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Vol IX. No. 99.
Price 5 Cents.
Lower 8alary Offered Than He Asked,
and Another 8tudent Has Ap
plied for Position
as Coach.
At a meeting of the athletic board
yesterday afternoon, B. M. Cherring
ton of Oraaoh was 'elected to fill the
position of track coach this spring.
The matter now rests with Cher
rington himself as to whether he will
coach the cinder path squad this
spring or not. The salary that ho
was offered by the board was some
what lower than tho amount ho agreed
to do tho work.
At a meoting of the board last
week I. P. Hewitt, who coached tho
basketball team this so)i6on, was
tendered tho position. The meeting
of the board was poorly attended and
the student members of tho board
were favorable to Hewitt and ho was
Faculty Members Oppose.
Tills action was vigorously opposed
by tho faculty raombers of- the board,
and one of the student mombcrs of
tho board moved for reconsideration
of tho matter. This was done and the
meetingyestorday was held.
The question at stnko now is, as to
whether Cherrington will .accept the
conchship at the salary offered. If he
does not accept, oho of tho other mem
bers of tho student body who has
made application for the' conchship
job will be appointed.
The board also elected Owen
Prank, quarterback on tho football
team last fall, to fill tho vacancy on
tho board caused by tho resignation of
William ThTUoupkoT .
Cherrington Experienced.
Cherrington began his track work In
tbo-,OmahahlghBohool,Twhero ho was.:
on tho toam for four yours, and in his
senior year won the all round athletic
championship of the school. While
in high school ho was also a member
of tho Y. M. C. A. track team. Ho
graduated from high school in 1904,
and with tho exception of one year
has been employed as a coacH of ath
letics since that time, including in
the teams that he has coached prac
tically .every, lino of athletics.
; Tho first ''year he was out 'of high
school, In 1904-5, he was employed as
jllreetQrQf. athletics at Wesloyan Uni
versity. During this year .Wesloyan
won the baskotball championship of
tho state and took second In hoth
bnsoball and track.
JLoavIng Wosleynnho spent the;
next two years at Adrian, MIcb.k
whero he coach both tho high 'school
and Y. M. C. A. teams In all lines of
. athletics. For two consecutive yenrs
tfnder his coaching Adrian high school
' h'eUrtlioVcmiirriiionshlp'of tho state in
bolfh basketball arid track and wort
the football championship of southern
Michigan. In 1D0G In tho southern
Michigan track meet Adrian high
school took second. During these two
years nlBO, the Adrian Y. M. C, A. bas
ketball team was undefeated, playing
7 some of tho best teams in tho United
States, and the track team was sec
ond in the state- Indoor meet in 190G.
Tho noxt year Cherrington spent as
a student in tho Nebraska University,
whero he was manager and coach of
tho class championship football team
' and,' captain and coach of tho clasB
championship baskotball team.
Last year he was omployed In the
Omaha high school as conch of all
athletics and bad a very successful
year, his teams winning the champion'
ship of the state In both football nnoVbreadt 10c at Th Boston "Lunch.
-JOS J-fl tssmTl
track. His work in dovoloping a
championship track team was all tho
more remarkable from tho fact that
It was practically tho first toam that
Omaha had had for eight years and
was developed entirely from nw ma
terial. ,,
Schoolmasters to Go Friday -Thomas
and Caldwell Speak.
Sovoral members of tho faculty will
hTIehTTtho mcotlngorthir Schoolman
Tor's Club at Omaha Friday night.
Tho meeting will bo addressed by
George H. Thomas. The discussion
will bo participated in by Professor
H. W. Caldwoll and others.
Tho Schoolmasters' Club has been
In existence about ten yoars. At first
thoro woro but thirty or forty mem
bers, but now the constitution allows
100, to bo school men of the state.
The club holds three meetings each
year, two at Lincoln and ono at Om
aha. Chancellor Avery is prosident of
tho club. Tho next meoting will be
rheld in Lincoln May 13, Dr. H. K.
Wolfe giving tho main address.
One of the. Best Dances of the Season
Given Saturday.
