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VoL IX. No. 63.
Price 5 Cents.
Nebraska Educates Her Students
Lower Figure Per Pupil Than
Any Institution of Like
Size and Class.
aA cTWodern Soliloquy
By a "Republican Hamlet
Tho United States Bureau of Edu
cation collects each yoar statistics of
stato universities, and other Institu
tions of higher education partly sup
ported by the state. This Information
has just been published as Bulletin
No. 422. The statistics cover the
yoar ending June 30, 1908. Using thlB
compilation as a basis of comparing
Nebraska with other Institutions of
the same class, tho following facts
have been ascertained:
' " ' Numtier'of Students. ' '
Minnesota 5,066
Illinois 4,972
Cornell 4,859
Michigan 4,554
Wisconsin 3,585
Nebraska '. 3,611
California 3,558
Wisconsin is placed above Nebras
ka although tho showing of students is
less. This is accounted for by the
fact that Wisconsin failed to report
for tho year 1909 to the bureau of ed
ucation, and consequently the figures
lor 1908 were substituted.
None of the other Institutions reach
ed the 3,000 mark.
Salaries Paid.
The maximum salaries paid profes
sors of tho various classes are given,
but there has evidently been some
confusion In tho reports. Thus, for
instance, under "professor" some In
stitution designate a dean's salary,
others the salary of tho head of a
department. In many Institutions no
distinction Is made between tho salar
ies of' deans and of other professors.
In one Institution where the maximum
salary of $5,000 .is reported, it is known
that tho report relates to only a
single dean, and that the average sal
ary paid to a professor in that insti
tution Is lower than that paid in o
braska. Wherever tho professor 1b
given a house in addition to his sal
ary, $500 has been added In making
up this comparison. Tho list of max
imum salaries runs as follows:
Cornell $6,500
Iowa 5,000
California 5,000
Illinois 4,500
Missouri 4,500
Okjahoma 4,000
Wisconsin 4,000
Minnesota 3.700
Rutgers Collogo , 3,600
Michigan . 3,500
Maximum Figures.
Colorado' School of Mines, Connecti
cut Agricultural College, Dolowaro
College, University of Georgia, Michi
gan Agricultural College, Montana
Stato School of Minos, Pennsylvania
Stato Collogo, University of Texas and
tho University of Nebraska, pay a
maximum salary of $3,000 each. Most
of ttio other Institutions pay salaries
lowor than these, and these figures
Bhould not bo- taken to Indicate In
any way tho average salaries paid in
tho various 'Institutions. It is inter
esting to note, however, that there Is
no special relationship between tho
size and tho fame of a school and the
maximum salary paid.- For Instance,
Oklahoma reports one salary of, $4,000,
while tho maximum in Ohio stato Uni
versity Is given at $2,800.
Tho lowest figure reportod as tho
jhaxlmum salary of a professor In any
Institution, Is f 480 with a house, This
Is In ono of tho state colleges for col
ored ajtudenta. The lowest ..maximum
professorial salary reported In any
To InBurge. pr not? That is the quostlon:
Whether Ub nobler In Republicans, to suffor
Thp slings and arrows of an outraged people
Or to take arms against a sda of Cannons
And by opposing, and them? To InBurge to
No more and by a fight, to say we end
The boBB and all tho thousand natural grafts
A senator is heir to 'tis a consummation
Dovoutlv to be wished. To Insurge to fight
To fight! nerchanco. to loso av. there's the rub!
For in that fight and less what costs may come.
When we have shuffled off this mortal graft
Must give us pauBe, there's tho respect
That makoB calamity of politics;
For who would bear tho whips and scorns of loss,
Tho bosses' wrong, the Republicans' contumely,
The pangs of vanished hopes, tho law's dobaugh,
The Insolence of office-holders, and the spurns
That patlont morlt of tho Insurgent takes,
When ho himself might his qulotUB mako
With a bare bodkin? Who would oppression
To grunt and swoat under Cannon's rule,
But that tho dread of punishment and Iobs
The inevitable country from whoso bourn
No reformer returns, puzzles tho voter,
And makes us rather bear tho boBB wo have,
Than fly to others that wo know not of?
Thus conscience does mako cowards of us all;
And thus tho natlvo hue of voters
Is sicklied o'er with tho palo cast of thought;
And entorprlseB of groat pith and moment,
Ab Insurgency, their currents turn nwry,
And loso tho name of notion Soft you now..
Tlie fair Insurgency herself Is hero. Nymph, in
thy OrlsonB
Be all my sins romembor'd. Should I lnHurgo7
institution for whito studentB, is $1,500
without a house.
