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VoL IX. No. 14.
Price 5 Cents.
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Since His Work In Knox Game, the
Speedy Cornhusker Back Is Be-
jng Trained to Do Big Work
Can 'Nebraska boat Minnesota at
Omaha hext Saturday? Thip Is the
question that Is being discussed on
the campus, at tho boarding houses
and In fact ovorywhoro whoro two of
more students got togothor. Judging
from all present dopo NobraBka has a
mighty hard row to hoc when tho
Gophers are met in tho annual con
test But when did a Nebraska eleven
over lie down in tho faoo of a hard
contest, nnd especially If tho opponont
woro Minnesota? Nebraska has always
been foared by tho northerners, and
Nebraska 1908 Halfback, Who
enters School, but Stays Out
of the Game.
even if the dopo does seem to be a lit
tie bit in their favor, you can Just bet
your bottom dpllar that.. Coach Willi
aips Is. not giving his protogOB any va
cation this week.
Doos the dopo favor Minnesota so
much after all? So far Minnesota has
played two games, boating Iowa 41 to
0, and Arnes 18 to 0. But this does not
necessarily provo Minnesota's prowess.
Iowa is woefully weak this year and
at the time of the Minnesota game tho
team was totally disorganized. Assist
ant Coach Harvey, who saw tho Iowa
game, refurnqd full of hope for Ne
braska's chances of a victory when the
two teams should meet. "Minnesota's
big score in "that game dops not toll
tho whole story," ho 1b quoted as say
ing. 1 . . .
Neither t does Minnesota's posy vic
tory over Ames laBt Saturday prove
anything. Amqs.' j5 an unknown quan
tity so far. Her team is nqw a'nd'un
trled. Besides didn't Minnesota boat
Ames 'laBt year and dldn'if .Nebraska
hold tho Gophers to a tie game 'on theln
own field? Those; nro,"Jut a few sug
gestions that' are 'thrwnout 'fo'tio
- jpore "faint hearted, to dor a little jcogU
.tatlng on bpfore'thoy leave for Omaha'
t j
to boost for tholr, team.
Glen Mason Helps Coach.
With only two more days left for
practice before tho crucial gamo, tho
coaches are putting in every possible
minute trying to train tho mon down
to such a point as thoy will be in tho
pink of condition for tho contest. On
Tuesday five coaches wero 'out and
yesterday saw the addition of another.
Glen Mason put in an appoaranco yes
terday and offered his services in holp
lng Colo build up a raachino that wilt
be able to hold down MInnosota. Thoro
are now four "N" mon, Harvoy, Cha
loupka, Mason and Wostovor, and ono
West Point man, Captain Helnsman,
assisting Coach Cole. If theso mon
ca'pnot build up a machine that will
stop Minnesota's fast back flold tlion
there Is no hope for NobraBka.
Much attention is being given to tho
defensive part of tho game. Tho tack-
ling dummy was used for tho first
time yesterday. This part of tho work
was in charge of Captain Helnsman
and Harvoy. Tho mon wore taught to
leave their foot and tackle low and
hard. They wero also given somo prac
tice in dodging Interference and nail
ing their man.
Ono of Nebraska's greatest weak
nesses the pas( few years has been
in her poor tackling. Tho men either
went at it In a half-hearted fashion or
tackled too high, 'ofton getting their
man by tho neck and shoulders and
bolng carried several yards instead of
downing him on tho spot, and some
times If he wero a good dodger they
failed to get him at all.
Both Johnson and McGovern of
.Minnesota are terrors In carrying tho
ball and It will take some good hard
speedy tackling tp prevent these men
getting away for long gains. The ends
and back Held men will have their
work cut out for them In Saturday's
contest, and thoy will have to be con
stantly qn the alert.
Captain Helnsman, who played end
on tho West Point eleven in 1907, is
doing some good work with the ends
in training them on defense and it is
expected his work will boar fruit.
New Plays.
