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Business Directory Bvory loyal
University studont 1b urgod to patron
1m thoBQ NobraBkan advortisora, and
to mention tho Nobraskan whllo do
ing so.
First Trust & Savings '
Folsom t
Croon's I
Chris'. ,
J. 0 Wood & Co.
Webor's Sultorlum.
Joo, Tho Tailor.
Mageo & Doomor
Mayor Bros.
Palace Clothing Co.
Spolor & Simon
Armstrong Clothing Co.
Lincoln Candy Kltchon
J. R. Davis.
Mlllor & Palno
Rudgo & Guonzol
C. H. Froy
Frey & Froy
Magoo & Doomor
Mayor Bros.
Palaco Clothing Co.
Rudgo & Guonzol
Spelor & Simon
Armstrong Clothing Co.
Armstrong Clothing Co.
Mageo & Deemor
Mayor Bros.
Palaco Clothing Co.
Rudgo & Guonzol
Spolor & Simon
Franklin Ico Cream Co.
Uoorgo Bros.
Van Tlno
Boston Lunch
Y. M. 0. A. Spa
Goodyear Raincoat Co.
Armstrong Clothing Co.
Bookman Bros.
Men's Bootcry
Rogers & Perkins
, Mayor Bros.
Mlllor & Palno
Skirt Store
Elliott Bros.
liorzog '
Joe, Tho Tailor.
- J
Oliver "l .
IilncofnTypewriter Ex. V, .
Underwood Typewriter Co.
Yost' Men Picked to Beat Notre
Dame Chicago Must Win to
Remain In Western
Chicago, Nov. G. Tho football situ
ation In tho west and cast will bo
cleared greatly by tho result of Sat
urday's gamos. In tho west tho Mlchl-gan-Notro
Damo contest at Ann Arbor
and tho Chicago-Northwestern strug
gle at Marshall field wfll attract tho
most Interest. In tho oast Dartmouth,
which lins boon playing grand football
all yoar and which has not been
scored on this season, will tackle
Princeton on tho lattor's groundB,
whllo Cornell will journey to Cam
bridge to meot Harvard. Yale sliould
oxporlcnco llttlo difficulty In winning
from Brown at Now Haven.
Tho MIchlgan-Notro Damo battle
will attract a deal of attention In this
soctlon. Neither has lost a gaimMhis
BoaHon, and tho outcome will bo
watched with Intorest. Both teams de
feated eastern elevens last Saturday,
and tho winner of Saturday's game
will havo a pretty good claim on tho
wostern championship, although both
havo hard games yet to play.
Tho .WolvorlnoB' playing against
Syracuso last' Saturday, which result
ed In an overwhelming victory for
Michigan, 44 to 0, plainly shows that
Yost Is gradually developing his eleven
to a point whore It will bo a worthy
opponent for any team It meets. Al
though the team did not show well
In Its first games, Yost knew he had
promising material and only had to
toach It tho flnor points of tho game
to havo a successful season.
Allerdlce Wonderful Kicker.
In Allerdlce, Michigan lias tho best
kicker In the west, a player who Is
feared and respected by every team
Michigan plays. Ho Is a grand kicker.
but his chief forto in this department
Is his rare ability to rogister- goals
from placement At Ann Arbor there
Is an Ironclad rule for Allerdlce to
take a Bhot at tho goal from any
point inside of tho forty-flve-yard
mark. This goes to show that Yost
Is not lotting this man's ability go to
waste, but lie Is taking advantage of
tho abilities which oach player on his
toam possesses.
Allerdlce's kicking has been a big
factor In every game Michigan haB
played for tho last two years and his
work along theso lines will bo a great
help to Michigan In Saturday's strug
gle. BosIdeB being a rare kicker, he
Is a powerful offenslvo player and a
good man on tho dofense. Whllo run
ning Nvlth tho ball ho takes his onen-
Ings In grand stylo and lends valuable
assistance In tho Interference.. He
also possoBos tho knack of throwing
tho oval and ho 1b used almost exclu
sively In this part of tho game.
With Casey back &nd playing a good
gamo at his old taclclo position, Yost
will havo a lino which will more than
hold its own against Notre Damo and
ono which should stop the lino plunges
of Vaughan, tho Catholics' great full
back. Most of Notro Dame's offense
Is built around this player, and If his
attacks can bo .stopped, Michigan
Bhould win.
Shift In Yost Lineup.
If Casey plays tacklo Yost undoubt
edly will movo Edmunds, who has boon
playing tacklo, to guard or half back.
In either position Edmunds has Bhown
that ho can play as well as -any ono
on tho squad and his versatility is a
groat asBot to Michigan. Wolls and
Bonbrook will take caro of the other
side of tho lino nnd Watkins will play
center. Theso men mako a stellar
bunch of forwards and It will take a
mighty good nttack to wear thorn down
and mako many gains.
