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Vol IX. No. 92.
Price 5 Cents,
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Humboldt Wins from Pawnee City and
Terminates First 8eres In 8outh-
Eastern District Crelghton
and Pierce Debate Tonight.
Inspection of Cadet Battalion Follows
Review by Commandant Yates.
Last evening tho cadot battalion
hold tho first battalion rovlow ot tho
Bomostor. Tho companies woro lined
up on tho athletic field, whoro. thoy
.passed In review' boforo tho com
mandant and tho battalion staff. Pol
lowing tho rovlow tho battalion was
Inspected by Commandant Yates and
Major Dirks. Tho battalion made a
very creditable appearance and
showed that thoy had boon well
drilled on this lino of military science
Tho first dobato of tho lntor-class
championship series will take placo
this evening In Memorial hall between
tho sophomores and freshmen.
The sophomore team Is composed ot
It. E. Halldorson, Lincoln; It. M. Gar
rett, Madison; A. W. Vasoy, Boatrlco;
and G. B. DoWolf, Gibbon, alternate.
Thonnen who will cdmposo tho fresh
man team aro H. D. English, Lincoln;
B. B. Johnson, Lincoln; T. G. Andrews,
Lincoln; and J. It. Forbes, altornato.
Both Andrews' and Johnson aro mem
bers of tho freshman law class and
aro classed as frcBhmon In tho intpr
class debates.
The question that has been chosen
for the intor-class debates this year Is,
"RosGlved, That county option Is tho
best means of regulating tho liquor
traffic In Nebraska." The afflrmatlvo
side of the question will bo uphold by
tho freshmen In the dobato tonight,
whllo tho sophomores will have the
Freshmen Won Last Year.
Lost year tho Inter-clasB debates
iworo very successful. Tho seniors
won from tho juniors In an excollent
debate before a small audience. Tho
Work of Botanists Is Rearranged.
A rearrangement has boon, neces
sary in tho department of botany on
account of tho registration ot Miss
Anna B. Lute, who has had tho caro
of tho storo room, tho botanical
library, and tho botanical supplies for
hlKh schools. Tho caro and manage
ment of tho store room Is put In
chargo of MIsb Leva Walker, who will
also suporvlso tho sending out of high
school supplies, but she still remains
In chargo ot tho big laboratory of gen
oral botany. Bho will bo assisted In
tho laboratory by Miss Margaret Han
nah, '07, who comes to take a fellow
ship In botany. The botanical library
will hereafter be in tho especial
chargo of Dr. Walker, who will con
tlnuo tho work ot arranging and cat
aloging tho books and pamphlets.
"High-Flyers" bf the University Are
Planning on Forming Club and
Sending Delegate to
Officers Elected at Meeting Wednes-
A now organization! This t. ac
cording to tho latest report. Not that
tho university Is fully equipped with
an organization from ovory depart
ment of tho institution and three or
tour extra organization, but anothor
ono must como forth.
A recent communication from tho
Aero QJub of tho University of Penn
sylvania Invites tho aero olub of tho
University of Nebraska to attend tho
lnter-colleglato aoronautlc convention
which will bo hold In Philadelphia FrI
and Saturday, April 1st and 2d.
Form an Association.
Tho purpose of this convention Is to
form an association of all of tho aero
clubs of tho various universities of
North America. Consequently on tho
basis of this Invitation tho mombors
of tho student body who havo in tho
past considered themselves high-flyers
aro. busy gathering togother from out
of tho dark corners and recesses of tho
university thoso who aro known to bo
adopts at the art of high-flying and
aro summoning them to gother to
Statistics Show Big Gain for Men In
According to statistics glvon out
from the chancellor's ofllco yesterday
tho men of tho university aro Improv
ing In scholarship. Last year thoro
woro 3 6-10 as many casos of mon do-
Unquocles as thoro woro women dolln
quonclos. This year only 2 7-10 as
many casos of dollnqucncy have boon
roportod for tho mon as for tho wo
Tho number of delinquency casos
among tho women was groator this
year than last, tho lncroaso corre
sponding closoly to tho lncroaso In
registration. This Is duo. largoly to
tho fact that tho women havo always
boon undor closer Buporvlslon than tho
men in this matter.