Coach Cole may have a surprise or
two up his sleovo for Minnesota in the
offensive game. There are few stu
dents wlio doubt that Nebraska will
score and more than once too. Cole
has givon tho Varsity a. number of new
plays, chiefly forward passes, that are
designed to fool tho Gophers and win
long gains for tho Cornhuskers. Then
Nebraska, too, has a speedy back field.
who will not permit either Johnson or
McGovern to show tnom up in tho art
of advancing the ball.
Last Saturday's game also brought
to light another possibility. Franck'B
two place kicks have not been forgot
ten. It is more than likely that ho
will be able to repeat .the trick at Om
aha next Saturday should tyobraska
get within striking distance of Minne
sota's goal.
On tho whole, the outlook is bright.
What is needed Is a loyal bunch of
rooters to accompany tho team.
Will piose In Twenty Minutes to Per
mit Students to Attend the
Football Rally.
A musical program will bo given at
convocation In Memorial Hall this
morning. The program, which will be
given by E. J, Walt, first violin; Ernest
HarrlBon, second violin; Wm. Quick,
first viol, and Lillian Elche, viollncello,
has been timed and was found not to
exceed twenty minutes. This will give
all thoso wishing to attend tho foot
ball rally plenty of time between the
close of the convocation program and.
the dinner hour.
The program which will bo given
Largo . , Hayden
Catizohotta . . . .....'. . .Vic Herbert
Andante Cantablle. , .. .Tschalkowazky
Alia Hongroise ,......; :.., Schubert
Song Without Words. , , . .Mendplssohn
Minuet , . ... .Bochodinl
Marathon Race, Wrestling Matches,
Boxing, and Battle Royal Have
Part In Settling Class
Arrangements are under way for tho
big freshman-sophomore day known as
"The Olympics." A. M. Oberfelder,
president of the Junior class, appointed
a committee last ovonlng for the pur
poso of conferring with a similar com
mittee from the senior class and tho
Innocents regarding tho date of tho
Olympics and to make any changes
which may bo deemed necessary in
tho rules governing tho contests of
tho day. Tho senior clasB president,
Pred Hoffman, hus not yet appointed
his committee, but it is likely that it
One of Minnesota's Stars Who Will
Oppose Cornhuskers Saturday.
will bo announced tomorrow. The
committee from the junior class is
composed of A' It. Itnymond, G. H.
Rushton, T. Z. Zacek and It. D. Gar
ver. The Olympics wero first instituted
at Nebraska last year as a substitute
for the annual scrap between tho two
lower classes, and proved a big suc
cess. It is an annual institution at
Nebraska which perhaps above all oth
ers furnishes real class spirit and
rivalry an outlet. The exact date of
the Olympics has not as yet been
definitely decided upon. The usual
time for holding tho contests is on
the second Saturday after the election
ot a freshman president, but it is ru
mored that the senior class are plan
ning on having their big brpakfast on
that date, in which case they will of
course strive to havo one or the other
of the events postponed.
Date Vet Undecided.
Another date which ' Is being dis
cussed Is the opon date which the Ne
braska football team has on November
13th. The arguments In-favor of this
date are that it will enable tho Olym
pics to be hold during the entire day.
Last year thoy wero only held during
the morning, ns a football gamo con
sumed the aftornoon. November 13th
1b bellovcd to bo too lato in the year
for outdoor events of this description
and somo earlier date will perhaps bo
In this case tho program of tho
Olympic contest will only occupy tho
morning. Tho events will bo practi
cally tho same as thoso of last year.
Tho contests are all betwoon tho
freshman nnd sophomoro classes and
last year woro hold at Antolopo park.
This year It is hopod to hold them on
the new athletic field. Tho events In
cluded In last yoar's program woro
three wrestling matches, three boxing
matches, the Marathon run, tho tug-of-war
and the cln'ss light.
Events of Day.
Tho Marathon run consists of a run
of three miles across country from a
given starting point to a given desti
nation. Tho runners may choose their
own route between tho two points.
Five men are entered for this from
each of the two lower classos.. Last
year the run was made from Fair
view, the home of W. J. Bryan, to tho
university campus. Tho tug-of-war
consists of the usual 'pull" by teams
chosen from freshmen and sophomores.
