The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, April 15, 1910, Image 2

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The Daily Nebraskan
Lincoln, Nobrtwka.
" '" "
Cdltr K. P. Pdorlok
.Manaalna Editor ..CorT J. J Lord.
AtiooTato Editor T. M. EdQooombe
Aasoolate Editor R. D. Hawloy
Mnaer . ... Q- c- Klddoo
.Aultunt Manager V. C. Haaoall
'Circulator. C. Buchanan
Editorial and Builneia Offlcot
Poitpffloe, Station A, Lincoln, Nob.
Payable In Advance.
Single Coplet, B Cents Each.
T.lanknnm Alltn 1RRA.
NlQht jPhonea Auto 1888J Auto 384fL -
INDIVIDUAL NOTICES will bo charged
lor at tho rnto or 10 contn tho taBortlon
for very fifteen words or fraction there-
of. Faculty notices and University, bul
letins will bladly bo published froe.
Entered at tho postotTlca at Lincoln,
Nebraska, as second-class mall matter
under the Act of Congress of March 1,
1870. .
- Advertisements for the want column
should be left at the business office, base
ment Administration building, between 10
a, m. and 12 m., or between 2 p. m. and
s p. m.
Cash mutt accompany all orders for ad
vertising, at the rate of ten cents for each
fifteen words or fraction thereof the first
Insertion; three Insertions twenty-five
"bents j fWe Insertions forty cents.
FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 1010.
As a promotor of good fooling and
a blggor Nobraska spirit tho lntor-
fratornlty banquot Wednesday night
was a success In ovory respect. Arid
'say somo of tho tolograms, tho Bongs
and tho cartobUB dlsplayod thoro woro
so won, directed that wo fear tho
"Cbrnhuskor will ovorlook them.
' Thoro uro still a fow studonts who
romombor that questions or opinions
may bo stated In tho "Forum," but sad
to rolato thoy fall to sign their names
to tholr communications. Wo aro gath
ering qulto a collection of articles,
' -which, if not Identified by tho ond of
' tho yoar, will probably have to bo sub-
Men's Oxfords
morgod In tho oblivion of tho waste
baskot all for want of a signature
Yob, it was a lemon; that gamo
with Manhattan. It was of tho prickly,
caustic, yellow jaundiced, acid variety,
but it shouldn't sour us for tho rest
of tho season, When tho team getB
into shapo that littlo affair will havo
mado about na much impression on
our mornqry as that gamo of marblos
wo playod and lost ono day behind
Bill Smith's barn, years ago. Forget
Mayor Dahlmnn has oxprcssod somo
rathor pointed vIowb regarding con
clusions to bo drawn from tho result
of tho rocont municipal election.
Aside from any views which wo may
. hold regarding tho absurdity of his
argument that tho university and tho
, stato capital cannot bo located in tho
samo city, wo b61Iovo that his views
on tho conduct of tho student body
and tho faculty in tho rocont election
will bo taken seriously by fow if any
persons "conversant with tho conduct
of either studonts or faculty on that
Thoso atudent8 who took nn nctlvfc
part in tho rocont city election woro
residents of tho city and qualified vot
ers,, and as such woro only exercising
; their rjglits as citizens. Likewise tho
mombors of tho faculty who took any
. part whatsoever in tho election woro
t residents of tho city nnd only exercls
.. ing4ae. rights, of a citizen. In a word,
i Maypr, JDahlman, Judging from his
.Bt&tein.enti would put university fac
oHUyi) and, :st,udents who aro qualified
ox"V9fe?Xf J I 'the , capital city on the same
olPten,'-wJth .other. persons considered as
-03iq4f?sjijabjejtpltlzens.and disfranchised
ov)r tW stytQv ?nf ' -
Wo.ifcrtlQKfl $hat.a: member,, pfntlfe
faculty "who is in tho employ of the
state Is bound to fulfill certain obllga-
" r -
April 23
Non-Com Hop
Walt's Orchestra
tlons to tho state But wo do not be
llovo that tho stato.wlll demand that
tho Iosb of citizenship or tho loss of
tho right to porform his civic duties
Is any part of tho obligation of any
member of tho faculty to tho state.
Consequently wo fall to seo-how Mr.
Dalilman can concludo that tho oxer-
clslng of this right was "wholosalo In
torforonco on tho part of tho univer
sity professors and studonts In Mon
day's olectlon."
YoatB and years ago thero was a
tlmo when tennis was tho most popu
lar of university gamcB. Today it has
dropped behind owing to tho rapid
growth of football and baseball. Yet,
should courtH bo provided, Bhould men
with no Inclination for othor forms of
athlotlcs absorb sufllclont forco of
.character to try tho white flannels, it
Is Bafo to say that tennis would
assume a prominent position in uni
versity athloticB. Thoro Is no roason
why it Bliould not bo encouraged.
Other collogOB put considerable stress
on tennlB as a college game, and then
lurking back thoro in tho groon
shadows Hob that gamo with Kansas.
A Colorado papor eulogies tennis
as follows:
"For thoso studonts who cannot or
"do not deslro to play baseball or don
a track suit, tonniB 1b an Idoal game.
.It gives tho playor strenuous but not
violent oxorclso;' puts Into action
ovory musclo of tho body; trains tho
oyo; dovolops tho faculties of cau
tion, diplomacy and alortness; and
thoreforo bonofltB mind as well as
body. Furthermore tonnls Is a gamo
that tho gontler sex can onjoy, bo-
causo it 1b freo from tho features that
make basoball and football essential
ly Bports for men; and bocauso It re
quires skill rathor than accentuating
peculiar phyBlcal qualities.
