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VoL IX. No. 76.
Price 5 Cents.
!" Z&-'
Plot Is One vCrlslna from a Series, of
Misunderstandings and
Funny Situations.
Tho annual Gorman play of tho Uni
versity of Nebraska will bo glvon Fri
day night at tho Tomplo theater, un
der, the auspices oftho Gorman de
partment. This year "it Is Roeknlcker
atrasBe," a comedy, rich in good solid
humor and ludicrous situations.
Throughout it shows great Bpontanlotj
with an inexhaustible flow of wit and
nfforvonrlntr nnlrit. It is a nlav that
appeals to anyone In search of amuse
ment or diversion.
In tho first net the curtain rises
upon a domestic scene, a room of Mr.
Drohso's Iioubo In Berlin. Hnrrassed
by troublesomo tenants, and their un
ending doraands of him, Mr. Brohse de
cides to exchango his home, Koopnlck
erstrasse 120, for Ludorsdorr, a coun
try estate, belonging to Horr Krafft.
Tho lattor is also dissatisfied with his
property,' his crops are bad, tho forest
ho has depended on for timber Is ex
hausted, and ho realizes that the fol
lowing year it would require a fortune
to keep tho estate running. Ho Is
thoroughly disgusted and Is more than
willinc to exchange Ludorsdorf for
sly attorney, and brother-in-law of
Horr Brohso's, consummates tho doal,
KoepnlckorstrosBO 120. Horr Soldol, a'
having docslved both of the gontlomon
as. to tho real condition of tho two
properties. Heleno, tho charming young
daughter of Horr 'BrohBo, and tho
Homowhat countrified son of Krafft,
Hugo, lend a ludicrous love Interest to
tho act
Tho second net is located in the gar-
den-of Ludersdorfwhero, lntho first!
Bcene, preparations aro made for wel
coming tho now landlord and his wlfo.
Whilo1 peacefully engaging In a little
toto-a-teto under a tree, Heleno and
Rosa, nleco df Soidol, aro exceedingly
BurpriBod by a little "stunt" of Hugo's.
It Is on this occasion that tho eaves
dropper Hugo ovorhears his beloved
Heleno refer to him as "clodhopper,"
which results in a surprise to tho
young ladles, Hugo, and tho audloncqi
A mistake of tho young ladles in tho
Identity of Drossol gives rise' to a very
comical situation. After much oxer-
tton and many .difficulties, such as Ihe
breaking down of a bridge, and wading
over a mdfaBS for a half an hour, Horr
Brohso and his wife finally arrlvo at
Ludorsdorf, quite spent. Horo Horr
Brohso's troubles begin, whon ho en
gages a young and pretty housekeeper.
Declare Their Love.
Tho third nct'transpire In n room
at Ludorsdorf. In Bplto of tho obJec
jjon of tho BroliBeBand"llio scuoralng
of Soldol tho ardent suitors, DroBsel
and Hugo, succeed In declaring tholr
lovo to ItoBa and Holone respectively.
A graud mixup occurs when Seidel In
sists on having Rosa and Hugo en
gaged," instead of Rosa and DrosBol.
Hugo also. gets into deep water, for,
by trying to ascertain who'thor 'Rosa
loves Drossol gives her the impres
sion that he is asking her whether
she loves him Hugo. And hero .Uncle
Soldol comes In, and, without a hear
ing gives them bis confront and bless
ing, Mr, Bohso has found out that
Ludorsdorf Is ntft flowing with milk
'and honey, and that his engaging
i Miss Plckenbach, the pretty house
keeper, was only the beginning of his
trouble. To cap the climax ho Is ar
rested for shooting a rabbit contrary.
to the gamo law, and for trespassing J
In th government forest ,x t
The fourth ad last act opehs;on
scono in Mr. Krafft's house, Koopnlck
erstrasse 120. Hoping to profit by tho
city's plan to open a street through
this property, Seldol persuades Krafft
to soil It to him, and at the same time
announces Rosa's engagement to
Hugo, thus causing innumerable mis
understandings and confusion. It de
velops, however,- that Koepnlckor
strasse 110 will be torn down to build
a .now street, nrid Mr. Soldol's little
plan js spoiled. He now attempts to
sell tho house back to Krafft and
Brohse, but neither will have It at
any price. Brohso's interest in Krafft's
son's, Hugo's, engagement, causes
Krafft considerable surprhso, who, of
course, believes that Rosa and Hugo
nre engaged. Finally all mistakes aro
rectified, nnd everyone, except Seidel,
Is happy, and both pairs 6f lovers are
happily united.