Tho salaries" of presidents range
from $10,000 per year, Including a
heated and lighted houBo, to $2,200
without a house. The lowosfc salary
including a house, Ib $1,200, paid to
tho president of ono of tho stato col
leges for colored students. If a thous
and dollars a year bo assumed as tho
valuo of a heated and lighted house,
there are thirteen presidents "who aro
rppolvlnp- Inriror nnlnrlnfl than iifild in Call
Nebraska, six tho same salary, while
balance of J hose reporting receive a
lesser amount.
The figures for the total income for
the year aro also somewhat uncertain
since fost of tho institutions do not
wind up the year's business on Juno
30th and in some instances tho grand
total for tho year represents tho re
ports given for 1908 Instead of for
Annual Expenditures.
Tho expenditures of tho various In
stitutions aro In part as follows:
Illinois $1,693,999
California 1,505,664
Cornell : 1,438,707
I Minnesota 1.276,246
Wisconsin - 1.1G5.55U
Michigan 1.162,397
Ohio 783.726
Stato College of Washington 664,711
Nebraska ! 647,830
Missouri 640,197
IoWa Agricultural College... 604,022
Iowa State University 548,110
University of Washington... 502,000
None of tho other Institutions show
an expenditure of more than $500,000.
These figures Includo buildings as woll
as current expenses.
The following shows tho quotient
obtalnod by dividing tho total expendi
ture of each institution receiving more
than $500,000 by tho total number of
its students:
Illinois $340
California 432
Cornell ! 296
Minnesota 251
Wisconsin 325
Mlohlgan .' 255
Ohio ....!. 309
State-College of Washington 534
Nobraska, 3J9
Missouri 252
Iowa ' Agricultural College 229
Iowa Stato University 221
University of Washington 298
Tho principal conclusion to bo
drawn from tho figures presented is
that Nebraska Is educating its stu
dents at a very low rate per capita,
and a reasonable Inference Is that the.
professors here are putting In a nmxU
mum amout of time In teaching and'
that many of tho classes aro too jargq
for tho host development of tho stu'
dent. "
Is Issued for a Session of Anti
Cannon Students to Perfect
an Organization.
Twenty Minute Halves, Intercollegiate
Rules and No Professionals Are
the Lawe Governing These
Your car fare Would pay for a nlqe
lunch at, the Boston Lunch. Whj go
Will Nebraska studonts lnsurgo?
That is tho question which will bo
put boforo a mooting of university
men In the Temple next Tuesday oven
ing. Tho meeting will bo composed of
all men who aro in sympathy wltli
the republican insurgent movement
and will be held in scionco hall of tho
Tomplo at 8 o'clock next Tuesday
evening. This means that Nebraska
students nre again to tako an active
part in tho political affairs of tho day.
Ballinger and Plnchor havo,up to
tho present time been names that
ponotrated but Boftly to tho scholastic
ears within tho confines of tho campus.
Insurgent has boon a term about
which only tho dim mists of history
clung. But tho lethargy which has
pervaded tho political atmosphere at
Nebraska is at length to bo torn to
shreds and tho stern cry of tho Insur
gents will echo from tho administra
tion building to Nebraska hall and
back again.
Result of City Movement.
Such is tho portent of the meeting
to bo hold Tuesday night. Tho meet
ing 1b called forth by tho same feeling
that brought about tho recent meet
ing of prominent Lincoln men who en
dorsed tho Insurgont movomont as rop
resonted by Sonators Dolllvor, Cum
mins, LaFollotte, Nelson and Brlstow.
A club of university men who aro In
favor of this trend in national poll
tics may oven bo formed. Although
all men In tho university who aro In
favor of "Insurgency" are urged to at
tend tho meeting, those, in chargo say
that no ono will ho pledged to take
any definite stand by their attendance.
Not only are tho students of tho
university to tako an active part in
tho meeting, but it is repqrted that
prominent Lincoln men, together with
members of tho faculty, will bo in at
tendance. Addresses on the history
of "insurgency" and tho proposed or
ganization In tho university will bo
Strenuous efforts are being put forth
by tho BCholarly-lnsurgonts already In
terested in the movement to awaken
their less volatile brethren to action.
Tho exact magnitude of the movement
in the university at tho present time
is difficult to ascertain. The call to
arms has boon made. Tho roBults
cannot be foretold until Tuesday.
Others Insurgmg.
The dcslro to "lnsurgo" haB nrlBon
In tho university as a rosult of sim
ilar movoniontB on foot In tho city
and olBowhore. A masB mooting of
Nebraska Insurgents will bo hold at
tho Oliver theater nxot Thursday nf
tornoon. Similar meetings aro roport
od for Omaha In tho near future. It
Is oven planned by thoHo in chargo
of the work In tills city to hold a ban-
quot In Lincoln In tho near future
Recent Inquiries mado by the oom
mlttoo has elicited reports from many
counties over tho stato. Gos'por county
has telegraphed that It will tako ono
hundred platOB at the bqnquot and
Douglas county may oven tako a bpo
clal train if tho prosont plons aro car
ried through.