"In all respects tennis is every
body's game. It upholds tho prin
ciples of 'woman suffrage' It sup
ports the tenota of co-education. It
puts no premium on avoirdupois. It
can 'bo playod by tho dwarf as well
as by tho giant It Is a gamo for tho
grind' Just as much as for (ho var
Blty athlete It Is playod without the
fronzlod yolls of tho fans that mako
baseball and football 'noisy games.'
It causes no deaths. It is novor con
demned, but always approved. It is
a gamo of peaceful characteristics,
but a gamo of skill and action."
Miss Anna McCannon has just on
rolled in tho school of music. Miss
McaCnnon will reside at tho Woman's1
Irving S. Cutler and Georgo Bonol,
both .medics '10, returned to Omaha
yesterday after a couple of days' visit
to tho Alpha Thota Chi house
Fritz Slaglo, Acacia, lifts beon com
pelled to leavo school bocauso of the
Illness of his mother, and returned to
his homo in South Auburn, yesterday.
Dr. Maxoy leaves today for Hast
ings, Ho will act as judgo on tho de
bate, which takes placo tonight be
tweon Hastings and ,Hebron . higjh
schfloip,. ' , ,
. . .. j
Professor Stuff yesterday afternoon
addressed the literary department of
Lincoln Hotel
Tickets $1.5P
Dr. Maxoy loaves today for" Hast
ings, whero ho will act as ono of tho
judges at tho Hastlngs-Hobron debate
J. S. Morloy, official piano tuner of
tho conservatory of music, was called
to his homo in Minneapolis yestorday
because of tho critical Illness of his
Miss Nell Peterson, Delta Delta
Dolta, has left school until next year.
She will spend somo time traveling In
tho south before her trip to Europe
this summon
Robert Ashby, '08, has accepted the
position of assistant superintendent of
farmers' Institutes in tho state of
Washington, and will tako up the
work May 1st. Ho will bo located at
Leslie L, Zook, '07, writes irom
Chlco, Cal., that conditions aro very
favorable for planting of spring crops.
Ho Is carrying on experiments in
plant brooding for tho bureau of plant
industry, U. S. Department of Agri
culture Mr. .Zook expects to spend
somo months this summer in Old Mex
ico, going on leavo from tho depart
ment, and while thoro intends to do
voto considerable attention to Mexican
varieties of corn.
High Heel, High Arch DOLLAR OFF
2 Button and 2 Ties. W I I
Welt. U I I I I I I
When you want to got donning and Pressing
done- by hand and not by machinery bring
your clothes to
JOE The Tailor
who Is also a Specialist on altering and refitt
ing your clothes up-to-date.
Dressmaker of Style and Economy
University Bulletin
16, Saturday Y. W. C. A. Cabinet
meeting. 2314 So. 17th.
10, Tuesday Democratic Club meets.
Music Hall, Temple.
19, TuoBday Convocation and senior
21-22, Wednesday-Thursday, baseball,
Kansas vs. Nebraska, athletic
. field.
22, Friday "Faust" program. Unlver
, sity chorus and orchestra.
26, Tuesday Convocation. Mr. W. T.
Elmore "India." '
27, Tuesday, basoball, Highland Park,
vs. Nebraska, athletic field.
10, Tuesday Convocation. Annual
peace program.
11, Wednesday Ivy Day. All classes
1, Saturday Dual track meet Nebraska-Kansas,
at Lawrence
17, Sunday, 8 p. m Memorial Hall
Baccalaureate address to agricul
tural school by Dean A. E. Bur
nett. 22, Saturday, , 2 p., m.-r-Dual track
meet, Nebraska-Minnesota. Ath
letic field.
29, Saturday Missouri" Valley track
meet at Des Moines.
Our Kirschbatim True
Blue" Serge Suits
ERGE is the .most serviceable -and
dependable 'material for men's summer wear
we would have you judge our serge suits
by contrast with the usual hackneyed efforts
in this line.
KIRSCHBAUM "True Blue" Serges in two or
three-piece suits are now offered in many choice fancy
weaves in self color, which are exclusive with us.
We invite your inspection for this remarkable group
of garments, comprising many different single or
double-breasted models, ranging in style from the
conservative to the radical at prices from $15 to $25.
We guarantee these goods. Should you find im
perfection in the cloth or tailoring of a " Kirschbaum
hand-made" garment, return the same and money
will be refunded.
Palace Clothing Co,
1419 O Street
Art Needlework De
partment Spting Showing of
Sofa Pillows, Table gun
ners and Library Scarfs
Shown on the Aits and Crafts,
Czashes, Linens, etc.
You will not find a more beautiful display
in the city than we are showing. Wo give
free Embroidery and Stencil lessons every
Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 2 to 4
o'clock. Miss Mary McCartney, instructor.
Pennants a specialty. Special orders taken
9 Hand Embroidered Sofa Pillows worth
$6 to $8. Your choice $2.50.
Mrs. Stevens, rop. and Mgr.
The University
June 20 to August 12, 1910
Courses in Agriculture, Anatomy,
Botany, Chemistry, Education, Educa
tional Theory and Practlce,J3econdary
Education, Normal Training, Elemen
tary Education, English Language and
Literature, French, Geography and
Geology, German,, American History,
Homo Economics, Horticulture Latin,
Manual Training, Mathematics, Me
chanical Drawing, Philosophy and Psy
chology, Physical Education, Physiol
ogy, Political Science and Sociology,
Rhetoric and English Composition,
Zoology. ' ( 'jni
of NebVaska
Special attention to subjects re
quired for professional certificate
Nino hours of college work possible.
Conditional admission on 22. points.
Teachers 21 yoars or over may enter
as Adult Special Students.
HIgh-Sohool Courses In the Teach.
Ors' College High School.
For bulletin or Information ' address''
The University of Nebraska Lincoln
1 4'