Tho conclusion arrived at by tho
cbminlttco is that tho dollnquonclos
havo been greatly reduced among tho
mon, all of tho gain coming from tholr
side of tho statistics. This Ib duo to
tho strong effort put forth toward re
ducing tho dolinquoncy among tho
Field Trips Will Be Taken Object of
Academy Is to 8pread Knowledge,
of Natural, Physical and Math
ematical Sciences.
question was tho parcels post ques
tion, tho seniors defending tho afflrm
atlvo and tho juniors tho negative.
Tho freshmen won from tho sopho
mores, and tho final contest botwoon
tho froshmon and seniors was won by
tho fbrmer and gave them tho cham
pionship of tho school.
. - Tho--clasB-of-lfll2-ls-maklnggroat-
efforts to rqtaln tholr supromacy.
Eleven sophomores took part In tho
try-otfts, and thoy havo shown a groat
deal of Interest In tho debates. This
year's freshman toani, however, is a
etrong ono, and tho contest tonight
will bo hard fought.
Tho last of tho first series of dis
trict debates In tho southeastern dis
trict of tho Nebraska High School Do
bating Loaguo was that.botweon Hum
boldt and Pawneo City at Humboldt
Tuesday evening. Tho dobato result
ed In a victory for Humboldt by a two
to ono decision. .
Professors Judge Debate.
Tho Judges woro from tho univer
sity. Thoy woro: Profossors E. B.
Conant and Edwin Maxoy of tho law
school, and Mr. James E.- Bednar, law
'10. 'Mr. Bodnar is an old Nebraska
debater and' Is toachor of, debate In
tho Lincoln high school.
Humboldt will now meet Falls City,
which dofeated Stella. Wymoro,
which defeated Tecumseh, wjll meet
Auburn, whloh dofeated NebraBka City.
The winners of these two contests will
dobato for tho championship of tho
southeastern district, and tho winner
of this contest will send a representa
tive to Lincoln on High School Foto
Day, May 13, to dobato for tho cham
pionship of tho Nebraska high schools.
Professor M. M.'Fogg will' go to
Crelghton today, where ho will help
judge a debate between Crelghton and
Pierce tonight. These townB aro In,
the hprth-centrai district of tho state
debating league and are contenders for
tho champlbnshlp of that district. '
Albion and St. Edward will 'also
meet tonight. Friend and Geneva will
debato'at Friend Monday night.
organization Wednesdny evening. Fred
Hoffmann was elected president and
H. C. Slater secretary.
It was announced at tho meeting
that Mr. Kimball will havo chargo of
Plans aro now bolng mado for the
annual mooting of tno Nobraska Acad
omy of Sciences, which will bo hold Jn
Lincoln somo tlmo In April. It will
bo tho biggest and best mooting the
acadomy has bvor hold. At this moot- -Ing
tho Important question of tho re
organization of tho academy will be
conBldorod. Tho reorganization will
bo along linos of moro practical valuo
and immodiato Intorost to tho various
groups of scientists In tho state and
Is to mako tho acadomy a sort of
"clearing houso" for all scientific or
ganizations and activities in tho state.
More Informal Meetings,
It Is dosircd to mako tho mootlngs
moro Informal. Tho offlcors aro desir
ous of interesting tho pooplo of the
First Year Men Will Give. Dance on
March Twelfth.
Ono of tho last unlvorslty dances of
tho year will bo given to tho fresh
man law class on tno evening of Sat- stato and- Blowing thoiq thoro Is somo
urdav. March 12. Tho dance will be tnInS worth their whllo In tho meet- AMrwMMlafttlnkf ImtntM ll 4t4A
dav Evenlna t iivum uu uibouii-uuuu uu r mo
In responso to tno urgent pieaamg
of tho leaders In this, movomont stu
dents have flocked together at various
times on the campus to talk ovor and
arguo tho advantages of binding them
solves Into this order and planB aro
it. i..i. ml.n.r ii7 til Vtnrrtn rnmtlni'
mu uuu. xuujr ... w. -w0. " . . !,,. rt ctn-Mno. n Pnmnnlfm
Immnlnfalv Wuflri; mnln. uu,11b iuouwu .. uv. .0 . o
4UJUJ WUtt-WVJ - w j -
voice In tho unlvorslty is urged to bo
present at tho practices. Thoso doing
regular wbrTr"mybonlIowodBomor
unlvorslty credit. Regular tlmo for
practice- will bo assigned at tho next
meeting, Wednesday evening. Thoro
Is to bo no regular try-outs for tho
club, ovoryono who Is willing to at
tend tho practices being considered
mombors. Whon tho club takes a trip,
however, try-outs for places will bo
given In Fraternity hall and tho music
will bo furnished, by Walt's orchestra.