With this agitation going on In vari
ous parts of tho stato and with occa
sional accesB to a nowspapor it Is not
difficult to see how tho movomont haa
at length penetrated tho seclusion of
tho university. Followers of Ropro
sontatlvo Norrls, who Is leador of thlB
movement in tho Iioubo, and of Sona
tors Dolllvor, Cummins and IaFol
lotto, loaders of tho movomont in the
senate, aro at length to havo an op
portunity to consolidate and form an
organization, tho strength and influ
ence of which ennnot ns yot bo estimated.
Arrangomonts aro nearly complete
for tho Intorfrat basketball schedule
At a meeting of tho Intorfratornlty
athlotlc board yestorday It was finally
decided that tho baskotball Borloa bo
tween tho different fraternities of tho
school would bo a certainty. Somo
tlmo ago at a mcotlng of tho Intorfrat
athlotlc hoard a suggestion waa mado
that a loaguo for tho purposo of play
ing a basketball Bchodulo bo adopted.
This suggestion mot with instant fa
vor and tho action of tho board yon
tcrday flnnlly completed noarly all nec
essary plans.
A commlttco wob appointed, and this
committee will havo chargo of making
out tho Hchodulo for thoso games? Tho
games will be played Junt an fact as It
Ik poHHlblo. and thin moann that pos
sibly threo games will bo played on
tho Hnmo (Into. Some of tho games
will be plnyod on Saturdays and thin
means that It will be poRnlblo to play
more than threo gamoH on Oioho dayn.
R Street the Line.
At tho meeting youtorday It was do
elded that It ntruot would bo tho di
viding lino of tho frnt league- and this
would allow six teams on a eldo. Tho
gamoH will bo played similar to tho
banoball series which .aro hold in tho
spring. The winners of tho series of
games on tho north sldo will play tho
winners on tho south sldo for tho final
championship and tho wlnnorB will bo
nwnrdod second and first placo pon
nants. Tho games will bo under tho regular
colleglato rules and will bo played tho
name ns all of tho intorcollogito games
oxcopt that twenty minute halvos will
ho played at thoso gamoB. Rulos woro
also ndoptod disqualifying all profes
sionals In all intorfrat contests. This
will tend to establish all thoBo con
tests on an equal basis and much
spirit has boon developed over tho
promises of tho coming schedule of
8ophomore Politics Take a Definite
Turn With Announcement.
It. D. Hawloy haB announced his
Candidacy for tho presidency of tho
sophomore class. With this announce
ment sophomoro politics aro given
something definite on which to contor.
No other candldato has yot appeared
to contest with Mr. Hawloy.
Hawley 1b a freshman law who has
taken ono year of academic work, thus
fully qualifying' as a straight sopho
moro. Ho Is a member of Sigma Nu.
"The Climber,!' by Clyde Fitch, Colce
of 8enior Committee.
A breakfast surplus of $6.10 and a'
prom deficit of nearly $50 were tho
packages handed the senior class at
Its meeting yesterday. These revela
tions were made In the course of a
series of committee reports.
The roport of the" masquerade com
mlttco called for a decision by th
class on whether or not 'the mas
quarado should be open to the public.
The class decided to admit seniors
Trio play committee announced "The
Climbers by Clydo Fitch as tho ve
hicle for tho production ot the class
dramatic effort rpwenty-two' places
are provided in the cast
Pawnee City Musical Organization
Appears at Convocation Yesterday.
Attracted by tho novolty of tho ap
poaranco at convocation of tho Paw
nee City High School Orchestra,' 'a'
largo crowd gathered at Memorial
Hall yesterday. Tho musical or gap I
zatlon Is composed of about fifty hjgh
school students of tho Pawnee City,
school. Professor L. F. Stoddard,
who Is director of music in tho Paw
nee City schools, conducts the orches
tra in a highly efficient manner, as
shown by the excellent program rend
ered yesterday, They are In tho city
under Invitation from tho superinten
dents and principals' meeting which
is in se8Blon this week.
Seldom lias a more pleasing program
been given. Bach member seemed to
enter into the spirit with enthusiasm.
Tho audlenco-showed Its appreciation
by applause, Tomorrow morning tho
orchestra appears before the Lincoln
High School. Yesterday's program
SweetheartMarch . , f . .Pry or
Osaka Japanese Intermezzo . , Morris
On the Rivera March ... .Greunwald
Cupids o'n-dPanede vi . . . , ... ,-. .).,,..; .
Jack In the. Box, J - ,.Vl.v.yAlfe
Kinky Kinks ; Fulton
- .