Cast of Characters..
The play is sure to please, and tht
actors have atathed a high dogree of
efficiency, for which the credit is given
to Miss Heppnor, who coached them.
The cast of characters includes:
Karl Brohse Prof. Andrew Schrg
Fredorlko, his wife Paulino Kohn
Hoiene, their daughter. .Coralle Meyer
Krufft, proprietor of Ludorsdorff,,
Theo Krueger
.Hugo, his son Ernest Hubermann
Seidel, Brohso's relative
Herman Wlebe
Rosa, Ills niece Estella Hardy
Felchert, justice of tho peace
Gorhardt Krueger
Lorenz Drossel c...M. E. Strleter
Frau Sturm, tenant of Brohse. . . .
MarlQ von Gootz
Emllio Plckenbach, housekeeper. .
: "Edith Henna
Strompol, kantor..Erlcl.von Nussbnum
Klosol; inspector . .Charles Bohannan
Bumke, pesant Andrew Juhl
Minna, maid ..... Nelda Schmidt
Servants, gonsd'nrm, witnesses, peas
ants. an
Statistics Show that Department
Economics Is Equal to Any.
R. W. Baldwin, '08, of Kansas Unl-
work In that Institution, has registered
for work this somester In the depart
ment of political economy. He will
tako all of tho work given nt Nebras
ka In finance and commerce. A. com
parison of statistics ns to courses of
fered and instructors shows that Ne
braska oxcels In these departments.
Nebraska comes up to- Harvard, Co
lumbia, or Chicago in the number and
selection of the courses offered. At
tho present time there aro three pro-
IfesBors besides Professor Taylor who
have Ph.D. degrees giving courses In
the department.
Players Will Start Working Out Next
Week In the Gymnasium.
After tho Charter Day meet next
Tuesday evening, a cage will be con
structed In tho gymnasium' nnd base
ball practice will be In order. Couch
Carroll and Captain Greenslit are go
ing to qtart tho work early this year
so that they will bo nblq to give the
men a more thorough try-out.
In addition to tho varsity team,
there will bo a freshman, team this
year. This team will bo given uni
forms of their own and assigned a
definite. schedule. There are a num
ber of promising players among tho
first, year men this year and " tho
freshman team should be' a good one.
There aro nine men .In tho, univer
sity whb havo won their spurs on tho
varsity. Thov aro Metcalfe. Chirk.
Scjleuforr' Sturtzeneggor, Mathers,
Adams, Olnistead, Greenslit ancLCllne,
Ciino played first base twoyears ago,
but his regular position Ms on tho sets
ond sack. - '
Baked beans, baked on the premise!
and aerjed kqt-wlUi delicto .Vrws
n bread. 10c. at Th Bo oVLuhch;.
Parliamentary 8crap 8tarted In the
Junior Meeting Two Ballots
1 Required to Decide for
Things political dovoloped some ex
citement yesterday morning In both
cIubb elections. In tho junior class
where there was only one candidate
for the president! office tho mooting
developed into a parliamentary dis
pute. In the sophomore class charges
of graft and counter-charges stIrrod
the meeting and cuuucd lis share of
The campaigns in tho past few
weeks havo on tho whole boon very
quiet and no mud-sllnglng has devel
oped. Btit this quletncsB was made up
for in tho meetings.
Juniors Elect Hahne.
In the Junlpr class tho one candi
date, R H. Hahne, had no opponents.
Ho rocoived the unanimous vote of the
clasB. The meeting was called to or
der by President Oborfeldor. A report
of Chairman Hathaway of the Junior
prom committee aud he roported that
he had as yet not mado up a detailed
report, but (hat tho prom-was u finan
cial success.
Tlio clnBS also voted to uwnrd class
numerals to the members of the cliiss'i
football team nnd to npply any balance
that, tho class may have In the treas
ury on the debt owed by tho members
of the class to . the "Cornhuskor."
