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VoL IX. No. 43.
Price 5 Cents.
Professor Chatburn's Report on Schol
arship of 8tudents Records
Betterment of Conditions
Over Last Year
A remarkable decrease of delin
quency is "shown In the report of Pro
fessor Chatburn, chairman of the fac
ulty committee, to Chancellor Avery.
The report, as rendered yoBtorday,
shows' a total falling' off of over 40 per
cent In the delinquency figures of tho
present mid-semester as compared
with thoso of the second semester of
last year.
The decrease In delinquency Is un
doubtedly due In large measure to the
new system of checking failures In
troduced this fall. By tho now ar
rangement, Professor C. C. Engberg,
secretary of the delinquency commit
tee,1 becomes tho managing member
of tho committee and has direct
charge of all delinquents. A. closo
check has bpen kept of all failures
and absences and students have not
been allowed to fall behind without
due warning of their condition.
Figures Tell Tale.
Tho result of the closer supervision
Is shown by the figures of Professor
Chatburn. In all divisions tho de
crease Is uniform. Considering hours
delinquent, as well as individual stu
dents falling, the record of the cur
rent semester beats that of last year.
The report of Professor Chatburn
"The question as to tho succoss of
tho new system of dealing with delin
quency can best be answered by a
comparison of statistics computod
from the mid-semester of last year
and thoso for the present semester.
Total number of delinquent students
.Mlm-semestor reports of
second first
larger this year than last might indi
cate that some students who fall be
low a passing grado through moro
carelessness had been spurred to suf
ficient effort to prevent delinquency.
In other words, a larger percentage
of tho delinquent studonts fall Into
tho utterly hopeless class.
Tho third item and the last throe
Items are the ones that measure the
betterment of this year's work over
tho Inst.
Since working out tho above a few
belated reportB have been received
from tho academy But as tho number
of students taking part work In tho
academy Is Bmall comparod with the
total number the orror will not bo
I have my doubts of the delinquency
evor being less than five per cont of
tho total registration. That would
mean only ono delinquency In twenty
and there' are few classes of twenty
without at leosj. ono delinquent. Tho
average Instructor would not think
he was doing his duty if he allowed
all to pass.
It certainly Bcems advisable for In
structor and student to get into a
closer relatlorf with each other. Fre
quent consultation Bhould bo encour
aged. In fact, instructors should In
sist upon a personal visit from all
BtudontB who are falling below a pass
ing grado. I submit that It Is not fair
to tho student to bo reported as failed
In a subject without having been
warned or notified by .his teacher that
his work was not satisfactory. On tho
other hand it may bo argued that a
student of sufficient intolligenco to
attend college ought to have gump
tion enough to know when his work
1b not up to the standard.
Yours very truly,
dim. Delin. Student Com.
Arrangements Already Made Practi
cally Insure Game With Iowa
Aggies for Next
tho limit will bo cut down to eighteen
In accordance with this rule.
Tho athlotic managors from tho dif
ferent schools wore alBO in nttondanco
at this mooting of tho conforonco and
thoy mado arrangements as far as it
was posBiblo for tholr football sched
ules for noxt fall.
ter 1909-10
Nebraska will play Ames noxt fall.
This fact was made a certainty last
week at Des Moines, whon Managors
Eager of Nebraska and Beyer of
Ames mot at tho Missouri Valloy con
ference and arranged for a game. Tho
dato for this game has not been sot
definitely, but the tentative date of
Novombor 12 has boon arranged,
along with this dato thero aro other
games which will bo possibly arranged
for in tho near future Missouri is
very anxious for a clash with tho
Cornhuskors next fall and if dates can
be arranged a gamo with tho Tigers
will be part of tho Scarlot and Cream
schcdulo Tho dato with Amos is sub
ject to chango, but it is a cortainty
that tho two teamB will meot n6xt
Basketball Meeting.
At tho mooting of tho Missouri Val
loy conference at Dos Molnos last Fri
day all arrangements woro mado for
the conference baskotball games for
tho coming season. Roprosontatlves
from Washington, Ames, Nebraska,
Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Drako
wore present at thlB mooting. Tho dis
cussion of plans for regulating ath
letics for tho coming aoason wero
mainly agajnst tho encouragement of
professionalism. Somo very Important
rules woro adopted and among these
was tho rulo that -graduate students
woro not to participate in any of tho
conforonco games. This rulo is ono
Club Will Give a Hop In Fraternity
Hall 8aturday.
Tho Forest Club will glvo tholr sec
ond annual hop at Fratornlty hall Sat
urday night. B. O. PolloyB Ib master
of coromonloB and J. S. Boyco chair
man. Walt's full orchestra will fur
nish tho music. Tho salo of tho tick
ets will bo llmltod to sovonty.