Tho last hop glvon by a freshman
law class was a failure It was not
largoly attended and did not pay out
Tho committee in chargo of this, year's
lngs. Thoy aro Invited to como and
Join in a gonoral discussion' of things
loading to a cloaror scientific knowl
odgo of practical things.
Tho program this year will be di
vldod into various sections,, jb that
hop ia hard 'at wqVftand"tbosaib offo0 especially interested scl-
jxl-i.....Lw ,ai.. u.'..L'"'i'.V i-ji . nttprt nnniT nrt lfatnn iri . nvf. .
uuKeiB ujj iu iuu pruBuui. uuiu mur
Y. M. C. A. STAG
Baked beans, baked on tho promisee
and served' hot with delicious brown
bread," 106. at'The Boston Lunch.
Foreign Embassy Will Attend to Study
Sqclal Conditions.
Final arrangomonts havo actually
been completed for tho Y. M. O. A.
"stag" which will bo hold In Memo
rial hall Saturday evening?' Tho
stuntB aro all "now," at least that is
tho way Secretary Der Klnderen puts
it. Glen G, Fordyco, chairman of the
committee, will bo assisted by R. F.
Curtlss, R. E. Woavorllng and Olio
Motcalf. .
Tho featuro ovont of tho evening
will be nn Indoor trade meet. Each
class will be represented In, tho vari
ous ovents. Rooting squads will bo
formed to support tho teams.
The list of eventB includes tho shot
put, seeing race, smelling race, clothes
'nln race, hurdles and tho milk raco.
V. C. Hascall has registered against a
largo field ln tho milk raco. 'Chair
man Fordyco is receiving registrations
for all events now. The meet and-so-clal
are free. All university mqn are
Doflnlto assurance has reached head
quarters that a commission of
European Inspectors will visit tho, uni
versity on Friday and Saturday. They
will bo present at the "stag," while in
vestigating tho social llfo' of thofcbl
lego mon, when no ladles aro present
They hope to Introduce American
Ideas of pleasure Into European
'schools.,' . f
to Bond ono of the most promtnontl
workers In this movomont as a dolo-
A New Science.
Tho. author of tho communication to
tho unlvorslty states that It has found
that this now problem of aorlal navi
gation has seemingly sprung from tho
oarth and now promises to revolution
ize transportation. Tho mombors of
tho. now club at tho university havo
not ns yet determined upon tho era
blom which thoy will wear. Somo are
In favor ot a monoplane, others havo
suggested a tiny airship, but the ma
jority of tho organizers havo an
nounced that they aro in favor of
adopting a winged schooner as tho
proper emoiom oi mo now oruuiusu-
cates tthat tho attendance will be
Tho tlckots woro put on said Mon
day morning and alroady a largo num
ber havo been sold,
-Tho troshman law class has, liber
ally patronized ovory university func
tion this yoar, and they bollovo that
othor unlvorslty organizations will ro
turn tho compliment and attend their
hop. This is tho first affair that tho
laws havo planned for this year.
once nood not listen to1 a number of
addressos on other sconces. It Is
hoped to havo a largo number of unl
vorslty professors present to help In
tho gonoral discussion of tho topics.
A now foaturo has boon arranged
on tho program in tho way of several
field trips undor tho direction of com
petent loaders. , Somo of. tho leaders
will bo Dean Bossoy, Dean Wolcott.
8ophomore Hop Committee.