ClaBB caps wore also discussed at this
meeting, nnd it was announced that
the committee wris now taking orders
for these caps and that thoy would bo
distributed to tho members of the
clnBBBomo-.timo-ln-the. near-future,
Following thlB short business pro
grum the ejection of officers for this
semester was taken up, nnd E. H.
Hahno was chosen as president by u
unanimous vote. The question of
electing the remaining ofllcers (or the
clnss was discussed, aud It was finally
decided thaflhe class would elect the
remaining ofllcers. Morris BHsh and
L. A. Hummell were nominated for
vice-president, and then tho roal par
liamentary scrap began. Somo want
ed to suspend the constitution and
voto by acclamation, Somo also want
ed to vote by(ba!lot. Itwag finally
decided that voting "would bo by 'bnllot.
and then It was moved to adjourn.
This motion was lost, and then another
motion was mado nnd seconded and
then It was again moved tq adjourn,
and this time the motion .carried.
Sophomores Busy.
In the sophomore chisa interest was
aroused as the tlino for election drew
near. Tho campalgnfadTJeonathreF
cornerod contest, aud tno three candi
dates, Hawloy, Garrett and 3rlswoldf
were conffdont of election. Two bal-
lots were, necessary to decide the elecv
tlon, andon the second buHot Hawloy
receded tho majority.
On the first ballot the vote stood?
Garrett 88, Hawloy 77, and Grlswold
i'i. pn tho second ballot GrlBWold
dropped out and hawloy was elected
by a vote of 124 to 102.
The election' of Hawloy oame at' the
climax of a long three-cornered con1
,test between Hawley, R. M. Garrett
and E. B. Griswohi. Hawloy had been
rather handicapped by enforced ab
sence from the university for the past
few days, due to the Illness and death
of 'his grandmother, but his supporters
proved to be sufficiently strong to give
him tho' coveted honor. "
Thursday at 11:3Q the freshmen
meet in Memorial hall to elect their
president. So far Jin tho campaign
only two candidates havb announcod
thomsolves nnd Ukjbo nre R, A. Coffeo
nnd H. B. English.
Manhattan, Kansas, Wants Game on
Thanksgiving Day.
Thoro is strong probability thnt Ne
braska's opponent on Thanksgiving
Day next fall will bo Colorado. Ad
vices from Bouldor lndlcnto that Col
orado is anxious for n gamo with Ne
braska nnd would bo willing to como
to Lincoln for it. Thanksgiving now
Is tho only date loft opon on tho Ne
braska schedule Manager Eager has
stated thnt this seems to be tho host
pffor bo far received and It would un
doubtedly provo a, good drawing card.
Last year tho Colorado team was vory
strong and will bo as Btrong next
Tho Kansas Agglos wanted tho
Thanksgiving Day gamo, but deslrod
to stage the affair .at Mriiitynttan.
Managor Eager Is desirous of having
the final gamo played at Lincoln, nnd
so the Aggies will probably not bo
placed on our schedule. Thoy would
hardly put up the gamo expected of
Colorado either.
' E. C. Warner, tho star freshman end
or last rail's, freshman team, has boon
compelled to leuve school this somos
tor. Ills father needed tho young
man's services on tho farm. Arrange
ments aro being mjtdo for him to como
back In tho full and ho will bo eli
gible for tho team next yonr. Ho was
ono of the most promising men on the
neia curing, tna iuuu season,
Additional Room Made In Dressing
Rooms by. Improvement
For tho nasi Tow day n number of
men havo been at work In tho mom's
dressing rooms Installing new steel'
lockers for (he use of students In the
department ' of physical education.
The8o lockers havo boon needed for
the pnst semestor. '
A largo share of ihe lockers havo
been utilized by tho m'ombors of the
cadet battalion, and these men have
been handicapped on account of hav
ing no locker room of nny sort while
doing "gym" work. .Tho addition of
thoBO now lockors will rcllovo this dif
Coach Orders Men to Do Dally Prac
tice In Throwing Goals to
Help Squad.