Tho only weak position on tho toam,
especially on the do'fonso, Is qiwrtor
back. Wasmund, who 1b a votoran, is
a good llttlo playor who does not
kniow what physical fear Is, but ho
does not possess tho natural qualifica
tions of a good quarter hack. Ho Is
weak In catching punts and It Is this
woakness that has put Michigan in
bad holes this season and caused it
to losp games last season. In addition
to this weakness WaBtnund Is not a
good open field tacklor. Instead of
laying back when a player gets loose,
ho Invariably runs up to meet him.
Instead of waiting for tho runnor and
trying to pen him betwoen himself
and Uio sido linos in a position whore
ho can get a good shot at him and
whew) tho runner will havo no chance
to dodgo.
Wasmund's generalship has not been
anything to brag of and if Yost had
anothor quarter back who possessed
average oxporlonco, ho would havo
moved Wasmund to half back long
ago, whoro ho has shown hotter form
than he will ever display In his pres
ent position.
Ends Have Good Teacher.
Tho ends, under tho constant coach
ing of CurtlB Reddon, who is consid
ered, next to NIol Snow, tho besf. end
Michigan over had, are gradually
learning tho fine points of ond rush
play and It la safe to say they will be
able to take caro of themselves when
Pennsylvania and Minnesota are met
on the following Saturdays.
In Lawton, Yost Bays he has a
playor who will bo the equal of Long
man, Hammond and Gnrrells In tho
full back position. Although this
player shows IiIb lack of experience
in tho games In which he has taken
part, ho has displayed Biich nn aptitude
for the position that Yost expects him
to bo tho best man he ever had.
Just who will play the other half
back with Allerdlce is not known for
Yost has not sottled upon any ono
player for the position. Ho has sev
eral good men trying hard to land
tho berth, but so fnr tholr work has
not como up to his expectations. They
nro all right In spots, but their play
ing is erratic and Yost has not enough
confidence In tholr ability to execute
his pet plays. Thoreforo most of the
Inside play of the back field will fall
to Allerdlce.
On the other hand, Notre Dame will
glvo Michigan a battle which will test
tho strength of the Wolverines to the
utmopt to wln. Longman, who Is
coaching the South Bend aggregation,
is fixed in his purpose to beat tho
team coached by Yost, who taught the
Notre Damo football tutor all he
knows about tho game.
Badger Hospital List Large.
Madison, Wis., Nov. 4. Prof. Stagg
evidently is on the inside when he
says Wisconsin does not stand a ghost
of a chanco against Minnesota. The
Badger hospital list at present is tho
longest that It has been at any time
during tho season, and tho team is In
a demoralized condition. There Is not
a man, with tho exception of Mack
miller, who 1b not Buffering from in
juries moro or less serious, and the
outlook now is that a crippled team
will face tho Gophers.
Capt. Wilco and Moll did not re
port last night, both being too stiff and
aoro to do any work. Boyle also was
absent on account of a sprained
elbow, and Osthoff was laid out In the
scrimmage by a hard tacklo. Fuclk
who was hurt slightly Wednesday,
again dislocated his shoulder, and was
replaced by Rau, Bunker still being
unable to get Into tho scrimmage.
Tho freshmen hammered tho varsity
with Minnesota formations and camo
out victors, 8 to 5, In a thlrty-flvo-mlnuto
scrlmmago. Tho regulars
showed speed In tho first five minutes,
pushing Osthoff over for a score. Tho
freshmen camo back strong, and Lam
port, intercepting a forward pass, ran
fifty yards for a touchdowri. Shortly
after Jefferson kicked a goal from tho
thirty-five-yard line.
Tho first year -men made gains
through tho lino, pounding Osthoff
and Zander, who took Boyle's place,
with surprising regularity. The regu
lar were unable to hold in ihe line,
but tho yearlings could not gain on ond
Yale Batters Down Scrubs.
Now Havon, Conn., Nov. 4. Vale's
varsity football players mado a whirl
wind race down tho gridiron, rushing
tho ball from tho mld-flold without
being checked for three touchdowns.
Savago at full back for tho regulars
never failed to gain ground. Fred
Daly returned after a week's absence
because olj an injury. Brooks, injured
ton days ago, reported at right end.
Savage mado all the touchdowns.
Hobbd kicked three goals. To close
tho practlco tho varsity was placed on
dofense, and tho scrubs, after repeat
ed tries with both straight football
and forward passes, failed to score.
Gobol was given a day's reBt. "Buster"
Brown playing guard.
Part of the Remains of a Mammoth
Found In a Nebraska Sand Pit
Near Indlanola, In Repub
lican River Valley.