Tills Is tho second danco given by
tho club. Tho danco given by tho
club last year camo rather lato In tho
season, March G, but In spite of this
was a distinct success. Tho club has
provod during tho past few years to
bo a remarkably active Institution at
NobraBka, and tho giving of a hop Is
becoming ono of their annual social
By Winning Both Debates Nebraska
Will Climb from Present Place
at Foot of List Well Up
Among Leaders.
Report that Nebraska Coach Intends
to Leave. Is Not Confirmed.
A published dispatch under a Ten
nesseo datolino Btatlng that Coach i,nt will not ho retroactive but will
Colo of Nebraska had accepted tho ' not g0 jnt0 effect for two years. "t
tender of a similar position with Ten-1 Another rulo which was adopted
nosseo University is cauBlng Bomo wa8 thot a student after acquiring
commont on tho campus. Tho dispatch residonco in ono school and then reg
has not been confirmed, and" tho un-' storing In another cannot participate
certain source of tho declaration la. Jn athletics at tho original school un-
leaving. studontB In tloubt as to Its tli uo naH acquired a year's residence.
Transformers Not Installed and Lab
oratories Not to Open.
Tho report which was circulated
about tho campus yeatorday that the
laboratories in tho now engineering
building wero to open up for work,
proved to bo unfounded. Tho report
stated that tho laboratories were In
roadinesB and would begin operations
yosterday afternoon.
Whon Interviewed yesterday Dean
RlchardB stated that tho laboratories
will not be in running shape until tho
transformers are Installed. There has
boon a great deal Of delay on the part
of thoso transformers In arriving, and
if thoy aro not Installed soon Dean
RlchardB says tho laboratories will
not bo opened this Bomester.
Total number of
" quent studonts report
ed 874 457
Total numbor of-students
registered In tho de
partments considered., 218? 2040
Percentage delinquent. . 40.01 22.4
Total number of hours
reKistored for by de
linquent students.. , . . .13163 0899
Averngo registration per
student 15.5 ' 15.1
Total numbor of hours of
delinquency 3G34 2Q47
Average delinquency per
delinquent student,
hours 4.2 4.5
Percentage of hours de
linquent to hours reg
istered for by delin
quent students 27.7 29.7
Average hours delin
quency per total num
ber of students con
sidered 1.207 1.003
Percentage of hours de
linquent to grand to
tal of hours registered. 11.1 6.6
Showing a net decrease
In delinquency of, per cont 40.5
Notes Tho total numbor of registra
tions considered Is slightly less than
last year because tho law college Is
not this year Included, tho reports not
being in at the time of this compila
tion. The average registration per student
being less this year than last might
indicate a closer aupervlBldn over the
registration duo to tho now syBtom of
The average hours of delinquency
per delinquent student being a little
"I know nothing about it," Bald
Manager Eager yesterday. "I had a
letter from Coach Colo yesterday ond
ho said not a word about any deciplou
on his part not to return to Nebraska.
It seems highly Improbable that ho
would not mention tho subject If ho
woro about to accept tho Tennessee
offer "
"The CornhuBker," by Professor Ste
4 vens, Published.
"Tho Cornhusker," tho now football
song for tho University of Nebraska,
written by Professor Stevens of the
university school of music, has been
published and the sheet music was on
salo at tho Haskell gamo. Tho music
was purchased rapidly by Nebraska
students and the song as published re
tains tho general popularity which it
was accorded whon first written.
Unique Program to Be Offered at 11
O'clock 8esalon.
At Thursday's convocation Holn
rlch's "The Raven," adapted from tho
ppem of Edgar Allen Poo's poem of
that name, will bo the program. Mr.
Charles H. F. MIUb will read the pboin
with Mrs. L. J. Horzog as pianist
The program will be.
Sacred" Prelude Doepler
Mrs. Horzog.
Tho Raven ., Helnrlch
Reader, Mr. Mills,
Pianist, MrB. Horzog,
there again. . .
Basketball Schedules.
At this meeting of tho delegates of
tho Bchools in tho conforonco tho
schedulo for the basketball games for
the coming season was adopted. In
this schedulo the following gamea
wero decided on for Nebraska to play:
Ames at Lincoln, January 21 and 22.
Drako at Lincoln, January 28 and- 29.
Missouri at Lincoln, February 14.
Kansas at Lincoln, February 25
and 26.
Kansas at Lawrence, February 7
and 8.
Drako at Des Moines, February 9
and 10.
Ames at Ames, Fobruary 11 and 12.
No Championship Games.
Tho conforonco decided that in the
future no championship games would
be played, as this tended to create a
feeling of professionalism and for this
reason a conforonco baseball league
was tabooed. Another matter which
tho conference opposed very strenu
ously was tho "scouting" which
the various representatives of the
schools did during tho football season
and It was very desirous that this bo
done away with. Tho matter of de
ciding the place where tho Missouri
Valloy meet would be held was not
Nebraska will suffer financially
rrom ono or the rules which was
passed last year which, goes Into ef
fect this year. This rule) allows tho
conference schools to have but
eighteen baskotball games on their
schedule, during the basketball season.
