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VoL IX. No. 149.
Cadets Are to Work Out Many
Problems in Military Work
Canteen to Be Established---
Gadets to Spend Some
Time on Rifle Range.
The .annual cadet encampment
will commence next Wednesday.
The cadets will assemble, at the
armory and there they will be
-marched to the Burlington sta
tion. They will be taken by
twin from Lincoln to about three
miles north of Ashland, where
ythcy will murcli from to the
place where the encampment will
be held, at the government rifle
" range.
For the past two weeks prep
jjiarations have been going on fori
the encampment. Captain-Quar-
t tenhnster Modesitt has been
'.working on the details of the
camp lor some time, and it prom-
ises to be one of the best en
campments that has ever been
heldi by the university cadets.
This week the cadets have been
issued haversacks, mess kits and
canteens, for use afijiunp. This
is govt-rnmenpproperty, and the
cadets will be also better
equipped for this encampment
than they ever haye before.
Shelby Tents.
The cadets this year will be
housed in Shelby tents. These
. t 1 1 A. -1.,.1. 4-1. A
ure rue conical icnis which uw
government lias had in use for
the past few years.-' The tents
willle 'distributed proportionate
ly between the six companies and
.vtheUv6detachments. Three tents
will be issued to each company
for the use of the officers and
the first and second sergeants.
Eight tents will be used by the
remainder of the company.
The camp this year will be dif
ferent in many ways from for
mer encampments. The men will
bp put to work in the solution of
various military problems. In
previous yeafsthc cadets have
had daily drill and one problem
in defense and attack of Jt posi
tion. This year they will havo
problems in outpost duty, and
other similar military problems
1 besides the problem in- defense
and 'attack. Drills and parades
will also occupy a- large part of
the time -flf the cadets, and Jtho
mwHMiininpnh this vear nromises
-tir kv ft busy five -days for- flic
four' hundred men of the First
battalion of university cadets.
Another new feature of this
year's encampment w,illj. be the
work of the cadpts on, the rifle
1 ranee. Last vear thoAvhdle bat
talion spent, a clay
io range.
, This year it is pi
,to have
spend a
one company at a
day on the range. ?
is will give
the cadets a chanco to do their
best work .on the targets and in
-this way the men' of the various
Companies can show" vtfia't ability
tjujy. have as marksmen.,
A Canteen. ,
This year, the cadet encamp,
ment is to have a canteen... This
is 'another novel feature of the
7 ' fff01: cs- JpiSm,e' VTfCl ' f, "fl-
years the Y. M. C. A. lias had a
refreshment tent at camp, but
this, year the quartermaster will
have a regular canteen. .Here
everything in tfie line of necessi
ties may he purchased by the
cadets. Clothing, refreshments,
and all things that could be pur-
'ehased at a regular army can
teen will he kept on sale at the
canteen at the camp. Things of
this nature are expected to make
the encampment one of the best
ever held by the First battalion
of university cadets.
Will . Teach in Largest -Summer
Catalogs of the Cornell 1'niver
sity summer school have been re
ceived on the campus. Dr. G. K.
Condra is again to have charge
of the department of geography
in the Ithaca summer school. This
is the largest summer school in
the United tates, professors and
students and teachers being pres
ent from everywhere. Dr. Con
dra is to give lectures on jndus-
trial geography, physical geo'gra-
phy and will be in charge of the
field work, as well as direct the
ether work. lie will have a corps
of , four instructors under him.
Cornell is well situated to be
made an ideal place to study
geography in the summer. Field
excursions to Niagara Falls and
New York city are listed. Cor
nell has the mOst beautiful cam
pus in the country. Dr. Condra
leaves, about July 4 for Ithaca,
giving summer school lectures
here before going. It would be
a good chance for Nebraska stu
dents who wislj to get acquaint
ed with eastern student methods
and have an ideal place to dot?
. . j
------ - m m
summer work to go to Cornell for
their summer months.
to Giveiff,
Class in Rhetoric 38
Short Comedy Thursday.
Thursday morning at 10 o'clock
the members of the class in rhet
oric 'S will present the short
comedy; "The Rivals," in the
Temple theater. The class wil
al.M) present another short, com
edy at the close of the presenta
tion of "The Rivals.". The cast
is as follows:
Sir Lucius 0 'Trigger. ; . '. .
