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VoL IX. No.
Price 5 Cents.
Datlx) iiiebrasKatt
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Preliminary Plans to Be Laid
Indoor Meet Next Spring.
With Possible Action
on Baseball.
It Is probable that the end of this
week will see the election of a foot
ball captain for the season of. 1910.
The Cornhusker banquet cornea off to
morrow evening, and In all probabil
ity the athletic board will have a
meeting for the selection of the "N"
men before that time. With this Im
portant function out of the way, noth
ing will then stand In the way of the
football election.
There Is no certainty as to the date
or the meeting of the board, but It
would seem that the "N" men Bhould
be named before the annual banquet.
The banquet Is In their honor and
they should be known by that tlmo.
This will r undoubtedly bring Op tho
board meetlnc today or tomorrow. 1L
Is possible that the "N" men may be
announced- at "the banquet' tomorrow
evening. t . , . v
9Inco Saturday's Issue the captaincy
situation ' has Vemalned . unchanged.
There are no now developments, no
no- candidates have been mentioned,
nor have any of those already In the
hVId given out any statement.
Interfrat Board Meets.
. A' nleetlng of the Interfrat athletic
board Is called for this morning. The
bodrd will meet In Dr. Clapp's ofTlce
at eleven, and at that time several
majors concerning fraternity ath
letics will bo discussed. Amqng other
things to be decided on a thia morn
ing's moetlng Is the holding of the an
nual Interfratornlty indoor meet. This
has boon made an annual affair and
usually comes off some time early in
the 'second domestor.f
Ab an Incentive to better work by
the men, models of gold, silver and
bronze are awardod the winners In
each of jthe events, In addition to
these Individual prizes the. .board has
put, up a bronze shield which becomes
the property of the fraternity win
ning the hieot three times In succes
sion,. Since the organization of the
league but two , contests have been
held. Both of-thoso have" been won
by the Alpha Thota Chis. This year's
meet promises ,to ,bef an interesting
one. foe should? the ' Alphri Thets be
successful again the shield becomes
their permanent property, it goes
without saying that the other frats
will do all in their power to boat them
out and keep the shield still, a- con
tested trophy. On the other hand,' the
Alpha Thota will make a strenuous
effort to win out In this final contest.
The events will probably b'q the
samp as last year, which were us fol
lows:: . ,.
25-yard-dash." -
PoJe'Vauit ": '"'' "-- u
FoncovyulU ' ,- j. j ;
Shot put., x ; . ;
High Jump.
High kick.
Rope climb. "
Relay race. "
Minnesota Getting Busy.
A report from' thjy Minnesota Dally
is to-'the effect'that'th'e northern men
are to have a strong basketball team
this ' year. Basketball practice began
,therp, Monddy with the biggest turn-,
out of candidates Minnesota has had
for years. Of last year's team Cap
tain Hanson, Ande"rBon 'Grant, -Rosen
wald and Walker are eligible this sea-,
son, and, with a large number of 'last
year's inellglbles agalh in the purity
fold '.the race for place will be a close
4 . . "
and hotly contested one. Robllllard,
Vanles8, Mo Elmeel and Leonard
Frank are among the most promising
cnndidatoB. '
Thursday Coach Grant of the track
team Bent out hla call for winter track
work, More than fifty track men re
sponded and the outlook for a better
team than we had last year 1b promts-
TODAY ,nB- . " ... . , .
inursuay anernoon iue uuuru ui
athletic control held Its ninth meet
ing of this season; and besides the
routine work, granted "M's" to twenty-one
football men. The matter of
retaining Dr. Williams as football
coach for the coming scaaon came up,
but was referred to a committee of
three, appointed a year ago to inves
tigate the coaching, situation. This
committee reported Saturday, Decem
ber 1, but the action of the board is
Unknown' as yet.
bc i viz Uj- U U U , Ul .k. b. b H, fe
" "t " p fT i rv i T P n
Reserved seats for the Ne-
$ braska-Mlnnesota debate next
Friday evening were placed on
sale at Porter's yesterday. Pur-
chasers of tickets for members
$ of the squad or others can ro-
serve their seats by presenting
their tickets at Porter's. Gen-
eral admissions are 35 cents,
with reserved seats at 50 cents.