The freshman law class can givo a
successful dance. This was proven
Saturday night, when Fraternity hall
was crowded to the limit.
Last year the fr.eshmnn law clasB)
gavo a hop and it was a flat failure.
This year tho tables wero tumod, and'
about seventy couples attended ono
of.tho best dances of the year. The
committee inchnrgo or tho danco had
worked hard and as a result they
gave a danco thnt was very well .man
aged. Tho programs wero something new
and very 'attractive. They were vory
suggestive of things legal, the danco
being called "Tho Gathering of tho
Barristers," and tho dances "con
A. J. Ludden was chairman of, tho
committee and O, A. Deltzer was tho
master of ceremonies. Walt's orches
tra furnished' tho music.
Baked, beans, baked on the premises
land served hot with delicious brown
From the Cartoonists Viewpoint
Feel that They Should Have Pay as
Assistants for the Time that They
Spend as Officers of
the Battalion.
Pay for tholrtwork. Thnt Is 'whrtt
the four-year men of tho cadet battal
ion want. Ever since the cadot bat
talloa was organized the men who
have drilled four yoars havo rtfcolvod
no compensation for their work ex
cept tho honor of having been tho
captain of one of tho cadot companion
or perhaps major of tho battalion.
Tho matter has been discussed to a
great oxtept by tho members of the
battalion, (espooially.apiong tho .uppor,
classmen who are drilling, and they
aro of the opinion that fmy should
receivo somo compensation for tho
timo that they put into drill besides
tho honor of commanding ono of tho
cadet companies.
Are Assistants.
Thero are many of tho cadet cap
tains who have in the past drilled for
tho honor which they havo gained by
doing so. They havo liad to purchnso
their uniforms and spent four hours
oachsweok for. this, honor. Tho cttdall
captain's uniform costs nearly twonty
dollars, and added to this the time
that is spent thoro is no return for
tho labor which tho cadet captain
doos. The captains nnd other four
year men are ranked tho stuns as
assistants iit'thla department, but they
aro assistants without pay. Therefore
the men of tho battalion havo been
considering tho proposition of drawing
up a potitlon to tho university senato
id see If tliey cannot bo granted pay
for the timo they spend In, drilling tho
freshmen and sophomores.
Tho men who drill" three yeurs nro
given two hours credit each somestor
'for tho work they do In that depart
mentT' This Is llstq'd In tho unlvorslty
catalog as course T'S2t" and "82" Jn
the department of military science.
Tho course for the third-year men who
aro taking this Work In the 'depart
ment is called a course in tho Instruc
tion of cadets. Tho four-year mon of
tho battalion argue thnt if tho men
who have drilled but two years aro
allowed two hours crodlt In tholr
third year of drill the mon who havo
drilled three years should either bo
given assistants' pay for their work
in tho fourth year In that department
or moro university credit. At the
presont time tho four-year mon got no
unlvorslty credit nt all for tholr wqrk
In drill.
No Action Yet
As yet tho cadets havo taken "no ac"
tlon on tho matter nnd It is not known
yot whon thoy will net. Tho matter
huBilJeenidiscjiHHcd to a groat length
by tho4four-ycur mon In tho' battalion
and somo deilnito arrangement will be
taken it is thought shortly. The
matter of petitioning tho unlvorslty
senate to consldor tho -matter Is
thought most favorablyof and it is
highly probable-that this will bo tho
action talton by tho officers of the bat
Sutton Wins Unanimous Decision from
Grafton In Debate.
Hebron defeated Fairfield In a de
bate at Fulrflold Saturday. Tho de
cision was unanimous. It was tho
second dobatoof tho southorn district
of tho High .School Debating Loague.
Tho Honorable Dan Nottloton, for
merly speaker df tho Nebraska bouse,
presided. Tho judges woro Superin
tendent R. V. Clark of Harvard, Pro-
ffcsaor M. M. Fogg of tho university
and Superintendent A. "M. Shambaugh
of Davenport. Fnlrfleld supported tho,
afflrmntlvo of tho league question. The
members of the Fairfield team wero
Flora Schouottlef, Mason Rqed and
Ralph Kissinger, and those of Hebron
woro Earl Van Attn, Morton Brunlg
and Harvey Hess. Hess represented
Hebron in the state contest at Lin
coln last year, taking third place.