Again the members of the annual
Morrill geological expedition have se
cured a specimen for tho Nebraska
museum that brings to tho survey and
tho state a distinction which may bo
envied by the various museums of tho
nation. This time tho museum is the
recipient of an enormouB tusk of a
Tho mammoth Is an extinct animal,
and Is related to the anlmalB of the
elephant family. The tusks of the an
imal often became enormous in length,
and several specimens of these tusks
are already owned by the museum.
TIiobo have been obtained by the mu
seum on different occasions in tho
paBt, and make valuable specimens for
the geological expedition and for the
Specimen Enormous. .
Tho specimen which has been ob
tained recently Is of enormouB length
for a specimen of this kind. The tusk
Is twelve feet in length and Is eight
Inches in diameter. It is a very mag
nificent specimen and when mounted
will be placed in a special case. Tho
museum authorities have already or
dered an enormous head of the mam
moth, which will be used to fit tho
great tusk to, and another large tusk
which the geological department owns
will bo dised as a mate for this enor
mous tusk. When the head and tho
two tUBks havo been fitted together
they will bo placed In a case designed
especially for this purpose.
This will make for tho university
and tho state one' of tho findst specl
ment on exhibition of this class of ex
tinct animals that Is to be seen any
where in tho United States. The mem
bers of the student body of the uni
versity may well afford to spend the
tlmo to Inspect this magnificent tusk
when It Is mounted and ready for ex
hibition, as It is exceedingly instruc
tive as an example of the size and
appearance of many of the extinct an
imals. A Nebraska Specimen.
One exceedingly pleasing feature
about the discovery of this tusk is
that It was found in Nebraska, and
that the work of preparing it for ex
hibition is being done by university
people. Tho specimen was secured by
tho Morrill geological expedition of
1909, and mainly through the favor of
Mr. Rou Pepporberg was it obtained
for the university museum. Tho tusk
was found in a sand pit about one
fourth of a milo north of tho Repub
lican river near Indlanola of this state.
It wns found about ten feet below tho
surface of the earth and had been
covered by about four feet of soil and
six feot of sand and gravol. When
the specimen was found it lay in the
pit on a bed of rock which appeared
to be magnesium limestone, and this
was ton feot below the surface of tho
Mounted at University.
The members of the geological ex
pedition wero notified of tho presence
of this enormous tusk by Mr. P. W.
Dober, and tho survey immediately
took tho proper stops to obtain tho
specimen for the university. Tho
work of preparing the tusic for mount
ing la being done by- Miss Barbour
and Mr. Graham of tho geology de
partment. Tho work Is being done by
those persons In tub museum and Is
of an exceedingly difficult nature, and
much card must do tak6n so as not'to
hurt the tusk in any way.
Whonr-mounted the tusk will show
a long flat surface bn oho sldo, which
is thought to be tho sign of tho ago
of tho animal. Tho longer this flat
surface tho older the mammoth. The
other tusks that tho musoum has on
exhibition do not have a very marked
flat Burface on tho tusk, and theso aro
thought to bo tusks of youngor mam
moths. When mounted tho tusk will
be a specimen that tho university and
tho state may1 well bo proud, of.
Debaters Listened to Views of Okla
homa Man on Incomo Tax.
Nebraska's debating squad Journeyed
to tho Lincoln hotel yesterday morn
ing to meet Senator Goro of Oklahoma
and hear his discussion of tho Incomo
tax question, which Nebraska debates
with , Minnesota December 20. The
Oklahoma democrat Is a big flguro In
national politics and HIh knnwlnriirn rir
tho question is presumed' to bo compro-
nenBivo. For an hour and a half tho
squad were entertained by the orator.
Continued from Pugo 1
In Years Past.
Tho first gamo between the two
schools was played in 1892. In that
yoar Kansas started the ball rolling
by defeating Nebraska 12 to 10. Georgo
Dem waB one of tho old-timers on
the team In that year and ho played
good ball. In 1893 the KanBans main
tained their load with a scoro of 18
to 0. Then Nebraska got her spirit
up and tho next year Kansas was
trounced 14 to 6. In 1895 Kansas
again won, 8 to 4. In 1898 tho lead
was still further increased and Kansas
took her fourth gamo out of flvo to
tho tune of 12 to 0. That didn't go
well with Nebraska spirit and next
year she loBt 10 to 5.
With that victory the Cornhuskors
hit a winning streak and Kansas won
only one game from 1897 to 190G, that
being tho 1899 contest. In 1904 and
1905 the two schools did not play and
a resumption of relations In 1906 re
sulted In a victory for Kansas. In
1907 Nebraska won again, but in 1908
defeat waB tho Cornhusker lot.
Today, then, marks tho climax of
eighteen years of strenuous rivalry.
Nebraska, by winning, gains a still
greater lead over tho southern rivals.
By losing she allows the register of
games to' be tied.