- Tickets can be purchased of
members of the debating squad,
or from 2 to 5 p. m. at the Ne-
braBkan office.
Jf JJt 7 iS 7 7f p f J r T T yT"
Miss Estelle Hardy Elected Prisident
for the Coming Term.
At the last meeting of the Union
Literary Society the officers for the
coming term were elected. They are
he follows: President, Miss Estelle
Hardy; Vice president, A. B. Amber
son; secretary. E. Lewis; treasurer,
A. M. Hare; apnator, S. V. Shonka;
hlstorlal.Dora Kldd; critic. Ellen M.
Dobadn; sergeant-nt-arms, Iris Ware.
over a trunk full of authorities to
Iowu City. The affirmative team will
have oven a larger amount for ubo in
the home contest.
At the home dobato Governor A. C.
Shallenbcrger will preside and deliver
an address. The Judges for this con
test will be ProfesBor Frank H. Gar-vert-history
department, MornlngBlde
Collogo, Sioux City; ProfOHHor H. C.
Standellft. political science, Colnoll
College, und ProfosBor E. A. Wilson,
law department, University of Iowa.
The JudgeB for the NebfaBka-Iowa de
bate will be Dean O. A. Harger of the
UnlverHlty of Illinois law school; Pro
fesBor J. W. Garner, political science,
University of Illinois, and Mr. James
Gray, editorial writer of the Minne
apolis Journal.
Three Nebraska men, two from the
university, navo boon selected, as
Judges In the WlBConsln-MlnneBotu de
bate at Minneapolis. They are: Pro
feasor F. M. Fling, European history;
ProfeBBor G. W. L. Taylor of the po
litical economy department, and
Judge S. H. Sedgwick of the Nebros
ka supreme "court.
University Cattle Carried Off Cham
pionship Winning.
Professor H. R. Smith has returned
from Chicago, where he attended the
International live stock show with the
Nebraska exhibit and judging team.
Professor Smith announces the win
ning by Nebraska of the grand cham
pionship of carcass cattle. This win
ning was announced the laBt day of
the bIiow. Altogether Nebraska won
$900 in prizes.
8entlment Among Frat Men That Big
Parties Are a Detriment May
Cause the Abolition
of 8ome.
Freshmen Laws Will Not Feel Lone
some at the Cornhusker Banquet.
The freshmen laws are not alone
in their1 determination to attend the
Cornhusker banquet In a body. Tho
engineers have likewise decided to be
there in a mass.
ThlB movement was Just started
Saturday and was announced yester
day afternoon. With these two or
ganizations going, the work of making
th6 Cornhusker banquet one of Ne
braska's'blgBebt anhualnff airs' Is loom
ing up with the propensities of a
landslide. In fact, many other organ
lzntions of tho. school are planning to
pnt similar resolutions in effect which
if accomplished will put the banquet
at Nebraska on a par with similar af
fairs held at many of the other large
institutions of the middle west.
1 .
f a T
Office of Director of Session Is Abol
J Ished 'by 'Senate.
Radical changes in the organiza
tion of thennversitv-'summer-Bes8ion
wore" made jf the jinlverslty senatOj
SaCuVdaV 'morning,' subject to the ap
tprovah o'f thq" bbor'd of4 regents. Tub
sessiQn was lengthened to eight weeks
Instead of six,, and tho office of direc
tor of tho session was abolished.
Credit for work in the summer ses
sion will bo on the baala that the ses
sion is the equivalent of half a regular
semester. The session will bo con
ducted direotiy Uy tho chanceHor and
registrar's offices without the "Inter
vention of a director. The faculty will
consist of tho deans of tho college pf
ferJng, work, the heads of the depart
mpritsvglvlng .courses and tho actual
Instructors.- - .