Another debate of the loaguo which
was hold Saturday! night' was ono be
twoon Sutton and Grafton, which was
won by Sutton unanimously. The
Judges wero Superintendent It. W.
Eaton of Geneva', Superintendent H.
Jennings of Exeter and Rev, Carlson
of Sutton. The members of tho Sut?
ton' team, were Fred FIgl, Peter Bauer
and Vcrn Catterson. Tho tuembors of
tho Grafton team wero Ella Turney,
TYed Shroyer nnd Hetty Evans.
' 7Tn
Changing of Requirement Rules In
College of Arts and Sciences and
Not In Phi Beta Kappa""
Makes Seniors Worry.
Another question has been Uikon.
Tho mombors of tho Junior nnd fresh
man debating teams will not discuss
tho county option question, which was
tho subject of tho dobatos In the pro
limlnnrlOH between tho froshmon and
sophomores and botwoen tho sonlors
and Juniors.
After tho dobato botweon tho Juniors
and Honiorsr Jn which tho- roprosontn-
lives of tho Junior olnss wero .victori
ous, tho proposition arose that a now
question for tho championship debnto
was neodod. At a recent mooting of,
tho In tor-class dobntlng bonrd it was
decided that another question would
bo debuted.
Fifteenth Amondment.
The question which will bo dobntod
on tho 22d of March In Memorial hall
botweon tho representatives of tho
Junior and freshman class Is, "Re
solved, That tho fifteenth amendmont
of tho Constitution of tho Unltod
States should bo repealed." This de-t,
bate will bp on Phi Bota Kappa day at
11 o'clock. All classos will bo excused
nt this hour and tho hour following,
whon tho members of tho sonior class' ;
nro' notlflod, of tholr election to Phi '.
Bota Knppa. Provious to tho an
nouncements of tho election of the
Phi Bota Kappa mombors nnd follow
ing tho championship dobato, tho an- .
nouncoment of tho elections of mom-1,
bors of tho sonior class In the' collogo
X nw to Thota Kappa Nu will bo
given. This frntornlty is ono similar .
to Phi Bota Kappa, but Its. member
ship is confined to thoso receiving the
highest scholarship record Jn the.
senior class of tho college of law.
Tho number of tho members of the ,'
senior class to bo olectod, to Phi .Beta '
Khppa' Is a mattor of contemplation as
yot. Tho rovlsion of tho oloctlvo sys
tem in which In tho collogo of arts
nnd-sclonces only six of the oight plecr
tlves nro required has made a nuniber
of tho mombors of tho sonior class In
eligible for Phi Beta Kappa. Tho con
stitution of tho organization provides' -that
mombors of tho senior class must
.havo taken seven of tho eight linos 'of
study in this collogo by tho -timo of
graduation, Since a,' momber of the,
seniors "who othorwlse would havocs, ,,
high scholarship record have- .takdnT
but six of tho olght lines of work, '
these members of -tho, class are- in
eligible. J -4 m
- The Debaters. '
The teams who "will debate, tho
question regarding tho fifteenth
amendmont havo been working on tho
question with- a- great doal-jf- vim
since the question was decided. Tho
membors of tho junior team are A. M.
Oberfelder, H. M. 'Wolvlngton nnd "A.
M. Raymond. Tho reptesontatlvea or
the freshman class aro T. O. Andrews,
B. B. Johnson 'and H. B, English.
Those aro tho men who will -debate
next Tuesday at 10 o'clock In Memo--
rial hall,' r r
Dr. Condra Spoke.
At tho dedication of the now Fair-'
mont high school building Friday Dr.
O. E. Condra of the University of Ne
braska was' tho chief speaker. Dr.,
Condra very much pleased his audi
ence at Fairmont, according to report.
Thoro were a' number of prominent
speakers at 'the dedication, Including
r3WAn QhaMotinotoAw ai1 .
I Governor Shallenberger and a1 vory
largo crowd was present.