The real fun of the day comes when
the class scrap 1b pulled off. This
event, It was feared by some last year,
would degenerate into a real fight
with hard feelings on both sides, but
nothing of the, sort occurred. The con
test was marked by more real fun and
class rivalry than any other event on
the program. The "light" Is partici
pated In by all the boys of the two
lower claaseH. A lino is drawn down
tho Held and the men line up on either
side of this line, the freshmen on one
side and the sophomores on the other.
When tho signal is given thoy go at
it each side trying to carry men from
the opposing line across the lino.
When a side has carried a man across
tho line he is a prisoner and is de
barred from any further participation
in the scrap. Tho side carrying all of
Its opponents across wins the victory.
Somo slight changes are expected to
bo made in the rules governing this
scrap by the committee.
Popular Teacher and Member of
Acacia Take Bonds.
The marriuge of Miss Nellie May
Schlee of Tecumseh, Neb., and Dr. M.
E. Vance of Lincoln was solemnized
Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock, October
12, 1909, at 587 Laurel avenue, St.
Paul, Minn., by Dr. H. C. Swearlngen,
former pastor of the FirBt Presby
terian church of Lincoln.
The bride is one of Nebraska's most
popular teachers and institute instruc
tors. She received her professional
training at Lincoln Normal University,
Drake University and at tho Teach
ers' Cojlego of Columbia. University
The. groom is one of the best known
and most popular professional men of
the capital city. He is a graduate of
tho Chicago College of Dental Surgery.
He belongs to the Delta Sigma Delta
fratornlty and is a member of tne
Acacia fraternity ot the University of
Immediately following tho marriage
ceremony the couple departed for Chi
cago, Kansas City and other points for
two or three weeks. On their return
to Lincoln they will make their home
at 1724 Euclid avenue". " r
Margaret Hall, '01, has left the. Lin
coln high school to become a teacher
In the high school at Montclalr, N. J,
Baked beans, baked on the premises
and' servod hot 'with delicious brown
bread, 10c, at; The Boston. Lunch.
TOGETHER AT 11:20. '
Chancellor Avery to Deliver Address
and Rootlng-Leaders Elliott and
Perry to Ulve Instructions
In New Stunts. '
Tho first football rally of tho soason
will bo held nt 11:20 this morning in
Memorial Hall. Tho conflict botweon
tho rally and tho regular convocation
exorcises has boen adjusted and con
vocation will bo cut Bhort so that tho
football mon mny havo tho contor of
tho stago promptly at 11:20.
With yells, songs, and speoches, tho
students will this morning bo aroused
to ronewed enthusiasm for tholr school
and Ub team. New yells will bo tried
under tho diroction of tho rooting
leaders, Messrs. Perry and Elliott, and
Another Nebraska Back Whose ffo
ence In the Game Would Help '
Coach Cole.
songs will be taught foruae;at. the
Mlnnosota.-Nebraska game aiv Omaha,
next Saturday. '
The cadet band will be, p4t47
add to tho "Nebraska spirit' 6f,terd
caslon and it will assist In he rendi
tion of the new songs. Everyone who
i&Bot'a consumptive with weak lung's
Is expected to attend thlB first' rally of
the1 season, prepared to show what ti6
can do to entitle him to a place In the
rooters section at Omaha.
Good Speakers.
In order to give, the students a rest
between yells and songs, six speakers
haye been secured who will toll tholr
views of Nebraska "spirit" and wha'
it means, Chancellor Avery will lead
tne spepcn-maKing wim a snort uuk in
which he will give his lda oft true
football enthusiasm.
Following the chancellpr, Cantata
Beltzer will speak and others on tho
platform will be Coach "King" Colo,
Professor Concra, Assltant Coach J.
B. Harvey and Wlllam Chajoupka.
Among the new, songa anjl y.eljg tg
be tried out are the two printed J$
the Nebraskan yesterday raorniag.
These andi others aa good or better
i i;onunuea on i'go 9.)
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