Last year tho Nebraska team played
a'bout twenty-five games and this year 'moro, C. R Stdsenka, O. F: Walters.
Law Fraternity Organizes Nebraska
Chapter During Thanksgiv
ing Recess
Formal Installation of Delta Chi, the
legal fraternity wIjoeo coming to Ne
braska was announced in the Dally
Ncbraskan ton days ago, was -mado
laBt Wednesday by national officers of
tho society Frank M. Atkinson of
Detroit; W. W. McBrldo of Washing
ton, D. C; W. E. Anderson of Chi
cago, and Dr. Edwin -Maxey of tho col-
lego of law wero tho Installing of
ficers, assisted by Hon, A. W. Jeffries
of Omaha. Thirty men woro given
tho initiation work during tho day.
This was followed by a banquet at the
Lincoln In tho ovonlng, Dr. Maxoy act
ing as toastmaster.
The statement previously circulated
that Delta Chi was an honorary fra
ternity Is pronounced Incorrect by the
Initiates. Delta Chi is a regular Greek
letter socloty on tho same plane and
with tho same objects as that of
other Groeks, with tho single differ
ence that only law students or stu
dents intending to study law aro eli
gible to membership. Delta Chi will
not enroll members of any other fra
ternity nor will It allow Its members
to join other Greek letter organiza
Tho new fraternity has a house at
237 North 16th street. At present
there are fourteen charter members
in tho fraternity, they being: O. B.
Clark, J E. Badnar, Frank C. Burke,
V, K, Greer, H. S. Tower, S. V. Shon-
ka, R. E. Waldo, R. R. Hill, W. H.
Hodgekin, E. L. Powell, S. C. Stoner,
A. E. Warren, H. J Curtis, FC A. Dut
ton. In addition the following pledges
have been made: A. J. Ludden, ,R. A.
Blckford, J. T. Morgan, O. M, Bates,
h. k, Ankeny, a. m, Hare, u. vuu
Docombor 10 Is tho dato which
marks tho goal at which BQvpn Ne
braska mon aro now turning all their
offorts. Tho soven workors aro Mossrs.
Pottor, Dobbs, Votava, Rico, Chorrlng:
ton, and FoBter, composing tho two
teams which will debato with Iowa
and Minnesota on the Income tax, and
J. E. Lawrence, who is manager of
tho homo dobate.
Tho bIx speakers wero assigned to
tholr respective sides boforo tho
Thanksgiving vacation, Pottor, Votava
and Rice bolng picked to stay in Lin
coln and dobato with Minnesota's
spoakors, whllo Chorrlngton, Foster,
and Dobbs go to Iowa City.
The Home Debate.
Tho homo dobato will bo hold in
Memorial hall a weok from Friday,
and it (b expected that a largo dologa1
tlon of both university students and
others will bo present. Nebraska now
Btands at tho bottom of tho Central
Debating League. Hor representa
tives have won two dobatcs and lost
four in tho sorios of tho past three
years. Wisconsin heads tho list, but
tho difference between flrBt and last
Is so slight that a double victory by
Nebraska, this year will put it well up
among tho leaders. .This is what tho
Nebraska men are striving for, - and
they believe that tholr chances are
It is said that Nebraska's present
teams aro tho ablest and bct bal
anced of any that have represented
tho university for several years.
Mombors of tho squad and of tho fac
ulty who aro familiar with their work
oxpect thorn to make an excellent
Bhowing against both Iowa and Min
nesota. Iowa Hard at Work.
Nebraska Is not tho only school
which has men hard at work on the
debates of December 10. Iowa has a
trio which Is equally desirous of win
ning the honors. Georgo Allen, Frank
Jones, and G. E. Cunningham are tho
Hawkoyo speakers, but not one of
thorn has participated In Intorcollogl-
bate prior to this year. In this re
spect Nebraska has tho edvantage, for
at least one of her men has. partici
pated in a Central League debate and
another has had much minor school
Of tho Iowa men, Mr. Allen was a
member of. tho Irving team fn the in-'
torsocloty debate two years apo. Mr.
JoneB was leader of the 'winning
junior class team of last year, while
Mr. Cunningham has. participated In
both debato and oratory, winning tho
freshman contest two years ago, and
being a, member of tho Irving cham
pionship team of last year. Mr; Lig
gett, the alternate, also has a strong
record, being leader of the winning
freshman team two years, and leader
of the .winning society team last year.
All the men have been working hard'
since the tryouts held last June.
Princeton's graduate council, com
bined -with the student council, Is tak
ing up a study of tho different under
graduate activities. They- wish, to
find out if any of the pastimes of Ihe v
student interfere with good ,Work In
the various courses,
' Baked beans, baked on tho premises
and served hot with delicious brown,
bread, 10c, at The Boston Lunch.
i '
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