' . . A. It,' Raymond
Bob .Acres den Fordyce
Captain. Absolute .
...... 7 ... Harry Hathaway
i.$ Anthony soluto
Paul Yates
.Miss Miller
Mrs. Malajmip. ...Miss Uenningor
hyO'iA' Languish. '.Miss Kaufftniii?
ilu!in Miss Baker
David Miss Wharton
Miss Reulali Jennings Alpha
Chi, spent last Sunday''"visiting
her parents at Davenport. . She
remained over Monday and re
turner yesterday.
. Alpha Chi Omega was given, a
house party last Saturday even--ing
by one of their number, Miss
Dale Pugli, at Ijer home at Twenty-seventh
and - Washington
Among the picnickers at C'npi
tnl!BoiichxJIpudaycpu1d bo seen
11m : Ainhft.'Ohf - Onie'iras". The
Alrtlm ntiic itnnrf- nnovoftllonf
Applications for tho position of
Editor and . Managing Editor on
tn& Dally i-NTebraskan muit be in
the office of .thasecretary,. E. Hi
Clark, by 5 o'clock this Vjtfning.
Unofficial Announcement offaMor-
collegiate Question Made!
terday High Schools lMl
Argue 'Navy Problem.
The question for the fifth an
anual debates in the Central De
bating League has been unoffici
ally announced. "Resolved, That
the movement of organized labor
foi the closed shop should re
ceive the support of public opin
ion, ' is the question which will
be debated in the contests of the
league next December. ,
The five members of the
league, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wis
consin, lowa and Illinois, each
submitted ii question and a vote
was taken. This resulted in the
selection of the closed -shop ques
tion as submitted by Minnesota.
The Nebraska try-outs foi
places on the squad will not be
held until next fall. Students
interested in this matter are re
ferred to the intercollegiate de
bating bulletin, where an an
nouncement will be made -in a
'JJMr days.
' j High
The quest
mull Nebra
High School Question.
question for the fourth an:
iska High School De
bating League's contest was an-
'nounccd yesterday by Professor
L 'M. Fogg, president of the
The question follows: "Re
solved, That the policy of main
taining the United States navy at
its present strength is preferable
to the policy of substantially in
creasing it. it was selected Dy
a vote of the members from a list
of tpn which the executive com
mittee suggested.
A bibliography of the question
will be published in the third
annual bulletin of the league,
which will be issued next week.
The annual will ilso give an ac
count of tlje forty-five contests
of the year just closed.
"Current Literature" Has Estab
lished scholarship Jt una ior
Needy Students. '
Realizing that hundreds of
mahh vomitr men and vomit:
Avomen who, thdugh in character
and ability art) cntmeci to every
advantage of. a highereducatipn,
aVe' compelled ,o forego a college
course on acl.'ount of - lack of
funds, the ('urreiit Literature
Magazine, has been able, to porXcct,
a plan,by,Ayhieli .it tcan enable an
indefinite number of students to
secure the jmonqy' freqnired to
pay .nil necessary college ox-tTeiises-'-
' w,.
A Scholarship, FurjU, open to
any younc man or iroraan who
I line tlm rtvnunt TPflnn110lidnHrma
. mailable in aivrecognizea
college in the country, has been
'established. The plan has the en
dorsement of educators through
out the country, and the supervis
ing board of the fund consists of
six of the best known literary
men in the United States. The
Hon. Adlai 14. Stevenson, ex-vice-president
of the United States;
i uaviu Mtarr .Jordan, prcsi-
HJent of Lclnnd Stanford, Jr., Uni
versity; Mr. Elgin R. L. Gould,
ex-chamberlain of New Y;ork
City; Dr. .John II. Finlcy, presi
dent of the College of the City of
New York, and former professor
of politics in Princeton; h Eth
el bert Warfield, president of La
fayette Collogc, and Dr. Edward
S. Wheeler, editor of Current Lit
erature. f '
The fund provides for an un
limited number . of scholarships
worth spS'io a year, for a four
year course. There are Jit pres
ent (58 beneficiaries of the fund
enrolled at 47 different colleges
throughout the country, including
7 at Yale, f at Cornell, 1 at Har
vard, and 1 at Dartmouth.