The senate passed resolutions of ap
preciation qf t,bo work, of ProfeasJr
R. H. Grumann, wljo has been dlroc
tor of tho session-for the past sov
eral years. ,
Iowa Team Leaves for Hawkeye
8tate Thursday Morning Well
Prepared for Contest at
, Iowa City.
The Bale of tickets for tho Nebraska-Minnesota
intercollegiate debate to
be held at Memorial hall December
10th prophesieg a full house on that
occasion. Four hundred reserved
tickets have already been taken. Fifty
seats have been held for the faculty,
one hundred for the university farm
students, forty for the Palladlan Liter
ary Society, forty for tho Lincoln high
school and thirty-two for the Wesleyan
University. Other organizations have
alHO asked for tickets. Reserved seats
go on Bale at Harry Porter's Tuesday
morning. Students will need to hurry
In order to get good locations. High
schools from several placoB In tho
state will send delegations.
The team debating with Iowa will
leave Thursday morning at 5:20 over
the Burlington, changing at Omaha to
the Rock Island and reaching Iowa
City at G;30 p. m. The faculty mem
ber to accompany the team has not
as yet been picked.
Completing Work.
A large part of the work of tho
team has been completed and the men
are contenting themselves with rest
ing up 'for' tho contest. Work from
now on will consist largely In work
on rebuttals. Tho Iowa men have
had the advantage -tot1, .jiearlj' folir'
wookV more work on the question,
and, whlio.'the Nebraska team has put
forth great efforts to overcome Jhs
disadvantage, thToalIze thai the
shortness of tho debating season has
somewhat hindered their chancos. All
the debaters are in excellent condi
tion with the exception of Ben Chor-
rbngton, who is suffering from a slight
Monday letters announcing the de
bate were mailed to all the business
men of Lincoln, and this will bo fol
lowed ' by a systematic canvass from
door to door. Every member of tho
faculty also received a written an
nouncement of the debate and they
will be visited by squad members and
asked to contribute financially to the
support of the debate. Members of
tho Lincoln bar received cards, and
nearly fifty letters were sent to high
schools over tho state. Replies are be
ing received from these schools, and
indications are that at least six will
send delegations. It Is hoped for once
In the history of the hnlverslty that
every seat in the house will bo taken.
At least it will not bo the fault of
professor Fogg and Manager J. E,
Lawrence if there Is not.
Much Material.
A large amount of niatqrlal is be
ing gathered and catalogued by the
team alternates. ' Nebraska will take
Will Hold Session in Omaha Thursday
to Consider Minor Matters.
Tho university board of regents will
meet at -1 p. in. Thursday In Omaha to
consider various minor matters. From
present indications little of Importance
will be taken up. Somo Biuall salary
shifts may bo made.
Faculty Turns Down Request for Ex
tension of Time Limit.
The university senate haB rejected
the request of the Benlors and Juniors
that the annual promonades of these
classes be ullowed to continue until 1
u. m., instead of being closed under
the present rule at midnight, The ac
tion of the Benute was unanimous, as
wus also that of the committee , on
social regulations which first acted on
the request.
Tho request was made by the prom
committees. They declared that the
two proms, being tho only two formal
affairs of tho year opon to the univer
sity as a whole, might well be allowed
tho additional privilege, which they
said was essontlal to the successful
conduct of the dances. The faculty
did not, however, deem these reasons
sufficient for granting tho petition.
Oberlin College Organization Will Ap
. '1 pear at the Temple Theater
After Vacation.