Tho following commltteo has boon
appointed to arrango for a sophomoro
hop to bo glvon In tho near future:
Vorn Bates, chairman; Claronco Clark,
Frank Jonos, Charles Landers, Helen
Dlnsmoro, Eula Bates, ana iTlorenco
Rush. William Rltchio has boon ap
pointed master ot ceremonies.
Hon. Tho voto on tho matter will do
takon as soon as tho organization be
comes permanent.
Tho names of the members ot tho
organization which will boar tho name
of tho Amalgamated Order of High
Flyers fiavo not been announced to
tho public yet, but thoy will bo known
in .a short tlmo. s Several of tho prom
inent upper classmen aro loaders in
tho movement, which is receiving tho
support of a largo portion of tho stu
dent body.
Forest Club Plan Program.
Preparations aro being made In tho
forestry department, for a very cholco
nrocram In two weeks, the dato being
as yet undecided. Two leading lum
bermen and foresters will compose tho
speaking 'staff, whllo mombors- of tho
department will fill in with othor num
bers. Tho Forest Club has also de
cided to havo a banquet In tho future
and action Is bolng taken to mako It a
big success. ,
Cadet 'Companies Drilled In Guard
Mount and Duties 6f Sentinels..
For tho past two or three evenings
tho members of tho dlff6fenfv cadet
companies ot tho university, caet, bat
talion havo been, practicing guard
mount., Tho first evening company D
had to go on guard and tho next even
ing company C had tho -duty to fulfill.
This -work is taught the cadets every
spring so aB to onablo them to'become
acquainted wlththejr- duties ag senti
nels when they have this. work to per
form at cadet encampment
Students on tho campus aro talking
about "Tho Goddess of Liberty,", Mort
M. Singer's latest musical comedy suc
cess, which is coming to tho Oliver for
qnp performance next Tuesday even
ing. This play was presented for 300
performances at the Princess theater
tn Chliagq. Tho company - which
comes to Lincoln includes, vivacious
SaUla Fisher and tho other members
of tho orgInatja8t. This comedy Is
bettor than tho "Prince of Tonight,"
which-'played to capacity houses in
Lincoln less than a month ago. .
To keep students' from leaving, the
city on' Sundays tho Yalo faculty has
ruled t.o refuse tiraccopt certificates of
church attendance from churches'out
eid'o of New Haven. This check was
proposed by the senior uhdorgraduate
and DrTCondra, who havo mado spe
cial studios of field work in their1
lines. Those trips 'will bo of special
vauo and Interest to biologists, oral
thologlsts, botanists and earth-sclonce'
men as well as all interested In gon- ,'
oral scientific work.
Object of Academy.
Tho Nebraska Acadomy pf Sciences
was prganlzed In 1891, with tho fol
lowing object: Tho lncroaso and dlt -fusion
of knowledgo rolatng to tho
natural, physical and mathematical
sciences in their widest extent.. Tho
academy mcots annually in Lincoln. It :
Is of benefit in many ways, such as
promoting acquaintance 'among scion
tlflo men and with' tho work thoy are
doing, in furnishing information in ro-
gard to the resources of tho state, In -furnishing
teachers with information
for uso In tholr work, and to mould
public opinion with regard to scien
tific truths. Tho proceedings aro pub- '
lished each yean ', ;
Tho membership is open to any one;
Every citizen and ovory student inter- .
cBted" in any branch 'of sciences
should bo a member. Tho dues 'are
per year. A large number of-new
members have joined recently and It
Is hoped that tho membership will be
doubled this ' year. Teachers,' physl- '.'
clans, business, and professional men'"1
all should havo'tho publications. ' ' J
ur. viouura is jirutiiueui ui iuukujuu- -,
eray and Professor F. D. Barker is
secretary. All 'ard" welcome at', the'
meetings, and students especially
should attond, '
It was a dark night " A man Was
Tiding fa bicycle with no lamp,' He
cimo to a cross roads, and did' not
know which way to turn, ' He felt In .
his pocket for a match. He found biit
one.' 'Climbing to" the tdp of the' pole
ho lit the watch carefully, ah'd In (hd
ensuing feUmmer, read " Wet fcaint -