For the past few days the men on
the ( varsity basketball sqund have
been devoting a Half hour each day to
throwing goals und practicing this,
with a vim. This is becausa of an
order Issued by Coach Hewitt to tho
effect that each mart is requested to
spend each day a half 'hour outside of
regular practice throwing goals. This
factor In basketball practice will mako
the men more ofilcIOnt, in scoring
points from tho field and In -this way
which fact will help tkem win
many games at the critical moment
To Leave School This Semester After
Five Years' Service In Band.
Monday evening after ihe university
band' had concluded its concert, tho
members prc'sented their leader, A. E.
Ingorsoll, with a handsome sabre. Mr.
Ingersoll leaves school this semester,
after bavin ir been in tho band five
years. During this time he has been
one of the most faithful and prominent
members and has risen to the rank of
captain. The sabre was appropriately
L. F. Blanchard has been promoted
to be student leader in the .band. He.
Is 'an expert musician andlhe band
will lose nothing byv the change In
Chances With Drake Are Good Al-
though Loss of Men MakesBlg
Gap In Line-up Ames Will
Put Up Stiff Fight.
Tho bnskotball team left yestorday
at 3:45 oyer tho Rock Island on tho
socond trip of this season. Tho men
taken along wor.o Porry, Potrnshok,
Hutchinson, Schmidt, Jonos, Arabor-
son, Hlltnor and Wntors. Tho Bquad
was In chargo of Coach Howltt and,
Managor Eager. Thoy will go dlroct
to Dcs Molnos, whoro thoy moot Drake
UnlvorBlty Wednesday and Thursday
nights. Thoy will then go to Amos,
Iowa, whoro thoy ploy Friday and Sat- '
urday nights with tho Iowa State Col
logo team. All of thoso gnmos count
in the contest for tho championship of
tho Missouri Vnlloy.
Tho team Is somowhat shattered by '
tho loss of both tho regular guards',1
Woods and Ingorsoll, nolthor of whom
nre In school this semestor. Hutch
inson, tho othor man whom rumor said
had loft school, has registered and
will go with tho team. Tho line-up
of tho team is not known doflnltoly at
present. j.Jon,os and Amborson will
probably play tho guard poBitions, al
though Hlltnor may got a chance
Changes Cause Trouble.
Tho team should not oxportance any
particular trouble , in winning from?1
Drake. However, with tho change in
tho team and, playing on a Btrane
flootr tho game's will bo much closor!
than thoso playod horo a few weeks
ngo. At Amos much concorn is felt'
ajnong tho studonts as to tho. outcome,
of tho' games. Tho team wil have .
played -for several nights ip auccos-
braska was barely able to boat Amos
on our homo floor. However, tho men "
say theyr can and will boat tho Amos .
mon. Thoy are ajl feeling confident
that thoy will at least win a majority
of thoso away from homo gnmos.
Monday night tho team will again
bo -soon In action ont tho homo floor.
Tho Kansas Agricultural team will be
here for ono game. Thoy havo a
strong team, having beaton Nebraska
at Manhattan earlier in tho season. It
will boa gamo worth seeing. An In
formal danco will bo hold-after the.
game, for which no extra admission
will bo charged.. . - -
Missouri was scheduled here for a,
game Monday night, but' this had to
be called off. h case. Nebraska wins'
tho championship of tho northern trio
they will undoubtedly meet Kansas,
who seems td bo almost sure to win
In the sou'thorn trio. These. games
will bo played on a neutral floor. Kan-
Kasniowovory has" two games" schod-
uled herp which will have no effect -upon
tho champlonsblj). Tho dates
for these aro February 27 and 28.
There will bo no othor games on
the homp floor. -February J8 and ljT
Nebraska plays Minnesota at Minne
apolis. . Tho team is determined to
defeat the- Gophers these two games.
.i-S -
Chancellor Will Remain
Where Hs Is. ; j
The regents of tho University of
Minnesota have received a telegram
from Drf A. Ross Hill, president' o.
the University or Missouri, decllnjng
the offeror the presidency o tho Uni
versity ef Minnesota Dr. HiH said
that his duties to the University' of
Missouri forbade him ,, accepting" thp
generous offer of "the regents 6f the
tynlvefslty 0f Minnesota. V"