
been prominently mentioned by Lin
coln high school graduates as a likely
candidate for tho first yoar presidency,
but yesterday assured a. Nobraskan
reporter that he would under no cir
cumstances announco himself as a
candidate. Kruso was a member of
the Lincoln high school football team
last season. Ho was prominent In
the affairs of his school.
William Gilmore of Nebraska City,
Leonard Purdy . of Beatrice, and
Charles Epporson of" Clay Conter aro
the throe men who aro In tho race for
tho freshman presidential honprs.
Gilmore has not formally announced;
his .candidacy, but his friends itayo
placed him .in thro race arid asked tho
Nobraskan reporter to make known bis
candidacy and state that they would
"give him the royal support which ho
deserves." Tho freshman election will
probably be h61d Thursday morning.
It 'will bo In charge of President
Verno Bates of the Jun(or class.
At a mee'tlng this morning tho
freshman law class will organize and
elect officers for the first semester
Several aspirants' were reported to be
secretly asking for votes yesterday,
Crimson Line Is Invincible, Smother
ing Williams' Backs.
Cambridge, Mass. Harvard had llt
tlo trouble In disposing of Williams by
21 to 0 Saturday on tho Stadium grid
iron. Tho visitors, though completely
outclassed for throe periods, came
baclc strong in the final session and
outplayed tho string of strong subs
that the Crimson outfit had flooded
the gridiron with. Tho regular Har
vard with tho exception of Corbott,
who 1b still on tho sick list, started
tho gamo and remained Intact during
tho first two periods. Thoy played fast
ahd hard. Tholr lino was simply in
vincible. Tho big forwards continual
ly broko through tho lighter Williams'
line and either smothered or smashed
up tho enemy's formations or blocked
their kicks. Harvard essayed six for-
Tho annual rushing season for tho
frotornltlcB of tho University of No
braska camo to a closo at t.wolva
o'clock yostorday noon. With Its cli
max camo tho announcement of many
pledgos who will affiliate with tho
Q rook lottor 'organizations.
Tho frntornity rushing soason of
this yoar, being undor tho Jdontlcal
supervision and regulations which pre
vailed Inst year, covored a porlod o"
ton dnyn. Beginning with yosterday ,
noon, no rushco will bo permitted' to '
bo entertained in tho chaptor hou3o,
without tho chaptor house, or In the
interest of any fratornlty lator than
0 p. m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wod
nosdays nnd Thursdays of each woek.
Rushing Strenuous.
It Is generally recognized about tho
university that moro strenuous rush
ing on tho part of the fraternities has
novor been so ovldonced at Nebraska,
either boforo or after tho adoption of
tho oxlstlng interfratornity council
regulations. Since Friday night, Sop
tombor 30, all the splendor that could
bo muBtorod by any of tho Greek lot
tor organizations has been brought
forward as "conclusive proof" or "con
vincing argument" for tho Inspection
of tho freshmen, Houbo parties,
smokers and picnics havo boon tho
three favorlto means of entertaining,
which, combined with tho production
and reproduction of numbers of tho
fraternity galaxy of stars, havo left
many freshmen In a bewildering situation.
The highest numbor of pledgos an
nounced up to date is eleven, claimed
by Phi Gamma Delta. Naturally,
many of tho pledgeB have not boon
announced yet, whllo three fraterni
ties, Alpha Theta Chi, Chi Theta PI,
and ,Slgma Nu, havo mado no an
nouncements whatsoever.
ward passes and landed in four.
visitors got away with soven winners
but of ton attempts. Harvard was
penalized threo times and Williams
Scoro; Harvard, 21; Wlijlams, 0.
Touchdowns, Morrison, Grauatorn,
Wilth'lngton. Goals from touchdowns,
Withlngtpn 3, Field goal 1, Referee,
Bendleton of Bowdoln; umpire, Bur
leigh of.Exetor;. field Judge, Loo of
Lehigh; linesman, Tufts of Brown.
Time, four tort-minute periods.
Holy Cross Proves. -Strong and Re
quires Effort! to Defeat
NoW'Haven Conn.Played almost
off her feet, Yalo was Saturday forced,
to place all her star football men in
the lineup to win from Holy Cross by
12 to 0, Ell opened the gamo with
substitutes, because of the reputed
weakness of the Worcester boys. "To
wards the ond, however, Yalo was
compelled to take out her lesser lights
and nlaco her beat men in tho gamo
to win. Captain Daly, Kllpatrlck,
Francis and Baker had to, be called In
to save the day for' the blue. Yale
showed her .luck byrf scoring ono
touchdown. In the last minute of play
The Yale line Wag weak -and the Mas
Sachtieetta boys tore great holes la IL
The List.
The list of fraternity pledgos an
nounced aro as follows:
Alpha Tau Omega Alfred C. -Kennedy,
Omaha; Chandler Trlmblo, Om
aha; H. S. Gay, Omaha; Ben Horn
by, Valentine; Charles R. Jacksn, ,
Wyinoro; Arthur Allen, Hastings;
Mario Hazllk, Cedar Rapids, la.; John, .
L. Cutrlght, Lincoln.
Alpha Theta Chi Pledges not. -announced.
Beta Theja, PI Pledges not an- .
Delta, Tau Delta Carl Nagle, Om
aha: Allyn Moser. Omaha; W. B. Hal- .
ley, Valentino; Oscar Reynolds, Seat
tle, Wash.; Blalno Ballah, Cambridge;
Earl Chenowyth, Lincoln; .Stanley
Guenzel, .Lincoln.
(Delta Upsllon Leon Nelson, Om
aha; Fremont Mitcho, ,Llncoln;. Ros
well Haskell, Wagner, S. D,; Clayton,.
Andrews, Bt Paul; Early Young, He
bron; Richard Thompson, West "Point;
Frank WJllsey, Blair; Arthur Davis,
Lincoln. -
Kappa Sigma Clark Joary, Lincoln;
Earl Brennon, Lincoln; Leon Hlnes,v
Benkloman; Harry Roaser, Arapahoe;
Harold -Krause, Albion; Lynn flick--man,
Phi Delta Theta Jean Cain, Falls ,
Cl(y; David'ReavIs, Falls City; Frank
Turple, North Platte; Will BuanFreX
mpnt; John Andrews, Fremont; tXlrk',
Lee, Fremont;. XVMetalfe,"LiQcol
Joseph Fitzgerald, .Kearney; Caarle
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