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gbc iDatlt? Tfleinagftan
Lincoln, Nebraska-
CONVOCATION-Fricky April 23
rabltcttlon Olflci, 128 No. 14th St.
Memorial Service in Honor
of Ex-Chancellor Can field
Editor Herbert W. Potter
Maniiolna Editor Victor D. Smith
Associate Editors Philip Frederick
' Carl J. Lord
Manaoar W. A. Jones
Circulator ;-A. M. Hare
Assistant Circulator ..Lesllo Hyde
Editorial and Business Offlco:
Postofflco, Station A, Lincoln, Neb.
Payable In Advance
Single Copies. 0 Cents Each.
Telephones Auto 1888.
INDIVIDUAL NOTICES will bo charged
for at tho rato of 10 ccnta por InBortlon
for evory fifteen words or fraction thereof.
Fnciilty notices and Unlvoralty bulletins
will gladly bo published free.
Entered at tho postofllco at Lincoln,
Nebraska, as second-class mall matter
under tho Act of Congress of March 8,
FRIDAY. APRIL 23, 1800.
The work of tho Ncbrnslui High
School Daunting Longuo Is or especial
Iniliortnncc to tho university because
It Ih tho trnlnlng school for university
(lebutors. Its work means that men
will no longer come to the university
with tho peculiar Ideas of what con
stitutes debating that havo so often
In tho paBt been displayed by Hrst
year men.
Memorial Hall
Eleven A. ML
The announcement that no more
Himill feeB can bo, collected by profes
sors to pay for such things as mime
ogniphlng and small toxt-books comos
as a welcome rollef to the student
body. Such demands havo not been
so hoi Ions In the past In the way of
a financial drain as they have been as
annoyances. It Is certainly fitting
that the university Itself should boar
all such small expenses, or elso pro
vide tunt they bo handled through the
same channels that other expenses
rhuncellor Strong of tho University
of Kansas haB discovered as a re
sult of his Investigations that at that
will automatically grind out success.
The most brllllunt intellect In tho
word could not construct a sot of rules
thnt would guarantee that the best and
moBt roprcsentntlvo men In the uni
versity would each year be elected to
tho athletic board. Good rules are
vory important and necessary, but
something more Ib nlso necessary and
this Is the taking of an active Interest
In the matter by the whole student
body. Without this no plan enn be a
Tho rules provide that tho election
shall take place on the second Mon
day In May, and that all candidates
must file written statements announc
ing their candidacy with the socie
tal y oT the athletic board at least one
week before the date of the election.
This moans that ir the best students
are to become members or the athletic
board they must be induced to f,lle
KtatementH announcing their candi
dacy. It Is of vital Importance for the good
of the school and for the good of ath
letics 'at Nebraska that the best abili
ty of the student body bo represented
on the athletic board. Not only must
a large amount or money bo handled
by tho board, but policies must be
decided that are of the utmost. Im
portance. Athletics can only bo kept
In tho most nourishing condition with
men In control who havo tho respoct
and conildence or the student body.
The student body should show their
Interest In this mnUer by seeing that
thoroughly representative men enter
the race. It Ib likely that If nobody
takes the initiative tho students at
the last minute will ilnd that they
have not made their choice among a
list of men who nro in no way de
sirable candidates. The only way to
be sure of an able athletic board for
noxt year is to act now and see that
represontatlvo men go through tho
formality of announcing their candi
dacy before it is too late.
University Bulletin
Friday, 23. Junior class meeting, TI.
10G, at 5: 00 p. in.
Sophomore class meeting, r:Q0 p. in.
Chemical lecturo room.
Freshman class meeting, Memorial'
hall, 5:00 p. m.
Friday, 23. Memorial Services in
Honor of ex-Chancellor Cnnfiold.
Memorial Hall 11a. m.
Saturday, 24 English Club meets with
Miss JoffryB, 1527 South Thir
teenth St., 8:00 p. m.
Senior Early Morning Darbeque.
Cars at Tenth and, O streets for
Epworth Park at 7:00 a. m.
Monday, 2C. Baseball: University of
Missouri vs. Nebraska.
Tuesday, 27. "Some Popular Mis
conceptions as to tho Law and
Its Administration," by Hon. II.
II. Wilson. Convocation. Me
morial Hall, 1j a. m.