Full particulars may be ob
tained at the office of the State
Secretary of the Y. M. C. A.,
Temple, Thursday and Friday
from 2 to " and from .7 to 8
p. ta., and Saturday from !) to 11
a. in.
Recital by Miss
The weekly musical convoca
tion will be held this morning in.
convocation. The program is as
Our Nebraska. . '
.University Chorus.
Three Spring Songs
"An Open Secret". ."Woodman
"May Morning" Manney
"Lc J'riiiluiiipH1' ........ .Stern
Harriett Cooke. . . .
"Ave Marin'" .....,... .Gnlliko
University Chorus.
Aria from llorodiade
"11 cstdoux; if est bon" , ..
n. "Will of the Wisp". .Spross
b. "Jean" Spross
c. "A Forest Song". .Whelply
"Les Filles des Cadiz". Delibes
Harriett Cooke.
" Uriday Chorus" Co wen
University Chorus,
To Enlarge Courses Next Year.
The department of geography
has jltst received a number of
maps and lantern slides to illus
fratctheiiojintries''of Europe and
Asja. They will be used next
year in the courses which deal
with these regions,. England, Ire
land, , Spain, Germany, Switzer
land, Italy and tho JMble hinds
are among the places which can
nie almost perfectly illustrated.
The course next year will' be 'en
larged -and ext6iidcd. There has
becif a demand' for some' time oh
the part of students of Bitild his
tory and of foreign industries for
fhis workf, and nex;t year they
can be accommodated.
Phi Beta Kappa, 1910, to Meet,
, Thp members r of tlie class of
1910 who wore elected to the lii
Beta Kappa society are requested,
tp meej; at University ITall 1QC
for n few minutes, at 5 o'clock
tliis (Thursday) afternoon.
.. . M-. M FQGO, '
Price 5 Cents.
Former Rumors as to Inability to
Deoide on Song Based on Mis
understandingChorus Will
Sing It at Convocation.
The matter of choosing a uni
versity song is, again to come bo
fore the public. At convocation
this moaning the chorus will sing.
"Our Nebraska," the song tobo
tricd out before the university
publir. Some slight? misunderstanding
has arisen with regards to tho
university song Contest. It was
due to this that the, report was
circulated some time ago that the
committee selected to choose a
university song had found no
song worthy of selection.
The committee, it is true, did
not feel ready to declare arbi
trarily that any one of 'thesongs
submitted to them should, bpj the
official song of the school orall
time. They did, however, find
one oug so good that the mem
here agreed it, was worth putting
before the school, even at a great
deal of pains, it was at first
thought that the song could not
be so "trfed out" until next fall,
hence the matter was considered
closed for the tinie being. "'By
quick Work, however, the song
has been ' published, and Mrs.
Raymond has drilled the chorus
in it. Tt will bo sung and copies
will bo on sale in a day or two
at different places in the city It
is hoped that a largo attendance
will be at convocation to' pass
judgment on the song, r
As submitted to the committee
the words of the .song follow :
Our Nebraska.
On gold of tho sun, and gold of
the corn,
And gold of the golden' rod,
Nebraska stands, our college 'dear,
Queen of her prairies, broad..
J Tor spirit free as the winds that
Ifcr vision wide s the sky
And .high in "tho fight for' truth
or right ' ' ' A--
ITcr glorious colors fly.
i U.... tf, t
. T ' , Chorus. . '.
Then on, on, winds of the prairie,
Sweep and leap o'er your billow
ing -plains!
Swell the song. our voices raise
Nebraska! Nebraska!
. Our Nebraska! ,' .
ller.f is tho wealth of ages, gono,
Spoil of -a million years. v , ,
ITefs is the hope of days to cd'mo,
Strong as the sons she roars.-
IMother of light to her children
all, ; ' ' r . ,
Scattered from sea tp sea
They, "shout from the Eaatthey;
. r shout from the W'est;
"Jiong life to, thee!" r'
Chorus. . '
Then .on, on, .vrindsl of the prairie,
Sweep .and leap o'er your billow.
ing nlains ! , " ' , ' ,
Swell the song oui: voices raise
Nebraska! Nebraska! 4'
Our Nebraska! ''V
i w i. ii .) mmiP'i '. '