The Oberlin College Gleo Club will
.appear at tho Templo theator Janu
ary 5. The glee club lite a national
reputation and last year made a tour
of tho country which embraced points'
in Now York, Ohio, Minnesota, South
Dakota, Colorado, Montana, Wiscon
sin and Idaho. They have been tour
Ing the country for the past ton years
and in that tlmo have visited nearly
all tho principal points In nil of tho
Btates of tho Union. '
In their tour several years ago tkey
visited Lincoln, whore they wore high
ly appreciated by everyone who heard
them. They have been secured for
their appearance in January by tho stu
dent volunteer band, and all tho profits
of tho entertainment will be devoted
by that organization tp sending men
to 'the various conventions, such as
the one to be hold at Rochester. Tho
money will be merely loaned to tho
delegates, to be paid back within cer
tain time limits, and thus they hope
tovsocure in the course of time a per-
Fraternity formnla will be the sub
ject of dlHcusslon at a mooting of
dologates of the twolvo Nebraska fra
ternities this evening. It Is consid
ered probablo that some definite legis
lation on tho formal party question
will bo recommended for approval or
rojoctlon by tho fraternities con
cornea. The meeting tonight Is tho out
growth of a meeting called two weeks
ago at which six fratornitlo uad dole
galea. At thiB BCBBlon tho party queH
tlon wiib discussed Informally and the
call for tho second mooting was 1b
Bued. It Is expoctcd that a full at
tendance will bo had tonight.
Don't Like Formats.
Tho agitation within tho fraterni
ties agalnBt tho formal parties had Its
incoptlon last year when a number of
tho GrcokB bogan to reallzo tho harm
being dono through Uie numbor and
elaborate character of somo of tho on
tertainmonts. This yoar tho question
was brought dlroctly to tho front
through letters sont out by a Nebraska
alumnus to each of tho twolvo organ
izations in 'Lincoln. Growing out of
this action, tho llrst mooting was
The Bontlmout among tho Grooms 1h
divided on tho party question. Thoro
are some who are content to let. mat
ters go as they aro with bach frater
nity giving one formal a yoar. Oth
ers bellevo that tho formals are a
nulBanco not to be tolerated to any
extent greater than is necessary to
moot tho desiros of thoso whp want
them. There aro still others who like
tho formals themselves, but who be
lieve that it 1b best for the university
fraternity interests that they bo' lim
ited in number and scope.
Plan Proposed.
Sovornl plans bavo been proposed
by the fraternity men. Tho one meet
ing with tho most favor proposes that
each organization give a fprmal overy
two years Instead of every year. This
rule would bo made variable, so that
exceptions could bo made in the case
of special anniversaries. Some action
along this lino Is said to bo favored
by a majority of tho delegates who
will meet tonight.
"Tho fratornlty men as a whole are
as cognizant of the evil of excessive
social stunting as aro most of their
rltlcs' said ono Greok yesterday.
"Thoy reallzo tho fault likely to fol
low from social competition and most
of them aro perfectly willing to bring
about somo changes In thepresent sys
tem. Tho question Is rather Just what
form the change shall take. That will
probably be, decided upon tonight.
"Yet formal parties do not cost
nearly as much as somo of tho news-"
paper artists would havo tho public
bellevo. Statesments have been pub
lished which ran tho cost way' up be
yond tho largest reasonable maximum.
All of this has worked to the detri
ment of the frats, and It 1b ono reason
why tho present movement was start
ed. Even though the evil is not so
great as the papers have made It out
to be, the fact remains that, the oxog-
Christian organizations of tap urilv.qrj
slty for Uid purpose of loaning to 'del-
Your car .fare would pay f,or a nice
lunch at the Boston Lunch. Whj go
home? " ." ' ; . " ',"'
manpnt fund 'to be used "by tlio various kerated, stories have their effeqt, and
rtl lil- . .i.J .. .. .... MrHtin1 fratornitlo Urn, ...... ll 1-
ii u iiaiuiuiuca vi auy auiiuu uu
tWjr'fpart can Biop the circulation of
sl&h reports they are willing to do It."
Mi ' ? ' i
0iCra!rifces Long,'06,' Is holding a sci
ence 'position in the high school at
tt Bluer jr, iitiiiu,
'H J.
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