Tuesday. 27. Basebnll: University of
Missouri vs. Nebraska.
Tuesday, 27. Forestry Lecture: "Sci
entific ProblomB In Forest Planta
tions," by Prof. Phillips. N 7 at
7:30 p. m.
Friday. 30. "Social Problems in Their
Relation to Public Health." Prof
Georgo E. Howard. Tomplo 5 p. in.
Tuesday, 11 Junior Program. Convo
cation Memorial Hail, 11:00 a. m.
Tuesday, 11. ForoBtry lecture, State
Problems In Wisconsin," A. G.
Hamel; "Utilization in AVlscon
'sin," J. C. Kottridgo, N7 at 7:30
p. m.
Saturday, May 15. Baseball: Drake
University vs. Nebraska. '
Friday, 21 Pan Hellenic Ball. Audi
torium. Tuesday, 25. Forestry lecture: "For
est Types in tho Philippines,"
"Bill" Pagaduan; "Forest Utiliza
tion In tho Philippines," M. Lazo.
Friday, 28. Baseball: Kansas Uni
versity vs. Nebraska.
Saturday, 29. Baseball: Kansas Uni
versity vs. Nebraska.
V i H H' H H
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$1.00 Plalde Shirts
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institution a largo number of mon aro
earning their way through college.
Tho attitude towards life that makes
this possible Is peculiarly characteris
tic of western men, and it is likely
that similar conditions exist in moat
Western schools. It is certainly true
at Nebraska that a man loses nothing
of his position either social or any
other way because it is known that he
is earning part of his expenses.
Tho regulations governing the elec
tion of student members of the ath
letic bpard which were published Jn
yesterday's issuo of tho Pally Nohrtfs
kan came as tho result of one of tho
biggest lights and most thorough up
hevals that the University of NebrftB
ka haye ever known. They were
adopted in the hope that they wpuld
provide a fair and thoroughly rppre
Bentatlvo method of electing student
members to tho board and they were
llrst tested at a tlnio when all tho olt
. ments, that had.. opposed jUipnt Xerji
united to Injure thph effectiveness.
They resulted Jitjho ejection of flvo
men as ropresonrijUve, of the wholp
university as any that could havp. been
picked Jn tho whole school. The rulps
therefore vindicated thonisolvea at the
llrat trial.
No rules can be so framed that thoy
A unlvoralty Bhould stress the emo
tion that comes from a contempla
tion of the beautiful. A life without
the subtler Influences that como from
tho arts is barren indeed. Life is some
thing more than man can comprehend.
There, are human facts which logic
cannot fathom, and which aro not
dreamt of in our philosophies. The
most fundamental facts of personality
aro emotional, and so any scheme of
education should include In purposo
and scope tho training of tho emo
tions. The strength of music lies in its
vastn.ess. It appeals directly to that
olomental something in the soul called
emotion. There are states of soul
which other arts cannot doscrlbe, but
which music expressos. Thus music
Is a necessary complement to tho
other arts. It deepens and purifies
our emotions and holps guido tho
courso of our Inner life.
Musical culturoi can only come with
familiarity with the best music. Tho
greatest artists should be heard, and
to hear more and better artists, more
persons must ho interested. We must
train our sense of hearing and, that'
training Implies opportunity and repe
tition. Wo must establish tho hab'it
of hearing tho best and hearing it
often. Dally Missourian.
Happenings of the Past
Seven Years Ago.
Negotiations wore declared off for
a football game between Iowa and Ne
braska. Iowa was not satisfied with
tho proposition presented by Manager
Englo o'r Nebraska.
8ix Years Ago.
All classes were dismissed from
11:30 to 2:00 while President Roosc
volt was in tho city.
Varsity defeated the Nebraska In
dians by tho score of 14 to 2.
Flvo Years Ago.
Requirements for entrance to Phi
Kappa were bo changed as to corres
pond more nearly to tho studies taken
by university students.
Three Years Ago.
Tennis season started with a rush
and thjeo courts wore put in shape.
It was planned to havo tennis tourna
ments arranged with neighboring col
Joges. '
One Year Ago.
AH intercolloglate -' activities in ath
letics by women' were forbidden by ac
tion of the Board 'of Regents. A
school of pharmacy was also established,
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